43 Meaningful Bracelets For Guys You Can Buy

These meaningful bracelets for guys have so much to offer and they make the perfect gift choices. This is because they not only appeal to the eye but also bring meaning to their lives. If you are looking for some meaningful men’s bracelets, then we have got you covered. We have created the ultimate collection of symbolic bracelets that will inspire that special man in your life and make him complete.

Meaningful Bracelets For Men

We have covered meaningful necklaces for guys now we want to share some unique bracelets that they will cherish forever, so take a look and discover that perfect bracelet today.

#1 Men’s Infinity Bracelet 

Men's Infinity Bracelet

The infinity icon is rich in symbolism. It stands for eternal love and could also signify empowerment. This meaningful symbol appears as the focal point on this minimalist bracelet. Celebrate the everlasting circle of love with one of these meaningful bracelets for guys.

#2 Personalized Soundwave Bracelets 

Personalized Soundwave Bracelets

Use your unique voice to add meaning and sentimental value to this simple jewelry piece. The personal message engraved on the band creates a special connection and makes this a unique gift. It also shows creativity and makes the piece distinct, adding to its appeal.

#3 Men’s 7 Chakras Bracelet 

Men's 7 Chakras Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet has a different gemstone to represent each chakra. Apart from the vibrant color, the piece is also full of meaning. These gemstones convey positive energy to the right part of the body and affect healing. They also help you to be more focused and succeed in what you do.

#4 Peyote Bird Obsidian Turquoise and Sterling Silver Wrap Bracelet 

Peyote Bird Obsidian Turquoise and Sterling Silver Wrap Bracelet

An exquisite wrap bracelet for someone who means the world to you! The piece comprises three different stones, Obsidian, Turquoise, and Labradorite. All of these have an association with protection properties. Together, they keep the one you love out of harm’s way at all times.

#5 Men’s Feather Bracelet 

Men's Feather Bracelet

Feathers are objects of intricate beauty. Aboriginal Americans view them as symbols of gratitude to the gods. They also represent the power linked to celestial bodies. Express your gratitude to your significant other and infuse them with the power to go on using this meaningful bracelet for men.

#6 Yoga Energy Bracelet 

Yoga Energy Bracelet

One of the best ways to express your love for him is using one of these meaningful men’s bracelets. It uses the agate stone to draw out varied types of energies and direct them. Agate, known as the stone of happiness, has the most color variations in all stones. Each one focuses on a different chakra to give him strength and balance.

#7 Men’s Compass Bracelet 

If you have to endure a long-distance relationship then this might be the perfect bracelet. The compass has the capacity to always get you back home no matter where you are. So get him one of these to help through the tough times. One day, he will get back home.

#8 Sterling Silver and Leather Eagle Bracelet 

Sterling Silver and Leather Eagle Bracelet

In Native American culture, the eagle stands for freedom and courage. When he has to go through tough times, this piece will inspire him with confidence. It holds the promise of the true freedom that comes from reaching one’s full potential regardless of difficulties.

#9 Mens Star Of David Bracelet 

Mens Star Of David Bracelet

The Star of David has its origins in Jewish culture. It was believed then and even now, to protect its wearer. In fact, its Hebrew name Magen David means shield or protector. The center point adds great aesthetic value and visual appeal to this minimalist piece.

#10 Secret Message Washer Bracelets for Him & Her 

Secret Message Washer Bracelets for Him & Her
Secret Message Washer Bracelets for Him & Her

Washer bracelets create a unique opportunity to share a secret message with the one you love. They are simple pieces and come in a pair for him and her. These meaningful bracelets for couples can bear your initials or a special word or even date.

#11 Seraphinite Spiritual Healing Bracelet 

Seraphinite Spiritual Healing Bracelet

This is one of the best meaningful bracelets for guys. It uses the beautiful and symbolic seraphinite gemstone to achieve an extraordinary effect. Add this to the fact that it has an association to the highest order of angels, Seraphims. Perfect for the angel you love.

