30 Feminine Halloween Tattoo Ideas To Welcome Spooky Season

The spooky season is coming! It’s time to decorate your home with pumpkins and spiders, and you might also want ‘decorate’ your body, too. Tattoos, actually, are not just decorations, but also a great and unique way of showing our personality through body arts. Especially for Halloween, you might want to get a spooky tattoo, and to help you with that, here we have some feminine Halloween tattoo ideas to welcome the spooky season.

Whether you choose a traditional or doodle tattoo style, we can assure you that Halloween tattoos will never go out of style. Well, at least for horror enthusiasts like yourself! So if you are planning to add a new tattoo on your body to welcome this year’s Halloween, then we are on your team.

However, before making your final decision on the tattoo design for next the Halloween party, make sure you check out our list of the best feminine Halloween tattoo ideas right here! They will not only scare your friends but also can make everyone giggle, too!

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What Feminine Halloween Tattoo Mean?

The tattoo can be said to be feminine if there is a symbol to represent womanhood. For instance, the heart, rose, pastel colors, heart, crescent moon, and many more as we recommend above. You may add one or more design since there is no limitation on feminine icons for your new tattoo.

What Is A Good First Tattoo?

If it is your first time getting a tattoo, the first tattoo can be done on your upper arms, forearms, thighs, and calves. Try to avoid the elbow, knee, or fingers since you can experience the pain worse. And the torso gave the worst pain ever since the skin is softer and lighter.

BEST Feminine Halloween Tattoo Ideas for Women

Welcome to the world of the BEST Feminine Halloween Tattoo Ideas for Women, a realm where ink and imagination unite to celebrate the magic of the macabre. Here, ethereal witches ride broomsticks adorned with intricate lacework, pumpkins transform into enchanting jewels, and cobweb-draped roses bloom with bewitching beauty.

As the moon casts its silver glow, these tattoos bring to life the essence of Halloween, where haunting and grace coexist. Join us on a journey through these mesmerizing designs, where the art of ink becomes a spellbinding story of femininity and fright.

1. Cute Skeleton That Loves Dogs

Cute Skeleton Who Loves Dogs
Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

Let’s start the list with this spooky yet sweet tattoo idea. As a tattoo with a feminine touch, this Halloween tattoo idea comes in the form of a the skeleton that comes out of it’s graveyard, asking you if it’s ok for the skeleton to pet your dog. In our opinion, it is actually the most fun element about the tattoo.

The doodle style features only black ink, with no other colors required. You can have this cute skeleton, who obviously loves dogs, for your next Halloween party. Also, you can ask the tattoo artist to make it as a permanent or temporary tattoo.

2. Boo Next Door

Boo Next Door
Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

What do you think about this spooky tattoo? This tattoo features a ghost who wants to take your photo from the window. This one also uses a doodle style using only black ink. The design is also pretty simple, yet prefect for your next Halloween party.

Thanks to the simple design, it doesn’t need much Halloween ornaments, but we can clearly feel the spooky vibe out of it. Plus, we must love the concept as the idea of a ghost bringing the camera is out of the box, too. All in all, it is definitely one of the most recommended feminine Halloween tattoo ideas that you should try.

3. Flying Bats Tattoo

Flying Bats
Source: Pinterest (@𝓜𝔂𝓻𝓽𝓸)

If you are into bats, then you can go for the feminine Halloween tattoo ideas that inspired by bats. You can ask your tattoo artist to make the flying bats look cute on your skin using only one color. Then, add the blink effect to it by drawing some sparkles around the flying bats.

As for the best place to have this adorable tattoo, we would suggest that you have it on the skin beside your collarbone. Since the bat is an iconic creature of Halloween, you can easily find a tattoo that is temporary for you during Halloween season. But if you are so into bats, then you can have it inked permanently on your skin, too!

4. Majestic Bat Halloween Tattoo

Majestic Bat
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Look at how fine the details of this spooky tattoo! This bat tattoo features a design that looks dark and scary, yet still look cute somehow. The moon and starlights make the bat looks pleasant to the eyes, too. Not to mention the expression of the bat that speaks louder than words as well.

The crescent moon is here and there, adding a touch of feminine to it, therefore we really think that this is one of the most recommended feminine Halloween tattoos for girls. We can guarantee that when your friends see your tattoo, then will love it and perhaps want to have one on their body, too!

