Cheer Gifts Under $5

25 Cool Cheer Gifts Under $5 You Must Check Out

Cheerleading is all about solidarity. Through cheerleading, people can get at least some happiness and positive energy while supporting their favorite sports teams in a competition. You can tighten your bond with your cheerleader’s teammates by exchanging presents. You do not need to find anything expensive. In fact, some fun cheer gifts under $5 would be appropriate for the occasion.

Therefore, giving some gifts is always worth it, even if it is not that expensive. At least, we hope that by exchanging some cheer gifts, you can bring back the team spirit. And they can cheer for other people again! And so, we have collected various products that you can use as a gift.

Let’s check the 25 items below! There are dolls, jewelry, a personalized lip balm, jewelry boxes, and more! In any case, you will find things that will be useful for them! Shall we begin treasuring cheer gifts under $5?

1. Personalized Stuffed Pompom Bear

After a great performance of cheerleading, it would be great to give a pompom bear as a cool cheer gift. This pompom bear is just right to represent a cheerleader, especially when you add some accessories to the bear with a tulle skirt and top with a customized name. As a cheering gift under $5, this item is totally worth it!

2. Rhinestone Pendant

Rhinestone Pendant

A colorful pendant will represent the positive energy of cheerleaders. Made of real rhinestones with a colorful look and mini size, it’s totally worth it to consider this item as a cool cheer gift under $5! We believe whoever receives this will be happy as the design itself represents their activities as cheerleaders. 

3. To Cheer Necklace

To Cheer Necklace

For you who are looking for a stunning and affordable fashion item as a cool cheer gift under $5, this cheer necklace can be your option! It has an antique silver color which gives a touch of retro delight. For cheerleaders who love vintage and retro fashion, this necklace can be one of your cool cheer gifts. Grab this fast while they are still available. 

4. I Love Cheer Bookmark

I Love Cheer Bookmark

For cheerleaders who love reading books, this unique bookmark can be one of your choices for giving cool cheer gifts under $5. The bookmark is made of zinc metal, so it is quite sturdy. The design gives a touch of Hogwarts school of magic vibes. Where else can you find other unique items like this for under $5? Grab this fast before it’s sold out!

5. Fridge Magnet

Fridge Magnet

A fridge magnet is indeed a small item that not everyone thinks of as a gift. But if you are really looking for an affordable and meaningful little gift, then this is for you. As a cool cheer gift under $5, this fridge magnet will always remind every cheerleader’s team member of their cheerleading passion every time they open their fridge. Grab this fast while it’s still available!

6. Cheer Coach Jewelry 

Cheer Coach Jewelry

Different from other necklaces or pendants on this list, this cheer jewelry is specially designed for you who are looking for cool cheer gifts under $5. The chain utilizes high-quality stainless steel and the pendant has a stacked model with a cheering heart and a cheerleader. It also features a short quote that says ‘She Believed, She Could, So She Did’. This gift will warm your teammates’ hearts!

7. Cheer Team Friendship Bracelet

Cheer Team Friendship Bracelet

For a team of cheerleaders, solidarity is the most important part that must be maintained. Therefore, if you are the cheer captain who wants to share some bits, then this friendship bracelet can be your choice as a cool cheer gift under $5! You can customize the name charm on the bracelet and choose two colors for the bracelet. The cheer charm hung on the side of the bracelet will look cute. Cool cheer gift, right?

8. Cheerleading Charms

Cheerleading Charms

You can get these cute little cheerleading charms as a cool $5 cheer gift! Your teammates can attach them to the side of a bracelet, keychain, or even a makeup purse. There are 5 types of charms you can choose, but it will be such a waste if you don’t choose all of them, right? In any case, these cute charms would make a nice and simple cheer gift under $5 for our beloved cheerleaders.

9. Velvet Scrunchies

Velvet Scrunchies

For cheerleaders, we present these nice velvet scrunchies. It will allow them to move freely without getting disturbed by their hair. There are more than 10 nice colors you can choose to be packed as cool cheer gifts. The nice colors look so enticing, tempting us to buy all of them, don’t they? On another hand, these items could be helpful for them. With affordable price and stylish design, grab these scrunchies fast as a cool cheer gift under $5 now!

10. Bow Hair Tie

Bow Hair Tie

Wouldn’t it be so pretty to have this bow hair tie on the cheerleader’s hair? Cheerleaders are known to have big ribbons as their hair pieces to look attractive. And this time, how about choosing this jumbo hair tie as a cool cheer gift under $5? It would be both helpful and wonderful for the receiver to get a cute gift like this.

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11. Personalized Lip Balm

Personalized Lip Balm

A lot of practice would make our lips feel dry sometimes, so a lip balm would make a lovely gift. This lip balm can be personalized by adding names, preferred scents, and custom labels. It has a compact size which will be easier for cheerleaders to bring anywhere they go – or simply put it in their makeup purse. Good scent, beneficial, and of course, it has an affordable price! Grab this fast as a cool cheer gift under $5!

