30 Feminine Halloween Tattoo Ideas To Welcome Spooky Season

The spooky season is coming! It’s time to decorate your home, and you also can ‘decorate’ your body too. Tattoos, actually, are not just decorations, but also a way of showing our personality through the arts. Especially for Halloween, you might want to get a spooky tattoo. Here we have some feminine Halloween tattoo ideas to welcome the season.

Whether you choose a traditional or doodle style, Halloween tattoos never go out of style. At least for the horror enthusiasts!

Before deciding on the tattoo for the Halloween party, you can see our best recommendation of feminine Halloween tattoo ideas here! They will not only scare your friends but also can make everyone giggle!

1. Cute Skeleton Who Loves Dogs

Cute Skeleton Who Loves Dogs
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

This should be a spooky Halloween tattoo idea because the skeleton just appears from the graveyard, but the text makes it cute. The doodle style features only black ink, no other color. You can have this cute skeleton who loves dogs for your cute Halloween tattoo. You can ask the tattoo artist to make it permanent or temporary.

2. Boo Next Door

Boo Next Door
Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

What do you think about this spooky tattoo? A ghost who wants to take your photo from the window. This one also uses a doodle style and only black ink. For next Halloween, you can take this scary Halloween tattoo idea.

It doesn’t need much Halloween ornament, but the spooky vibe is still there. The idea of the ghost bringing the camera is out of the box too. It is definitely a Halloween tattoo idea that you should try. Cute but spooky enough.

3. Flying Bats

Flying Bats
Source: Pinterest (@𝓜𝔂𝓻𝓽𝓸)

If you are into bats, you can have cute and feminine Halloween tattoo ideas. You can ask a tattoo artist to make the flying bats look cute with only one color and add the blink effect on it. This tattoo is suitable to do beside your collarbone. Since the bat is an iconic creature of Halloween, you can easily find a tattoo that is temporary for you.

4. Majestic Bat

Majestic Bat
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Look at how fine the details of this spooky tattoo are! It is a combination of dark, and scary but still cute somehow. The moon and starlight make the bat look adorable to see. Also, the expression of the bat speaks louder without any text.

The crescent moon is here and there. It describes much for a feminine Halloween tattoo. When your friends see your tattoo that you make only for Halloween, you know they would be impressed with the bat.

5. Cutest Boo!

Cutest Boo!
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Doodle style is still popular among tattoo enthusiasts. You can have this cutest boo tattoo with a very detailed effect. The tattoo is suitable on your ankle or wrist. If there is a tattoo sticker like this one, you should go for it.

The cutest yet pure devil since there are horns on the head. You can go to a Halloween party with this new spooky tattoo on your body, and even if you decide to make the permanent one, this doodle tattoo is the best you can have.

6. Flowery Ghost

Flowery Ghost
Source: Pinterest (@boredpanda.com)

A scary but cute ghost would be the best thing for a feminine tattoo. This spooky Halloween tattoo also comes with a flower and smiley emoticon. If you love colorful doodle tattoos, these feminine Halloween tattoo ideas can be your inspiration for your next tattoo. To make it cooler, you can tell a tattoo artist to add sunglasses detail on the eyes.

7. But First, Coffee!

But First, Coffee!
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

We are supposed to be afraid with this Halloween tattoo, but rather than scary, this tattoo will make you giggle since the skeleton holds a cup of coffee. It describes that hot drink is still a favorite even for the reaper. If there is a temporary tattoo like this one, it will be the coolest Halloween tattoo that you shouldn’t pass up!

8. Haunted House

Haunted House
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

The haunted house is identical to Halloween and Dracula is one of the favorite themes for horror fans. Now, you can have a haunted house tattoo, complete with the bat and color effect. The haunted effect is very fitting for the Halloween theme. If you are a Hotel Transylvania fan, you can have this scary Halloween tattoo as well.

9. Small and Adorable Halloween Creatures

Small and Adorable Halloween Creatures
Source: Pinterest (@entertainmentmesh.com)

Guess it is not only you who want this small and adorable Halloween creature tattoo but also the kiddos. You can choose one or have it all. This cute Halloween tattoo fits as a permanent or temporary tattoo if you think you have to remove it once the scary season is over. Black cat, ghost, pumpkin, and bat make the best combo!

10. Cheerful Pumpkins

Cheerful Pumpkins
Source: Pinterest (@spookyteaparty.tumblr.com)

Usually, pumpkins for Halloween are always carved with scary expressions that the kids will be afraid of. Now, you can treat yourself by having a set of pumpkin tattoos with cheerful and funny expressions, complete with bat wings and the blink effects.

