25 Unique Alarm Clocks That Will Make You Wake Up With Style

If you have some critical schedules, you will need unique alarm clocks, so you won’t miss the events. Alarm clocks are the most efficient tool to wake you up, so you won’t be late for school or work. It will also help you discipline yourself and train your time management.

The alarm clock is also divided into digital and analog. The digital alarm clock has better precision and accuracy. Meanwhile, the analog model offers less accuracy, but it still has its own charm. And here, we have collected unique alarm clocks that provide a stylish design, perfect to wake you up in style!

Unique Alarm Clocks with Digital Design

The development of technology gives birth to unique digital alarm clocks. The digital one offers more accurate and precise time information. It is better than analog to measure the exact time.

1. Clock With Pixel Expression

Clock With Pixel Expression

Just look at the expression on this the unique alarm clocks! It looks so charming. It feels great to be awakened from a deep sleep with the alarm clock. Furthermore, this time device is also a perfect Valentine’s gift for someone who loves cute designs and pink colors.

2. Cute Bear Alarm Clock for Kids

Cute Bear Alarm Clock for Kids

Do your kids find it really difficult to wake up in the morning? The cute bear-shaped unique alarm clocks will come to the rescue! Your kids will be delighted to wake up in the morning with an adorable white bear next to them. Also, the clock alarm can light up, so it provides a warm bed lamp that will invite kids to sleep sooner.

3. Wooden Electric Alarm Clock

Wooden Electric Alarm Clock

The contrast between the wooden accent and the digital design makes this alarm clock unique. A block of wood that displays the time digitally looks so magical and futuristic at the same time. Coincidentally, due to its appearance, this time device will be the perfect gift for carpenters or people who loves natural vibes.

4. Personalized Cube Alarm Clock


This unique alarm clock looks similar to dice. The alarm clock can be personalized. The seller will provide you with a customization option to print family photos on each side, excluding the digital display. The sound of the alarm and the picture of your family will surely motivate you to wake up on time!

5. Moon Alarm Clock with Nightlight

Moonlight Nightlight Dual LED Clock, Digital Alarm Clock

This moon-shaped alarm clock probably has the most elegant design! It features a stylish digital display and a soothing nightlight, perfect for your bedroom. You can adjust the light colors and brightness. Furthermore, the LED offers 7 different colors: blue, sky blue, green, yellow, red, purple, white, and RGB auto color change.

6. LED Digital Wall Alarm Clock


This LED digital wall alarm will stunningly glow in the dark. It looks so futuristic and very cyberpunk-like. Due to its design, the time display looks as if it is floating. The soft neon-green light will not disturb your sleep, making it the perfect stylish alarm clock!

7. Basketball Alarm Clock

Basketball Alarm Clock

This basketball alarm clock is very creative because you need to play a mini basketball game to stop the noise. As a result, you won’t be tempted to go back to sleep due to the game. The unique time device is perfect for people who love sports because of its design.

8. Perry The Platypus Alarm Clock

Perry The Platypus Alarm Clock

Do your children love Perry the Platypus? Or perhaps you are also a fan of this character? If so, this Perry-shaped alarm clock with be excellent to add to the collection. The digital time device is very well-designed as it features a Perry figurine strapped to a rocket. Waking up in the morning will feel a lot more thrilling!

9. Squishy Bear Bedside Companion

Squishy Bear Bedside Companion

This unique bear-themed silicone alarm clock is similar to the bear-shaped one we have mentioned previously. However, this one is smaller and has a more simplistic design. Kids would love it because it can display adorable emoticon faces if they tap the head. It also doubles as a nightlight thanks to the integrated soft LED.

10. CoolFire Vibrating Alarm Clock

CoolFire Vibrating Alarm Clock

Sometimes, noise is not enough to wake people up from their slumber! For your friends who can’t get up on time, you should get them this alarm wristwatch that can vibrate.

Tell them to wear this device before they sleep. In addition to the noise, the vibration will wake them up without problems. Please note that the wristband is removable and washable!

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11. Robotic Alarm Clock on Wheels

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Meet Clocky, the alarm clock! At a glance, it looks like a kids’ toy. But actually, it is an intelligent time device that can move on its own thanks to the wheels. 

When the alarm goes off, it will jump out of the desk and roll around. You will need to chase it to turn the noise off, erasing the temptation to go back the bed. It is a fun, annoying, but super effective alarm clock.

12. Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Alarm Clock

unique alarm clocks

This unique alarm clock model takes inspiration from the sonic boom, loud cracking noise when something moves faster than the speed of sound. The extra noisy alarm can be adjusted based on your preferences. If you are a heavy sleeper, this one will do the job.

13. Alarm Clocks with Starry Sky Projection

unique alarm clocks

Adults are not the only ones who love the stars at night. The kids will love the sparkly scenery too. Now, this unique alarm clock features an integrated starry sky projection. This device looks impressive in a dark bedroom, not just displaying time, week, date, month, year, and temperature.

14. Paladone Playstation 4 Alarm Clock

Paladone Playstation 4 Alarm Clock

This unique alarm clock in the shape of a PS 4 controller is an excellent gift for gamers! The device will accompany gamers to remind them about their schedule, so they won’t forget what time it is because of playing too many games.

