25 Cool Gifts for Emo Girl She Will Love

In music, emo is a punk style that resembles rocks, but emo has a more complex arrangement than usual rock. Emo is also associated with dark emotions and higher sensitive feelings. People represent emo with dark hair, dark clothes, tight t-shirts, and more. Meanwhile, emo people, just like the music have complicated dark feelings. Because of their nature, it can be difficult sometimes to find something to please them. If you don’t know what gifts for emo girl to buy, this list will help you!

Even though emo is dark, some people just love the style because it is cool. Emo is identical to dark colors, although now the emo style is way more modern by mixing dark colors with bright patterns or vice versa. There could be a variety of emo styles that are identical with a lot of shapes of bats, spike metal, and many else. Even girls love the emo style because it looks cool and can look cute with a touch of patterns, additional black tulles, or animal patterns. 

We have listed below 25 cool gifts for emo girls that will make their day. For sure, the list includes fashion, unique trinkets, and other useful items to help them organize things, even opening a bottle! Shall we check them out?

BEST Gifts for Emo and Gothic Girls

1. Snake Earrings

Snake Earrings

Emo girls won’t be far away from gothic fashion style and dark concepts. In that case, we recommend this item called snake earrings with an edgy and 3D look. Its material is stainless steel with a lot of texture to make the snake look alive.

We bet the emo girls will like this one as it is simple with a real snake to look to complete their stunning emo look. They better have black piercings if they want to spice up the overall appeal. Moreover, these snake earrings come with a gift box, so they will be great as a gift for emo girls. 

2. Safety Pin Bracelet

Safety Pin Bracelet

They said simple is the best. This safety pin bracelet is definitely a must-have fashion item for emo girls because of its simplicity. It uses sterling silver as its primary material, giving it a pretty shine to the owner.

What makes it special is that you can choose one from three plate colors: rose gold, silver, and gold. We recommend purchasing the silver as it will easily match their dark styles. The girls who love emo fashion style will love this for sure, especially when you give it to them on a special date. Therefore, it will be a great gift for emo girls!

3. Long Wrist Warmer

Long Wrist Warmer

Emo girls won’t be far away from the fun and colorful things with a little bit of black twist. So, this wrist warmer is perfect! Emo girls can wear them both for cold weather and for casual accessories.

They are also stretchy thanks to the polyester. The emo girls would be happy as they receive this emo-style wrist warmer to level up their gothic fashion style. Moreover, there are up to six colors you can choose from. Choose black and white or black and red if your girls have bold personalities.

4. Bat Collar Pins

Bat Collar Pins

For emo girls who are looking for an add-on for their plain-color shirts, these elegant collar pins will be perfect! The pins can give a pretty touch to the shirt collar. It features two bat shapes connected with metal chains to give an intense emo vibe.

More specially, it is handmade and can be wrapped as a gift, be it for a birthday or Christmas. Whoever is the emo girl, will be happy to receive these collar pins. They can add a little shine to their plain shirt collar with these pins. Let’s get one as a gift for emo girls!

5. 3 Chains Ear Cuff

3 Chains Ear Cuff

Emo fashion style usually incorporates some dark concepts. Just like this skeleton ear cuff with 3 metal chains. It gives a touch of goth with an elegant impression.

As it is made of hypo-allergenic stainless steel, it will be safe for everyone. With a gift-wrapping facility available, this gift will be great as gifts for emo girl. She can wear it with creepy costumes to celebrate Halloween, thanks to the skull pendant.

6. Gothic Chain Ring 

Gothic Chain Ring

The more stunning, dark, and elegant, the more emo girls love it. The chainring pictured above is inspired by anime cosplay. Furthermore, the ring is connected to the bracelet by 2 metal chains to give a heavy metal look, doesn’t it look unique?

Emo girls can wear it casually or when they need to attend a special emo party! Having this dark but elegant design, they will feel more confident if we give this ring as a gift to complete their emo look.

7. Sterling Silver Filigree Waves Ring

Sterling Silver Filigree Waves Ring

If you are going to give an emo girl who loves elegant and stunning accessories, but wants to keep everything gothic, this ring with filigree waves design will be great! This ring is made of sterling silver and crafted beautifully to give a touch of dark concepts.

The emo girl will be happy as the ring is simple and will not bother her daily activities. She can put it on with her casual outfits, like a black tee and denim shorts or wear one at prom with her emo dress. Wouldn’t it be great if we get this item as a gift for emo girls?

8. Elder Emo Shirt

Elder Emo Shirt

Who runs the world of emo? These emo girls would love to show who they are. This elder emo shirt will be a great gift for your special girls as it shows how long they have followed this emo gothic look.

As emo is always identical with mostly monochrome colors, this tee will be a perfect match! It is available only in two colors to mix and match with other fashion items, like jeans, shorts, and even skirts. It also has from smallest to biggest sizes for any body type of emo girl with comfortable cotton material. Consider larger sizes if she loves to wear oversized clothing.

