25 Cool Indian Gifts for Foreigners as Amazing Keepsakes to Treasure

India is one of the oldest countries in the world’s history. It is always an attractive country for foreigners to visit because of the endless travel choices it offers, as well as its rich legacy and culture and diverse flora and wildlife. Furthermore, the colorful ceremonies and traditional festivals are also popular in India. Indians will be very welcome to the foreigners and let them join their festivals. In India, it is customary to give keepsakes to visitors, even foreign visitors who are interested in Indian culture. Beside giving Indian gifts for foreigners, Indian culture will treat guests like a God. Therefore, there is no reason for people to not fall in love with Indian cultures and traditions.

Whether you are a new tourist who plans to visit India or an Indian who wants to welcome guests, Indian gifts for foreigners will be your first priority. In this article, we will help you to choose the perfect Indian gift ideas for foreign visitors that will leave an unforgettable impression on their heart. From the beautiful Indian style jewelry to the useful traditional Indian keepsakes, we are sure we have selected the best Indian gifts for foreigners in the lists below just for you. Let’s dive in! 

1. Silver and Gold Plated Bowl Set

Silver and Gold Plated Bowl Set

Indian dishware has a unique style and design. Therefore, giving Indian spoons and bowls as Indian gifts for foreigners will be a good choice. This gift set features a pair of Indian spoon and bowl with stunning silver and gold finish. The etched flower pattern in the bowl and spoon  radiate Indian flavor. Packed in the beautiful red box, making this gift appear fancy and luxurious. Indian 

2. Indian Embroidered Clutch

Indian Embroidered Clutch

As Indians love to celebrate festivals, this luxurious embroidered clutch will be one of the ideal Indian gifts for foreigners after the ceremony. It features Indian style embroidered flower patterns with pearls and drawstrings, making it appear shiny and attractive. It is a perfect keepsake for a woman who adores gorgeous Indian style. Moreover, this beautiful clutch can be useful for her to store coins while shopping in the Indian market.

3. Diwali Tea Light Candle with Indian Couple

Diwali Tea Light Candle with Indian Couple

For foreigners who have attended Diwali celebrations, they may be tempted to keep the tea light candle as a keepsake to treasure. If so, why don’t you give them this adorable candle? Unlike the regular one, it comes with Indian couple figurines sitting under the traditional umbrella. These ornaments add more color to the candle, creating a magical vibes once the candle is lit. 

4. Indian Luster Glass Candle Stand

Indian Luster Glass Candle Stand

Get your foreign friends this luxurious glass candle that will remind them of the beauty of India. It features 2 pieces of luster glass candle stand with Indian engraved. The high quality glass material and traditional Indian engraved add beauty to any room, making it perfect gift ideas. Your friends can light some candles with this gift in case they miss the Indian festival atmosphere.

5. Indian Coin Box2

Indian Coin Box

This eye-catching sparkling container will be one of the iconic Indian gifts for foreigners. It comes in tin size, only ideal for storing coins or small jewelry. The attractive colors from this box are constructed from colorful beads, stones, and metal. It radiates the lively Indian ceremonies in a beautiful way. 

6. Punjabi Ceramic Tea Cup

Punjabi Ceramic Tea Cup

Bring the authentic Indian tea drinking experience to the next level with this Punjabi ceramic tea cup. This is one of the best Indian gifts for foreigners who enjoy Indian tea culture. The perfume of freshly brewed chai and the flavor of freshly brewed tea from this hand painted tea cup will bring back any foreign visitor to India in no time.  

7. Elephant Figurine with Tea Candle Holder

Elephant Figurine with Tea Candle Holder

Wish your foreign friends good luck with this beautiful elephant figurine which holds a tea candle holder at its back. India has revered the majestic royal beast, the elephant, as its cultural icon for millennia which symbolize good fortune. The colorful fabric that covers the elephant expresses the cheerful vibes of India. It will be a wonderful keepsake that will bless your friends anywhere they go.

8. Indian Style Handbag

Indian Style Handbag

For a woman, a handbag is the best way to show her style and social status, especially in India. The bright colors and luxurious pattern will be important for a handbag, making this handbag has its own taste. If you are looking for handbags for Indian gifts for foreigners, then you choose this amazing gift. Its beautiful gold embroidered peacock feathers in the bright red base along with golden pearls features the fancy Indian style handbag.

9. Bohemian Scented Candle

Bohemian Scented Candle

Give your foreign friends this Bohemian scented candle in case they miss the Indian atmosphere. It is composed with natural sox wax with fragrant aromatherapy oil, making the aroma last for a long time. The beautiful packaging comes with traditional Bohemian patterns, perfect as Indian gifts for foreigners that they will cherish forever.

10. Rustic Hindu Bells

Rustic Hindu Bells

Some rustic ornaments will be amazing Indian gifts for foreigners who love home decorations. This rustic hanging decoration features small bells that will sway one hit the wind, producing a calming and relaxing sound. Just simply put the Hindu style ornament near the window or in front of the door, to let this gorgeous decor bring peace and calm to the surroundings.

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11. Navratna Necklace

Navratna Necklace

Bring the joy of Navratna day to your foreign friends with the beautiful necklace. Since Navratna is a celebration of the victory of good over evil, these Navratna stones will give protection over bad luck. There are nine distinct stones in each necklace representing the Sun and eight planets. The necklace harmonizes chakras, dispels negative energy, and attracts good fortune and health.

12. Good Luck Love Elephant Statue

Good Luck Love Elephant Statue

Surprise your foreign buddies with some romantic Indian gifts for foreigners, like these lovely elephant statues. Creatively made from resin, these elephants face each other, while the trunks create a beautiful heart shape. They will be ideal for home decoration, giving good energy to the entire room.

