Portable Wine Table

This Portable Wine Table allows you to keep your wine and glasses safely off the ground during a picnic, a concert or any other outdoor event.

The table is wide enough to fit in a bottle of wine, two glasses and a bowl of snacks or flowers as a decoration.

The glasses slide into special cut-out holes so the risk of overthrowing them plummets to the ground (unlike the glasses).

This portable table also has a cut-out spot for carrying it around. 

Portable Wine Table

The rod that makes it possible for the table be stuck into the ground has an adjustable length. Make it shorter or higher based whether you are sitting on the ground during a picnic or walking around during a wine tasting party.

Portable Wine Table

Additionally, the steel rod allows you to easily fit the table into the ground or sand without leaving a huge ugly hole afterward.

Now that’s something that can come in handy for anyone who enjoys having a sip of wine on a fine evening outdoors. 

Portable Wine Table

Portable Wine Table

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