25 Unique Spiritual Gifts for Your Religious Friend

There are many religious people out there that almost release their world’s pleasure, but they are still human. A unique spiritual gift is great to be given to them to strengthen their belief and faith in their respective religion. Some unique spiritual gifts come to mind easily because there are many religions in this world. The option is based on your friend’s religion. After you give it, your bond to them and their bond to their belief will rise to the next level.

What Are Special Spiritual Gifts?

A special spiritual gift is a gift that contains a religious, spiritual, or yoga theme in it, for instance, Arabic verse, Buddha’s face, Chris cross, Rosario, religious book, Feng Shui pattern, and angel statue. The best time to give this kind of gift if it’s not whenever is their respective holiday such as Christmas eve, Eid Mubarak, Waisak, Lunar New Year, etc.

Unique Spiritual Gifts for Religious Friend

1. Golden Healer Spiritual Energy Disc

unique spiritual gifts

The middle of the disc resembles something shiny. You can make a hole in this golden disc and hang it as a decoration in your house, or you can put it in your body while meditating. Also, this sun-like disc can be used as a sun catcher. A person who usually does yoga will love the disc for sure.

2. Sun and Moon Candle

unique spiritual gifts

An ordinary candle is mainstream nowadays. How about the sun and moon-shaped candle? The cute candle includes gold and herbs to attract more power nearby. If you have a Buddhist friend, this unique spiritual gift is a great choice to give. 

3. Yoga Mug Chakra

unique spiritual gifts

A glass with a nice statement sure is a good unique spiritual gift. The mug is microwave safe and uses premium material. In other words, this mug is a great gift to your coffee lover who often does yoga.

4. Large Buddha Statue Ornament Tealight Holder

unique spiritual gifts

Need a statue to decorate your house more? A Buddha statue is one of the best solutions because it is suitable to place anywhere even in your bedroom. The unique spiritual gift is not only for mere decoration of your house but also for decoration in the Buddhist wedding party. 

5. Tarot Necklace

unique spiritual gifts

Tarot believers will like this necklace for sure. The unique spiritual gift is made from high-quality silver. Its beautiful design will make you or tarot believer friends wear the necklace every day and everywhere.

6. YLSHRF Chakra Stone

unique spiritual gifts

The symbol of each stone is associated with chakra in the human body. The design of this unique spiritual gift and its size makes it easy and cool to wear, thus, it is a good choice to give this as a gift to your yoga or Buddhist friend.

7. Quartz Stone Crystal Necklaces

unique spiritual gifts

A pinky quartz stone crystal necklace is cute when it is worn by a girl. This pink crystal connects with a specific chakra to raise your positive energy. Such a gift is perfect for your mother’s day or valentine’s day.

8. All You Need is Jesus and Coffee Spoon

unique spiritual gifts

Are you confused about what to give on Christmas eve? This unique spiritual gift might work. From the text in the spoon, this is great for your coffee lover and religious Christian friend. It will strengthen their faith in Christian belief and their love of coffee.

9. Muslim Tasbih 99 Rosary Beads

unique spiritual gifts

Muslims usually do dzikr after praying sessions. They say, “Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, and Allahu Akbar”, 33 times each, which can be helped by rosary beads. This unique spiritual gift is a good choice as a gift in the Ramadhan or Eid Mubarak.

10. Circle Iron Sculpture with Figurine in Yoga Pose

unique spiritual gifts

Need decoration and art in your house? You can put this unique spiritual gift in the living room, so the visitor would see a namaste pose at the first sight in your house. Also, this sculpture is suitable for your yoga lover friend, especially if they occasionally do a namaste pose.

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11. BLACK MAGIC WITCH Moon Phases Acrylic

BLACK MAGIC WITCH Moon Phases Acrylic

This witch theme mirror is all you need if you want a decoration for your Halloween party or just to make your house look more entertaining. If you have a friend that has an obsession with a witch, this black magic witch moon acrylic sounds like a good idea as a gift.

