25 Unique Wooden Coffee Tables for All Rooms

A house without a coffee table is like a meal in a restaurant with no garnish. It is delicious but not beautiful to look at. For you who are planning to redecorate rooms your house, whether it is a living room or patio, you can add a coffee table. Adding the right coffee table can make big changes into any room at home. If you’re looking for the best options of coffee tables, then you have come to the right place! We’ve got you covered with the best recommendations of unique wooden coffee tables to beautify your room.

In this list of 25 unique wooden coffee tables, you will find unique, one-of-a-kind, practical, classic, and compact coffee tables for various rooms, both big or small. So make sure you don’t buy any coffee table before you check all the items in this list. Let’s begin!

1. Natural Walnut Coffee Table

Natural Walnut Coffee Table

A natural walnut coffee table with a unique shape will surely take your room to the next level. The oval shape and glass on top make a perfect coffee table to place on the center of the room, in front of your sofa. The natural wood color make this table the center of attention.

2. Unique Coloured Lacquer Art

Unique Coloured Lacquer Art

This is a one-of-a-kind wooden coffee table, because it has handmade art paintings with Pakistani style that features vivid and vibrant colors. Furthermore, the details of the painting are made with precision. Without a doubt, your friends and family will fall in love with this coffee table while they’re visiting.

3. Modern Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Table

A very natural look of this coffee table can be seen at a glance, once you lay your eyes on it. The unique shape and raw wooden material create a unique appearance of this coffee table. With furnish painting as finishing, this unique coffee table will add a touch of rustic into any room. Simply place it in your living room, or as vocal point of your indoor patio, and see how this wooden coffee table will beautifully enhance the look of the room.

4. Teak Wood with Metal Frame

Teak Wood with Metal Frame

This coffee table is the perfect coffee table to make your bedroom corner looks aesthetic. It will look perfect in your living room, too. This unique coffee table is made of teak wood that features the original patterns of the wood to maintain its natural look. We can guarantee you’ll never find other coffee table with the exact same shape as yours, anywhere in the world.

5. Elephance Round Coffee Table with Storage

Elephance Round Coffee Table with Storage

This unique coffee table features two spaces or storages. You can put your coffee on top while storing your snacks or magazine on the bottom. Hence, the room will always look neat. With natural design and made of high-quality wood, this coffee table will suit any room with industrial or natural theme.

6. Heavy-Duty Pine Wood Top in Espresso Finish

Heavy-Duty Pine Wood Top in Espresso Finish

If you’re looking for a simple coffee table for small spaces like your studio or office room, then you might like this one. This is a compact coffee table to be placed on the corner of your room. An espresso finish will make the room become more rustic and modern at the same time. Furthermore, the standee is sturdy enough to hold your stuff on top.

7. Antique Coffee Table Round Boho

Antique Coffee Table Round Boho

For those of you who love something with such details, then this coffee table is your answer! The antique coffee table with round shape and boho style is going to level up your room. A sense of rustic, elegant, and natural are combined perfectly in this unique item. Place it beside the sofa or your houseplant and make it a vocal point.

8. Landmark Pine Solid Wood Farmhouse Coffee Table

Landmark Pine Solid Wood Farmhouse Coffee Table

A contemporary and rustic style will come to your room through this unique coffee table. A touch of raw and natural finishing of this table will definitely enhance the look of your living room. Grab this item as an additional item to boost the look of your living room, or as a sweet gift for your parents. The choice is yours!

9. Coffee Accent Table with Hidden Compartment

Coffee Accent Table with Hidden Compartment

The rustic accent with a modern look can be seen perfectly on this item. You can get the table plus the storage in one purchase, because this unique coffee table has a hidden compartment to store your belongings. You can store your magazine, notes, or simply anything you like. Just lift the table top, and voila! Your hidden storage is available for you. No messy room, just something pleasing to see!

10. Manhattan Gate Modern Square Coffee Table

Manhattan Gate Modern Square Coffee Table

It is hard to deny the fact that this coffee table is not just unique, but also very pretty! This one comes in a compact size that fits small spaces, yet you still can use this item for large spaces, too! This table features a drawer so you can store your items inside. Furthermore, it comes with a beautiful finish from its mystic oak wood material. So, there’s no reason to ignore this item, and better put this in your shopping cart now!

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11. Handmade Coffee Table

Handmade Coffee Table

A unique spiral shape of this wooden coffee table will be the center of attention in any room at home. The striking design will spoil the eyes of everyone who come and visit you at home. This unique coffee table is made of an old and inefficient wood, so it does not harm the environment. So, maybe it’s time replace your old coffee table with this one?