#12 Saracino Jade Silver Wrap Bracelet 

Saracino Jade Silver Wrap Bracelet

For the stylish man in your life, only the best will do. With one of these meaningful bracelets, you will be sure to amaze him. It features a deep green shade of jade, renowned for its protection and healing capabilities. Keep him safe with one of these and thank us later.

#13 Men’s Romantic Pulse Bracelet 

Heartbeat bracelet

You can never go wrong with the simple yet meaningful heart shape. It blends perfectly with a heartbeat engraving to tell him exactly how you feel. Let him know in a style that your heart beats for him alone with one of these symbolic bracelets.

#14 Minimalist Rainbow Healing Bracelet 

Minimalist Rainbow Healing Bracelet

If you thought that the highlight if this unique piece lies in the colorful display, you thought wrong. It transcends visual beauty to capture your inner essence. The beautiful color palette derives from the seven energy centers of the body, chakras. It has natural healing capabilities and also grounds your energies.

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#15 Labradorite Meditation Bracelet 

Labradorite Meditation Bracelet

Labradorite is an alluring gemstone known for its power to attract good fortune. It this does by awakening awareness and stimulating the mind and intuitive capacities to reach full potential. Help the man in your life look and feel great as he achieves his dreams.

Men's Brave Knight Sterling Silver Link Bracelet

Women always favor brave men. So if you have been looking for the ultimate chic magnet, here it is. Silver links are known to evoke a sense of bravery. They bring out your masculine side and draw the ladies in droves. Get one of these symbolic bracelets and make it happen.

#17 Men’s Celtic Style Infinity Friendship Bracelet 

The Celtic symbol has numerous appealing connotations. It represents family, love, strength, and protection. If these are the qualities you’d like to bring out in your lover, this is the ultimate gift choice. It will seal your bonds of eternal love and complete the relationship.

#18 Citrine & Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet 

Citrine & Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet

These meaningful bracelets for guys feature a delicate blend full of meaning. Both Tiger Eye and Citrine are known for their power to attract prosperity. Working together, they will prepare your man for a life of adventure and success. Add the copper charm to the mix and it enhances the energy to its full potential.

#19 Leather Constellation Astrology Bracelets 

Leather Constellation Astrology bracelets
Leather Constellation Astrology bracelets

Zodiac signs determine the path your life will take. You can make the most of your sign by harnessing its power to your advantage. These astrology bracelets make this possible. They are meaningful men’s bracelets that can turn their tides positively and drive them to greater heights.

#20 High Fashion Silver Dragon Bracelet 

High Fashion Silver Dragon Bracelet

Wearing this dragon bracelet sends a powerful message to everyone around you. The dragon has always been a symbol of courage, power, and good fortune. It also protects the heart making it the perfect icon of undying love and dedication.

#21 Leather Mood Bracelet 

Mood rings go way back to the ’70s and have been a fun and inspired way to keep track of mood changes. The rings respond to body temperature changes to create a beautiful display. If you have always wanted to read his mind and mood, here is a fun tool to aid the process.

#22 Men’s Arrow Bracelet 

Men's Arrow Bracelet

Keep it simple with one of these meaningful bracelets for boyfriends. The arrow symbol stands for protection and power. It is also a keen reminder that when life seems to be pulling you back, it might just be launching you into a great future. Remind him to keep holding on with one of these.

#23 White Jade Snowflake Obsidian Ying Yang Yoga Bracelet 

White Jade Snowflake Obsidian Ying Yang Yoga Bracelet

This ornate bracelet combines some of the most meaningful gems in existence. The Yin Yang charm is the focal point of the design. It stands for harmony and might be what you need to develop the quality of your relationship. Obsidian has powerful protection features while jade evokes mental healing powers.

#24 Men’s Tiger’s Eye Beaded Stretch Bracelet 

Men's Tiger's Eye Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Aptly named, the tiger’s eye gemstone has a protective and watchful quality to it. It is also known to keep negative emotions at bay. This makes it one of the most rounded out gemstones for meaningful friendship bracelets. It demonstrates genuine care and affection for the people you love.

