59 Meaningful Necklaces For Guys You Can Buy

Ever wanted to discover some Meaningful Necklaces For Guys that are unique?

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We are all about awesome, unique and creative stuff here at Awesome Stuff 365, and this week we decided to compile the ultimate list of meaningful necklaces for guys!

Whether you’re looking for some cool men’s necklaces with meaning for your partner, father, brother, son or maybe even your boyfriend, we have got you covered with an epic hand-selected list of the most unique, unusual and creative necklaces for guys that all have an element of true meaningfulness to them.

Meaningful Necklaces For Guys:

#1 The Victorious Sterling Silver Dragon Necklace

The Victorious Sterling Silver Dragon Necklace - meaningful necklaces for guys

Dragons are the guardians of the gods and this intricate handmade silver dragon pendant gives the feeling of a winner or champion. 

Breathing fire, a sinuous dragon is a sign of victory.  According to Indonesian legend, dragons are the guardians of the gods. 

The splendid creature appears in silhouette as Putu Gede Darmawan designs an extraordinary necklace for men.  “This necklace conveys the inspirational feeling of a winner,” the Balinese jeweler explains.

#2 Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Wolf Pendant

In Native American culture, the wolf can represent direction and leadership. 

Many people feel a special connection with wolves.  They travel and hunt as a family, forming strong social bonds and playing a vital role in balancing their ecosystem.

#3 Personalized GPS Coordinates Necklace

Personalized GPS Coordinates Necklace

If you want to keep a reminder of a special place close, then how about this personalized necklace that can have any GPS coordinates carved into it. What place would that be? Your hometown? Place where you met your significant other? Alma mater?

#4 The 18k Gold Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Necklace

Sacred Geometry Necklace - meaningful necklaces for guys
meaningful necklaces for guys

Everyone loves gold and diamonds but why not wear them in a meaningful design?  The Seed of Life is found at the center of the ancient Flower of Life pattern. 

This pattern is an example of the Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Spiral which is a mathematical sequence that can be found throughout all forms of life.  

#5 Honour Thy Father Love Knot Silver Pendant necklace

meaningful necklaces for guys

A touching way to express your love and admiration for your Dad.  This minimalist pendant features a love knot design in Andean 950 silver. 

The love knot is an ancient symbol of love, friendship, and affection.

#6 Bloodstone Gem Macrame Necklace

Bloodstone Gem Macrame Necklace

Bloodstone is believed to have calming properties, especially in challenging survival situations. Even if you’re not planning on facing something quite so dreary, you probably face stress and anxiety on a daily basis at college or work. This necklace might help you ground yourself and help overcome all the negativity.

#7 Royal Green Triquetra Necklace

This Celtic knot design holds meaning to many cultures.  In Christianity, it is used to portray the Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

To Pagans the symbol can represent the Land.

#8 Opal Pendant Stone

Meaningful jewelry for the New Age guy. 

White Opal is believed to help balance masculine and feminine energies and the design accentuates this theme through the symbolism of curves and angles.

#9 Raw Quartz Pendant Necklace

Raw Quartz Pendant Necklace

This good luck necklace looks like something a mage would wear in one of a Bioware-like game and that’s incredibly awesome. Add to that the fact that quartz is considered to have an ability to amplify positive intent and thoughts, keeping all the negativity away. As we said, it looks like it’s quite magical.

#10 Hand Carved Angel Wing Pendant 

Hand Carved Angel Wing Pendant

Men have been wearing handmade bone jewelry for at least 25,000 years. 

This beautiful necklace combines an ancient tribal material with a detailed wing design to stunning effect.  Perfect for the Angel in your life.

#11 This Stylish Superman Pendant 

meaningful necklaces for guys
meaningful necklaces for guys

Sometimes every man needs to feel like they have an ‘S’ on their chest.  It’s that feeling of tearing open your shirt to reveal your secret identity. 

A Man of Steel, ready to smash through any obstacle and make the world a better place.