5. Cutest Boo! Tattoo

Cutest Boo!
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Doodle style is still popular among tattoo enthusiasts. While it’s still on the top list of the most popular tattoo ideas, you can have this cutest boo tattoo with a very detailed effect. Based on the shape, we would suggest that you have tattoo on your ankle or wrist. Even better, for those who prefer temporary tattoos, you can also use a tattoo sticker instead.

The cutest yet pure devil looks cute especially since there are horns on his head. You can go to a Halloween party with this new spooky tattoo on your body, and even if you decide to make the permanent one, this doodle tattoo is one of the best choices that you can have, too.

6. Feminine Flowery Ghost Tattoo

Flowery Ghost
Source: Pinterest (@boredpanda.com)

A scary but cute ghost would be the best thing when it comes to feminine Halloween tattoo ideas. This spooky ghost Halloween tattoo also comes with a flower and smiley emoticon on its robe. They are full of colors, too!

So, if you love colorful doodle tattoos, these we definitely think this feminine Halloween tattoo idea can be the best inspiration for your next tattoo. Moreover, to make it even cooler, you can tell your tattoo artist to add sunglasses to the detail on the eyes as well.

7. But First, Coffee! Halloween Tattoo

But First, Coffee!
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

We are supposed to be afraid with this Halloween tattoo, but rather than scary, this tattoo will make you giggle instead. If case you wonder why, it’s because the skeleton is holding a cup of coffee. It describes that hot drink is still a favorite even for the reaper.

Well at least, we know that even a reaper needs a good caffeine intake every morning, just like us. If there is a temporary tattoo like this one, then it would be the coolest Halloween tattoo that you shouldn’t pass up!

8. Haunted House Tattoo

Haunted House
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

The haunted house is identical to Halloween, and Dracula is definitely one of the favorite themes for all horror fans. So how about a Dracula house as a tattoo? Now, you can have a Dracula’s haunted house as your new tattoo idea for the next Halloween party.

Even better, you can have it complete with the bat and color effect, too. In our opinion, the haunted effect is very fitting for the Halloween theme. In addition, if you consider yourself as a Hotel Transylvania fan too, then you can have this scary Halloween tattoo as well.

9. Small and Adorable Halloween Creatures Tattoo

Small and Adorable Halloween Creatures
Source: Pinterest (@entertainmentmesh.com)

We would assume that you are not the only person who want to have this small and adorable Halloween tattoo. In fact, we can understand if your kids want to have it too. This feminine Halloween tattoo idea comes in a set of four iconic Halloween creatures or items, which including a black cat, a flying ghost, a pumpkin, and not but not least, a bat.

With this tattoo idea, you can have them all, and you can use tattoo stickers for the kiddos, too! However, we co believe that this cute Halloween tattoo will fits as a permanent tattoo, too. But not for the kids, for sure. In short, we have no doubt that the black cat, flying ghost, pumpkin, and bat make the best combo!

10. Cheerful Pumpkins Tattoo

Cheerful Pumpkins
Source: Pinterest (@spookyteaparty.tumblr.com)

Usually, pumpkins for Halloween are always carved with scary expressions that the kids will be afraid of.

Now, you can treat yourself by having a set of pumpkin tattoos with cheerful and funny expressions, complete with bat wings and the blink effects. You can show this cute Halloween tattoo to the kids as you bring the sweet treats for them.

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11. Haunted by Love

Haunted by Love
Source: Pinterest (@Kirzdy Kirkland)

Next up we have a tattoo that has the potential to touch not only your skin, but your heart, too. Aww.. how sweet is that? if you want to have something sweet on your skin for the upcoming Halloween, then this one might be your best pick. You can have this simple yet meaningful tattoo to welcome the Halloween season.

To make the tattoo really match the Halloween vibe, we would suggest that you add the bat and make the spiderweb thicker than other details. Without a doubt, we really think that this is one of the sweetest feminine Halloween tattoo ideas on this list.

12. Spiderweb Tattoo


Still confused about what design to pick for your new tattoo for Halloween? We must say that you can always go for spider web tattoo. Aside from being one of the most iconic icons for Halloween, spider webs offer great design, too.