12. Personalized Pen 

Personalized Pen 

You can never leave out a personalized pen when you are looking for gift ideas! Who knows it might be useful for cheerleaders or even cheer coaches to write some notes or instructions, choreography tutorials, and any important things related to the performance preparation? Simply choose the one with nice color and add a customized name of the receiver. Of course, it has an affordable price too! Grab this item as a little cheer gift for under $5!

13. Notebook


People said maple leaf means balance, love, and abundance. It also fittingly represents the same core values of cheerleaders. So, this mapple leaves notebook is definitely one of your choices as a cheer gift under $5! Yes, right, with an affordable price, you can give this vintage look notebook either to cheerleader colleagues or the cheer coaches.

14. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

It’s important to always assess our performance after we finished cheerleading. Staying positive and overcoming a bad mood are parts of being a cheerleader. You can take some notes on this gratitude journal for future reference.

At an affordable price, your cheerleading teammates can write their improvements, what they are thankful for, or how they will start their day. We believe by giving this gratitude journal as a cheering gift under $5, at least we help our cheer colleagues to feel thankful and happier. 

15. Portable Cosmetic Bag

It’s important for cheerleaders to look attractive all the time, especially during the time they are performing. So, this cosmetic bag can be a nice cheer gift for under $5. It is a simple, useful, affordable gift. It has a lightweight, simple design, and compact size for cheerleaders to bring cosmetics and toiletries in conveniently. Grab this fast while the stock still lasts!

16. Casual Tank Top

This tank top would be very helpful when your teammates are doing some cheerleading practice. The top is made of 100% polyester and has small to big sizes available. This will be useful as a top inner during cheerleading practice. A simple shirt would be nice as a cool cheer gift under $5! Grab this fast before it’s sold out!

17. Elastic Long Socks

Elastic Long Socks

Another simple gift that you should consider is these long socks. Yes, you read it right! For under $5, you can get these pretty long socks as a cheering gift. Long socks can be additional cheerleader costumes to look attractive during their performance. With its simple patterns, it gives a retro touch as well! We believe the cheerleaders will be happy as they get to look way more attractive during their performance. 

18. Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss

Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss

For cheerleaders, it is important to keep their look on point, elegant, and attractive, especially when they are performing. This great lip gloss from Wet n Wild will be a great cheer gift under $5 that you must grab fast for our beloved cheerleader colleagues! With hyaluronic acid inside and a high-glossy finish, it can offer a pretty look to cheerleaders. We bet they will be very happy as they will get a chance to get prettier!

19. Body Butter

Body Butter

Not only looking attractive, but a cheerleader would need to take care of their body skin. For that, this body butter is a good gift choice. It is made of good quality main ingredients: vanilla beans and sugar that are beneficial for our skin.

The butter helps hydrate our dry skin and gives a soothing feeling which will be needed by every cheerleader who practices often and needs a stunning look during performance. Moreover, it also has an affordable price! Therefore, you must definitely choose this item as a cool cheer gift for under $5!

20. Personalized Jewelry Box

Personalized Jewelry Box

Cheerleaders must have a lot of pretty jewelry for their keepsake or performance preparation. Therefore, it will make sense if we give this personalized jewelry box as a cheering gift for under $5! You can choose the shape of the flower and customize the name of the receiver to be printed on the box. We bet it will be useful for the cheerleaders!

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21. Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone Earrings

Doesn’t it look pretty and cute? These earrings are made of genuine stone and crafted by hand, which makes them look elegant as well. It has a colorful Boho style which is suitable for cheerleaders who are going to perform on special occasions at school. You can choose one from more than 5 models to take as a cheer gift for under $5! So, grab this item fast before it’s sold out because it is such a limited item!

22. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Fill a little memory of you and your cheer team members in a photo frame. This frame features hanging hardware or if you want to just put it on your desk, it has built-in ease. A nice and simple cheer gift under $5 you can find anywhere and pack in an elegant paper bag to give to other cheer members or friends who are cheerleaders!

23. Photo Keychain

Photo Keychain

Another cheer gift under $5 you can easily think of is this photo keychain! Insert a photo of her or a photo of you and the whole cheer team in this tiny keychain and it’s ready to give as a cheering gift to our beloved cheerleader friends. They can hang it on the purse of their bag or makeup purse and bring it anywhere! One of the things that keep your bond close. 

24. Vintage Polaroid Photo Album

Vintage Polaroid Photo Album

Not the same with a photo keychain or photo frame, this time we recommend this photo album as an affordable and nice cheer gift under $5! You can put many polaroid photos you have with your cheerleading soulmates or whenever they want to put any photos there. It has a lot of card or photo slots to put as many memories as possible, so grab this fast before it’s sold out!

25. Retro Bandana

Retro Bandana

Last but not least is this retro bandana you can consider as a cool cheer gift for under $5. For a very affordable price and good quality material, this bandana can be used for additional cheer-accessories during performances or even practice! It also can not only become hair accessories but also on the wrist or even neck to add a more unique cheerleading look. Grab this fast while it’s still available!

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We recommend this personalized pen which you can add a customized name, a jewelry box to which you can customize its name and flower shape on the box, and even the label on the lip balm packaging. Grab them now as your cool cheer gifts under $5!

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