#12 Copper Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace

Copper Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace

The Tree of Life is a symbol that has made an appearance in multiple cultures throughout history. But what rarely changes is it’s meaning: life, strength, inspiration, healing. If that’s exactly the qualities that you’re looking for in meaningful men’s necklaces, then this beautiful pendant necklace is definitely meant for you.

#13 Sterling Silver Hand Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Hand Pendant Necklace

Buy this one for the creative craftsman to wear. 

The human hand is a symbol of our ability to reshape the world around us, as well as our capacity to feel and communicate with others. 

Why not show off your best asset?  Opposable thumbs baby!

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#14 Rustic Wood Charm Dragonfly Necklace

Rustic Wood Charm Dragonfly Necklace

Keep it simple with a wooden dragonfly pendant.  The dragonfly symbolizes transformation and has been around for almost 300 million years. 

This technique of burning symbols into the wood is called pyrography.  A cool necklace for guys. check it out!  

#15 Blue Labradorite Argent Silver Necklace

This beautiful necklace consists of a 30mm round labradorite pendant accessorized with an intricate Celtic-like pattern.

Labradorite is not only a beautiful dark gray gem, but it is also considered to be highly spiritual. If you tend to overwork yourself, his stone can help you regain balance and calmness in life.

#16 Cho-Ku-Rei Sterling Silver Reiki Pendant 

Cho-Ku-Rei Sterling Silver Reiki Pendant

What to buy for the Reiki Master who has everything?  It’s a power symbol which translates as: “Place the power of the Universe here”.  There are a number of suggested uses for this.

#17 Green Eye Of Horus Necklace Pendant

Also known as the all seeing eye, or Wadjet which means ‘the green one’ is the symbol of one of the earliest Egyptian deities.  It is used for protection and to ward off evil.

We decided that this was one of our favorite meaningful necklaces for guys!  

#18 Personalized Leather Sound Wave Necklace

Personalized Leather Sound Wave Necklace

If you’re looking for truly unique necklaces for men, then this one hits the bull’s eye on all fronts. This necklace allows you to carry a specific word or phrase with you in the most original way – as a sound wave etched into it. It can be a name of a loved one, a special phrase, part of a song – you decide.

#19 Gold Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace

 Gold Givenchy Shark Tooth Necklace - meaningful necklaces for guys

The shark tooth is an ancient symbol of strength and protection.  Portrayed here in stunning gold by Givenchy. 

This is a vintage item and there is only one in stock so be quick!

#20 Orgone Energy Pendant Necklace Silver Anubis Egyptian God & Lapis Lazuli Stones

Anubis is obviously the coolest ancient Egyptian God out there.  Rock his iconic dog head on a vivid orange disc.  Anubis is a guardian and protector of the dead.

#21 The Night Archer Black Arrow Necklace

The Night Archer Black Arrow Necklace

Apart from the fact that this necklace looks really awesome and manly due to its full-black appearance, it also bears significant meaning. Arrows symbolize thoughts, that travel as fast and pierce the most powerful as deeply as arrows do. Beautiful symbolism for the beautiful necklace.

#22 Sterling Silver Smiling Buddha Pendant 

Sterling Silver Smiling Buddha Pendant

“What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog seller?  Make me one with everything.”  Wearing a smiling silver Buddha is a great reminder to be mindful and compassionate.

#23 Sterling Silver Chai Hebrew Script Necklace

Sterling Silver Chai Hebrew Script Necklace

Chai is the Hebrew word for “life”.  The Chai symbol was famously worn by Elvis towards the end of his career and, more recently, by Drake.  A great Bar Mitzvah gift.

#24 Seize The Day Antique Brass Necklace

Seize The Day Antique Brass Necklace

Sometimes in the swirl of studies and work, we forget about actually living our lives, seizing the day, and actually creating memories to enjoy in the future. This necklace will help you remember to not take every day for granted and live a little.

