25 Amazing Gifts for Cheerleaders You Need to Know

Cheerleaders are usually practicing their dance, body balance, and flexibility to perform well. During the year, they need to stay in shape and eat healthy so they can maintain their appearance. To appreciate their hard work, giving gifts would not hurt, right? On Christmas, which is the most wonderful time of the year, it would be nice to give wonderful gifts for cheerleaders like a stunning necklace, bracelet, or things that will be helpful to support their cheerleading skills. Or, you can also give them items such as purse, hair bow, hair clip, and many others to boost their performance. To help you choose the best item, here we have listed 25 amazing gifts for cheerleaders.

There are lots of gifts that can be customized, too. Many of them also carefully made and crafted by hand to make them look special as a gift for cheerleaders. Last but not least, there are also digital items you can print and frame it by yourself to give a more personal touch to your gift. So, shall we check them all out now?

Unique Gifts for Cheerleaders

We have listed up to 9 unique gifts for cheerleaders in this category. From hand-knitted bracelets with stunning gold hearts, vinyl wall clocks, to unique nightlights and useful water bottles, we have everything right here. Probably they’re the most luxurious gifts, but these gifts are unique and simple, and can definitely warm the receiver’s heart, for sure.

1. Knit Gold Heart Bracelet

Knit Gold Heart Bracelet

A handmade gift will always be special in our hearts. This bracelet is one example of that. This item is made by hand with additional gold heart charm and cheer letter to be a good luck charm every time a cheerleader performs. There are more than 4 colors available for you to choose from according to the receiver’s preferences. So, grab this item fast before it’s sold out! 

2. Custom Glee Funko

Custom Glee Funko

Made of clay and finished with acrylic spray, this glee funko would be great as a unique gift for cheerleaders. The girls are ready to cheer their favorite sports team in their cheerleader costume, which is perfect to be a representative of the receiver, who is a cheerleader as well. The dolls are made by hand so each doll is special and slightly different from each other. Grab this fast as a gift for cheerleaders!

3. Cheer Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Cheer Vinyl Record Wall Clock

A true cheerleader would love her room to be decorated with anything related to cheerleading. This cheer vinyl as wall clock would be a great option. It comes as a unique gift for cheerleaders. The clock has been designed and crafted specially with high quality mechanism and retro look. As it has a cheerleading team silhouette design on the clock, it would be perfect as a gift for any occasion such as birthday and anniversary. 

4. Personalized Cheer Bag Tag

Personalized Cheer Bag Tag

This personalized cheer bag tag will be great as a little unique gift for cheerleaders. How come? You can personalize the name of the receiver on the acrylic tag and you can even choose the ribbon’s color. This little gift will remind the receivers that they are great cheer team members with high solidarity. Grab this gift fast while it’s still available!

5. Ponytail Bow

Ponytail Bow

Every cheerleader will need at least one unique ponytail bow. This bow is designed with a retro look and world’s famous icon patterns. Other than that, the bow is handmade and has a huge size, which will add a prettier look on hair. Therefore, let’s grab this item fast!

6. Cheer Nightlight

Cheer Nightlight

Another unique item you must consider as a gift for cheerleaders is this Cheer Nightlight. Simply turn it on and a pretty ‘cheerleader’ silhouette and cheer letter will appear thoroughly. The nightlight has several pretty colors for up to 7 colors you can choose from. A simple room decor would make anyone who receives it feel happy and appreciated

7. Pink Fuzzy Hair Clip

Pink Fuzzy Hair Clip

Ever find this unique hair clip? With a lot of colorful glitters on the ribbon, it will add both a fun and feminine look on whoever wears it. As it is handmade, it will give an impression that we are showing care and love when we give the item. Simply clip it on the side of our hair and voila! Amazing to wear before the performance! Grab this item fast as a little unique gift for cheerleaders and we bet they will be super happy. 

8. Green Stained Glass Earrings

Green Stained Glass Earrings

Cheerleaders always need to boost their performance. Not only their dance performance, but also their look to be more attractive. Therefore, they will definitely need these green stained glass earrings, which were made by hand with silver and glass. These earrings will give a more eye catching look when the cheerleaders are performing in the center of the crowd. Grab this little item as a little unique gift for cheerleaders and move like there is no time!

9. Personalized Cheer Water Bottle

Personalized Cheer Water Bottle

Last but not least, this personalized cheer water bottle would be useful for cheerleaders when they feel thirsty and tired after cheer performance or practice. You can personalize the water bottles with names and cheerleading icons. You can also choose the color of bottle and also name to add on the bottle. These features will make the bottle special and become a unique gift for cheerleaders.

