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Chakra Meditation Necklace

Add a touch of awesome to your wearable yoga collection with this Chakra meditation necklace. Offering the potential to enhance your meditation style and practice, this jewelry piece is an absolute must-have.

Onyx stone is a great choice for this beaded necklace as it provides lots of visual appeal and symbolic meaning.

It is known to dispel negativity and propel you forward from stress and sorrow. As a symbol of restfulness, it helps to relieve worry and tension and foster positive feelings.

More importantly, onyx has the capacity to open up your energy centers and help you reach your full potential.

Chakra Meditation Necklace 

Apart from its use in meditation, the beaded necklace will also enhance your looks when you wear it throughout the day. The focal point of this piece showcases a brilliant array of multicoloured beads that make the necklace a statement piece.

Chakra Meditation Necklace 

And when you come across tense situation in the course of the day, it is something you can grab on to calm yourself down.

Chakra Meditation Necklace 

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