9. Cats and Hearts Purse

Cats and Hearts Purse

Girls always come well-prepared with essential things inside their purses. Not just an ordinary bag, the dark concept mixed with bright pink will make this purse a lovable gift for emo girls!

It can fit their phone, some cash, two cards, or perhaps one mini tissue pack. With this stunning design, the purse will be perfect to bring whenever she hangs out or attend a big party. Truly a handy piece for any emo girls and it makes their day!

10. Punk Chain Belt

Punk Chain Belt

The emo look is not complete without this metal chain belt! The design will suit everyone who wants to rock darker accessories. It will effortlessly match with plain clothing, like jeans, t-shirts, and shirts for a more exciting and stunning look.

Furthermore, the chains are available in more than 10 variants which you can choose as a little amazing gift for emo girls. A simple gift that would make them feel amazing and ready to rock the party!

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11. Gothic Chain Choker

Gothic Chain Choker

Emo girls’ styles are also identical to an unusual necklace, called a choker. There are many kinds of chokers, and for emo girls who want some goth vibe with a touch of boho, this gothic choker will be great for them!

What makes it special is that it is handmade with a touch of sexy design, perfect for girls who wear V-neck shirts, tube dress, or gowns. This item is available with gift wrapping, so let’s get this item as a gift for emo girls!

12. Leather Spiked Choker

Leather Spiked Choker

For a true emo girl, the leather spiked choker is a must-have item. This one comes with some metal spikes to give a rock-and-roll look vibe. As the choker is made of faux leather, it will be perfect to pair with a Victorian outfit, like a steampunk costume, in black as well.

Alternatively, she can try to wear a black v-neck t-shirt with ripped jeans and put on this choker. Such a style will vividly depict her emo soul out loud. Any emo girl will look stunning with this accessory, so get one now as a gift for her!

13. Gothic Dress 

Gothic Dress

What is emo without a sexy corset dress with a lot of ribbons and tulle? This gothic dress is sleeveless and you can combine it with a leather jacket in black. You can also wear it with the leather spiked choker and you are ready to rock!

The dress is ready from the smallest size to plus size, so everybody can be a stunning emo girl! They would be happy to have this new outfit for even a garden party. We have added this item to this list of cool gifts for emo girls!

14. Goth Bookends

Goth Bookends

Emo girls will always love everything that has a goth look to it. Therefore, we present to you this book ends with a monster claw to give a spooky delight. This item will be perfect as gifts for emo girl who love books and journals!

Besides, they can put some to create a jump scare moment when it comes to Halloween celebration. Furthermore, it is made of high-quality resin to make it look alive. Definitely would be a great gift for emo girls! They will love it! 

15. Makeup Storage Glass Jar

Makeup Storage Glass Jar

We found that most emo girls love makeup, especially strong eye makeup. This makeup storage glass jar will help them organize their makeup tools well so they won’t feel difficulties when they want to use makeup brushes and sponges.

The glass jar features a spooky touch and comes in a lovely black color to match emo girls’ vibes. Therefore, they would be happily doing makeup without bothering to organize all tools all over again. Besides, they can also display some on their cabinet as collections. No wonder that this item will make nice gifts to surprise emo girls.

16. Skull Candle Holder

Skull Candle Holder

This candle holder has both cute and spooky delights! So, you should consider getting one as gifts for emo girl. With a unique skull color, this candle holder is perfect for decorating the house.

Moreover, she can also put some of these creepy candles around the corner of her house to celebrate the spookiest month of the year. It is made of high-quality materials with acrylic paint and is painted by hand. This item would look special and will definitely make the receiver happier! 

17. Coffin Succulent Planter

Coffin Succulent Planter

Who says that emo girls who love dark and goth looks won’t love gardening? This unique succulent planter with coffin shape design will surely be the highlight of their day! It is totally perfect as a gift for emo girls who love gardening and collecting goth things.

There are more than 10 colors available and you can even choose which finish you would like: with the drain or without the drain. These customized things would make a gift look special for emo girls. Definitely loved!

18. Lower Jaw Home Decoration

Lower Jaw Home Decoration

Looking for a unique phone holder as a gift while they are watching videos or playing games on the phone? This unique lower jaw will be perfect as a cool gift for emo girls.

It has a design of a human lower jaw with cool colors like red, white, and matte black. With a spooky touch to a room, it can also hold any size of phone, so make sure you get this item for them! Besides, they can showcase this eerie item on their desks as emo displays.

19. Murder Mystery Puzzle Book

Murder Mystery Puzzle Book

Isn’t it fun for emo girls to have little games and solve mysterious problems? This murder mystery puzzle book will be perfect as a cool gift for emo girls. The book is also designed with attractive colors to motivate you to solve all mysteries inside.

