25 Great Mickey Mouse Decoration Ideas for Your Inspiration

Everybody loves Mickey Mouse, and that’s a fact. This Disney icon has been around since its creation by Walt Disney in 1928. Since then, he is considered as one of the most famous cartoon characters. Fans of Mickey Mouse might want to look for some decoration ideas to show off their love for the iconic character.

This popularity continues to grow, and now it has become part of many people’s childhood memories. These memories, like many other Disney characters, were brought back to life by having Mickey Mouse-themed parties or simply part of their household theme decoration at home.

However, if you’re sucked into planning your child’s 1st birthday party, or you simply want to decorate your child’s room with something that is associated with the character, here are a few suggestions on ideas or items you can have to complete your own Mickey Mouse decoration ideas. 

1. Mickey Mouse Wooden Name Backdrop

Source: Pinterest (@etiquettela.com)

Any birthday won’t be complete without having the birthday baby name on display. Try the wooden name backdrop to be a part of the birthday decoration that matches the whole Mickey Mouse decoration ideas.

Made of sturdy material like wood, it matched Mickey’s silhouette with your baby’s name engraved in it. It is suitable to display the birthday baby’s name as a backdrop when you want to go on with simple Mickey Mouse decoration ideas. 

2. Mickey Mouse Ear Cake Topper

Source: Pinterest (@Charmi Dee)

If you are planning to have a birthday with Mickey Mouse theme decorations at home, you might as well have the Mickey Mouse cake made by yourself. The cake, like the decoration, can be dominated with black-yellow-red colour with the black Mickey shape.

However, to get that Mickey shape in a cake would be quite tricky, since you can’t just simply make the ear shape with a fondant. Therefore, you can try using this Mickey ear topper. Not only does it help you to get the mickey ear, but adding it with a bow would make it look like Minnie’s.

3. Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner

Source: Pinterest (@buffetsinfantis.com.br)

A great addition to your Mickey Mouse decoration ideas on your baby’s 1st birthday party is to have the backdrop filled with a banner. This works great especially if you want a simple theme decoration at home without having too much stuff attached on your white house wall.

One or two layers of a Mickey Mouse banner temporarily attached would be a great idea. You can make it yourself, of course, but just in case you don’t have that much time, check the Mickey Mouse-shaped banner and have it attached in no time. 

4. Mickey Mouse Plush Toys

Source: Pinterest (@Adriana Arrona de Haro)

Aside from wall decoration, another thing you can add to the birthday party venue for your 2 year old baby is to have Mickey himself present at the moment. You can add Mickey Mouse plush toys around the venue. Not only does it add to the birthday theme, but during the party, the kids in attendance can play with it too. 

5. Mickey Mouse Baby Photo Banner

Source: Pinterest (@karaspartyideas.com)

When you have Mickey Mouse decoration ideas for a birthday party, complete the party ideas by having a Mickey Mouse photo banner as a part of the background décor.

This photo banner is packed with a bunch of photo clips, making it a perfect opportunity to show your baby’s picture from their birth until the moment of their 1st birthday.  

6. Mickey Party Decorations

Source: Pinterest (@tuacasa.com.br)

To have Mickey Mouse decoration ideas for a birthday party, you should be ready for many birthday favors, such as balloons, banners, and other stuff to match your party ideas. Therefore, there are a lot of things to buy.

But if you are a first-timer, you might not know where to begin, or what to buy. You can start with this Mickey decoration party pack for a 2-year-old baby’s birthday. It is an all-in-one Mickey item so you don’t have to buy stuff separately.

7. Mickey Mouse Dinnerware for Party

Source: Pinterest (@birthdayinabox.com)

Where there’s a birthday, there’s food as well. A great touch to the Mickey Mouse decoration ideas is to have matching stuff as your dinnerware and the table setting. You can have it all in these Mickey Mouse plates and napkins for party packs.

Complete with disposable cups, plates, and napkins, the whole pack is easy to set, and just in case the guests make a mess, it would be easy to clean too. 

8. Mickey Mouse Black Red Yellow Balloons

Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

It is not a kid’s birthday party if there is no balloon. To complete the party ideas, décor the venue with the signature red-yellow-black colour. You can have them organized by professionals, of course, but just in case you want to do the decoration theme at home, you need to have the Mickey-coloured balloons first.

Each package will consist of 24 balloons, which is the right amount of balloons you need for a small party, but having more balloons would not hurt either to complete the birthday theme girl or boy. 