#25 Men’s Native Soul Mala Bracelet 

Men’s Native Soul Mala Bracelet
Men’s Native Soul Mala Bracelet

If you are looking for a unique meaningful bracelet for men then this one is spot on. The range of colors is perfect for the masculine persona. More importantly, these gemstones have a powerful blend of symbolic properties. These range from healing and protection to good fortune and a positive outlook.

#26 Green Aventurine Prosperity Bracelet 

Green Aventurine Prosperity Bracelet

Apart from its great looks, this piece also brings a lot of symbolism to the table. It features a cool green hue achieved using aventurine gemstone. The stone bears a connection with the human heart, opening it to release negative emotions. It also blocks out anger and stress, making the wearer calm under all situations.

#27 Custom Coordinates Bracelet 

Custom Coordinates Bracelet

We all treasure memories of special places but cannot carry them around with us. Well, turns out you can! The engraved coordinates bracelet makes it possible to relive precious memories. Make the opportunity count by carving out the place that matters most to him and making this the most meaningful gift ever.

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#28 Tiger Head Bead Chain Bracelet 

Tiger Head Bead Chain Bracelet
Tiger Head Bead Chain Bracelet

The tiger is regarded as a symbol of valor and is the most revered member of the feline family. It stands for the way every man would love to live his life – adventure without inhibitions. Give your man the chance to celebrate this fantasy with one of these meaningful mens bracelets.

#29 Personalized Positive Energy Quote Bracelets 

Personalized Positive Energy Quote Bracelets

At times the hustle and bustle of life hit us hard and drains us of all positive energy. This personalized quote bracelet could provide that extra dose of energy for times like that. It can bear any message of choice that will uplift your spirits and get you back up on your feet.

#30 Celtic Love Knot Leather Bracelet 

Celtic Love Knot Leather Bracelet

This is one of the most meaningful bracelets for guys in love. It bears an ancient Celtic knot that stands for everlasting affection. At times you might forget to tell him how much you love him. But with one of these, he will always have the message with him to keep the flame of love alive.

#31 Mens Beaded Macrame Warrior Bracelet 

Mens Beaded Macrame Warrior Bracelet

This unique men’s bracelet has a powerful combination of symbols from the variety of gemstones used. They all work together to provide healing, protection, and a transformation of negative energies into positive ones. The bracelet is also highly appealing and features a manly warrior charm as the focal point.

#32 Valentino Garavani Leather, Gold-Tone Bracelet 

This is the ultimate design of meaningful bracelets for friends and lovers. The color choice is superb as is the ornate detailing. The use of leather and silver is what adds meaning to the ensemble. The two materials are known for their subtle strength and purity respectively. They make this a versatile piece that will last a lifetime.

#33 Personalized Guitar Pick Leather Bracelet 

Personalized Guitar Pick Leather Bracelet

The music lover in your life deserves one of these. It takes the shape of a guitar pick and bears a concise message that strikes a chord in the heart. “Where words fail music speaks.” This message is rich with meaning and is bound to make this his default jewelry piece.

#34 Mens Leather Fishhook Bracelet 

Mens Leather Fishhook Bracelet

A fish hook is referred to as a hei matau by New Zealand’s Maori people. It stands for good luck, strength, and safe journeys across water bodies. This fish hook bracelet will bring all those positive elements into his life. And if he happens to love the nautical theme then you have got him by the hook.

#35 Mens Tree of Life Leather Bracelet 

Mens Tree of Life Leather Bracelet

The tree of life is one of the richest symbols as it cuts across many cultures. But the basic theme that spans across the divide is that it stands for a deep connection as in the case of love and family. It also represents a new start and a bright future. We all need that at some point in time. Give him the opportunity to enjoy the delicate beauty and rich meaning in this piece.