#25 Vintage Design Airplane Flight Locket Pendant 

Get some vintage flavor going on with one of these brass lockets.  Every boy loves airplanes and this one comes in a tactile retro package.

A nice meaningful necklace gift for an aspiring pilot.

#26 Solid Sterling Silver Padlock Pendant with Chunky Silver chain

Solid Sterling Silver Padlock Pendant with Chunky Silver chain

Put your boyfriend’s heart on lock down when you give him this weighty padlock pendant.  ‘Cause if you liked it then you should have put a chain on it… with a lock to match!

#27 Matte Black Agate Necklace

This amazing necklace consists of matte black agate and a tribal pendant, all kept together with a waxed cord.

As for the meaningful part, agate symbolizes courage, prosperity and in Medieval times was believed to have healing abilities. It is also believed to guard the carrier from illness and addictions.

#28 Minimalistic Geometric Surfer Style Necklace

Triangle necklace for men

How about something original and handcrafted from sterling silver or gold?  This unusual men’s necklace will stand out in a world that’s full of played out labels and mass produced fashion.  

#29 Sterling Silver Lucky Frog Necklace 

Sterling Silver Lucky Frog Necklace

Everyone loves frogs!  From Kermit to Freddo to the Poison Dart Frog of the Amazon.  Wear a frog around your neck for good luck.  Just make sure it’s a handmade silver one.

#30 Compass Silver Pendant With Turquoise Bead

North Star Real Working Compass

If you find yourself lost more than you should, whether metaphorically in life or on the streets due to poor navigational skills, this necklace is for you. It may not literally show you the right way, but it can remind you that you can never be truly lost (or to bring a map with you next time).

#31 Men’s Delta Blue Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklace 

Men's Delta Blue Lapis Lazuli Necklace - meaningful necklaces for guys

Lapis Lazuli has been highly sought after for over 6000 years.  It was ground up and used to make the color ultramarine – favored by Michelangelo.  (see also our awesome beaded bracelets for guys article that also features some of the unique Lapus Lazuli gemstones )

A good stone for memory, inner peace, and communication.  

#32  African Rhino Necklace

The Rhinoceros is an ancient animal which symbolizes independence, wisdom, and knowledge of self. 

The path of the Rhino is direct, meeting obstacles head-on and refusing to be distracted from the task at hand.

#33 Wooden Carved Hawk Pendant Necklace

This pendant is shaped like a fierce hawk and it’s not only significant due to excellent craftsmanship but also thanks to the symbolism.

Hawk symbolizes seeing the big picture, not being paralyzed by fear of the unknown and going forward chasing your dreams. Truly beautiful sentiment for a graduation gift.

#34 Black Onyx Beaded Gemstone Necklace

Black Only Beaded Gemstone Necklace

Black Onyx looks super cool and is considered a protection stone.  It is useful for transforming negative energy and improving self-discipline. 

Great for development of physical and emotional strength, not only are these some of the best meaningful necklaces for guys but they look great too!  

#35 Silver Whale Tail Pendant

Silver Whale Tail Pendant

For the man who loves the sea.  The whale’s tail represents strength, swiftness, and protection.  Wear one to grant safe passage across water. one of the most meaningful necklaces for guys on our list!

Also considered a symbol of the bond between man and beast.

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#36 Magic Puzzle Silver And Leather Necklace

Magic Puzzle Silver And Leather Necklace

According to the artists that crafted this necklace, it explores the many textures of sterling silver. If you’re looking for unique men’s necklaces for someone who also has a lot of texture to their character, this could be an amazing and meaningful gift.

#37 Celtic Knot Trinity Tiger Eye Pendant 

Celtic Knot Trinity Tiger Eye Pendant

Harness the power of Tiger’s Eye in the form of an ancient Celtic knot. 

Tiger’s Eye is the birthstone for Capricorn and is renowned for its grounding qualities, as well as enhancing self-confidence and will power.