You can show this cute Halloween tattoo to the kids as you bring the sweet treats for them.

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11. Haunted by Love

Haunted by Love
Source: Pinterest (@Kirzdy Kirkland)

The tattoo not only fits the theme but also for your heart feeling. Ouch! You can have this simple yet deep-meaning tattoo to welcome the Halloween season.

To make the tattoo really match the Halloween vibe, you can add the bat and make the spiderweb thicker than other details. Guess this is one of the best feminine Halloween tattoo ideas.

12. Spiderweb


If you are confused about the new tattoo for Halloween, simply just choose a spider web tattoo for you. Moreover, spiderweb tattoos are easy to find on tattoo temporary stickers as well. So, you just need only 10 minutes for the new one and you are ready to go to the Halloween party.

13. The Bat

 The Bat

Are you looking for a simple Halloween tattoo? Then you can have this bat tattoo. The tattoo is very artistic despite being all black, so no need for any small details. If you want to avoid the pain of getting a tattoo, this cute one can be done with a temporary tattoo sticker.

14. Temporary Bat Tattoo

Temporary Bat Tattoo

It is a good idea to have a temporary tattoo during Halloween. You just need to choose the bat with the wings, then choose your favorite color, even if the color is black. Then, when the party’s over, you can remove it easily.

15. Scary Monster Creature

Scary Monster Creature

This monster tattoo uses a traditional method to apply, like using henna. Also, it takes time since the detail is complicated and the color is more than one.

But, nothing can stop you to have this unconventional tattoo as your Halloween tattoo. You still can look gorgeous by wearing the tube dress to show how proud you are to have the new one.

16. Lovely Witch

Lovely Witch
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

Cute and sexy witch to welcome the spooky season! This cute yet feminine Halloween tattoo idea can be your new masterpiece on the body. Actually, it not only fits the Halloween theme only but also for your daily life. Adorable, lovely and perhaps it best describes your personality.

To make it permanent, you can choose the color of the outfit based on your favorite. Also for the expression, you can change with the wink too for a more flirty effect. Then, of course about the hair, you can go for the short one just like yours if you want. Nothing is wrong with changing the design of the tattoo since the theme is still the same.

17. Heart Frame Graveyard

Heart Frame Graveyard
Source: Pinterest (@mulpix.com)

The graveyard but inside a heart frame will turn the horror vibe into something cute to see. It seems simple but the details of the graveyard view are worth appreciating. A couple of dry trees, bats, and the moon showcase the spooky night scene perfectly, especially since the color is black only.

It is like seeing inside your own heart when Halloween night is coming. Dark, lonely, and tricky.

18. Bang the Skeleton

Bang the Skeleton
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Have this simple yet meaningful Halloween tattoo! The skeleton who wants to bang himself. It is like a dead body that wants to be dead again. It describes how dark the world is. The one who designed this tattoo might have been lonely.

In any case, this tattoo is suitable for the feminine Halloween tattoo to describe how feminism is still underestimated by many people. This small tattoo fits your dark soul.

19. The Corpse Bride

 The Corpse Bride
Source: Pinterest (@tattoo-spirit.de)

Having an anxious face of Emily as your new feminine Halloween tattoo idea will be perfect. Everyone knows this masterpiece from Tim Burton. The Corpse Bride is what you have to watch when the spooky season comes. Then, having Emily on your hand will complete the vibe.

20. Pumpkins and the Skull

Pumpkins and the Skull
Source: Pinterest (@deavita.com)

An insane Halloween tattoo for the real horror enthusiast because it is quite difficult to design. The details are very hard to make for sure, also the color effect on it is very impressive. Rosario, skull, pumpkins, and other elements to describe how much you love the Halloween season. It is only for the dedicated one!

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21. Tim Burton’s Character Balloon

The Tim Burton’s Character Balloon
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

The characters of Tim Burton are one of the favorite themes for Halloween. We know it will take longer to finish this tattoo. The details are no joke, so even if the color is only black, this Halloween tattoo is the best one to celebrate the occasion. If you do not want these characters to be permanently on your skin, you can choose the sticker tattoo as an alternative.

22. Doodle Dark Creatures

Doodle Dark Creatures
Source: Pinterest (@stylesatlife.com)

Having tattoos, especially doodle tattoos on the fingers will make your appearance more attractive. No need to wear any jewelry since the tattoos will stay forever there. You can go with a Halloween theme for making small tattoos that look cute yet still dark and easily show your gothic personality. To complete the look, you can do dark nail art as well.

