28 Perfect Gifts for Chess Players To Support Them

If you are currently in the process of looking for the perfect gift for someone special who happens to be a chess lover in your life, you might want to check out these recommendations of the best gifts for chess players. From chessboard to chess keychain, you will find the perfect item that you’re looking for, based on its function and design, from this list of 28 gifts for chess players that we’ve gathered below.

What Do You Get Someone Who Loves Chess?

You can always give a chess player things like a cool and unique chess board, a new chess clock, or a custom t-shirt or accessories that a chess player can wear and feel proud to be a chess player.

Best Gifts for Chess Players You Can Buy

1. Chess Themed Mobile Phone Stand

gifts for chess players

Whether they’re amateurs or experts, all chess players must need a stand to hold the mobile phone when they’re focusing on their chess board, right? So, why not give a special chess player in your life a unique Chess Themed Mobile Phone Stand like this? Made of resin, this stand can support both small and large phones. 

2. Funny Chess Candle

gifts for chess players

As we know, a chess player needs to have a certain level of focus to play well during a chess game. To help them focus better, you can give a chess player this scented candle with a funny punch line design, and you can choose between ambrosial fragrances like Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, and Sea Breeze that suits your special chess player taste the most.

3. Chess Game Leather Roll Handmade

gifts for chess players

Looking for a unique gift for a chess player in your life? This genuine leather chess board definitely offers the uniqueness that you’re looking for, which is one of the best gifts for chess players. This roll chess board features a great compact size to carry around, which is a great item for traveling.

4. Chess Piece Mug

gifts for chess players

Let your favorite chess player enjoy his morning coffee in this sleek Chess Piece Mug to start the day. This ceramic mug features a unique design and large handle for comfort grip. Moreover, this mug is also perfect for hot tea or hot chocolate, too!

5. Minimalist Chess Pieces in Sheesham Boxwood

gifts for chess players

We must say that this is one of our top recommendations of the best gifts for chess players. Made of Sheesham Wood and Boxwood, this is undoubtedly the most unique and elegant chess board set there is, which your favorite chess player would love to get as a gift. 

6. Men’s Chess Socks

gifts for chess players

With these black and white chess socks, your favorite chess player will definitely have a warm quality time on his couch after a long day, under a cozy blanket while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. As you know, anyone would love to have a pair of unique socks for a warm snuggle time at home.

7. Chess Glasses

gifts for chess players

Allow your special chess player to enjoy a glass of wine in one of these laser engraved Chess Opening Rocks Glasses. Comes as a set of two glasses, this will be a nice gift for a chess player as each piece has a design that is permanently etched into the glass for better quality and durability.

8. Chess Timer Dad Hat

gifts for chess players

A chess player needs to be fashionable, too. That’s why we suggest this Chess Timer Dad Hat as a gift to enhance your favorite chess player’s fashion and style. Although this hat is named as a Dad Hat, you are certainly aware that hats aren’t just for Dads, right?

9. Chess Infinity Scarf

gifts for chess players

If you’re looking for the best gifts for chess players who are female, then this black and white Chess Infinity Scarf is the best pick. Being a woman, your favorite chess player will be super thrilled to have this as a gift as it will be a lovely addition to any outfit. 

10. Checkmate Sweatshirt

gifts for chess players

Still looking here and there for the perfect graduation gift for your favorite chess player? Search no more as this Checkmate Sweatshirt is the item that you’re looking for. This simple sweatshirt will boost a chess player’s confidence in welcoming the next step that follows after graduation, especially in the field of chess.

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11. Chess Rook Bookmart

gifts for chess players

How about a unique chess bookmark that was inspired from Queen’s gambit as a gift for your special chess player? This bookmark is definitely one of the best gifts for chess lovers who are also bookworms. With this chess bookmark, your special chess player will have an enjoyable reading time, for sure.

12. Chess Coasters

gifts for chess players

Add a touch of chess in your favorite chess player’s dining table by giving him these 6-set of coasters as a gift. These fiberboard coasters feature old lithography illustrations from a chess book printed on them, which makes them perfect to complete a special dinner with loved ones. 

13. Chess Pieces Mouse Pad

gifts for chess players

Support your favorite chess player’s digital lifestyle with this Chess Pieces Mouse Pad. Made of high-density foam with an ultra-thin rubber base, this mouse pad will firmly grip the desk, which provides smooth and even surface for comfy mouse movements. 