#38 Wood Pendant Necklace

This beautiful pendant is made from the hard stuff.  wood combine to form a striking union of rugged, raw materials. 

It’s a manly aesthetic that a lot of men will enjoy wearing.

#39 Black Leather Feather Necklace With Tiger’s Eye

Black Leather Feather Necklace With Tiger’s Eye

The image of a feather carries a lot of symbolism, primarily associated with ascending and evolving to another plane. Tiger’s eye, on another hand, is believed to enhance self-confidence, integrity, and willpower. Together they create one of the most meaningful men’s necklaces for someone who is not afraid to change and evolve.

#40 Handmade Dalmatian Jasper and Lava Bead Accent necklace

meaningful necklaces for guys

This striking black and red necklace has Dalmation Jasper which is said to promote focus and determination and Lava Stone for calming emotions.  A unique men’s necklace designed for a man with big dreams.

#41 Men’s Tribal Beaded Necklace

With its chunky Chevron Amethyst, this necklace promotes self-awareness and relaxed confidence. 

Considered to posses the benefits of quartz and amethyst which are two of the most respected stones when it comes to metaphysical properties.

#42 Meteorite Dog Tag Necklace

Meteorite Dog Tag Necklace

This amazing necklace is one of a kind as it features a piece of authentic meteorite in it. Meteorites can symbolize major changes but can also channel the ability to focus your energy on what matters. This sentiment makes it an especially meaningful necklace to give as a graduation gift.

#43 Carved Turquoise Horse Head Necklace

Carved Turquoise Horse Head Necklace

If you were born in the year of the horse then wear this necklace to remind you to of your true nature. 

It is made from Howlite which is known to calm the mind faster than a pat on the neck and a handful of sugar cubes.

#44 Hammered Sterling Silver Circle Necklace

Another original design, this one features oxidized silver for a rugged, antique look. 

The designer makes these by using recycled 14k gold.  It ships with your choice of chain style and length.

#45 Sterling Silver And Amethyst Eagle Necklace

Sterling Silver And Amethyst Eagle Necklace

This handmade necklace features a beautiful eagle with an amethyst detail on the top. In Ancient Rome, eagles have come to symbolize power and strength, courage and immortality. Combine it with amethyst, a gemstone considered a symbol of selflessness and protection, and you have yourself a beautiful necklace for the protector in your life.

#46 New Zealand Maori Jade Hei Tiki with Paua Eyes Pendant 

New Zealand Maori Jade Hei Tiki with Papa Eyes Pendant

Looking for something rare and authentic? 

The tiki is thought to be an image of the first man.  There are many myths about him throughout Maori culture.  His eyes have been inlaid with iridescent paua shell.

#47 Hand Carved Buffalo Bone Eagle Necklace

Hand Carved Buffalo Bone Eagle Necklace - meaningful necklaces for guys

If you were not satisfied with the Roman interpretation of an eagle then here’s another interpretation of it for you. To some Native American tribes, the eagle is seen as an avatar of the Thunderbird Spirit; controller of nature and bringer of life-giving rain.  The eagle head has been painstakingly carved from buffalo bone to great visual and tactile effect.

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#48 Green Four Leaf Clover Pendant

The universally recognized sign of good luck! 

Each of the four leaves represents something worth having:  Number 1 is faith, number 2 is hope, number 3 is love and the last one is for luck.  

#49 Ocean Blues Sterling Silver Necklace

The ocean carries many traits when it comes to symbolical meaning. But it is most known as a symbol of stability, the beginning of all life, truth, and hope. These characteristics are beautifully depicted in this carefully handcrafted necklace. If you need some stability and peace in your life, this necklace can ground you.

#50 Chinese God of War Carved Cinnabar Necklace 

Chinese God of War Carved Cinnabar Necklace - meaningful necklaces for guys

Guan Yu was a famous General during the Eastern Han Dynasty.  After his death, he was worshiped as a god. 