12. Wooden Coffee Table with Rope Lift Top

unique wooden coffee table

Looking for something that comes as the most unique wooden coffee table? Then don’t skip this item! This coffee table is made of wood and natural rope around the table with the same color tone as the wooden base. It will definitely become the center of attention. But if you think the rope is the only uniqueness of this table, you’re wrong. This unique item also features a store to keep your belongings. Simply open the top of the cover to access the storage and you’ll find a spacious storage inside. Very versatile, isn’t it?

13. Antique Rustic Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

This one is the perfect and one-of-a-kind wooden coffee table for you! It is not only unique, but it’s also antique. This wooden coffee table is using a used travel trunk and restoring it into this cool and stunning coffee table. Also, the space inside the table is still useful for storing your wine or other stuff inside. And look at the adorable handle! You will not find this anywhere else, that’s for sure.

14. Hoxton Solid Wood Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

There are two options of storage below the table, the drawer on the center and the open spaces on the left and right side, next to the drawer. This unique coffee table will enlighten your room and still give you the multifunction features, too. Moreover, the natural finishing of this table will make the rustic theme bolder than ever.

15. Epoxy Coffee Wooden Table Top

unique wooden coffee table

The combination of walnut wood and epoxy material offered by this unique coffee table is something that we just can’t resist! This one is another item that will create an elegant look to your room. It surely will catch everyone’s attention, and the compact size will also save space if your area is a bit limited. No one can deny this wooden coffee table, and neither do you!

16. Contemporary Brutalist Style Bench

unique wooden coffee table

Your balcony will never be complete and gorgeous without adding this item to it. The material of this item is oak wood, so you don’t need to question the durability of this unique coffee table. This wood was boiled in oil for several weeks to create the adorable color of this natural-looking coffee table.

17. Sonali Oval Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

You don’t need no statement to show your love for art if you have this unique wooden coffee table in your living room. This unique item perfectly describes how art can actually be practical, too. The sculptural design, the natural color, and the original texture make this a perfect item to own. Although this is a pre-order this item, we definitely think that this item will worth the wait.

18. Haussmann Wood Big Twist Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

A handmade coffee table made of wood like this one will definitely become an item that is one-of-a-kind. Since this unique coffee table is a handmade item, you will never find an item that looks exactly the same with this one, anywhere else. The twist design will be the center of attention in your living room not to mention the lovely and luxurious look of this item whenever you see it.

19. Arc Swivel Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

The unique, elegant and compact size of this wooden coffee table will make it a perfect item to enhance the ambience of your living room, bedroom, patio or studio. This item is super unique since there is an open space to put your belongings. Simply put it on the corner of the room, and let this unique coffee table plays its role as the center of attention.

20. Flitch Rectangular Wood Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

Nope, this one is not a brick. This is a wooden coffee table with a unique shape that looks like a stack of wooden bricks. This item is made of Oak wood with a nice finishing. In terms of size, this is not that big, but it still goes very well as a coffee table. This unique table will describe how you love art and its sculptural design.

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21. Hunter Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

This unique coffee table made of solid oak with a saltwash finish will definitely enlighten the look of your room. If you love something about wood but are not a fan of dark color, then you might want to consider having this one instead. This one is a nice item with a minimalist and simple design, but still lovely to look at.

22. Round Driftwood Ridged Ishan Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

This item was handcrafted using mango wood with driftwood finish. Definitely a very beautiful and simple round coffee table for your house. Also, a detail of geometry ribbing will take this coffee table into another level. Just put the small stools around the table, and you are ready to have a small chit-chat with your best friends around this table.

23. Essentials Kidney-Shaped Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

This one is a fun and unique wooden coffee table, indeed. Place it in your apartment studio or living room, and let your friends and family have fun around this kidney-shaped table. They can put their cups of coffee or slices of pizza on it. Moreover, the material of this unique coffee table is American walnut, so you’ll know how sturdy it is.

24. Loraya Coffee Table

Loraya Coffee Table

The arched pillars on this table were inspired by the Moroccan style. It’s a handmade item and made of natural material. Since it’s handmade, each piece will have different markings and textures. Also, the open space below the table will create a stunning and casual look, too. Definitely a beautiful item to own!

25. Pentwater Round Coffee Table

unique wooden coffee table

The sleek detail with a beautiful round shaped make this unique coffee table the perfect item to be placed in your living room. This item is made of Oak wood with an amusing silhouette standee on the bottom. Everyone will know this table has a striking design, no doubt about it!

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