27 Perfectly Unique Chess Sets You Can Buy As A Gift

Chess is definitely one of the oldest and most popular board games. The Olympics have their chess championship, and grandmasters are highly respected everywhere. Beyond that, chess continues to dominate as the classic board game for its universality. It presents fun and complex challenges! The game has also proven highly adjustable, considering how much chess transforms from the 6th century Indian Chaturanga into the one we come to know and love today. For these reasons, we think that chess has the potential to be a unique and personal present. We have narrowed our lists down to these 27 perfectly unique chess sets.

Colorful and Unique Chess Sets for Kids

Kids can definitely enjoy the traditional brain-teasing game with our selection of top 5 unique chess sets for kids. This classic board game will help your children to develop their critical thinking!

1. Chess Set That Combines Fairy Tales

unique chess sets

Storytime Chess is unique chess that combines fantastical stories and chess pieces. Each chess piece has its own unique characteristic that matches its moves. For example, King Shaky is timid, so he can only move one square at a time.

2. Play Chess and Checkers in One Package

unique chess sets

MOMA Two-in-One Chess & Checkers Set comes in a pretty colorful box that works as the game board. Yes, you don’t need to choose between chess or checkers! The mix of simplistic design and primary color choice is sure to be a great eye-catcher. Kids everywhere would love this item.

3. Matryoshka Christmas Chess Set

unique chess sets

Christmas is a magical holiday for children! Box the spirit of Christmas in AEVVV’s Christmas Chess Set. Hand-painted and carved with birch wood, the chess pieces are both elegant and sturdy at the same time. Play it with your family or place it as a decoration. AEVVV’s Christmas set is a gift that can last for generations.

4. Wooden Cartoon Chess Set

unique chess sets

The International Wooden Chessmen Set features the original classic chessboard color and the pink board. The pieces come in blue/white for the original board and purple/pink for the pink one. Both come with a unique cartoon design that can also turn into checkers pieces.

5. Transform your Tablets into Chessboard!

Transform your Tablets into Chessboard!

TACTO revolutionizes chess by combining the traditional game and an interactive AR tutorial app. It includes strategy learning, moves prediction, and practice against AI. These unique chess sets come with two detachable frames and 12 figurines that kids can move across the tablet screen.

Fans’ Favourite Chess Sets

Spice up a chess game with a touch of your fandom with these 5 ultimate unique chess sets collectible! Combining popular culture and board games will indeed create a more festive atmosphere. The fans’ favorite list is the top gift recommendation!

6. Spartan Warrior Chess Set

unique chess sets

Reenact the legendary battle of ancient kingdoms with this Spartan Hoplite Chess Set. It is completed with King Leonidas, Queen Gorgo, and other Greece-style chessmen. Each chessman is crafted carefully with zinc alloy and plated with gold and silver.

7. Intricate Dragon Lair Chess Set

unique chess sets

Fantasy nerds gather around! Make your own dragon army with CHH’s Dragon Chess Set. These unique chess sets consist of a glass chess board that stands atop the elaborate diorama of a dragon tomb. Every chess piece is a different dragon warrior made of Polynesian base with a silver and bronze finish.

8. Wicked Wizard’s Chess Set

Wicked Wizard’s Chess Set

Visually introduced in the first Harry Potter film, every Hogwart nerd will be familiar with Wizard’s Chess. Although made of plastic, The Noble Collection’s HP Wizard Chess is surprisingly detailed. No wonder this set gets approval from Warner Brothers.

9. Limited Authentic Star Trek 3D Chess

unique chess sets

Initially released in the 90s, Franklin Mint Star Trek Tridimensional Black and Clear Set is probably the best gift for a chess-loving Trekker. The 3D element elevates a chess game to another level. Imagine holding down a fort from the attack from the land, the sky, and the sea! Don’t stop to think now!

10. Luxurious Star Wars Collectible Chess Set

unique chess sets

ST Dupont Haute Creation Star Wars Chess Set is not just a board game but a piece of luxurious art. The Jedi pieces are made of gold-plated crystals, and Siths ones are made of gold-plated jades. This item will surely make every Star Wars fan squeal with excitement.

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Fun and Housewarming Chess Sets

Plants, decors, and kitchen utensils are cliche present. Why not choose one of these 5 unique chess sets for memorable housewarming gifts? We have gathered various chess pieces suitable to celebrate a new home!

11. Sugar and Spice Chess Set

unique chess sets

TripleBJewellery’s Artisan Chess Sets will make a perfect addition to the corner of every new kitchen. This unique chess set includes pieces containing an array of choices from sprinkles VS spices, salt VS pepper, rubble VS dried flowers, and metal VS ash.

12. Palatable Cheesy Chess

unique chess sets

Backgammon Chess & Cheese Board is sure to brighten up your friend’s new home. This wooden cheese board works either as a chessboard on one surface or a backgammon board once flipped. Every set comes with unique chess-game pieces that double as cheese picks.

13. Playable Chess Wall Art

unique chess sets

Vertical chess is a thing now, thanks to Wall Chess of Alabama! This item is incredible wooden wall art because it uses a combination of a birch plywood board and a solid oak box. The adorable chessmen are made in the shape of wooden cubes.

