37 Unique Beaded Necklaces for Men To Look Fashionable

The right to look fashionable is not only applicable for women, because men also has the right to look fashionable, too. For that reason we believe that our following list of the most recommended beaded necklaces for men will come as a useful reference for those who are searching for cool accessories to boost their appearance. Cool beaded necklaces will offer a unique opportunity to showcase their individual sense of style. In terms of design, they also feature unique combinations of natural and synthetic beads, with lots of visual appeals and symbolic value.

Whether you are looking for men’s beaded necklaces to add to your collection or to present as a gift to someone special, we got you covered with the best selection of cool beaded necklaces for men.

Our comprehensive list of unique beaded necklaces for guys has something for everyone, from meaningful necklaces with special properties and colorful boho designs to meditation malas and chakra necklaces. So take your peek and figure out which one best reflects your style!

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Are Beaded Necklaces Suitable for Gifting?

Yes, beaded necklaces make great gifts for friends, family, and significant others. They can be personalized with meaningful gemstones or beads to make the gift even more special.

Can Men Wear A Beaded Necklace Every Day?

Yes, beaded necklaces for men can be worn every day, depending on the design and occasion. Some styles are more suitable for daily wear, while others may be more appropriate for special events.

BEST and Unique Beaded Necklaces for Men

#1 Men’s Tibetan Mala Beaded Necklace

For the contemporary man who’s not afraid to let their personality shine through, this makes one of the most perfect choice of beaded necklaces for men. Combining black and red lava stones and gold hematite with gold-filled clasps and Tibetan brass beads, this necklace is definitely a true work of art.

A large turquoise bead is the summit of the mala, injecting additional beauty as well as protective properties. We can really say that this item offers amazing craftsmanship that brings the piece to life and makes it outstanding.

#2 Coffee Brown Dolomite and Black Onyx Mens Beaded Necklace

Looking for the ultimate conversation starter to add a dash of style to your look? Say no more because this is one of the most amazing beaded necklaces for nature-loving men.

Three focal points on the necklace comprise picture jasper, whose swirls of color are akin to a desert landscape. Brown dolomites sit on either side of these, adding a coffee roast shade to the design. We need to also compliment the black onyx ad it offers the perfect contrast to complete the effect.

#3 Mens Tiger Eye Arrowhead Beaded Necklace

Tiger's Eye and Gold Beads Necklace

Simplicity is at the core of this design, making it suitable for the minimalists in the house. We have to admit that the tiger eye beads offer lots of visual appeals, thanks to their silky luster and the red-brown to golden shades.

But apart from the lustrous looks, the gemstone is also renowned for its protective abs healing properties. Combined with the silver arrowhead, which is also a protective talisman, in our opinion this is the ultimate meaningful necklace.

#4 Men’s Onyx and Silver Beaded Necklace 

Men's Onyx and Silver Beaded Necklace 

A remarkable work of contrasts turns this understated piece into a winner at the click of your finger. At a first glance, we can clearly see that the round onyx beads dominate the design, with cylindrical silver vine beads acting as the perfect accents.

Everything from the color contrast to that of the shapes, make this piece captivating and hard to beat. Whatever your style or personality, we highly recommend you to have a piece of this item, since this striking piece will add a ton of value to your personal style.

#5 Men’s Beaded Surfer Necklace

Men’s Beaded Surfer Necklace
Men’s Beaded Surfer Necklace - Beaded Necklaces For Men

Beautiful gemstones in varying sizes, shapes, and colors make this one of the most unique men’s beaded necklaces. Comprising black lava beads, tiger eye, synthetic turquoise, and raw amber beads, the piece is without a doubt a genuine visual feast.

Moreover, all of these natural stones come with tons of benefits to the wearer as well. But for us personally, amber and tiger eye are particularly the most notable stones for their cleansing and healing capabilities, making this an unbeatable blend.