Christmas Gifts for Cheerleaders

Christmas is the most awaited and wonderful time of the year. Who’s not excited about Christmas? However, Christmas is also a time when we can exchange many exciting gifts with friends and family, including cheerleaders. To appreciate their hard work during the year, it would be amazing to give them some amazing gifts like tree ornaments, stunning necklace, unique tumblr and many others as Christmas gifts. Which one would you choose? Simple, stunning, or unique ones? Check them out!

10. Cheer Ornament

Cheer Ornament

As it is personalized, this cheer ornament would be special for any cheerleaders. You can personalize the 2 colors of ribbons, name, and year on the acrylic tag. This ornament can be a Christmas little gift for cheerleaders so they can add a more fun cheerleader touch on the Christmas tree. Grab this fast before it runs out!

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11. Compact Makeup Mirror 

Compact Makeup Mirror 

Every cheerleader is a performer. Of course, they will always take care of how they look when they perform, especially on Christmas! During the Christmas season, there will be a lot of celebrations and parties. Therefore, cheerleading teams would need to prepare anytime they would be needed. Therefore, this unique makeup mirror can be a useful and unique Christmas gift for cheerleaders. They can use it before the performances to do the last check before performing. Grab this item fast while it lasts!

12. Love Cheerleading Necklace

Love Cheerleading Necklace

This love cheerleading necklace will be perfect as a Christmas gift for cheerleaders. Not only as a Christmas gift, but as a little gift to support the receiver’s passion and love for cheerleading, too. This necklace can be casually worn to hangout or party as it has a simple design. With eco-friendly and nickel-free material, this necklace can be safely worn by any type of skin. Simply put this necklace in a pretty gift box and you are ready to give it to your beloved cheerleaders!

13. Cheerleader Charm

Cheerleader Charm

Looking for a nice Christmas gift for cheerleaders? This simple cheerleader charm will be perfect for you! It can be hung on the bracelet by themselves to add a stunning look to their wrist while wearing the bracelet. Made of zinc alloy and nickel-free, it is safe for any type of skin. You can grab this charm as well as a bracelet to be one set in one gift box as the greatest Christmas gift for cheerleaders. We bet they will be happy to receive this on Christmas!

14. Cheerleading Skinny Tumblr for Girls

Cheerleading Skinny Tumblr for Girls

This skinny tumblr is lightweight and has a unique pattern to surprise any cheerleader. Therefore, we think that it will be perfect to choose this item as a simple and easy Christmas gift for cheerleaders, especially with the words written on the tumblr: ‘cheerleader’. Not like any other tumblr, it has BPA-free and food-grade material to keep the beverage icy as the user wants. It also has a splash-proof lid to avoid any water spoiling. It will come to the receiver with an elegant box and greeting cards, so shall we add this item to the cart and give it as a Christmas gift for cheerleaders?

15. Personalized Cheer Makeup Purse

Personalized Cheer Makeup Purse

Every cheerleader needs to look good on every performance. They will bring a lot of makeup tools to support their performance look. And that can be solved by giving this cheer makeup purse as a Christmas gift for cheerleaders. This purse is unique because you can customize it with the name’s font style, colors, and also bag colors. One makeup purse fits all! This simple gift will be very useful for cheerleaders in bringing their makeup tools. We bet they will feel helpful and happier!

16. Holiday Cheer Mug

Holiday Cheer Mug

What is a Christmas holiday without hot chocolate in a holiday mug? This mug is specially designed for cheerleaders who celebrate Christmas together! It was inspired from Buddy the Elf and made of high quality ceramic with high quality print on the mug, making it a great Christmas gift for cheerleaders. This stylish mug will be perfect to be packed in an elegant gift box and delivered to the cheerleaders we love the most! 

17. Monogrammed Running Shorts

Monogrammed Running Shorts

These sexy yet pretty monogrammed running shorts would be great as well as Christmas gift for cheerleaders. Not only because it has a good design, but it can be useful as a cheer skirt inner or warm-up exercise costume before cheer practice. With affordable prices too, you can’t choose one because all colors are pretty! Simply packing it in an elegant gift box and delivering it to the cheerleaders would make them happy to receive this on Christmas day!

18. Personalized Bow

Personalized Bow

If we have listed hair clip and hair bow tie earlier in this list, this cheer bow is different as it has a bigger size with additional customizable name printed on it. With this custom feature, it will look special to whoever receives this. Specially designed for cheerleaders performance, this item will support their performance look and perfect as a little Christmas gift for cheerleaders. 