14. Picturesque Planter Chess Set

unique chess sets

Everyone agrees the most popular housewarming gift is a pot of plants. However, for the chess masters, Redrook3D’s Chess Set Succulents Planter is here! Each chess piece is a cute little planter. This chess set combines plants and chess in one adorable package. Personalize this unique chess set by adding your favorite plants from succulents, cacti, or other herbs.

15. Pretty Little Chess Box

unique chess sets

Not just jewelry, Tiffany artisans are also skillful in crafting chess sets. Made of walnut wood, the box itself is already luxurious. The chess pieces are simplistic, carved of green amazonite and white howlite. These premium parts will make for a perfect generational gift.

Simple Chess Sets To Carry Around

Our top 6 picks of exclusive unique chess sets below will be a perfect souvenir for those who travel a lot. It is a portable solution for people who would like to play during a long journey or quick stay-cation! 

16. Precious Personalized Travel Set

unique chess sets

Travel chess set can still retain its classy touch with TiposCreation’s Personalized Chess Board Game Set. TiposCreation provides 6 choices of typeface and the option to include or exclude the engraving. This piece is a perfect retirement gift for older folks who love to explore the world.

17. Fit-in-Wallet Unique Chess Set

unique chess sets

When mentioning a travel set, we need to talk about small sizes. Innovo’s Credit Card Chess Set, as the name suggests, is just as tiny as a credit card. Have fun assembling the small nylon pieces into the working chess pieces! 

18. Roll Up Chess Set

Roll Up Chess Set

Woodronic 3-in-1 Roll Up travel game set comes in a beautiful rolled-up leather case and cute sphere-shaped pellets. The leather board or case is flexible and can be used on any surface, even when your friends are camping.

19. Charming Chinese Chess Set

unique chess sets

This antique-looking chess set employs unique Chinese figurines as its pieces. It features complete and detailed dragon engravings on a red-and-black box. The design is travel-friendly with its compact foldable partitioned box and mold case for each chess piece.

20. Pocket Surprise Chess Set

unique chess sets

Only 16 cmx16 cm when deployed, Pocket Chess Magnetic Chessman is the pinnacle of the portable chess set. Outside, it looks like a regular leather cardholder. Inside, it is a surprisingly compact chessboard with magnetic pieces. With this mini travel set, playing chess is possible anywhere and anytime.

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21. Foldable Chess Board with Flat Magnetic Pieces

Foldable ChessBoard with Flat Magnetic Pieces

Portability is a priority for people who travel a lot! Now the WE Games chess set can also be stored inside your friend’s pocket! Furthermore, the flat pieces design and the foldable mini-board will not take too much storage space. Your friends can tuck it in anywhere, making this chess set a thoughtful gift for travelers.

Best Chess Sets for Chess Masters

Finally, these 6 out-of-the-box unique chess sets are a rarity that will be perfect for those who enjoy chess with a twist. These game pieces are also ideal for people who take chess seriously! Even if your friends are pro chess players, they will enjoy these items to get a new break from regular gems.

22. Majestic Minimalist Chessboard Set

Majestic Minimalist Chessboard

Chessboard by Tarek Elkassouf is an elegant beauty. Elkassouf has managed to convey the universality of chess through its minimalist design. Chessmen are 32 mechanically engraved metal bars. The board is thin and made from 4 optional materials: Carrara, Basalt, Travertino Rosso, and Travertino Classico. Together they make for a sleek chess board perfect for unique occasion gifts.

23. Smart Move Chess Board

Smart Move Chessboard

No matter how far your chess lover friend moves away, with a pair of PHANTOM boards, you both can still play chess together. With the power of technology, PHANTOM pieces can move ONLY with the command of your voice.

24. Viking Chess Set

Viking Chessboard

Although differently played than conventional chess, Tafl or traditional Viking Chess is probably a much older strategic game. Brybelly presents this ancient wit-battle game on a 10.5 “x10.5” board. Go back in time, protect your king gallantly with 12 defender pieces or charge ahead instead with 24 attacker pieces.

25. Giant Brain Laser Chess Set

Giant Brain Laser Chessboard

If Tafl is ancient chess, then Khet is its futuristic counterpart. Laser Chess is another worth-to-mention nonconventional chess game. The goal is to protect the king from laser attacks by deflecting and changing the laser shots. However, introducing lasers into chess transforms the game rules a lot.

26. Out Of The Box Circular Chess Set

Out of the Box Circular Chess

3 Man Chess may be a bulky chessboard with 3 cm in width and 48 cm in diameter. However, it compensates for playing chess with 3 players instead of 2. The circular board and moves are limited only to the brainy.

27. Chess Board Combined with Card Game

Chessboard Combined with Card Game

The No Stress Chess Board Game will be an epic present for your friends who prefer an unconventional chess game. This chess set comes with a deck of cards that contains information on chess pieces. You and your friends will have to move your game pieces based on the card that you both draw. Instead of thinking about complicated strategy, the shuffled cards will determine the next moves.

Now that we have spilled our choices of unique chess sets, have you found the perfect one for the special ones? Or is it you who found your perfectly amazing chess set instead? It is time to go shopping for the universally loved board game!

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