26 Best Colored Tattoos on Dark Skin that will Inspire You

Today, there are many types of tattoos which people can have on their body, with the most common being black and white tattoos. However, some may prefer to get colorful tattoos on dark skin tones. The darker the skin, the more colorful tattoos tend to look on those with darker complexions! So, they prefer colored tattoos on their arms and even backs in order to have a unique style and not just traditional black ink tattoos.

In addition, colored tattoos on dark skin or black people are incredibly trendy and eye-catching. Choosing the right colors for your tattoo will really help it stand out. Try using reds, blues and yellows for your tattoo’s color. Let’s take a look at these beautiful tattoos below that are ideal for the darker skin tones and will look even better on darker skin types.

What do You Need to Know Before Getting a Color Tattoo?

When constantly exposed to sunshine, colored tattoos have a tendency to fade quickly. They won’t age well because of this. So, regular touch-ups will be required to keep them appearing clean and crisp. Compared to black and gray tattoos, colored tattoos also require more work, so they take longer to complete.

What Tattoo Colors Look Best on Dark Skin?

Red, orange, and yellow are some colors that look awesome on the dark skin. If you have dark skin, consider choosing warm colors for your tattoo to make it look stand out. You can also combine it with bright green and blue to balance the tones.

Color Tattoos on Dark Skin Males

Color tattoos are an affordable alternative for many men, especially African-Americans. They come in a variety of colors and shades, last for years and cost about the same as a pair of jeans. Besides, it’s a great way to express yourself in a unique way. Here are some cool designs of colored tattoos on dark skin that you will love.

1. Dragon Chinese Beast Leg Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

Tattooing darker skin with colorful inks can be tricky. Therefore, consider having a full colored tattoo on your leg with this cool dragon beast. Choose vibrant colors such as red, blue, and green to make your leg stand out. Besides, numerous connotations are associated with the Chinese dragon beast tattoo, including luck, safety, knowledge, tranquility, power, and strength.

2. Red Koi Fish Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@rileyfausner)

When it comes to a wonderful black skin tattoo, the red Koi symbol is an amazing choice. This is one of the most popular options of colored tattoos on dark skin, especially for men. You can put this beautiful tattoo on your shoulder and upper arm. In addition, a tattoo of a red Koi may represent a variety of things. It might represent fervent love, motherhood, dominance, sturdiness, or bravery.

3. Public Enemy Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

It’s normal for men to have a rebellious persona. If you happen to have dark skin tones, make your next tattoo stand out with red color. Red ink is one of the best tattoo’s color to make a statement on your back shoulder. Simply put the “Public Enemy” slogan above your artistic black tattoo. Choose saturated color since you don’t want your skin to dilute the ink color and fade over time.

4. Rugrats Childhood Cartoon Tattoo

What a creative colored tattoo design! Bring back childhood memories on your arm with vibrants and bright tattoo design. This is a beautiful way for men with darker skin to show their love for cartoons and their childhood. You can put your favorite characters on Rugrats and Taz-Mania. Use bright and saturated colors, so it won’t fade over time.

5. Colorful Feather Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@brittanyleighphotographs.com)

A feather is a great symbol for men who love to be independent. For those African-American, tattooing darker skin with colorful feathers is an excellent choice.  The feather is a symbol for many things, including strength, trust, honor, and freedom. Regardless of size, this sign is an excellent choice of colored tattoos on dark skin, especially because of the potent meaning it carries.

6. Family Face Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Taylor Natt)

If you are a true gentleman, you may show your honor and respect to your family and ancestors with this cool tattoo design. It features beautiful colored pictures of your loved ones, making it a good tattoo for dark skin. You can put your parents or your son’s face on your back. Add red and blue background to give the contrasts with the face tattoo on your dark skin.

7. Lemon Neck Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Mindy Green)

Say no to negativity and toxic things! Let this beautiful neck tattoo be a good luck charm for black men. The lemon tattoo can represent the purging of negative energy, just as lemon juice benefits the body. The lemon’s sunny yellow hue stands for hope and contentment and is reminiscent of the sun. These feelings are boosted with the lemon as it detoxifies our bodies and lives.

8. Guardian Angel Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@betheaces.com)

Make yourself blessed with a guardian angel tattoo on your chest. In case the black ink tattoo makes your dark skin look dull, you can add a bit of color to light up the design. What about a red lipstick stain from the guardian angel? Give red lips symbols around the guardian angel, showing that you are loved and full of blessings!