23. Halloween Creatures Playing Around

Halloween Creatures Playing Around
Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

Although the creatures on this Halloween tattoo are scary, their expressions show otherwise. The skeleton, fox, living pumpkin, and ghost just play around together as if they were happy kids. If you love something dark but you also have a joyful side, then this Halloween tattoo should be yours.

24. Scorpion Girl

Scorpion Girl
Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

Here is a stunning Halloween tattoo just for you. Beautiful, very well detailed, although it only comes in two colors, black and gray. The scorpion girl would match your zodiac. Or if you are a scorpion enthusiast, this is suitable for you. You can have it on your hand, leg, or back. Your friends would be impressed by this beautiful feminine Halloween tattoo idea.

25. Giant Dark Skull Butterfly

Giant Dark Skull Butterfly
Source: Pinterest (@moclath.tumblr.com)

This is a feminine Halloween tattoo idea with its complicated details and beautiful color effect. As you can see the design, you will notice a few creatures there. Butterfly, skull, and crescent moons.

The butterfly itself has many legs as if describing another creature as part of your body and soul. If you decide to have this one permanently it may take a longer time to do. After all, the details require high focus to finish. So, make sure you visit the right tattoo artist for this design!

26. Skeleton Lollipop

Skeleton Lollipop
Source: Pinterest (@tattoodo.com)

Have you ever thought that a skeleton lollipop can actually look cute like this? This tattoo comes in color and it includes feminine elements like a pink ribbon and a small apple on the head. Plus, the eyes are decorated with lace-looking accents, which make them look feminine and girly. So, if you’re looking for feminine Halloween tattoo that brings out the girly side of you, this one is the perfect choice.

27. Heart-shaped Spider Web

Heart-shaped Spider Web
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Halloween won’t be complete without spiders and spiderwebs. On Halloween night, we will see lots of spiderwebs everywhere, which usually come with the giant spiders as well. For that reason, spider web tattoos are going to be a great tattoo idea. If you want to have a more feminine option, then you can have a heart-shaped spider web tattoo, plus the spider that comes with it. 

28. The Sexy Ghost

The Sexy Ghost
Source: Pinterest (@boredpanda.com)

To be honest, we don’t really know what underneath the spooky white ghost white dress, right? So, to be creative this time, who don’t you have a white ghost tattoo that disclose the stocking underneath the robe, based on your own feminine interpretation. This cool feminine Helloween tattoo can be something to show that you have that feminine yet scary touch inside of you for this year’s Halloween. 

29. Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams
Source: Pinterest (@inkppl.com)

The Addams Family is one of our favorite spooky families, with iconic characters including Wednesday Addams with her hairstyle and black attire. Therefore, we think that having her image as a feminine Halloween tattoo can be a great idea. This tattoo perfectly describes her cold look with some additional decorations like spiderwebs, skanes and a polaroid of spooky ghosts. Truly the perfect Halloween tattoo.

30. The Castle in a Snow Globe

The Castle in a Snow Globe
Source: Pinterest (@spiritnest.com)

Snow globes have that feminine side that only women can understand. Therefore, having a snow globe tattoo will be one of the best feminine tattoos. But if you’re currently looking for feminine tattoo with a Halloween theme, then you can have this one, a castle in a snow globe tattoo. It will be the tattoo that looks spooky yet feminine. Moreover, you can also add some flowers to make it look even cooler.

Latest Post:

How to make Halloween tattoos look feminine?

You can go to tattoo artists which you can trust to make a feminine tattoos for you. Don’t forget to ask for feminine details like adding rose, butterfly, heart, smiley emoticon, and pastel colors. Or if you want to try a tattoo sticker, you can choose a fun expression for the character.

What feminine Halloween tattoo mean?

The tattoo can be said to be feminine if there is a symbol to represent womanhood. For instance, the heart, rose, pastel colors, heart, crescent moon, and many more as we recommend above. You may add one or more design since there is no limitation on feminine icons for your new tattoo.

How do I find the perfect feminine Halloween tattoo for me?

By finding out the tattoo that best describes your personality. As a woman who is interested in perfect feminine Halloween tattoos, you can start by relating the tattoo design with your favorite icon or sign. For instance, if your zodiac is Scorpio, then you can have this scorpion girl. Or, if you like a witch, you can choose a cute witch as your new feminine Halloween tattoo.

What is a good first tattoo?

If it is your first time getting a tattoo, the first tattoo can be done on your upper arms, forearms, thighs, and calves. Try to avoid the elbow, knee, or fingers since you can experience the pain worse. And the torso gave the worst pain ever since the skin is softer and lighter.

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