14. Marvel Collector’s Chess Set

Marvel Collector’s Chess Set

If your favorite chess player happens to be a fan of Marvel’s The Avengers, then there’s no better gift than this Marvel Collector’s Chess Set. Featuring custom sculpted, this chess set includes hand-painted pieces of Marvel Cinematics Universe, not only superheroes characters, but also the villains of Hydra.

15. Handmade Wooden Storage Chess Box

Handmade Wooden Storage Chess Box

This wooden storage chess box will make sure all chess pieces are secure and well-kept, which is a perfect gift for your favorite chess player. The good news is, this box can also be used as a jewelry box, gift box, or other items that need to be stored securely. 

16. DGT PI Chess Clock

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As a must-have item for any chess player, having a Chess Clock as a gift for your special chess player is a great idea. This DGT Pi is a chess clock that turns e-Board into the strongest sparring partner, as it includes eight different chess engines that allow your special chess player to play an exciting chess game with a variety of playing styles to enjoy.

17. Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games

Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games

For real chess players, learning new strategies is something that they do on a regular basis, as they need to improve their skills and climb the ladder in the game of chess. Therefore, this book is definitely one of the best gifts for chess players as this book includes more than 5,000 instruction situations of chess problems presented by world’s leading chess teachers.

18. Funny Chess Player T-Shirt

Funny Chess Player T-Shirt

Are you looking for a gift for a chess player who is also a class clown? Then you can pick this t-shirt with a special design that only chess players understand. Wearing this t-shirt, we bet your favorite chess player will be excited to explain more about 1.d4.d5.2.c4 to you, or to everyone in the class.

19. Analog Chess Clock Timer

Analog Chess Clock Timer

This chess clock will add a touch of classic feel as this clock features a tournament-ready quality timer made of premium wood materials. This clock is definitely one of the best gifts for chess players, including a dear chess player in your life.

20. Choose Your Weapon Gag Pullover Hoodie

Choose Your Weapon Gag Pullover Hoodie

Each chess piece can be a strong weapon if you can use it at the right moment, with the right move, and it is a fact that all chess players are aware of. That’s why this Choose Your Weapon Gag Pullover Hoodie will be a super cool gift for your favorite chess player. 

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21. HOLLP Chess I’m Thinking Keychain

HOLLP Chess I’m Thinking Keychain

As one of the sports that improves critical thinking, problem solving, spatial awareness and social skills, chess players understand the importance of logical thinking, which is described in this unique keychain. Gift this keychain to your special chess player and he will be delighted to have it to keep his keys secure and handy.

Chess Player Cufflinks

These cufflinks will be a great addition to your favorite chess player’s look, and perfect to be a special gift for your Dad, Brother, Boyfriend, or Husband who loves chess. Made of stainless steel, this is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for chess players.

23. AMEROUS Wooden Chess Pieces Only

AMEROUS Wooden Chess Pieces Only

When picking a special gift for your favorite chess player, don’t forget to consider this set of wooden chess pieces that come in an elegant box. Each piece is made of high-quality natural wood and perfect to be gifted to your special chess player, either professional or amateur.

24. Wall Chess

gifts for chess players

Why choose the usual chessboard when you can have this unique wall chess as a special gift for your favorite chess player? This adorable item does not only function as a chessboard, since it can also function as a unique and state-of-the-art piece of home decoration.

25. Chess Vinyl Wall Clock

gifts for chess players

This wall clock will be a nice addition to your special chess player’s home decoration. The beautiful piece of art will create a vintage feel while still showcasing a touch of chess game as a statement for a chess player in the house.

26. 16” Manhattan Chess table

16” Manhattan Chess table

If you ask us, this Manhattan Chess Table is the perfect gift for your special chess player who’s about to have a housewarming party. Featuring a unique and minimalist design, this chess table will perfectly fit any room in the house. One of the perfect gifts for chess players, indeed.

27. Grayson Lane traditional Chess Bookends Resin

Grayson Lane traditional Chess Bookends Resin

The King and Queen are a pair that need to be placed next to each other, including in the form of these unique bookends. This is one of the most adorable gifts for chess players, especially those who have a private library at home. As a chess player, it would be wonderful to have a chess decoration in your own private library, isn’t it?

28. CosmoLiving Metallic Decorative Chess Piece 

CosmoLiving Metallic Decorative Chess Piece

Another set of chess pieces that come as a home decoration are these adorable metallic decorative chess pieces. These large king, knight, and bishop statues will be perfect as table decorations at home or office. 

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