In terms of tattoo, we can assure you that spiderweb tattoos are pretty easy to find, too. Thanks to the cool design you can always have a permanent spiderweb tattoo on your body. But if you prefer to have it only for Halloween, then you might want to go for temporary ones, which are pretty easy to find, too.

13. The Bat Halloween Tattoo

 The Bat

Are you looking for a simple Halloween tattoo? If you are, then we would advice you to add this simple bat tattoo to your list. The tattoo features a very artistic look despite it’s simple shape and it’s one color tone, which is black.

Since it comes in black, you won’t need to add more details to it. Moreover, if you want to avoid the feeling the pain when you are tattoo-ed, then you can always get this cute one using a temporary tattoo sticker.

14. Feminine Temporary Bat Tattoo

Temporary Bat Tattoo

As part of your Halloween costume, we believe that it would be a great idea to have a temporary tattoo with a Halloween theme. In terms of design, you might want to go for a bat tattoo, a big one if you like, with your favorite color. Take this one for example. This bat tattoo comes in a pretty big size that fits your back shoulder area perfectly.

You can go with other colors and spot. However, if you want to make it look real, we believe without a doubt that black is the perfect color to pick. Once the party’s over, you can remove it easily.

15. Scary Monster Creature Tattoo

Scary Monster Creature

This monster tattoo uses a traditional method to apply, which is henna. Also, it takes time in making it since the detail is pretty complicated, and it comes in many colors, too.

However, we believe that there is nothing that can stop you from having this unconventional idea as your Halloween tattoo. Most importantly, you can still look gorgeous by wearing the tube dress to show how proud you are with your new colorful tattoo.

16. Lovely Witch Feminine Tattoo

Lovely Witch
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

Say hi to the cute and sexy witch to welcome the spooky season! This cute yet feminine Halloween tattoo idea can be your new masterpiece on your body. Actually, it is not only fit the Halloween theme, but also for your daily life, too. It’s adorable, lovely and perhaps it best describes your personality.

To make it permanent, you can choose the color of the outfit based on your favorite. Also for the expression, you can change with the wink as well for a more flirty effect. Then, of course about the hair, you can go for the short one just like yours if you want. There is nothing is wrong with changing the design of the tattoo, since the theme remains the same.

17. Heart Frame Graveyard Tattoo

Heart Frame Graveyard
Source: Pinterest (@mulpix.com)

A picture of a graveyard inside a heart-shape frame will turn the horror vibe into something cute to see. It looks simple but the details of the graveyard view are worth appreciating.

We have to admit that a couple of dry trees, bats, and the moon are able showcase the spooky night scene perfectly, especially since the color is just black. Personally, it feels like seeing inside your own heart when Halloween night is coming. Dark, lonely, and tricky.

18. Bang the Skeleton

Bang the Skeleton
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Have this simple yet meaningful Halloween tattoo on your body to welcome the spooky season! As you can see, the skeleton is actually wanting to bang his head. It is like a dead body that wants to be dead again. Pretty spooky, don’t you think? It describes how dark the world is with one simple image. Or perhaps, the one who designed this tattoo might have been lonely.

In any case, this tattoo is suitable for you who want to have a new feminine Halloween tattoo to describe how feminism is still underestimated by many people. We can assure you that this small tattoo fits your dark soul perfectly.

19. The Corpse Bride

 The Corpse Bride
Source: Pinterest (@tattoo-spirit.de)

Having an anxious face of Emily as your new feminine Halloween tattoo idea will be perfect for the spooky season. After all, everyone knows who is Emily who is one of the masterpiece characters from Tim Burton.

Therefore, we believe without a doubt that having Emily from The Corpse Bride as your new tattoo design will be an excellent idea. It is truly one of the most iconic feminine Halloween tattoo ideas on this list.

20. The Pumpkins and The Skull

Pumpkins and the Skull
Source: Pinterest (@deavita.com)

Next on our list is this insane Halloween tattoo idea for the real horror enthusiast like you. The main reason is because the design is pretty difficult to make. The details are very precise and it also comes in all black, making it look so original and impressive.

The Rosario, the skull, the pumpkin, and other elements are perfect to describe how much you love the Halloween season. Inspired from the famous “The Corpse Bride” we can be sure that Tim Burton is going to be proud knowing that his character has inspired your new tattoo. In short, it is only for the dedicated one!