15. Cute Dinosaur Cube Alarm Clock

Kids Alarm Clock, Boy Girl Digital Alarm Clock

The design of the unique alarm clocks is inspired by dinosaurs. Because it is designed for kids, the style is rather cuteThe “kawaii” alarm clock will make your children laugh when they are awake from the adorable noise. Furthermore, the device can be controlled through phone apps and features multiple colorful backlight modes.

16. Target Shooting Alarm Clock

Target Wake UP Alarm Clock, Creative Gun Shooting Alarm

This unique Target Wake Up alarm clock will make your morning more interesting. The device features an innovative way to stop the noise. You must shoot the target-shaped alarm clock using an infrared toy gun. This mini-game will make you feel less inclined to go back to sleep. Practice your aim and wake up on time!

17. UFO Alarm Clock with White Noise

clock with White Noise

Watching a flying UFO might be one of the best dreams for conspiracists and astronomers. The UFO-looking alarm clock is suitable for them. Especially if they tend to dream about aliens a lot in their sleep. In addition, the device also has a built-in white noise emitter that will help you to sleep.

18. Kids Bedroom Alarm Clock Bunny Ears

Kids Bedroom Alarm Clock Bunny Ears

Rabbit is one of the cutest animals, just like cats and dogs, don’t you agree? For the fan of the fluffy animal, try this unique alarm clock! It has a rabbit ears design that will make your kids happy and laugh when they find the alarm clock as their sleep companion. 

19. Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light 

Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light

Sunrise is one of the best times to wake up because humans are diurnal creatures. The unique alarm clocks represent a sunrise that symbolizes the starting point of your activity. 

The alarm clock will start to glow and change color within 10 minutes till one hour before the wake-up time. The color will gradually change from red at sunrise to bright yellow, with soft light and simulating morning sounds helping you to wake up slowly.

Unique Alarm Clocks with Analog Design

Analog alarm clocks are old-school. However, even in modern days, we can still find that type of device in stores. They may offer less accuracy than digital alarm clocks. Yet, nothing can beat the tick-tocking sound from the analog model!

20. Funky Metal Robot Alarm Clocks

unique alarm clocks

Any robot geeks should receive these unique alarm clocks. Instead of walking and doing a robotic dance, the robot will wake you up with the alarm emitted from them. It will help the robot geeks to motivate them to build better robots for the future.

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21. Saxophone-shaped Alarm Clock

unique alarm clocks

Here is a unique alarm clock suitable for musicians! It comes in the shape of a saxophone. It is ideal for saxophone lovers, amateurs, or even a professional. Let your musician friends wake up on time for the concert! The alarm clock will also motivate them to play musical instruments more.

22. Unique Kid’s Decorative Alarm Clock Battery Operated Worm Caterpillar

unique alarm clocks

You may hate caterpillars because they are pests to your plant in the garden. However, you can’t deny that some people may find it cute. The unique alarm clocks have pinky caterpillars and are suitable for your kids, especially if they love insects.

23. Bicycle-shaped Vintage Alarm Clock

unique alarm clocks

This vintage mini-bicycle acts as a unique alarm clock that will motivate you to go to work on time! It will also help you to set a reminder to wake up early on Sunday for a relaxing ride. You can see that the front tire has been turned into a clock. If your friend is an avid biker, they will appreciate this clock’s attention to detail.

24. Vehicle-shaped Alarm Clocks

unique alarm clocks

The novelty vehicle-shaped alarm clocks will be an excellent bedroom decor. They can also be a suitable gift for your kids’ birthday. The clock features a yellow car, train locomotive, and motorcycle designs.

25. Trophy-style Alarm Clocks

unique alarm clocks

Waking up on time is an achievement that deserves this trophy-shaped alarm clock! Get one of these as a gift to appreciate your friend’s successful endeavor. The alarm clock is very well-designed and includes colorful ribbons.

Latest Post :

What is the coolest alarm clock?

There are several cool alarm clocks listed in this article. For example, the wheeled moving alarm clock is one of the most unique models that requires action to stop the noise. It is a creative way to prevent people from snoozing the alarm and going back to sleep. The target shooting alarm clock also has a similar principle, making it super cool.

Of course, some alarms feature elegant designs that enhance the bedroom atmosphere. The moonlight alarm clock and the wooden cube alarm clock are among the most impressive models that will awe you. The wooden alarm clock is unique due to its seamless integration of digital display on a wood-accented surface.

What is the most obnoxious alarm clock?

The most obnoxious alarm clock may be the sonic bomb alarm clock because it has a super loud volume. Of course, you can tone it down using the setting. However, the extra loud mode will not fail to wake you up. The noise is annoying but super effective in preventing people from going back to sleep.

What should I look for in an alarm clock?

You should look for several factors when choosing an alarm clock. First is the functionality. You need to make sure that the noise or the vibration will be loud enough to wake you up. You should also consider an alarm clock that can not be delayed.

Next is the design. Choose one that will blend well with the bedroom nightstand. Models that offer nightlight mode or are kids-friendly are always excellent.

What color is best for alarm clock?

The best color for an alarm clock display is red. The red color is better at night because of the photosensitive cells called ipRGC, which send messages to the body to regulate the circadian clock. The RGC is the least sensitive, while blue is the most sensitive color.

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