20 Charming Koi Fish Tattoo Black and White Ideas You Can Try

Koi fish tattoo black and white is a popular trend this year, because it’s very creative, unique and truly special. The koi fish is also considered to be good luck, which is why you often see koi fish tattoos inked on someone’s body. They mostly put the tattoo on the arm, leg, or back. People who choose them usually want to celebrate their love of Japanese culture or honor the Japanese heritage. In Japan, original koi tattoo design is associated with wealth, prosperity and longevity. Most of the people like to get their tattoos in the form of black and white koi fish tattoos with lotus or peonies accents because they are a good symbol of yin yang, liveliness and energy. 

In case you want to bring the good koi fish tattoo meaning in your life, this article will help you to find the best design that you like. Let’s take a look at some black and white koi fish tattoo ideas for your inspiration. From black koi fish tattoos to yin yang koi tattoo ideas, you will find the best tattoo in your life in our top lists below. 

1. Minimalist Black Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo Black and White
Source: Pinterest (@Tatoyasamanviper)

If you love simple koi fish tattoos, then you should try this idea. It portrays two koi fish representing the duality of life and balance of opposing life forces. In addition, two koi fish are shown in a yin and yang arrangement to symbolize the harmony of opposites. This design is ideal for a small skin area such as wrist or ankle, perfect option to get your very first tattoo.

2. Japanese Koi Fish Prosperity Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo Black and White
Source: Pinterest (@ALL DAY Tattoo)

When it comes to wonderful koi fish tattoo meaning, this design is indeed the ideal option. Especially if you want to attract money, wealth, and prosperity, you should put this koi fish prosperity tattoo design on your upper arm. The koi fish black and white holds a gold coin which is believed to bring prosperity. You may add flower accents around the fish to add more charm.

3. Koi Fish In Ponds Back Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@japanesekoigardens.com)

Perhaps you want to draw a koi fish black and white tattoo on a large skin area, such as your back, then this design is worth trying. This design portrays an amazing koi fish swimming in a large pond, trying to live and survive happily. So this story should come as no surprise that koi are frequently linked to courage, bravery, tenacity, and strength of character.  

4. Full Sleeves Koi Fish Masculine Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@🀄️)

Show your masculine side with full sleeve koi fish tattoo ideas, such as this design. This cool design features a pair of large koi fish swimming side by side along the river. A pair of koi fish represents a lucky charm or as a symbol of a successful marriage. This masculine and charming design is ideal for married men who want to bring good fortune in their marriage life.

5. Black and White Koi Fish Pair Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@japanesekoigardening.org)

A romantic symbol of love and friendship, this tattoo design is an amazing choice for those couples or best friends. The design has a pair of koi fish swimming side by side. If you look closer at the design, you will find that there is one black koi fish and one white koi fish. The color of these koi fish symbolize yin and yang. Having this tattoo may attract good and balance energy in your life.

6. Catch The Koi Fish

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Summon the good energy from koi fish into your body with this symbolic tattoo design. Especially if you are having a hard time, this tattoo can bring a positive mindset. This tattoo design shows a koi fish being caught with bait. It brings a symbolic meaning that the koi fish will stay forever in your body. This design represents the fact you will always find good fortune in the middle of difficulties.

7. Yin Yang Koi Fish Elbow Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

This is indeed a wonderful koi fish tattoo meaning for those religious people. You can put a pair of koi fish in different directions on both elbows. So, every time you pray with your hands, these koi fish will form a yin yang koi fish tattoo symbol. This amazing design may be believed to attract good fortune and positive energy around, especially while you pray to God.

8. Koi Flower Instep Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@thewildtattoo.com)

For those who want to feminine koi fish tattoo ideas, consider using this design on your instep. It has a single koi fish tattoo, crossing from ankle to instep. Since this tattoo has black and white color, add some lotus or peonies to add another appeal to the design. You may use temporary tattoo paint in case you want to do a first trial before going for the permanent one.

9. Black and White Koi Fish Inked Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Otzi)

If you are interested in using tattoo paint, then you can try this balck and white koi fish tattoo idea. Simply use black and white tattoo paint set to create this amazing masterpiece. You can draw one black koi fish and one white koi fish, swimming in the opposite direction. This design shows the yin yang balance. The yin yang symbolizes the good and bad, the dualism and harmony of life.

10. Yin and Yang Koi Fish Couple Tattoo

Source: Pinterest (@Cassandra Higgins)

Suppose you and your partner are planning to have a couple tattoo, why don’t you try this idea then? Whether using a permanent or temporary tattoo kit, you both only need to draw one koi fish in each hand, one black koi fish and one white koi fish. Make sure those koi fish have different directions, symbolizing yin and yang. So, every time you both hold hands together, the tattoo design will form a fantastic yin and yang symbol, wishing you a happy relationship.

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11. Abstract Circular Koi Fish Tattoo

Abstract Circular Koi Fish Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@thewildtattoo.com)

This koi fish tattoo is definitely attractive since it demonstrates high drawing skills with great sharp lines. To create this tattoo idea, all you need is the body tattoo art pens. With this pen, you can create narrow lines and elegant drawing, perfect for this abstract koi fish tattoo. The koi fish’s circular motion stands for the conviction that everything in life is interconnected.