Senior Cheerleader Gifts

Senior cheerleaders are known to have huge cheerleading experiences. It would be amazing to stay close to our seniors and to learn many things about cheerleading with them. Therefore, it would be amazing to give them something unique for keepsake, or even useful. Here we have listed more than 5 items to be considered as senior cheerleaders gifts you must know!

19. All About That Bass

All About That Bass

A nice T-shirt will always be a basic item to be taken as a gift. There are up to 5 colors available that you can choose from, which cheerleaders can wear during practice or casual hangouts. Undoubtedly, this item will represent the passion of the user who loves cheerleading. Made of cotton and polyester, this T-shirt will provide comfort to whoever wears it. Grab this fast as a simple and nice senior cheerleader gift and we bet they like this! 

20. Cheer Keychain Girl

Cheer Keychain Girl

Unlike any other usual keychain, this keychain is engraved thoroughly with a short message to motivate any cheerleaders who receive this. As it is made of stainless steel, the color won’t fade and lasts for lifetime. These features make this item become a nice senior cheerleader gift. Simply hung on the side of our purse and it will add a more stunning look on the purse. Grab this fast to show your support for our cheerleaders!

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21. Wall Art

Wall Art

A wall art will always be the best gift ever, especially for cheerleaders who love art. This wall art is created by gathering all pictures, memories, and making them into the shape of cheerleaders. Such a unique gift, right? Definitely, the best senior cheerleaders gift ever!

22. Personalized Sport Plaque

Personalized Sport Plaque

This sport plaque is different from other plaques that usually become a gift for someone’s retirement. This plaque is designed to be aligned with the image of a cheerleader. Glittery and colorful, which represent characters of cheerleaders who are always happy and always spreading positive energy. You can personalized the plaque by adding the name of the receiver, her photo on the plaque, and also the year. You can even choose two colors to add into the plaque, too. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this fast as a senior cheerleader gift to appreciate their hard work during the year!

23. Cheerleader Bobblehead

Cheerleader Bobblehead

Have you ever found another unique item other than this? This cheerleader bobblehead will be the greatest senior cheerleader gift, ever! This gift is customizable and handmade like you can choose the color of its cheer uniform, pompom, also you can choose the hair color, too. Timeless, you must definitely choose this item to be a senior cheerleaders gift!

24. Senior Cheerleading Art Design

Senior Cheerleading Art Design

If perhaps you want to find the easiest item to be a senior cheerleader’s gift, we can recommend this senior cheerleading art design. Simply send your request to the artist and she will design it for you! You can print and put it on an elegant frame to give it to the seniors who have been working hard to be the best cheerleaders. 

25. Senior Night Gift Journal

Senior Night Gift Journal

Last but not least, it is always great to have everything written in a journal, because you’ll remember everything you do. Especially for cheerleaders, every note of the coach’s instruction or choreography tutorial would be important. Therefore, we recommend this simple senior cheerleader gift called gift journal. You can also add your own personalization like the name of the receiver, year, and choose the cover color. Perfect as a gift

Latest Post:

What does every cheerleader need?

Every cheerleader needs to perform with a pretty and stunning look to add a more attractive performance. Not only an elegant costume, but also things that can support their high performance. We recommend several things here such as a ponytail bow, gift journal, to take a note of every instruction, and monogrammed running shorts as gifts for cheerleaders to exercise and practice, or as cheer skirt inner. 

What do cheerleaders want for Christmas?

People said that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, therefore, we believe that by giving a wonderful gift to the cheerleaders, they will be happy to celebrate Christmas. Therefore, shining and pretty stuff will be great as Christmas gifts for cheerleaders. We recommend that you choose a cheerleading necklace, a personalized cheer bow for a special Christmas gift, unique cheerleader bobblehead, and a stunning heart bracelet that will be great not only for Christmas, but also as a senior cheerleader’s gift. 

Why are cheerleader skirts so short?

Cheerleader skirts are so short to give freedom of movement. The skirt is short so that it can provide easiness for the girls to dance, jump, or even do split and other acrobatic moves that a longer skirt would impose. Other than that, a short cheer skirt will make the cheerleaders look attractive and stunning!

What do you put in a cheer bag?

We usually bring cheer bags to cheerleading practice or exercise. We usually imagine the cheerleader will bring a nice T-shirt to change, pink fuzzy hair clip, gift journal, makeup tools in a cheer purse, also water bottle to drink and get water refills at the practice place. Therefore, we recommend the three things in this list which will be best as useful gifts for cheerleaders. 

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