His likeness is presented in cinnabar which is thought to increase chi flow and benefit intimate relations.  All’s fair in love and war!

#51 Hand Carved New Zealand Maori Jade Koru Necklace

Hand Carved New Zealand Maori Jade Koru Necklace

Based on the silver fern frond, the Koru shape stands for new life, growth, and harmony. 

Lovingly carved by hand, this necklace will benefit from contact with the skin and will feel like a part of the wearer over time.

#52 English Bible Christian Necklace

U7 Bible Verse Necklace Christian Jewelry 18K Gold Plated

Gifting a necklace with scriptures from the bible can be a thoughtful idea for Christian guys. They can wear this necklace wherever they go as a reminder. Aside from it, this gold-plated necklace is also lovely as an accessory to enhance appearance. It is available in a different kind of pleating, starting from gold to silver. Your religious friends will dearly appreciate it!

#53 Healing Crystal Stone Necklace

Top Plaza 6 Facet Reiki Healing Crystal

The healing process can take some time, and everyone’s experience will be different. If your partner is going through such a process, this meaningful necklace may suit him. It is made of labradorite stone that can enhance inner strength and peace. So, it will help him eliminate negativity in his life. The necklace is just right for any meditation that is being undertaken.

#54 Yin and Yang Philosophy Necklace

Yin Yang Necklace For Men

Are you looking for something mindful to be given as a gift for your man? Then, you are just right here! An ancient necklace with a familiar yin and yang philosophy is the best choice you can ever think of. The depiction of two worlds that complement and support each other’s existence is made in the form of a beautiful necklace. Your man will be thrilled to receive this necklace as a gift.

#55 Necklace with Thor’s Hammer Pendant

Necklace with Thor's Hammer Pendant

Have you and your partner watched Thor: Love and Thunder? The latest movie really takes the Thor franchise to the next level! If he is a fan of the masculine superhero, he might find this necklace amusing. It features a mini Thor’s hammer pendant that looks really well designed.

#56 Heart Pirate Necklace

Heart Pirate Necklace

For a man who loves anime, this necklace with the Heart Pirate’s logo pendant would be a special item. The design of the necklace takes inspiration from the accessory worn by Trafalgar Law, a fictional character from One Piece. Despite being from an animation, this necklace sure does look super cool.

#57 Necklace with Demon Pendant

Necklace with Demon Pendant

This necklace with a demon mask pendant looks so gothic. It comes in black, suitable for men who prefer a darker style. The design of the pendant looks very detailed it will go well with your partner’s casual style. Unlike your regular demon, this one is based on the Japanese Hanya mask, which does look very menacing.

#58 Necklaces from Attack on Titan Series

No products found.

Check out these two necklaces, one with a distinctive key pendant, and the other one features the Scouting Legion logo. These pendants are from a fictional story, Attack on Titan. Despite being inspired by an anime, these necklaces are very meaningful as they represent freedom. Your partner who loves anime would really appreciate them.

#59 Grim Reaper Skull Necklace

Grim Reaper Skull Necklace

Here is a necklace for men that would leave a strong impression! It is a necklace that features the Grim Reaper pendant. A man would look bolder if he wears this necklace. Excellent for casual occasions, the intimidating necklace would be suitable for men who do not fear death.

What size necklace chain for man?

Unlike women, necklaces for men usually have a length of at least 20 inches. This size is suitable for men because they generally wear necklaces that extend to the collar bones. This size will be longer if the chain has a pendant.

Buying a unique and meaningful necklace for a man is a great way to show your appreciation of who they are, what they represent and how much they mean to you!

We are sure you will have found the right unique necklace for him amongst our epic list of meaningful necklaces for guys.

Tell us what some of your favorites are in the comments and don’t forget to share this post with someone who may appreciate them!

Buying a unique and meaningful necklace for a man is a great way to show your appreciation of who they are, what they represent and how much they mean to you!

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