9. Red Minnie Mouse Tablecloth

Source: Pinterest (@Guadalupe López)

When you want to have a birthday party with Mickey Mouse decoration ideas, you might as well décor the whole venue with a bold red colour. Especially if you want to have a Minnie Mouse birthday theme girl party, you can match the décor by having the table set with the signature red polka dots colour.

To do that, you can use this red polka dots vinyl tablecloth to go as part of the decor. 

10. Minnie Mouse Pink Party

The Minnie Mouse birthday theme girl party is rather different from Mickey’s. Instead of going with the usual red-black-yellow, go with pink décor to show the difference. That would require you to have Minnie’s pink stuff, such as a balloon, garland, complete with the plan on the display design.

If you would like to do it yourself, you can check these Minnie Mouse theme supplies and learn to build the arch yourself with the guidance on the package. 

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11. Mickey Mouse Striped Backdrop

Source: Pinterest (@blogencontrandoideias.com)

Another idea you can try for a Mickey Mouse theme decoration at home is to have a different coloured layer as a backdrop. This idea would work great just in case you are not a big fan of red, but you still want to have a good combination between red and other colours.

This black striped backdrop, for example, goes well with almost any Mickey Mouse decoration ideas that you have. It adds variation to the colour, so the black and white still dominates the theme while you can add a little bit of red by using the balloon. 

12. Mickey Mouse Safari Green Decor

Source: Pinterest (@Tamig84)

Another great theme to do at your 2 year old birthday party is to have a Mickey Mouse safari theme decoration at home. The classic red-black-yellow theme is good, but if you want a slightly different theme, go different with green-dominated Mickey Mouse decoration ideas.

You can apply this theme if you want to have an outdoor garden birthday party. To have such a theme, look forward to the green balloon arch kit you can build yourself.  

13. Mickey Mouse Confetti

Source: Pinterest (@thepartiologist.com)

Either you have a birthday theme girl or the likewise, confetti is always a great item to add. Having the Mickey confetti is not only to have it thrown for a 2 year old candle-blowing moment. Surprisingly it can be a part of the decoration too.

Have it scattered among the table set or around the cake, and it becomes surprisingly cute. To add it to your Mickey Mouse decoration ideas, you can try this black and white Mickey-shaped confetti

14. LED Mickey Mouse Backdrop

One thing to make sure you get during your children’s birthday party is to have pictures taken. It is either the pictures for the parents and the birthday baby, or the picture of the guests.

To emphasize the Mickey Mouse decoration ideas, you can try to have a backdrop as a photo background, complete with both Mickey and Minnie attending your party. To make things flashy, complete the backdrop with matching colored LED strip light. 

15. Mickey Photo Booth

Source: Pinterest (@inspiringmagicalmemories.com)

There are a lot of Mickey Mouse decoration ideas, but this one might be the cutest one yet. A Mickey Mouse photo booth, with the mickey shape as a frame. This is a great idea if you want something special for your pictures but you still want to keep it simple.

This photo booth can be made from almost anything, such as wood or styrofoam to make it easily disposable. 

16. Comic-strips Background

Source: Pinterest (@inspiresuafesta.com)

Mickey Mouse unmistakably plays a great part of our childhood. The comics have been fun with Mickey, Minnie, and other characters interacting in the comics or series. To bring back these memories, have the printable comics used as the backdrop for your Mickey Mouse decoration ideas.

Not the actual comics, though, you can’t use that treasured possession. This works great if you are looking for something other than the usual red-black-yellow colour theme party ideas. 

17. Mickey Mouse Balloon Arch

Source: Pinterest (@lushra.com)

Is it a gate? Is it a backdrop? Guess what, it is both. Have the red-black-yellow balloons professionally organized to imitate the shape of Mickey’s head. Or if you are skillful enough, you can try to do it yourself. Just make it slightly taller so the adults could go in the arch or to be fully photographed by the gate arch. 

18. Mickey Mouse LED Décor

As you’re getting older, your colour and decoration preference probably doesn’t suit most Mickey Mouse decoration ideas. However, to keep your childhood memories, you can still have a minimalistic Mickey theme decoration at home.

You can have Mickey as part of your daily or party décor by having a basic mickey-shaped board added with LED strip light. It looks cute with all your pictures attached to it, making a good display for your room or your party.

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19. Photo Booth Props

Source: Pinterest (@es.paperblog.com)

There are a lot of backdrop ideas, but do not forget that having a backdrop means you have to prepare the Mickey Mouse props too. The props not only help you with the booth, but it can be placed along with the cakes as part of the theme decoration.

Moreover, it is also easy to make. You can have several items as props, such as Mickey head or hands.