Color Tattoos on Dark Skin Females

Well, color tattoos on dark skin for women are meant to stand out! The boldness and boldness of this color tattoo makes it the perfect statement to grab attention! Let us give you some cool women tattoo ideas for black people in the following list.

9. Diamond Flowers Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@BellaBloom)

Just like a precious diamond and beautiful flowers, you may deserve to get those colored tattoos on your dark skin. This is a perfect design for black women, making a statement of their beauty and charm. Choose pastel colors to create this amazing design on your shoulder and chest. Let those symbols add your elegance as wearing a bikini or night dress.

10. Sunflower Goddess Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Megan Reed)

A sunflower is a simple but great symbol for cheerful women. Besides, its color is ideal for black skin tattoos since it makes your skin appears brighter and more charming. Instead of having a simple sunflower tattoo, you can put a woman or goddess face with sunflowers around. It adds elegance for black women, showing your joy, intelligence, and beauty at the same time.

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11. Tree Moon Star Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

For those tough black women out there, a tree, moon, and star symbol may be your next tattoo design. Make those colored tattoos stand out by giving them details and outlines. Since trees are always trying to grow and prosper, they stand for longevity and perseverance. The moon and stars can also symbolize guidance and hope, providing a reminder that wonderful things are yet to come from life.

12. Black Women Face Tattoo

These days, the self love trend is becoming popular. Show your appreciation to yourself by having a charming black woman’s face on your arm. So, this tattoo is inspired by yourself, wearing gorgeous earrings, necklaces, and traditional face paint. To give this tattoo another appeal, put colorful flowers on your hair. This tattoo is definitely a wonderful way to express self love and be proud of yourself.

13. Queen Peacock Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Miranda Williams)

In case you are looking for a beautiful good luck charm in colored tattoos for black women, you may find this artistic peacock tattoo amazing. Simply put this gorgeous tattoo on your thigh. Surrounded by jewelry and roses, it gives a  statement that this peacock is the true queen. Just like the peacock, this tattoo may wish you to be surrounded by love, wealth, and prosperity.

14. Snake in Circle Tattoo

Snake In Circle Tattoo

Do you want to have a cool but meaningful colored tattoo on your dark skin? Perhaps snakes are scary animals for women. However, a green snake in a circle tattoo will give you a different perspective. It is frequently understood as a representation of a cycle of life, death, and rebirth or an unending cyclic renewal. The shedding of the snake’s skin represents the soul’s travel.

15. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Rose is always a beautiful symbol that has deep meaning for women. To express love, passion, or simply add beauty on your body part, you can have a colored rose tattoo on your dark skin. Choose pastel tones for the rose so it will beautifully blend with your skin. You can also add green vines and leaves around the flower, making the design more aesthetic.

American Traditional Tattoos on Dark Skin 

The aesthetic representation of freedom and wanderlust is found in American traditional tattoo designs. When they first started to be seen by people in American culture in the 1930s, they stood for a life lived outside the boundaries of traditional society and a rejection of the American dream. If you are going to have this tattoo on dark skin, here’s some designs you should try.

16. Religious Death Tattoo

Religious Death Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@Pauline Sarit)

For those religious Americans who believe in death, you can have this design as a great reminder everyday. Put religious symbols, flowers, and death signs all over your body. You can also add the “Even Death Will Die” slogan which has a deep meaning above those death tattoos. Don’t forget to color the flowers in red, so the whole design will look brighter on the dark skin.

17. Toucan in Hibiscus Tattoo

Toucan In Hibiscus Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

For those black men who want to show their soft side, a pair of toucan and hibiscus flower will be a great traditional tattoo design! Hibiscus is a great symbol of delicate beauty. The toucan, meanwhile, represents assurance. Toucan also traveled between the world of the dead and the world of the living, much like the beliefs of Latin America. In addition, make the design full of color since your skin will dilute the ink color later.

18. Black Panther Tattoo

Black Panther Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@gingerseyes.com)

A traditional American panther tattoo symbolizes your own brave and powerful nature while also depicting panthers at their most wild and courageous. You can combine the half of a panther face with the half of a black person’s face to add a level of personalization. Besides, don’t forget to add colored flowers and leaves to make this tattoo stand out on your dark skin. Moreover, this tattoo design will make a meaningful tribute for our one and only King of Wakanda, Chadwick Boseman.