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21. Tim Burton’s Character Balloon Tattoo

The Tim Burton’s Character Balloon
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

The characters of Tim Burton are some of the favorite themes for Halloween. Although we know it will take longer to finish Tim Burton’s characters’ tattoo, we just want to have them all. The details are no joke, and they will still look adorable in bot black and colorful design.

This idea comes in the form of all Tim Burton’s most popular characters as balloons. The look super spooky and adorable at the same time. However, if you do not want these characters to be permanently stay on your skin, you can choose the sticker tattoo as an alternative.

22. Doodle Dark Creatures

Doodle Dark Creatures
Source: Pinterest (@stylesatlife.com)

Having tattoos, especially doodle tattoos on the fingers will make your appearance more attractive. There is no need to wear any jewelry since the tattoos will stay forever on your fingers.

For the upcoming Halloween, you can go with a Halloween theme tattoo in the form of small icons that look cute yet still dark and easily show your gothic personality. To complete the look, you can do dark nail art with the same theme as well.

23. Halloween Creatures Playing Around

Halloween Creatures Playing Around
Source: Pinterest (@hikendip.com)

Although we all know that Halloween creatures are scary, like those we see on this next tattoo idea, their expressions show otherwise. The skeleton, fox, living pumpkin, and ghost are just playing around together as if they are happy kids.

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for something dark as a new tattoo yet still has that joyful side, then this Halloween tattoo should be yours.

24. Feminine Scorpion Girl Tattoo

Scorpion Girl
Source: Pinterest (@ourmindfullife.com)

Here is a stunning Halloween tattoo just for you. It’s beautiful and very well detailed, although it only comes in two colors which are black and gray.

The scorpion girl would match your zodiac, too. Or if you are happens to be a scorpion enthusiast yourself, this tattoo will be very suitable for you. You can have it on your hand, leg, or back. Without a doubt, your friends would be impressed by this beautiful feminine Halloween tattoo idea.

25. Giant Dark Skull Butterfly

Giant Dark Skull Butterfly
Source: Pinterest (@moclath.tumblr.com)

This is a feminine Halloween tattoo idea with a complicated details and beautiful color effect. As you can see on the design, you will notice a few creatures there. You will see a butterfly, a skull, and also the crescent moons.

The butterfly has many legs as if describing another creature as part of your body and soul. If you decide to have this one permanently it may take a longer time to do. After all, the details require high focus to finish. So, make sure you visit the right tattoo artist for this design!

26. Skeleton Lollipop Tattoo

Skeleton Lollipop
Source: Pinterest (@tattoodo.com)

Have you ever thought that a skeleton lollipop can actually look this cute? This tattoo comes in colors and it includes feminine elements like a pink ribbon and a small apple on the head. Plus, the eyes are decorated with lace-looking accents, which make them look feminine and girly.

So, if you’re looking for feminine Halloween tattoo that brings out the girly side of you, we definitely think that this one is the perfect choice.

27. Heart-shaped Spider Web

Heart-shaped Spider Web
Source: Pinterest (@tattoosboygirl.com)

Halloween won’t be complete without spiders and spiderwebs. On Halloween night, we will see lots of spiderwebs everywhere, which usually come with the giant spiders as well. For that reason, spider web tattoos are going to be a great tattoo idea.

If you want to have a more feminine option, then you can have a heart-shaped spider web tattoo, plus the spider that comes with it. 

28. The Sexy Ghost

The Sexy Ghost
Source: Pinterest (@boredpanda.com)

To be honest, we don’t really know what is underneath the spooky white ghost’s white dress, right?

So, to be creative this time, who don’t you have a white ghost tattoo that disclose the stocking underneath the robe, based on your own feminine interpretation. This cool feminine Halloween tattoo can be something to show that you have that feminine yet scary touch inside of you for this year’s Halloween. 

29. Wednesday Addams Tattoo

Wednesday Addams
Source: Pinterest (@inkppl.com)

The Addams Family is one of our favorite spooky families, with iconic characters including Wednesday Addams with her hairstyle and black attire.

Therefore, we think that having her image as a feminine Halloween tattoo can be a great idea. This tattoo perfectly describes her cold look with some additional decorations like spiderwebs, snakes and a polaroid of spooky ghosts. Truly the perfect Halloween tattoo.