#36 Yin Yang Adjustable Cord Bracelet

Best Friend Bracelets for 2 Matching Yin Yang Adjustable Cord Bracelet

Yin & Yang cannot be separated since those two elements complete each other, so do you and your guy friend. Giving the yin & yang cord bracelet as a Christmas gift is very unique, different, but still useful and meaningful. It is stated that you are yin to my yang. A simple one but memorable for both of you. This cord bracelet is adjustable, so it can fit easily to you or your friend’s wrist. The material is non allergic, nickel free, and durable. Hence, no regret to buy this cool bracelet as a special gift for guys.

#37 Survival Bracelet

Oadnfa Paracord Bracelets

Knowing that your guy is an adventure enthusiast, then, you definitely know what to give after reading this! A very useful gift, meaningful and he will thank you more for this special bracelet gift. It is a survival bracelet. It is not only fashionable to wear, but also helps the user survive when wearing this outside. There is an accurate compass, survival whistle, fire starter, small emergency knife, and parachute rope. 

So, a survival kit in a bracelet is such an excellent gift idea, right? Definitely! Because increasing the safety when going on an outdoor adventure has never been this easy before.

#38 Star Wars Silicone Bead Bracelet

Lokai The Star Wars Collection Bracelet

Having a guy friend who is a Star Wars fan? Well, it is good news for you! Why? Because you don’t need to worry or be confused anymore about what to give to him. This Star Wars Silicone Bead Bracelet is a perfect choice as a special gift for Star Wars fans like him.

You may choose his favorite character to make his smile wider when seeing this gift from you. The bracelet contains infused water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea as a symbol to stay humble and hopeful.

#39 Cross Leather Bracelet

Cross Leather Bracelet

Here is a bracelet for guys who are religious! It has a stainless steel cross, embedded within the leather bracelet. Christians will look more stylish when they visit the church wearing this lovely accessory around their wrists.

Even though it has a religious meaning, especially since the cross is inscribed with Christian-related quotes, this cross bracelet looks trendy even for daily usage. Wear anytime you go outside and keep Jesus Christ close to yourself all the time!

#40 Attack on Titan Bracelet

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A meaningful bracelet does not always have to be inspired by religious or philosophical values. Sometimes, fiction can carry much more meaning, especially to hardcore fans. Thus, we believe this Attack on Titan leather bracelet will become a treasured item for guys who love anime!

Even though it takes inspiration from a geeky Japanese animation, this bracelet has a subtle design that will not come off as nerdy! Guys who want to stay casual can wear this bracelet that features the Scouting Legion logo. It is the symbol of freedom!

#41 Bracelet for Muslim Guys

Bracelet for Muslim Guys

Since we mentioned a bracelet for Christians with its cross design, it’s only fair to also mention this bracelet for Muslims!

This lovely bracelet features a bead that has been inscribed with the word Allah, which means God in Arabic. The bracelet itself is crafted from braided leather, weaved to perfection. Not just religious, the bracelet is stylish too! Muslims would appreciate this meaningful gift as it will remind them of their God!

#42 Motivational Bracelet

Motivational Bracelet

For your male friend who is feeling down, these 48 pieces of bracelet containing motivational quotes would lift his spirit up!

The silicone bracelets use stretch silicone and come in black. The quotes are written colorfully that look very lovely with the dark background. Your friend can wear several bracelets at the same time! Motivational quotes on the bracelets include Dream Big, Be Yourself, Follow Your Dream, Smile to the World, and more!

#43 Van Gogh Starry Night Bracelet

Van Gogh Starry Night Bracelet

Guys who love arts would absolutely appreciate any items that have the Starry Night pattern on them! The painting by Van Gogh is so loved by millions of people that many accessories take inspiration from it. This bracelet is not an exception as it features a beautiful Starry Night bead. The braided leather that loop around the regular leather ring creates a stunning inlay pattern that complements the Starry Night.

Getting meaningful bracelets for the special men in your life is a great way to show how much you care for them. Pick out the most alluring and meaningful bracelets for guys and make an impact in their lives that they will never forget.

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