#6 Lapis Lazuli Men’s Beaded Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Men's Beaded Necklace

Lapis lazuli clearly makes this necklace one of the most magnificent beaded necklaces for men. An enchanting blue characterizes the beads, guaranteeing lots of attention from the right people.

At the center of the design we can see a large faceted bead with silver spacers on either side, which creates the perfect focal point without stealing all the attention from the rest of the components. All in all, this is definitely one of the must have necklaces for any stylish man out there.

#7 Blue Magnesite Coffee Brown Agate Beaded Necklace

Highlight your impeccable sense of style with one of these captivating pieces. This adorable beaded necklace combines four different gemstones for unmatched visual appeal. We believe without a doubt, you will look cool and fashionable with this item around your neck.

Coffee brown agate is the dominant type of bead with red jasper spacers creating lots of harmonies. Two focal points perfectly inject a dash of contrast using large magnesite beads and picture brown jasper. Also, we have no doubt that this warm design will melt a heart or two.

#8 Vintage Inspired Skull & Bone Beaded Necklace

Vintage Inspired Skull & Bone Beaded Necklace

A vintage-inspired skull and bone necklace is the ideal gift for a man with an edgy style. This edgy piece combines black blue and silver beads that beautifully create an impressive design.

With bone and skull pendants as the focal point of the piece, we can see that the combination create the desired result of a glamorous effect. In short, this piece makes an irresistible statement that would instantly uplift any dull look.

#9 Men’s Garnet Gemstone Bead Necklace

Mens Garnet Gemstone Bead Necklace

Moving on to the next item on this list, we advice you to define your personal style with one of these beaded necklaces for men. It features deep red garnet beads interspersed with tiny black Japanese Toho seed beads, which make the perfect combination for a manly effect.

When the sun hits the beads, the resulting sparkle and color variation is just impossible to resist, if we may say. Plus, the sterling silver crimp beads at the edges also complete the effect that any man desires.

#10 Tiger Eye Gemstone Necklace

Tiger Eye Gemstone Necklace - Beaded Necklaces For Men

You can never go wrong with tiger eye when it comes to men’s bead necklace designs. When it comes to natural beauty, only few gemstones can compare, as is evident from this particular piece.

Taking its appeal a notch higher, this necklace incorporates Japanese Toho seed beads between the tiger eye beads. As a result, it is ultra-flexible and comfortable to wear. If you are looking for a stunning piece of gift for a stylish man, this one might suit your needs.

#11 Beaded Buddha Necklace

If you are looking for the ultimate statement piece to add pizazz to your style, look no further! For us personally, this is one of the simplest yet most highly captivating men’s beaded necklaces on this list.

What makes it remarkable is definitely the contrast between matte and glossy onyx beads alternating through its length. Scattered tiger eye beads also break the monotony and the Buddha pendant caps it all up.

#12 Fair Trade Beaded Carnelian Multi-Strand Necklace

Fair Trade Beaded Carnelian Multi-Strand Necklace

Radiate irresistible charm with one of these cheerful layered necklaces. Interspersing light and dark brown, round and faceted beads, this work of contrasts captures attention in a special way, perfect for a man who loves to be the center of attention.

Sterling silver spacers add to the effect, introducing extra visual appeal with a heart-shaped clasp to seal the deal. For anyone who loves stacking jewelry, this necklace is highly recommended as it will definitely be an instant winner.

#13 Mens Rhyolite Bead Necklace

Mens Rhyolite Bead Necklace

Does your style lean more towards edgy and unconventional? If so, then we can assure you that one of these beaded necklaces for men will do you proud. Rhyolite gemstones in a distinct green shade make it an instant charmer.

A natural reaction from cooling magma and lava is responsible for their enchanting beauty and unique patterns. Plus, the small Japanese Toho beads also add flexibility to the piece and make it unbeatable.

#14 Men’s Beaded Cross Crucifix Pendant

Connect with your spiritual side with the elegant onyx cross necklace. This manly piece features black onyx beads in alternating glossy and matte finishes.