30. The Castle in a Snow Globe

The Castle in a Snow Globe
Source: Pinterest (@spiritnest.com)

Snow globes have that feminine side that only women can understand. Therefore, having a snow globe tattoo will be one of the best feminine tattoos.

But if you’re currently looking for feminine tattoo with a Halloween theme, then you can have this one, which is a castle in a snow globe tattoo. It will be the tattoo that looks spooky yet feminine. Moreover, you can also add some flowers to make it look even cooler.

Feminine Halloween Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoos have no gender. Any man can have any tattoo that they desire, including tattoos with feminine designs. In fact, some even say that men with feminine tattoos tend to be more attractive to women. So are you thinking of having a feminine tattoo this Halloween?

Let’s check out some recommendations below to get some ideas and inspirations. 

31. The Crow and Skeleton Tattoo

Feminine Halloween Tattoo for men
Source: Pinterest (@savedtattooblog·she/her)

The most common Halloween tattoo designs usually feature images of skulls, Jack-o’-Lantern, ghosts, haunted castles, witches, and such. Now let’s take a look at this cool-looking tattoo that will make one of the most feminine Halloween-themed tattoos for guys. 

This super cool tattoo includes a black crow and a skull underneath it, with some images of flowers flying around the two characters. We believe that the flowers are clearly the feminine elements in this artwork, which we think will be a nice sleeve tattoo for you to pick. With this tattoo on your sleeve, you better get ready to be the chick magnet at the Halloween party. 

32. The Dynamic “Halloween“ Duo

Feminine Halloween Tattoo for men
Source: Pinterest (@cafemom)

This dynamic duo will always be one of our favorite Halloween duo. So, how about combining the spooky ghost and Jack-o’-Lantern together as a feminine tattoo? It will be a cool tattoo to complete your Halloween costume for sure. 

The tattoo features the image of the ghost holding Jack-o’-Lantern on its hand. The ghost is made in black and white, while the pumpkin head is made in its original color, which is orange. It will be a focal point of the tattoo, and we think it will be a fun Halloween costume accessory with a feminine touch. 

33. The Jack-o’-Lantern Witch Tattoo

Feminine Halloween Tattoo for men
Source: Instagram (@angeloparente)

Next up we have a sweet tattoo of the cute and adorable Jack-o’-Lantern. Don’t you love how cute this pumpkin looks with a witch hat? If you are looking for a masculine tattoo with a feminine touch, you just found one!

This Halloween tattoo has everything that a feminine tattoo can offer. It’s scary enough to fit the Halloween vibe, it’s cute, and it’s also feminine in the most unique way. We would suggest that you have this tattoo on your arm or shoulder, or somewhere that will be visible for everyone to see. 

34. Skeleton Flower Tattoo

Skeleton Flower Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@tattoodo)

As you can see, next up we have a flower tattoo for Halloween. Since we are reviewing a feminine Halloween tattoo, what can possibly be more feminine than a flower, right? But, wait a minute.. This tattoo offers more than an image of a flower, because it also features a spooky skull that comes out of the flower! Yes, this is a skull flower tattoo.

Masculine Halloween tattoo? Checked. Feminine Halloween tattoo? Also checked. So, it’s confirmed then, this tattoo is without a doubt one of the most recommended feminine Halloween tattoo designs for you to consider. 

35. The Pumpkin Lady Tattoo

The Pumpkin Lady Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@boredpanda)

Say hello to this pumpkin lady. Based on the design of this pumpkin lady tattoo, we can assume that she is so ready to celebrate Halloween. First, she has a pumpkin head, of course. She also wears a ripped dress that shows her skeletons, which makes her one of the VIP guests at the Halloween party.

With all the things she offered as a cool Halloween tattoo, I believe this tattoo deserves to be on your list of must-have tattoos for Halloween. It comes in black and white, and you can choose to have a temporary tattoo, or perhaps have a permanent one to keep the Pumpkin Lady near to your heart for always?

36. Trick or Treat-ing Bat

Trick or Treat-ing Bat Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@angeloparente)

This is another Halloween duo that will make our Halloween night feel dark yet exciting at the same time. Yes, this is a tattoo that features the Halloween bat and the one and only, Jack-o’-Lantern. However, in this tattoo Jack comes in the form of a trick or treat basket full of candies and sweets. 

