30 Cool Mouse Pads Meant for You

In order to be cool, a mouse pad needs to be useful and working properly. So, the core definition of a cool mouse pad is one that can move the cursor smoothly, and has a cool design of course. Mouse pads for gamers, workers, and students might have a few differences. The differences mostly in the designs, and additional features. So, let’s take a look at these 30 cool mouse pads below.

Are Mouse Pads Useless?

Of course not if you love using a mouse for cursor, rather than trackpad. A mouse pad is crucial when you are using a mouse. Because the material is specially designed to detect your mouse movement. It can also make you much easier when sliding your mouse for pointing out. So, get one mouse pad if you are no longer using your trackpad.

Cool Mouse Pads for Gamers

We have curated these 10 cool mouse pads for you. We know that you need a mouse pad that is very sensitive so that it can feel a slight movement from your hand. So, here they are!

1. A Cool Digital Radar Interface Design Desk Mat

cool mouse pads

Wanting a mouse pad but also getting a desk mat is a nice combo. This cool digital radar interface design mouse pad and desk mat can be your new team in finishing your game and be the top rank. It is non-slip, waterproof, and has hemmed edges.

2. Printed Space Pattern Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

Blue and red lights are the most eye-pleasing room decoration for gamers. So, to make the mouse pad blend perfectly in your room, we suggest you get this anti-slip PU leather mouse pad with a printed space pattern.

3. A Customized Minecraft Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

Attention to all minecraft lovers! Here is the mouse pad that you are looking for. The design is so appealing, and the best part is you can print your name on it. This cool mouse pad is non-slip, high quality, and made of durable surface. 

4. LED Starry Sky Mousepad Large

cool mouse pads

Coming from WOWParts, this large mouse pad 23.5 long and 12 inches large will fit perfectly with your gaming desk. The coolest thing about this cool mouse pad is that it has a starry sky LED lamp that you can turn on by connecting the USB cable. 

5. Cool Mandalorian Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

A cool and rare mouse pad with mandalorian with baby yoda printed on it. Made from smooth polyester on top, makes this mouse pad from Innova the best anti-slip mouse pad. The high quality ink print also makes the color much more vibrant. 

6. A Large Rubber Mouse Pad with Fantastic Pattern

cool mouse pads

A mouse pad that has a really bold and contrast color, with such awesome details for you. Enjoy pushing your rank or win your battle more with this cool mouse pad from Trinx. They make the pad not too thick so the surface doesn’t get too soft.

7. A Truly Advanced Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

This mouse pad is made not only for your convenience of using the mouse, but also for charging your mouse and your phone wirelessly. This cool mouse pad from Proexpress is optimized for gaming-censor, 10-light LED, rubber base, anti-slip, and waterproof. 

8. A Modern Design Gaming Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

The TNSYNTH mouse pad is an extended mouse pad. It will seamlessly add style to your gaming desk and be able to accommodate your set up for intense gaming. You can enjoy your silky smooth game-play with the smooth mouse gliding. 

9. Cool Line Abstract Gaming RGB Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

Another cool design extended RGB mouse pad. Made from heavy duty natural rubber base, durable rubber, foldable design. And it has a separable cable for RGB light. Surprisingly, this mouse pad is washable with waterproof coating. 

10. Very Vibrant RGB Extended Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

An RGB gaming large mouse pad, with LED glowing mice pad. The rubber base mat itself is optimized for gaming sensors. It is water-resistant, has 9 lights, XXL that it can hold your gaming laptop, keyboard, and mouse all at once.

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Cool Mouse Pads for Workers

Working with a nice and comfortable mouse pad is the key. You might think that you’ve given all your productiveness now, but maybe it is not full yet. Getting a new mouse pad can drive your remaining productivity to come out.

11. Moon Shaped Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

Got a monochrome working desk theme? Then this moon design mouse pad rhymes well with your working stuff. The material is made from high density foam on a flexible rubber base. The moon image itself is permanent, vibrant, and durable with HD quality ink. 

12. Circular Colorful Marble Design Mouse Pad

Circular Colorful Marble Design Pad

Can’t resist unique things? Then we are pretty sure you will love this cool and colorful mouse pad. The marble image is awesomely printed, with a very detailed pattern. This mouse pad is anti-slip, strong static absorption, and easy to clean.

13. Vintage Japanese High Quality Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

This is Ando Hiroshige the sea at Satta mouse pad. A vintage and cool mouse pad that is hard to find. It’s beautiful, and has vibrant colors because the print ink is exceptional. The fabric of this mouse pad is made from rubber on the back, and smooth fabric on the top. 

14. Office Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

cool mouse pads

An ergonomic mouse pad from 3M Company. No need to question the quality because this ergonomic mouse pad is enhancing the precision of optical mice at fast speed. Plus, the 3M gel technology for the wrist rest feels like a satin pillow, and is very soothing. 

15. Wrist Support Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

A complete cool set for your working convenience. In one purchase you will have an ergonomic mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest. These cool mouse pads set from INSTEN will improve your hand posture because the ergonomic contour is perfectly designed to fit your wrist movement. 

16. Black Mouse Pad with Gel Gliding Palm Support

cool mouse pads

A cool minimalist mouse pad that you can also purchase with the gel gliding palm support. Enjoy the true definition of comfort with the unique palm guide that keeps your wrist in the correct position. The mouse pad itself is made to support your grip.