She can invite her girls to read and help her to solve the murder and mystery case. If you ask us what’s the best time to play this, nothing can beat Halloween. A true emo girl who receives this will definitely love this as their birthday gift!

20. Preserved Black Rose

Preserved Black Rose

Emo girls are known for loving dark-concept, mysteries, and spooky delights, but can we give them something a little sweet and romantic? We present this preserved black rose that will come to its receiver with a pretty black gift box.

The rose itself is fresh and can last for 2 to 3 years because of its unique preservation process. Therefore, for you who are looking for a romantic yet spooky gift, it’s recommended to give this cool gift to emo girls!

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21. Jewelry Storage Box

Jewelry Storage Box

Where to find a vintage gift for emo girls? Yes, that’s right! You can find it here! You can choose this unique jewelry storage box. It has a Victorian touch just like the princesses in the movie while also having metal materials that are still right to be given to the emo girls.

Its materials are high-quality so they would never fade and rust. The emo girls who must have a lot of jewelry collections will be happy if they receive this item as a cool gift to store their jewelry. You can choose a black or white one as both colors perfectly depict emo souls.

22. Window Hanging Ornament

Window Hanging Ornament

For some people, they would think that a black cat is a jinxed thing. But, for emo people, a black cat is like a lucky charm! Look at this cute window hanging ornament with a black cat on its side. It will look cute as emo girls’ home or room decoration.

The ornament is created from hand cut stained glass pieces which makes this item special for the receiver. Any emo girls who receive this will love their room added with both cute and dark decoration items. They can hang one on the bedroom’s ceiling, and walls, but we prefer windows. Let’s get this item as a cool gift for emo girls!

23. Skull Wallets

Skull Wallets

Emo girls are identical with dark colors, and spooky things like skulls and skeletons. They are unique and different from other fashions and lifestyles. This skull wallet is designed with an embossed skull and the wallet itself is made of faux leather.

Lightweight, easy to open, and fit for many amounts of cash inside, this wallet will be a cool gift for emo girls. They would be happy if they receive this item as a gift as it can be filled with many essential things to go. Moreover, we recommend taking this emo purse to prom with a black tube dress and silver necklaces to steal attention.

24. Limited Edition Bottle Opener

Limited Edition Bottle Opener

We found another unique yet useful thing to be considered as cool gifts for emo girl, especially those who find it difficult to open a bottle! This bottle opener is designed in a shape of a cute bat, complete with two ears.

It is made of metal so it will keep strong and not break quickly. While it may not fit for everyone, this bottle opener will be the best gift for emo girls who love to throw parties or attend one. So, they won’t have any trouble opening the liquor. Let’s grab this item before it’s sold out!

25. Matching Heart Love Necklace

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If you are looking for both romantic and spooky gifts for emo girls, we recommend this matching heart necklace. The hearts with a little shapes of bat wings will touch each other when you have them meet.

It features adjustable size and is made of high-quality alloy metal to make it look suitable for emo girls and unisex. Therefore, as it is romantic with a little spooky touch, it will make it a perfect gift for emo girls. They would be happier as it becomes their additional fashion item! Have it on with your v-neck t-shirt, dress, or off-shoulder one to showcase this stunning accessory.

Final Thought

Giving gifts for emo girls is actually not tricky if you know what to buy. These girls usually prefer items with neutral tones like black, white, red, and silver as they speak volumes about their passion for adopting emo styles. If they love fashion, you better consider emo accessories as gifts for emo girls that they can wear every day, such as rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

You can also buy emo clothes that they can mix and match with accessories. Besides, emo home decor, such as figurines or wall displays is also an interesting alternative if the emo girls in your life don’t like to look flashy.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you get as an emo girl?

Most emo girls love dark concepts or any bright colors with a touch of black or cute patterns. Emo girls are also known for their strong eye makeup. Therefore, we would love to get some cool gifts for emo girls such as makeup storage glass jars.

If perhaps emo girls are loving fashion items, we could give them a stunning gothic choker and skeleton ear cuff. Simple, classy, and so GOTHIC!

What does an emo want for Christmas?

Christmas would be fun if there is a little activity or wonderful gifts that are suitable for its receiver. Just as an emo, they would love solving mysteries, so we present an idea such as murder mystery puzzle book or maybe something with a little touch of romance such as preserved black rose and unique jewelry storage to store their emo jewelries.

A ring with filigree waves design would be great as well. These items are just some things emo would want for Christmas, therefore grab them fast as cool gifts for emo girls before they are sold out!

What are good gifts for emo teenage girl?

Emo teenage girls would love fashionable things. You could consider having these snake earrings with an edgy and 3D look, a unique gothic dress, and a double chain ring to have them a style of gothic and emo anime character.

They would also love something cute to be their room decoration such as a window hanging ornament with black cat on the moon side and a skull candle holder with amazing mixed colors. These items would need to be grabbed fast before they are sold out as cool gifts for emo girls!

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