It looks like the bat is trick or treat-ing with Jack by his side all night long, don’t you think? Spending too much time knocking on people’s doors can be exhausting, so why not make sure they can have a resting spot on your arm? In our opinion, this is one of the coolest feminine Halloween tattoos that comes in colors, which se

37. Sandworm and Lydia Halloween Tattoo

Sandworm and Lydia Halloween Tattoo
Source: Instagram (@angeloparente)

Let’s see…. What can we say about this tattoo? Well this is probably a creative tattoo that shows a scary yet feminine design with a heart shape decorated with small skulls around it. It features Sandworm and Lydia in the most artsy way, making it a recommended feminine Halloween tattoo to consider.

Aside from the skulls, sandworm and Lydia, this tattoo also includes images of bats flying around which create a spooky and dark Halloween ambience. In short, this tattoo has all the most crucial elements of Halloween in one rich design. 

Final Thoughts

The best way on how to pick the perfect feminine Halloween tattoo is to whether you want it to be permanent or temporary. If you prefer to have it permanently, you might want to go for tattoos that offer a more long-lasting design like a spiderweb or a female spooky character that can represents your personality.

You can go for Wednesday Addams tattoo or Emily from The Corpse Bride. On the other hand, if you prefer to go for the temporary ones, you can have more options and you can even go for the most unique ones out there, such as cute skeletons or the flying ghost.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you give examples of feminine Halloween tattoo themes?

Absolutely! Feminine Halloween tattoos can include enchanting witches, elegant vampires, cute ghostly figures, mystical black cats, bewitching potions, and spellbinding cauldrons. These designs blend the allure of femininity with the mystique of Halloween.

How to make Halloween tattoos look feminine?

You can go to tattoo artists which you can trust to make a feminine tattoos for you. Don’t forget to ask for feminine details like adding rose, butterfly, heart, smiley emoticon, and pastel colors. Or if you want to try a tattoo sticker, you can choose a fun expression for the character.

How can I ensure my feminine Halloween tattoo is one-of-a-kind and stands out from the rest?

Make it uniquely yours! Collaborate closely with a skilled tattoo artist who can weave in personal touches like your favorite Halloween symbols, special colors, or even hidden messages, ensuring your ink is as unique as you are.

Are there any cultural or historical influences I can incorporate into my feminine Halloween tattoos for added uniqueness?

Some women draw inspiration from cultural traditions or historical aesthetics like Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls, Victorian-era Halloween motifs, or Celtic Samhain symbols, infusing their tattoos with both meaning and individuality.

How do you find the perfect feminine Halloween tattoo for me?

By finding out the tattoo that best describes your personality. As a woman who is interested in perfect feminine Halloween tattoos, you can start by relating the tattoo design with your favorite icon or sign. For instance, if your zodiac is Scorpio, then you can have this scorpion girl. Or, if you like a witch, you can choose a cute witch as your new feminine Halloween tattoo.

Can men have feminine tattoos?

Yes, they can. Feminine tattoos tend to be defined by certain elements like watercolor, fine line, or minimalist; thin or medium lines; and also the images themselves. Tattoos don’t really have a gender, and anyone, men and women, can get a feminine tattoo.

Do tattoos make guys more attractive?

Most women find men with tattoos to be more attractive in the sense of healthier, more masculine, dominant, and aggressive, but as worse partners and parents. Additionally, some researchers also discovered that for men, tattoos are about competition with other men. The result, men rated men with tattoos as more attractive to women.

Can men have feminine energy?

Of course. Well basically we all have masculine and feminine energy in our energy bodies. In fact, the masculine and feminine energy has nothing to do with gender, and males and females can tap into both essences. However, typically one of these energies is dominant. 

How do I explore my femininity as a man?

You can explore your femininity by identifying a list of things that make you feel comfortable in your gender presentation. It can be anything from clothes, hair, makeup, how you sit, how you walk, your tone of voice, and also your tattoo designs, as long as it makes you feel comfortable with feminine masculinity.

Why feminine energy is so attractive?

For many men, feminine energy is one of the most powerful tools for attraction. Feminine energy and masculine energy are polar energies, which means that they attract one another.

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