12. Self Care Gifts For Women

Self Care Gifts For Women

Is your spouse, mom, or friend’s mental health being disturbed? The good news, this unique spiritual gift is a self-care gift including cards that will reduce anxiety and increase the mindfulness of a person. You can give this at the birthday party, Christmas eve, and mom’s day.

13. Soulnioi Orgone Pyramid Chakra Protection Kit

Soulnioi Orgone Pyramid Chakra Protection Kit

When you look at the pyramid, you will remember Egypt in your mind. The green pyramid is suitable for decoration, and stress reliever because they are made of crystal healing stone. A great gift to give to an Egyptian geek.

14. Zen Wishing Stone

unique spiritual gifts

Do you have wishes that are desired to become true? You can write that wish in this zen wishing stone. Monks in the past painted a stone with water as a meditation on impermanence. If you have a painter friend, you can give this to them. The unique spiritual gift also can be used as a canvas.

15. Birthstone Wishing Balls

unique spiritual gifts

A birthday party needs this wishing ball. You and your friend can write the wish and put it inside the wishing ball. This wishing ball also is a good memento of a birthday party to give a great impression.

16. Zen Elephant Garden Sculpture

unique spiritual gifts

Your garden look boring? Put this zen elephant garden sculpture. It will make a garden more artistic and bring peace. If you like a friend who often does zen pose like Erling Haaland after celebrating his goal, this cute elephant needs to be given as a gift to them.

17. Finger Tracing Meditation Mug

Finger Tracing Meditation Mug

Looking for a good cup for your morning coffee session? This dungeon-inspired motive cup will make you lost in thought when you drink your coffee. The meditative mug is just perfect to reduce your stress and start your day with a bang. A coffee lover should use this unique spiritual gift when they drink their coffee.

18. Yoga Pose Garden Sculptures

Yoga Pose Garden Sculptures

Another piece of art and unique spiritual gift for you and your friend’s garden. Three yoga poses are ready to enliven your garden more. You can practice yoga with this sculpture too. In another way, you can also give this to your yoga lover friend.

19. Sacred Geometry Wood Wall Art

Sacred Geometry Wood Wall Art

This koi wall art and yin and yang symbol are alike. The fish sacred geometry is a great piece of art to be put on your wall or you can give this unique spiritual gift if your friend likes a koi fish or even has this fish as a pet.

20. Angel Christmas Decoration Lighted Display

Angel Christmas Decoration Lighted Display

An angelic presence will make your Christmas eve more entertaining. The angel decoration has 70 LEDs that will light up the room and has a silver crystal effect. Looking for a Christmas gift? This angel will do the job for you.

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21. Graceful Sleeping Angel Statue

Graceful Sleeping Angel Statue

Want more inner peace when you visit a garden? A graceful sleeping angel is an answer to that question. This unique spiritual gift will make your garden looks like a sanctuary. Furthermore, the statue is durable.

22. Harmonize Crystal Quartz Tree Spiritual Feng Shui

Harmonize Crystal Quartz Tree Spiritual Feng Shui

Another piece of art with a plant theme. This beautiful quartz crystal tree is used to heal a person based on Chinese tradition and can help your meditation. Not only an artistic tree but also acts as a support in your meditation. You can give this unique spiritual gift to your friend who often meditates.

23. 925 Silver Quartz Druze Pendant

925 Silver Quartz Druze Pendant

A love-shaped pendant. A romantic unique spiritual gift for your loved ones. You can give this beautiful pendant as a symbol of your love to your spouse to strengthen your love and make your bond with your love stronger than ever.

24. Home Decor Kaba Model

Home Decor Kaba Model

Ever dream to see Kaaba but lack money to go to do Umrah and Hajj? You can look at the Kaaba model which can be used as a decoration, especially in the living room. The Kaaba decoration is also a good choice as a gift to your Muslim friend. Especially if they wish to go to Mecca one day.

25. English Arabic Quran Qur’an With QR Code

English Arabic Quran Qur'an With QR Code

A perfect way to read the Quran and study Arabic and English does exist? This Qur’an is available with English subtitle translation. It also includes Asmaul Husna and QR code in it.

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