Le Creuset Mickey Mouse Cookware

Make your kitchen feel more animated and fun with the help of this top-shelf Le Creuset Mickey Mouse Cookware.

Mickey Mouse is, obviously, an icon that is not affected by time in any way. But the beloved Disney character has actually turned 90 years old recently.

To celebrate, this milestone the company called Le Creuset has created a limited edition of Mickey Mouse inspired cookware.

The line includes a high-end Dutch oven and a matching set of two ramekins. 

Le Creuset Mickey Mouse Cookware

The Dutch oven is more low-key of the two sets. It looks like your classic Dutch oven but the added splash of red color and Mickey Mouse insignia makes it quite charming.

The set of ramekins are more playful since they are shaped like the head of the iconic character. They will be so popular with kids, that you will even be able to convince them to eat some brussels sprouts out of these.

Le Creuset Mickey Mouse Cookware

This set of Mickey Mouse cookware will make you feel young at heart once again. If only someone celebrated Mickey’s birthday by coming up with something that makes you look so good at 90 as he does. Well, maybe in the next 10 years we’ll get lucky. 

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