20. Red-Black-Yellow Garland Backdrop

Source: Pinterest (@catchmyparty.com)

When balloons decorations sound quite overrated, then it is time you have this Mickey Mouse garland backdrop as your Mickey Mouse decoration ideas.

With several coloured paper with different paper and strings, you can make the garland yourself, and you can place it between the happy birthday banners to add the colour in the backdrop. This is very suitable if you want to have a small party for your child’s 1st birthday. 

21. Mickey Mouse and Friends Party Decoration

Mickey Mouse and Friends Party Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@partyupstairs.com)

We know that children love Mickey Mouse. But since Mickey has lots of adorable friends, we believe they are loved by children as well. So instead of just Mickey, why not invite his friends along to join the party, too? You can throw a special Mickey and His Friends party with a decoration that includes Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy, and also Pluto. It would be a great party with super fun and colorful decorations, which would also be a wonderful celebration for the kids to play with their friends!

22. Sweet Gold and Light Blue Mickey Mouse Decor

Sweet Gold and Light Blue Mickey Mouse Decor
Source: Pinterest (@hawaiiluaucompany.com)

If you want to throw a party with Mickey Mouse decorations that look soft and sweet, you can combine a different set of soft colors like white, light blue and also gold, just like this one. To bring out the Mickey Mouse theme, you can include black in the form of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears into the party elements, such as the backdrop, birthday cake, snacks, and also souvenirs. Without a doubt, everyone will know that those are Mickey Mouse ears even without having to think about it. To make the decor looks nicer, you can add bouquets of flowers in white and blue as part of the decor, too.

23. Vintage Mickey Mouse Decoration

Vintage Mickey Mouse Decoration
Source: Pinterest (@ecumple)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are loved by so many people around the world since many years ago, and it might include our grandpas and grandmas, too! However, the look of Mickey and Minnie back then might have looked different compared to their looks today. Back then, their character came in black and white sketches, which have become a classic yet vintage look of them today. However, it’s not a sin to bring back their classic look of both characters to your party. You can apply the black and white Mickey Mouse decoration idea by having the sketches of Mickey and Minnie, plus all the other party elements in black and white. 

24. Mickey in the Castle Party Decoration

Mickey in the Castle Party Decoration

Let your birthday boy enjoy a wonderful time inside Mickey Mouse’s castle for one day. For his upcoming birthday, prepare a special decoration with a theme of Mickey in the Castle, which will look stunning yet cute for the kids to love. You can create a look of Mickey with his prince outfit, and create a decoration that has the elements of majestic sparkling blue, gold balloons, and a majestic birthday cake for the birthday boy to enjoy. The kids will be super happy to spend a special day inside Mickey Mouse castle while celebrating your little one’s birthday.

25. Baby Mickey is Having a Party!

Baby Mickey is Having a Party!
Source: Pinterest (@Rosi Agreda Reyes)

We already shared with you several Mickey Mouse decoration ideas that we hope to give you fresh party decor inspirations. However, we do think that we need to include baby Mickey into this list, because let’s be honest here, there’s nothing more adorable than having baby Mickey in your little one’s party decoration, right? To apply this decor idea, simply install a backdrop full of light blue balloons, which will become the main spot of the party. Also, don’t forget to make sure that baby Mickey is there to light up the room. 

Latest Post:

Mickey Mouse has been popular since its creation in 1928 by none other than Walt Disney. This character became more iconic after it was made into comic strips. Nowadays, we can see Mickey Mouse become the main icon in Disney World and movies. While many people might not notice it, its routine appearance in the beginning of our favorite movies shows how much this character is alive, and continues to be loved by many people. 

What does Mickey Mouse teach us?

Mickey is portrayed as a positive character, teaching us to have positive vibes as well. For children, it does a great job on telling the children to be confident. Also, Mickey has a lot of friends. Reading Mickey Mouse in comic books teaches us the value of friendship itself. 

How to decorate a Mickey Mouse decoration for 1st birthday party child?

Mickey Mouse decoration ideas can be done in many ways. As the children’s 1st birthday is a precious celebration, you can have a various backdrop as the main decoration for the birthday event. The baby’s 1st birthday is also a great way to show their pictures, so you can display them by having a Mickey Mouse photo banner around the venue. 

What are the best Mickey Mouse decoration ideas for 2 year old child?

Mickey Mouse decoration ideas often revolve around the classic red-black-yellow color theme. This is a good to go decoration and it is never wrong to go on with the classic colour. However, if you want to go different, try safari themed Mickey Mouse decoration ideas with greens in your garden, or if you happen to love Minnie, go with pink Minnie themed decoration. 

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