Tiger eye beads add much-needed visual appeal through a contrasting effect. At the center of everything you will see a sterling silver cross with ornate detailing to sum it all up! Therefore, no matter what your personal style is, we believe this piece will accentuate it.

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#15 Men’s Malachite Long Beaded Pendant Necklace

Men's Malachite Long Beaded Pendant Necklace

Do you love to keep things understated yet spicy? If you do, then we believe that this men’s beaded choker was made with you in mind. Once you lay your eyes on this, we can assure you that you would’t want to let go.

Featuring small onyx beads (6mm) all through, the design culminates in a green malachite bar pendant. The color contrast as well as the size of the pendant against the beads offers lots of visual interest and turns it into a statement piece.

#16 Thomas Sabo Ethnic Black Beaded Power Necklace

Harness your inner power with this beaded power necklace for men. Thanks to its blend of simplicity and meaning, we are proud to say that this is one of the most unique men’s beaded necklace designs on the list.

Comprising oval stone beads in a black charcoal, the piece seems to connect perfectly with nature. Furthermore, as a meditative energy carrier, it also features an ornate guru bead as its centerpiece. Trust us, any man would love to have this item as a gift, too!

#17 Men’s Beaded Gemstone Choker Necklace

Mens Beaded Gemstone Choker Necklace
Mens Beaded Gemstone Choker Necklace

Spruce up your appearance with one of these stylish jewelry pieces. Sporting a splendid blend of brown, blue and silver, its aesthetic value is just impossible to match.

Tiger eye beads, agate onyx, and also the hourglass-shaped hematite beads are responsible for the amazing effect that this necklace offers. Last but not least, all you need is an attitude to match the look and you will be good to go.

#18 Men’s 7 Chakra Mala Necklace

Are you looking to add a stylish piece to your gemstone collection, or perhaps a gift for a hard-to-please recipient? As an answer to your needs, we highly recommend this piece, which comprises black onyx beads and a colorful centerpiece set. It is going to be your best bet for sure.

As a meditation necklace, there is so much more to it than a glamorous appearance. It uses the natural power of onyx to open the body’s energy centers and optimize your power.

#19 Simple Maple Mala Necklace

Simple Maple Mala Necklace

Men’s wooden beaded necklaces do not come any better than this piece. As a necklace that features natural appearance to the look, it sports a simplistic design that perfectly brings natural beauty to the fore.

Maple beads are accented by a single Ethiopian bead for an unbeatable vintage effect. In our opinion, you can use it as a layered necklace or bracelet, or as a meditation or yoga mala.

#20 Black Recycled Glass Beaded Necklace

Black Recycled Glass Beaded Necklace

Take your sense of style to the next level with one of these beaded necklaces for men. An eco-friendly design will melt the heart of nature lovers while allowing them to look their best.

In terms of material, recycled glass is used for the beads, ridding the earth of pollutants in the noblest way. And the best part about it is that it can blend with both casual and formal outfits with ease. So we are calling all nature enthusiasts out there, because this item is definitely a must-have.

#21 Lava Bead Compass Necklace

Lava Bead Compass Necklace

Any nautical accessory lover would kill for this inspired jewelry piece. Lava stone beads and a metal compass pendant blend harmoniously to create a masterpiece as you can see in this picture.

The color and material choices both contribute to a vintage look that offers timeless appeal. Therefore, why not surprise the man in your life with its stunning beauty? It will come with the grounding effect associated with lava stones as well.

#22 Men’s Tribal Style Bead Necklace

Men’s Tribal Style Bead Necklace

If there is one accessory design that will never go out of style, it has to be the tribal pattern, there’s no doubt about it. On this particular piece, it works hand in hand with an oval bone pendant, spilling out a rich heritage that a man with a classic taste would love to have.

It combines red wooden beads, blue lapis lazuli, white Riverstone, and black onyx, together with silver spacers for a remarkable effect. We have no doubt that it’s a perfect accent piece for both classic and casual look.