17. Duo Gel Wave Ergonomic Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

A cool ergonomic design mouse pad. The duo gel wave of black and red supports your wrist to always be in the right position. The gel-filled wrist pillow is also very comfortable when your wrist pushes a pressure on it.

18. Home Office Armrest Mouse Pad

cool mouse pads

This cool thing is designed for both office desks and chairs mounting. This will reduce the pressure on your arms and wrists, relieve arm fatigue, and eliminate the constant strain on muscles in the neck.

19. Dontrey Office Mouse Desk Pad

Dontrey Office Mouse Desk Pad

This professional mouse pad offers a smooth platform that can aim and sense the fast speed movement of your mouse. This mouse pad also offers a weekly planning, to-do list, and note print for you to keep in track. 

20. Wooden Wireless Mouse Pad

Wooden Wireless Mouse Pad

A traditional design of ultra thin and sturdy piece of harvest wood, with highly advanced technology. This Qi mouse pad is designed carefully for your mouse to slide over easily, and the mouse pad is also able for your phone to charge wirelessly. 

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Cool Mouse Pads for Girl Students

Cool mouse pads with an up to date pattern, perfect for studying. We have gathered these 10 mouse pads from the internet. Besides the cute pattern and design, these mouse pads are also comfortable. 

21. Ergonomic Mouse Pad from French KOKO

Ergonomic Pad from French KOKO

Pretty and cool pattern mouse pad from French KOKO. The wrist support is made out of gel, and the memory foam-filled cushion provides great touch. The cute design is made of the highest quality, natural eco friendly rubber.

22. USB Heated Mouse Pad with Wristguard 

USB Heated Pad with Wristguard

Who can’t resist this coolest thing from Cabina Home? This can be your go-to mouse pad when winter comes in. The temperature of this mouse pad will go up to a suitable degree after you connect the USB cable to your computer.

23. Cute Cat Paw Mouse Pad

Cute Cat Paw Pad

Cute mouse pad designed like a cat paw! What makes this also a cool mouse pad is the memory foam. It is made of high quality silicone material, soft, and comfortable. The pad is also static-free, so it can protect your mouse effectively.

24. Portable Mousepad Cute Cartoon Nut

Portable Pad Cute Cartoon Nut

A portable mouse pad, designed like a cartoon nut, with a comfortable wrist pad. This cool mouse pad is not only cute to bring when you are studying remotely somewhere, but also very convenient to use with its ergonomic feature. 

25. A Large Cartoon Cat Mouse Pad 

A Large Cartoon Cat Pad

A large mouse pad is mostly for gamers, but this one is surely for you. This cool and kawaii cartoon cat mouse pad is colorful, not easy to fade, very soft surface, and has a rubber back. The size is 80 cm long and 40 cm wide. 

26. HOPONY Ergonomic Mouse Pad

HOPONY Ergonomic Mouse Pad

This cool ergonomic mouse pad from HOPONNY is a definition of aesthetic and up to date mouse pad. It has gel material wrist rest support, the surface is made from lycra cloth, and non-slip base. The ergonomic design is making the hand pain from long hours of studying gone.  

27. Japanese Cherry Blossom Large Mouse Pad

Japanese Cherry Blossom Large Mouse Pad

This cool Japanese vibes mouse pad is made of high quality cloth material for the surface, optimized for fast-moving mouse so you can keep operating the mouse wonderfully. With extended size, this mouse pad is large enough for your keyboard and mouse holder. 

28. Rare Harry Potter Hogwarts Mouse Pad

Rare Harry Potter Hogwarts Pad

A brand new Harry Potter mouse pad. This is very rare and if you love harry potter or a potterhead, you surely can’t miss this hogwarts mouse pad! This is brand new, has a classic harry potter design printed on it, and can be your best collection of mouse pad.

29. Chocolate Chip Cookie Mouse Pad

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mouse Pad

A giant chocolate chip cookie for a mouse pad? Very cool and unique! The printed picture is from high quality ink that makes it like a real chocolate cookie. The fabric cloth is also easy to clean and maintain, the size of it is 7.87” x 7.87”, perfect size for doing your daily task. 

30. Pirate Pug Dog Mouse Pad

Pirate Pug Dog Mouse Pad

A cute pug picture for a mouse pad is just the right option for you to pick. This FANIMAL mouse pad size is large enough for your laptop, mouse, and additional keyboard. It is durable, non-slip, and can predict accurate movement of the mouse. You can also wash it and the color won’t fade. 

Latest Posts:

How do I choose a good mouse pad?

You need to know what you need. If you need a mouse pad for gaming, then choose the one that is designed for gamers. If you need it for work or studying, you can pick almost any kind of mouse pad. Because basically any mouse pad is suitable for working or studying. 

What is the coolest mouse pad?

Well, according to our online surveys, a mouse pad can be considered cool when it has a distinct design. Like the cat’s paw ergonomic mouse pad we have shown you earlier. And for working, the coolest one would be a mouse pad with wood base, and it is wireless. Such a mix of modernity and traditional taste.

Which mouse pad is best for gaming?

For gamers, the coolest mouse pad will be the most advanced one, where the pad can also charge your phone, and it has LED lights, with cool printed patterns. Because gamers’ playing station would be all high technology, and a mediocre mouse pad is the least thing a gamer wants. So, the more advanced the mouse pad is, the better it is. 

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