25 Unicorn Gifts for Girls To Cheer Her Day Up

Unicorn themed gifts are the perfect pick for a cheerful and cute girl. With its charming colors and delightful designs, the unicorn gifts for girls will make a memorable surprise for her who loves stylish stuff.

Not only for stylish look, the unicorn gifts for girls also have multi-function and practical for daily use. You can choose from our curated choices based on her characteristics and certain colors which she loves.

Best Unicorn Gifts – Our 3 BEST Picks

Useful Unicorn GiftArtsy Unicorn GiftUnicorn Gifts Set
LED Unicorn Plush ToyColor-In Unicorn PajamasUnicorn Outdoors Adventure Set
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Unicorn Gifts That Make Your Sweet Girl Happy

1. Personalized Unicorn Night Light

unicorn gifts

Personalised unicorn night light comes with engraving the child’s name into the bottom of the night light, so it is there forever and you can guarantee that happy fairy tale ending. Each light comes with every color and can be changed from day to day by the simple swipe of a button.

2. Unicorn Pillow or Plush Toy

unicorn gifts

For girls, this unicorn gift is a perfect pillow to hug with super soft cotton material. You can choose her favorite color like pink, green, or white which will add an aesthetic element to her bedroom decoration.

3. LED Unicorn Dream Catcher

unicorn gifts

This unicorn gift for girls is made of various fancy materials like wood, feathers, iron rings, cotton, net yarn, LED lights, ribbons. This dream catcher is designed with bohemian chic style. It is available in various vibrant colors like purple, pink, turquoise, gold or silver and white.

4. Personalized Unicorn Necklace

unicorn gifts

This personalised unicorn necklace is a perfect pick as a gift for a gorgeous girl. You can choose the initial letter of her name which will be engraved on the silver pendant. You can also choose the custom color of the Swarovski birthstone based on her birth month. This unicorn gift for girls includes a silver chain which is lead and nickel free in a brilliant box.   

5. Personalized Unicorn Sequin Pillow

unicorn gifts

Her eyes will light up like a Christmas tree when she sees this personalised unicorn sequin pillow! This fancy gold pillow is a special gift made just for her. This personalised pillow will be the perfect finishing touch to her room. This great gift is surely to be cherished for years to come.

6. Unicorn Bath Bombs

unicorn gifts

This unicorn gift for girls features 6 uniquely handcrafted scented bath bombs. Its scent comes from Floridian orange essential oil. These bath bombs use organic ingredients like organic citric acid, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic slsa derived from plants.

7. Unicorn Soccer Ball with Music

unicorn gifts

Designed to be your child’s first introduction to sports, this unicorn soccer ball has 2 unique songs and 40 phrases and sound effects. This talking toy comes with batteries and has volume control. This unicorn gift for girls can be used indoors and outdoors.

8. LED Unicorn Plush Toy

unicorn gifts

This unicorn gift for girls will light up her night with built-in colourful LED lights which are bright and eye-catching. It has an ultra soft, smooth and skin-friendly texture so it feels super cozy like you hug a cotton candy. With exquisite craftsmanship and made of premium material which is high quality short plush and stuffed with PP cotton, this unicorn gift for girls is durable.

9. Unicorn Mini Handbag or Purse

unicorn gifts

She will love this unicorn mini handbag or purse with colorful handles and an easy closure. Plush unicorn can be removed with an easy access strap. This unicorn gift for girls features colorful fur on the unicorn’s head, leg and tail. She will spend hours of playtime with this pet pal carrier and plush playset!

10. Personalized Unicorn Bouquet

unicorn gifts

This unicorn gift for girls is a jam-packed bouquet with fun unicorn themed items. It includes: cotton candy, candy bracelet, maze game and many more. You can also add a personalized compliment message especially for her.

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11. Magical Moving Unicorn Puzzle

unicorn gifts

This unicorn’s puzzle brings magic wherever they move. This 75 piece puzzle is assembled to reveal 3 unicorns soaring across the sky. Then look again from a different perspective and you will see them flapping their wings and rainbows beaming from the clouds, because the image is lenticular, meaning it changes depending on the angle at which it is viewed.

12. Color-In Unicorn Pajamas

unicorn gifts

Unicorns are colorful companions to keep your kiddo comfy at night. Complete with a practice template and 7 fabric markers, this unicorn soft pajama lets her inner artist create a bright and bold set as her favorite one-horned creature. Just like magic, the ink sets after a quick iron or 24 hours in UV light and the hues will not fade by washing. 

13. Rainbow Unicorn Mug

unicorn gifts

When this unicorn is not galloping through a magical forest filled with fireflies, fairy nymphs, and shimmering pools, this rainbow unicorn mug is a fanciful friend to her hot drinks. This mug features charming details, such as inquisitive blue eyes, a hoofed base, and a glittery rainbow mane unfurling from his gilded mystical horn. 