#23 Mens Viking Bead Necklace

The boho man in your life would greatly treasure this unique men’s necklace. The Viking design incorporates different types of beads in varying colors and shapes for a wow effect.

Its detailing shows meticulous attention to detail with a love of art evident in every bead. This charming piece will take your style up a few notches and turn you into an instant celebrity.

#24 Thomas Sabo Beaded Skull Necklace

Bring out your edgy side with one of these unique bead necklaces for men. Black obsidian beads with a matte finish make it the ultimate manly necklace. From the first glance, we can see the amazing details of it, making it one of the most valuable beaded necklaces for men.

Add to this the elaborate skull pendant which combines silver and gold colors, and you get an instant hit in no time. Also, we must praise the delicate love knot details mark the skull on all sides with an impressive effect, because that will add tons to your street cred.

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#25 Mens Red & Black Beaded Necklace

Mens Red & Black Beaded Necklace - Beaded Necklaces For Men

Nothing is quite as difficult as shopping for a gift for someone who seems to have everything. But with one of these necklaces, you will be sure to tug at his heartstrings.

Black onyx beads dominate the design with red coral stones here and there for an elegant effect. They offer both the perfect contrast and a great way to bring out his stylish side.

#26 Thor’s Hammer Shamballa Necklace

Thor’s hammer adds so much more than a unique appeal to this necklace. It offers a certain vintage Nordic edge for a timeless effect.

Additionally, it is a Viking amulet infused with protective qualities as well as matchless power. It does not hurt at all that the pendant is suspended from a gorgeous beaded necklace with black onyx and grey agate beads for a stunning effect.

#27 Men’s Beaded Hematite Crucifix Necklace

Mens Beaded Hematite Crucifix necklace

Get in touch with your inner Christian while reflecting impeccable style with this necklace. Gunmetal hematite beads in different sizes and shapes create a unique look and offer high appeal, too.

In between the beads, grooved metal spacers add to the visual interest while making the necklace supple. Last but least, the large hematite cross in gunmetal definitely the main pint that sums it all up.

#28 Mens Healing Stone Necklace

Mens Healing Stone Necklace - Beaded Necklaces For Men

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, this necklace has it right to the last detail. It features 7mm black onyx and 8mm red jasper beads with the bigger ones creating an impressive focal point.

Two hematite beads add to this gorgeous effect, making it an impressive piece of wearable art. Both gemstones are associated with natural healing properties, a crucial bonus for the wearer. Wear this necklace around your neck line and you will see how it can turn you into the center of attention.

#29 Sterling Silver Rosary Beads Necklace

Sterling Silver Rosary Beads Necklace

Say your prayers in style with one of these sterling silver rosary men’s beaded necklaces. Perfectly replicating the traditional design, this necklace sports five decades, separated using 8mm silver beads.

Moreover, the crucifix shows great attention to detail with a raised image on it. Plus, the highly polished finish paces it high on the list of meaningful gifts, definitely.

#30 Native American Beaded Tribal Necklace

High-quality craftsmanship and an artistic arrangement define this design and make it unmatchable. The Native American pattern is achieved using a combination of turquoise, red jasper, aqua terra jasper, black seed beads, and also heishi spacers in sterling silver.

In our opinion, this is one of the beaded necklaces for men that will be sure to attract attention and speak volumes on your sense of style.

#31 Horoscope Star Sign Beaded Necklaces For Men

Zodiac necklaces make a great gift choice for that special man in your life. They show that some thought went into the process, as they hold an individualistic appeal.

Equally significant is the fact that each one carries a unique appeal. If you pick this necklace as a gift, we truly believe that it will give him an opportunity to stand out while reflecting his personality loud and clear for all to see.

#32 Custom Monogram Men’s Beaded Necklace

Custom Monogram Men's Beaded Necklace - Beaded Necklaces For Men
Custom Monogram Men's Beaded Necklace - Beaded Necklaces For Men

Personalized beaded necklaces for men are a sure path into the heart of that special someone. Related to that content, we honestly think that this particular piece offers lots of symbolic and visual appeal.