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19. Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@thewell.spafinder.com)

Show your support to black women who’ve experienced sexual assault  with an amazing traditional tattoo design on your back. Use black ink for the outline and fill the medusa face with cream color. Besides, by taking on the identity of Medusa, you are dispelling the notion that just because someone has been wronged, they should be cursed or punished.

20. Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@clkuk.tradedoubler.com)

Celebrate your success by getting a traditional tattoo on your dark skin! Phoenix is a great symbol of victory, which Americans believe to give power and strength. The Phoenix is also a powerful emblem because it may rebirth repeatedly and become stronger with each new life. Color your phoenix with red, orange, green, and blue inks, making an attractive tattoo on your arm or thigh.

21. Indians Full Sleeve Tattoo

Indians Full Sleeve Tattoo

Make yourself feel protected by having Indian tattoos on your arm. Indian tattoos are a way to symbolize the place of origin of our ancestors. The indigenous people held strong beliefs in their gods and good energy spirits through tattoos. Use black and red inks to create artistic designs of the Indian people face with his wolf. This tattoo may protect, guard, and heal you in future.

22. Egyptian Women Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

This colored tattoo will remind you of ancient Egyption history, thanks to its original image of a stunning Egyption woman in colors. The iconic crown with a snake jewel plus some images of the red flowers on each side will become a great piece-of-art on your dark skin. In our opinion, the best spot to have this tattoo is on the lower arm area. But do feel free to have in on any part of your body because anywhere will be the perfect spot for this kind of tattoo.

23. Colored Meditation Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@AJ)

Here we have a simple yet meaningful colored tattoo that will look stunning on your dark skin. This one comes with a meaningful image of an afro woman meditating. The iconic afro hair style is definitely the highlight of this art work, which looks even more stunning with red lights shining around the head area. This colored tattoo will make a great tattoo to remind you about the importance of your life balance and how meditation can help you fulfill the balance that you’re aiming for. 

24. Egyption Goddess

Egyption Goddess
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

This one is another option of a stunning Egyption Goddess tattoo that will look good in your dark skin. It comes as a woman wearing adorable colorful accessories that represent the beauty of an Egyption woman that many people adored until today. To add a majestic touch to the tattoo, you can ask the artist to also draw some images of red flowers and butterflies in colors that will turn the overall tattoo into a valuable piece-of-art on your body. 

25. Red Chinese Mask Tattoo

Red Chinese Mask Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@smalltattoosideas.com)

For those of you who love traditional Chinese culture, then you might want to check out this red Chinese mask tattoo. It will be something that reminds you about the uniqueness of Chinese culture and becomes your identity as a fan of the culture. You can have it on your lower arm so it can be openly exposed for anyone to see. But if you prefer a more personal spot like your shoulder or back back area, the decision is on you. 

26. Afro Lady Tattoo

Afro Lady Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@enticing)

This is one of the most favorite colored tattoo designs that most dark skin women would want to have on their skin. It looks amazingly adorable with the iconic afro hair style plus huge earrings that complete the look. It also comes with simple flower images that come in colors, making it a sweet yet meaningful tattoo to have forever. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right color for a tattoo is a bit tricky, especially for black people. However, despite your skin color, there are always many ways to get the best tattoo in your life. And, colored tattoos for dark skin are a fantastic option to make a charming tattoo you’ll remember forever!

Knowing the best colors for your dark skin is also important. In our opinion, red, blue, and green are great colors for your next colored tattoo. Please remember to not add in more color only to make it brighter. Keep the design and color just right to make your dark skin stand out!

Latest Post:

Do color tattoos fade faster?

Yes, they do. While all tattoos eventually fade, color tattoos will undoubtedly do so more quickly if you don’t take good care of them right away. White ink typically ages the quickest out of all the colors, with lighter hues often fading more quickly than darker hues.

Do colored tattoos take longer to heal?

Yes! The colored tattoos recover the slowest. This is due to how the tattoo was colored during the tattooing process. Without stopping, the needle must cover the entire tattoo in order to fill it with color.

Are color tattoos harder to maintain?

Yes, they are. Color tattoos may need special treatment since they can fade faster. Especially for tattoos that are not covered by sunscreen and are exposed to the sun. Certain ink colors may need repeated touch-ups to preserve the tattoo’s color scheme since they fade more quickly.

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