14. Unicorn Treasure Box

unicorn gifts

Your kid has a lot of keepsakes to keep safe. Who is better than the famously pure-hearted unicorn to look after her? This colorful treasure chest puts the much-loved mythical creature in the center of the action.

15. Unicorn Snowsuit

unicorn gifts

This unicorn snowsuit features a beautiful mane, detachable tail, and heroic horn which will inspire hours of snowy play and fantastical fun. It’s super smart design solves tons of wintertime problems with an easy zip waist for quick bathroom breaks, extra padding for safe falls, mitten clips, and a handy ski pass pocket. The size is available for girls aged 2-10.

16. Make Your Own Unicorn Night Light

Make Your Own Unicorn Night Light

This unicorn gift for girls comes with all she needs to create her own unicorn night light. We believe, she will be thrilled to see how pretty the light is when it is on. This crafty unicorn night light is a great gift idea for younger kids as well as teens which will brighten up any room.

17. Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

This unicorn gift for girls with vivid colors will magically turn her into her much-loved mythical creature. This hooded bathrobe includes an elastic belt attached to the robe. Its made of premium polyester to provide a super comfy clothing for her and it can be worn as a soft pajama as well.

18. Unicorn Terrarium DIY Kit

Unicorn Terrarium DIY Kit

If she loves DIY and STEM projects, this unicorn gift for girls is a perfect pick for her. This craft kit includes paintable figures and a large terrarium dome that gives her the freedom to plant and design any way she wants! Using the soil and seeds provided, she will learn planting, watering and growing wheatgrass.

19. Rainbow Unicorn Bracelet

Rainbow Bracelet

As you can see, this stunning bracelet is made using a selection of high quality beads and charms. And it have been carefully organised to get a unique and beautiful finish to the product. The various types of wire and materials are used to make it strong and sturdy. When attaching the charms, split rings are used to ensure the charms will be firmly held and will not be lost.

20. 8 Piece Unicorn Gift Set

8 Piece Gift Set

Cheer her up completely with this great gift set! This unicorn gift for girls includes pendant necklace, bracelet, drawstring backpack, keychain, coin purse, hair ties, slap bracelets and stickers. These gorgeous gifts are made of high-quality materials and offer various color choices.

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21. Unicorn Crystal Jewellery Set

Crystal Jewellery Set

This unicorn jewelry set is a great gift for the gorgeous girl. This gift set includes a necklace with a pendant, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a velvet gift bag. And these jewelries are made of alloy metal and multi-color rhinestone crystal with silver chain.

22. 9-in-1 Unicorn Outdoors Adventure Set

9-in-1 Outdoors Adventure Set

This 9-in-1 unicorn set inspires young children to put down the device then play and learn about the outside world. This unicorn set is also perfect for girls’ pretend play or unicorn party.

23. Unicorn Night Light Projector with Music

Night Light Projector with Music

This popular cosmos projector lamp can help you put the universe back home, fill your room with stars and moonlight, so you feel as if you were laying under the stars! It transforms your ceiling and walls into another space and time in a darkened room. This unicorn gift for girls can create a relaxing bedtime experience and comfort her to sleep.

24. Unicorn Beat Box by LEGO

Beat Box by LEGO

Open up the world of music video making for the gorgeous girl who loves to dance and perform. Download the free app to scan the music minifigure and reveal the unicorn DJ’s cool stage persona. Then scan the BeatBits to unlock special effects, challenges and more as she produces her own unique music video, to share with other creators in the kid-safe social feed.

25. Unicorn Twin Duvet or Bedcover Set

Twin Duvet or Bedcover Set

Made of the best quality fabric such as extra-long staple combed 100% cotton with 200 thread count, this twin duvet or bedcover set has a super smooth, comfortable and durable surface. Importantly, this cotton duvet is secured with buttons which easily allows you to insert and remove your duvet when needed. It is easy to clean with a washing machine and tumble dry at low temperature.

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The best gift for a cheerful, cute and charming girl is unicorn themed things. Unicorn is a magical and much-loved mythical creature which can ignite her imagination and encourage her creativity. You can choose the best unicorn gifts for girls from our curated choices above like clothes, jewelleries, bedroom decors, educational toys and DIY projects, based on her need and favourite.

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For the gorgeous girl who loves unicorns so much, you can choose the personalised gift because it will mean so much for her to have her name or initial letter of her name, her birthstone, or her favorite color on her much-loved creature. We offer various options of personalised unicorn gifts for girls like necklace, nightlight and sequin pillow.

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