Lava stones are the predominant beads with a focal point comprising tiger eye beads and stainless steel spacers. Since it’s a personalized item, you can add his initials or name to the centerpiece, and then turn this into a thoughtful and memorable gift.

#33 Beaded Necklace with Lion Vintage Pendant

Gothic Punk Rock Mens Black Onyx Beads Necklace Stainless Steel Vintage Lion Head Pendant

Showcase your gothic style with this captivating beaded necklace. The beaded necklace will definitely upgrade your fashionable outfit. Coupled with the vintage lion pendant that comes with a touch of black sparkling beads, it gives a masculine and elegant impression.

Moreover, the necklace is made of stainless that is durable, so you can be sure that it can be the piece to boost your appearance for many years to come. We truly believe that this is perfect for those who like necklaces as accessories.

#34 Jovivi Obsidian Crystal Beaded Necklace

Natural 7 Chakras Healing Crystals Necklace

Brace yourself by wearing this masterpiece Jovivi Obsidian beaded necklace. A series of charming black obsidian stones combined with other colors make this necklace look so stunning.

Moreover, this necklace is also accompanied by a crystal pendant decorated with a tree carving known as the tree of life. It symbolizes wisdom, power, energy, and life that hopefully radiates its positivity to the bearer.

#35 Light Up LED Mardi Gras Beads Necklace

Light Up LED Mardi Gras Beads Necklace

Looking for something different through the beads necklace? Then try this Mardi Gras beads necklace. It comes with a LED that can light up your whole look when you turn it on. It is suitable for having fun at the party. The party can be merrier with those necklaces. Plus, the battery for the LED is also included, so you can replace it quite easily.

#36 Natural Wood Mala Beads Long Tassel Fringe 

Natural Wood Mala Beads Long Tassel Fringe 

Get a calming and balanced mind and soul with this natural wood mala beads necklace. This piece is suitable to wear for meditation or yoga, so for yogis out there, this will make one of the most recommended beaded necklaces for men or male yogis in particular.

Moreover, we also need to tell you that this necklace will come as a meaningful item that helps your body and soul get the balance in life, love, and pure heart. Plus, the tassel fringe will also complete the boho look.

#37 Men’s Krobo Glass Bead Necklace

Men's Krobo Glass Bead Necklace

Beautiful handmade beads necklace from Ghana will be the answer for the best unique beaded necklace for men. All the beads are made by hand, hence each of them will not look the same. The hand-painted is inspired by Ghanaian and Ivory Coast heritage. In short, we guarantee this will be your most favorite beads necklace of all time. it offers historical and beautiful at the same time.

Final Thoughts

One of the most favorite accessories for men is definitely a necklace. We are not saying gold or silver necklaces that come with blings. We are talking about beaded necklaces that will be an ethnic addition to any man’s look and appearance, especially men who loves boho and classic style. If you are one of those men, then we are happy to bump into you here and we hope you are inspired by our list of recommendations above.

Since our list includes some of the most stunning beaded necklaces for men, we can guarantee you will find the perfect choice of necklace to suit your style. Moreover, this list will also become a great reference for those of you who are looking for a stunning beaded necklace as a gift for a special man in your life.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are beaded necklaces in style?

A beaded necklace is very popular and stylish, especially during summertime. It can make your appearance more trendy because usually beaded necklaces have attractive and striking colors. In addition, pendant designs from beaded necklaces generally vary, so you can choose according to your style.

Whether you love their unique visual appeal or their practical value and symbolism, these beaded necklaces for men offer endless possibilities. Enjoy adding a touch of elegance to your look and the compliments that will be sure to follow.

How should you choose the right length for your beaded necklace?

The right length of a beaded necklace depends on personal preference and the neckline of the clothing you plan to wear it with. A general rule of thumb is to choose a necklace that falls near the collarbone or slightly below.

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