13. Repurposed Sari Bag

Repurposed Sari Bag

In case sari outfits are already too common as Indian gifts for foreigners, then why don’t you give them this unique sari bag? Each set comes with 3 different styles of drawstring bag, composed with repurposed sari clothes in attractive colors and patterns. Your foreign friends who are also environmentalists will definitely fall in love with this gift.

14. Repurposed Sari Scarf In Style

Repurposed Sari Scarf In Style

Make your fashionable foreign friends look attractive with this amazing sari scarf. The various colors and patterns will make a focal point to their outfit. Especially if they admire the beauty of sari, this sari scarf will definitely impress them. Who would expect that sewing some colorful patchwork of upcycled sari pieces together can create a masterpiece?

15. Kantha Wrap Bracelet

Kantha Wrap Bracelet

Jewelry is always one of the good Indian gifts for foreigners. This wrap bracelet is made from kantha fabric, expressing the old Indian culture and tradition. It has blue, black, and white minimalist tones, as well as dynamic patterns that cavort across three spiraling layers. Wearing this wrap bracelet will complete your foreign friends’ casual outfit with some Bohemian accents.

16. Repurposed Sari Cotton Robe

Repurposed Sari Cotton Robe

Get your foreign a useful robe which they can wear at the hotel with some Indian tastes on it. With this silky robe constructed of rich strips of reused saris, they can relax in style. The vivid hues and unique Indian style patterns that gave the original ensembles their distinctive appeal are featured in lightweight material.

17. Sweet and Savory Masala Gift Box

Sweet and Savory Masala Gift Box

If you are looking for unforgettable Indian gifts for foreigners, then try to introduce them with Indian food present. This malasa gift box will provide secret spice mixes which will remind them of India. This gift package has five unique combinations that will bring authentic Indian taste to their favorite recipes and encourage home cooks to try new things.

18. Sitar Miniature

Sitar Miniature

For those who have emotional experience hearing sitar performances, this sitar miniature will have a special place in their heart. It will be one of the best gifts for foreigners who admire traditional music. Inspired by the real sitar, it has amazing details that resemble the beautiful instrument.

19. Retro Indian Drop Earring

Retro Indian Drop Earring

Rock your foriegn fashion with some retro Indian style jewelry. Your friends will be enchanted by these Indian peacock drop earrings. The combination of gold and blue colors along with some pearls make these earrings look fancy and expensive. It will be one of the coolest Indian gifts for foreigners who love fashion items.

20. Playful Indian Wooden Bead Necklace

Playful Indian Wooden Bead Necklace

Get your forein buddies this attractive necklace that radiates the joyful vibe of Indian. Inspired by the lush foliage in Haiti’s mountainside, this fun necklace has hand-painted wooden beads strung on an adjustable thread. This sophisticated, beautiful creation brings Indian traditions, allowing your foreign friends to carry positive feelings wherever they go.

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21. Patchwork Sari Tote

Patchwork Sari Tote

Who says Indian bags should be expensive and luxurious? Well, with some creativity, some sari pathworks can create an amazing tote bag. Combining attractive colors and patterns from sari clothes with thousands of kantha stitches, this bag is beautiful and durable for a long time. The big storage in this tote allows your foreign friends to store things inside comfortably.

22. Organic Chai Gift Set

Organic Chai Gift Set

Let your foreign buddies bring some authentic Indian tastes with this organic chai gift set. It features chai spices and assam tea which is beautifully packaged in the sari drawstring bag. Your friends will definitely be happy to receive this gift as every sip of this tea will remind them of the beauty of India.

23. Biryani Rice Dinner Kit

Biryani Rice Dinner Kit

In case your foreign friends wish to bring Indian food at their home, then it is actually possible with the Biryani rice dinner kit. This gift will provide all ingredients to make a delicious biryani rice in a simple way. Basmati rice, a spice spoon, five spice jars, and a little bag crafted from a reused sari tie it all together in this amazing gift set.

24. Bohemian Round Mat

Bohemian Round Mat

Imagine having a wonderful meditation in front of the beach with this beautiful round mat. This is one of the must have Indian gifts for foreigners who love yoga and meditation. The mandala symbol in this round mat symbolizes the spiritual journey, starting from outside to the inner core, through layers. It will be a good gift that enhances focus during meditation.

25. Traditional Charpai Miniature

Traditional Charpai Miniature

Get this traditional charpai miniature as an amazing keepsake for your foreign friends who love traditional Indian furniture. Charpai is a traditional Indian daybed to relax. Originally made in India, this brass miniature has great details which resemble the original charpai. Your friends can use it as home decoration, or as a mini desk for candles that radiate Indian vibes around it.

Latest Post:

What do Indians gift to foreigners?

There are various Indian gifts for foreigners that will be memorable and precious. Usually, jewelry gifts such as Kantha wrap bracelets will be an ideal gift to introduce Indian style. Moreover, Indians also can give iconic Indian miniatures to foreigners such as the sitar miniature and the traditional charpai miniature. Suppose you need more inspiration, go check out the article above.

What can I bring back from India?

Well, it should be something durable in a small size but still express the Indian style. For a woman, you can bring Indian fashion items such as bags and clothes. The repurposed sari cotton robe or the Indian style handbag will be good choices. Meanwhile, a man who loves collectible items can bring traditional items which are made in India. The good luck love elephant statue or the elephant figurine with tea candle holder will be great options. For more inspiration of Indian gifts for foreigners, please read in the article above.

What is a good gift to give someone from India?

Well, food gifts will be a great idea for them as it can bring back the Indian taste to their palate. Therefore, we recommend you to give them the organic Chai tea gift set or the sweet and savory masala gift box. Or, you can give them traditional gifts which can be useful during rituals such as the Diwali tea light candle with Indian couples.

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