12. Moon and Koi Fish Tattoo

Moon and Koi Fish Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@inkpedia.org)

What a gorgeous koi fish tattoo! If you are interested in meaningful koi fish tattoos, you may fall in love with the design. This tattoo features a man fishing from the moon and getting a large koi fish. This tattoo represents good fortune and prosperity you may have soon in your life. You can use the complete tattoo kit for detailed and complex designs like this. 

13. Simple Black Koi Wrist Tattoo

Simple Black Koi Wrist Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@thewildtattoo.com)

Creating a black koi fish tattoo simple design is quite challenging since you should have high accuracy and skills. Draw this simple and small black koi fish tattoo, creating a circular motion, using temporary tattoo ink for the first try. The two koi fish resemble yin and yang, showing that everything in this life is connected. Meanwhile, balck koi is a great symbol for fatherhood or successful struggle.

14. Koi Fish Circle Yin and Yang Tattoo

Koi Fish Circle Yin and Yang Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.it)

Bring yin yang koi fish tattoo to another level with this idea. This design portrays a pair of black and white koi fish with circles. Each pair of koi fish and circle has a similar color, showing that everything is working in harmony. In addition, you can add the yin yang chinese word in the center of the tattoo design, adding the traditional touch to this idea. You can use koi fish tattoo stencil to create this design.

15. Koi Fish Full Back Tattoo

Koi Fish Full Back Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@culturacolectiva.com)

Do you want to draw your whole back with a tattoo design? The koi fish tattoo idea is definitely the best choice! Using blackout tattoo ink, you can portray a pair of balck and white koi fish swimming in the pond. It resembles the human eye view while watching koi fish from above. To enhance the charm and beauty, you can add some flowers and tree branches. 

16. Detailed Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo

Detailed Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@glaminati.com)

When it comes to detailed and vivid koi fish tattoo design, this idea is the best choice! To create a wonderful version of black and white koi fish, you need to use permanent bold tattoo ink. Draw the detailed scales on the back along the dorsal fin and on the lateral lines of the body. Consider putting them in different directions since they may bring good fortune and harmony in life. 

17. Pisces Koi Fish Tattoo

Pisces Koi Fish Tattoo
Source Instagram (@legacytattooandartgallery)

Did you know that pisces is the zodiac inspired by a pair of koi fish? If you are part of Pisceans, this tattoo may be your symbol of pride and charm. These pisces koi fish are said to bring prosperity, luck, and fortune. It is thought that worshiping the double fish will endow the descendants with money and good fortune. Don’t forget to add a little pisces logo below the koi fish tattoo using a temporary tattoo marker.

18. Moon Sun Stars Koi Fish Waist Tattoo

Moon Sun Stars Koi Fish Waist Tattoo
Source Instagram (@tattooist.ashuri)

The waist is a unique body part for tattoos. But if you love quirky things, this idea may sound brilliant! Unlike the other black and white koi with tattoo, you can draw 3 koi fish using the black tattoo marker. Each koi fish represents the moon, sun, and star. The Sun, Moon, and Star appear to form a holy trio. Because they are outside of Earth, they have a strong connection to the divine, making you feel more connected to God.

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19. Black Koi Half Back Tattoo

Black Koi Half Back Tattoo
Source Instagram (@azazelwarszawa)

Create the true yin yang in your body part with this idea! Let your half back get this black koi fish tattoo design using professional tattoo ink. You can choose an abstract koi fish design with some flowers. Meanwhile, you can leave the other half clean. The black and white color contrast may symbolize the yin and yang or the good and bad that you have.  

20. Twin Koi Fish Tattoo

Twin Koi Fish Tattoo
Source Instagram (@pszyps.tattoo)

Twin koi fish represent soulmates for each other. Just like good and bad things which will always exist in your life. You can draw this twin koi fish tattoo in your hand as a reminder that everything in life always comes in balance. To make an artistic and meaningful twin koi fish, you can use the black tattoo ink. Every time you see this twin koi fish, you may feel more grounded and calm.

Latest Post:

What does the black and white koi fish mean?

Black koi fish is a representation of power, fatherhood, and tenacity in a man. White koi fish is often associated with professional success or advancement. In addition, black and white koi fish symbolize yin and yang where everything in life comes in harmony.

Is it disrespectful to get a koi fish tattoo?

No, it is not. However, at some points it can be considered as inappropriate. Though common in tattoo art, koi fish have special significance in Japanese culture. The extensive history of traditional Japanese tattooing, which has its own set of guidelines, is another factor that makes getting a koi fish tattoo without understanding potentially offensive.

What koi fish tattoo means?

Perseverance is the primary meaning of koi fish tattoos. They are frequently utilized as a symbol for the challenges one has faced or is now facing in their own lives. If you are looking for koi fish tattoo black and white ideas, you can check in the article above.

What does 2 koi mean?

Two koi fish are frequently seen swimming next to one another. The koi fish design stands for the duality of life and the harmony of opposing life energies. Sometimes, two koi fish are shown in circular motion, resembling a yin and yang arrangement to symbolize the harmony of opposites in life.

The koi fish tattoos are well-liked due to a mythical fish with a deep history rather than a colorful fish. The koi fish tale is said to have originated in China’s Yellow River, where the fish developed their strength by swimming against the flow. A school of fish swam upstream against the current until they reached a waterfall at the river’s mouth. So, this tattoo holds a great symbol of perseverance.

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