25 Creative DIY Vinyl Storage Idea for Easy Organizing

Vinyl records are one of the most delicate pieces of entertainment media since they may quickly get damaged and wrinkled if it is not stored in the appropriate way. It is also a really stressful situation when vinyl is scattered all over the place and there is nowhere to put them away or arrange them. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 20 DIY vinyl storage ideas that are ideal for organizing and keeping your wonderful vinyl collection.

It is incredible that vinyl records are still popular as a way for people to listen to music or any other type of entertainment by inserting the record into an old-fashioned vinyl player. As a result of this, a large number of individuals, as well as antique collectors, are eagerly searching for this piece of vintage entertainment. The following DIY storage ideas would definitely be helpful for vinyl collectors!

1. Wall of Fame Vinyl Organizer

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Mount your vinyl collection on the wall with floating shelves in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. This DIY vinyl storage idea is an excellent organizer since it allows you quick access to your collection while also providing a clear view of all of your top favorite vinyl or the most hit songs.

2. Vinyl Pull-Out Drawers

Source: Pinterest (@symbolaudio.com)

Put your vinyl neatly with these brilliant DIY vinyl storage ideas. These vinyl pull-out drawers can store a lot of vinyl and at the same time makes it easy for you to find your desired vinyl while also saving a lot of room. You may organize your vinyl according to the type of songs or however you like it. You can also make one by yourself with a digital plan and step-by-step to build vinyl pull-out drawers

3. Gridwall Vinyl Organizer

Source: Pinterest (@sfgirlbybay.com)

Do you have a lot of space on the wall? Instead of keeping your wall blank, basic, and empty, you may use it as a grid wall vinyl organizer. You will need several planks of wood as the rack and screws in order to make this DIY vinyl storage idea. When you have all of the essential parts, you can begin attaching the wood plank to the wall by using screws and you need to make sure that the plank is steady and balanced. 

4. Vinyl Crate Organizer

Source: Pinterest (@popsugar.com)

Do you have any unused crates? An old crate may be repurposed and used as a fantastic DIY vinyl storage idea. You can go creative in making this organizer, some may leave it in natural wood color or paint it to their desired color. The sturdy wood material definitely makes a perfect organizer to keep your vinyl in a good condition. 

5. Vinyl Diagonal Rack

Source: Pinterest (@contemporist.com)

Due to the fact that it is able to hold up quite an amount of vinyl records, a vinyl standing rack is an excellent option for storing all of your vinyl collection. Moreover, this vinyl rack is made out of metal that can give you a sturdy and long-lasting piece of organizer. You may find this kind of vinyl standing rack available in stores.

6. Vinyl Wire Basket

Source: Pinterest (@littlehouseoffour.com)

A vinyl basket is also one of the greatest DIY vinyl storage ideas since it is simple to make. You can hang it on the wall or simply stack it. All you need is a very affordable wire basket that you can find available in many online stores. This idea works great as you are able to maintain an organized vinyl collection and create an industrial theme room.

7. Transparent Vinyl Box

Source: Pinterest (@designtrasparente.com)

If you already have a shelf in your house, you may use a transparent vinyl box to hold your vinyl collection and then organize it on your shelf. You may easily drag the file organizer out of the way in order to access the vinyl records that you would like to listen to. 

8. Cart Drawer Organizer

Source: Pinterest (@vinylmeplease.com)

If you have a fairly large entertainment room and you would want to have your whole vinyl collection constantly accessible beside you, then this DIY vinyl storage idea is the one for you. For vinyl storage, a simple cart drawer would suffice. It is convenient for you to access, and it will help keep your vinyl collection tidy and dust-free.

9. Rustic Vinyl Buffet Rack

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Looking for affordable vinyl storage? You may use a rustic or any buffet rack and repurpose it into a vinyl buffet rack. Having a rustic vinyl buffet rack doubles as a storage rack for your vinyl collection, with many slots that allow you to store plenty of vinyl records, and is also a great piece of furniture for a room. 

10. Grid Mesh Storage

Source: Pinterest (@Skyaliens)

This simple minimalist vinyl storage is fantastic since it is simple to build and affordable. This functional vinyl storage idea allows you to store plenty of vinyl on the side and also several more, below the vinyl record player. Making one might not be as complicated as you think because you will only need some plank of wood and 4 pieces of metal rods for the table legs.

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11. Vinyl Standing Rack

Source: Pinterest (@pianetadonne.blog)

This rack is supposed to be a plate rack, however, it is also perfect as a vinyl storage rack as it helps to keep your vinyl nice and tidy. This vinyl storage rack enables you to store up to 10 vinyl records, saving you a lot of room while yet allowing you quick access to your favorite record. When you are finished using the vinyl, you can easily place them back on the rack.

12. Vinyl Storage and Display

Source: Pinterest (@jenwoodhouse.com)

Vinyl storage and display make a lovely organizer in any room, which at the same time, it is also an excellent DIY vinyl storage idea. You just need several wood planks to create a basket to keep your whole vinyl collection. Then you can make your storage seem more put together by attaching black metal legs to it.

13. Storage with Wooden Divider Tabs

Source: Pinterest (@design-milk.com)

This wood divider tab is an excellent DIY vinyl storage idea for your vinyl collection since it helps you quickly find your records while at the same time making your records seem more organized. You may get these wooden divider tabs made of wood from a variety of online markets.

14. Magazine Holder

Source: Pinterest (@prathermade.com)

This magazine holder is one of the objects that may be repurposed to make the perfect vinyl storage rack.  It is sturdy and contains a label, allowing you to locate the desired record without having to go through the whole collection.

15. Vinyl Wall Rack

Source: Pinterest (@ad-magazin.de)

If you have a large number of vinyl in your collection, building this DIY vinyl storage idea might be an excellent option for you. You can make this wall shelf, which serves as a terrific DIY idea for storing vinyl, by using several plies of wood and screws. On the other hand, if you don’t have any extra time to create your own, you might have a craftsman make one for your needs.

16. 3-Tier Metal Baskets Organizer

Source: Pinterest (@urbanoutfitters.com)

A metal grid basket stacked into a three-tier organizer is a creative vinyl storage idea to store your vinyl collection in an attractive and efficient way. It can hold up to twenty vinyl rolls and provide you with a clear view of all of the vinyl collections that you would like to play on. You may acquire one of these vinyl storage from a marketplace that sells comparable items that serve the same function.

17. Easel Shaped Organizer

Source: Pinterest (@homedit.com)

The easel-shaped organizer is not only an excellent spot to keep your record collection, but it is also a beautiful addition to your space. You may not be able to store a very big quantity of vinyl with the help of this do-it-yourself vinyl storage solution, but you will have easy access to the vinyl records that you adore.

In any case, i is one of the most minimalist DIY vinyl storage ideas that still offer some elegance.

18. Wooden Crate

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

You may save space by storing your vinyl records in a crate that you no longer use. You may polish it a little bit with your desired color of paint to create a gorgeous DIY vinyl storage idea that suits the decor of your space. Definitely a fun and practical DIY project to do. You can stack it easily and also make easy storage for your vinyl collection. Do you need more space? You can stack some more crates.

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19. Stackable Bin as Vinyl Storage Idea

Source: Pinterest (@containerstore.com)

Have you ever considered using a container to store your vinyl? If you haven’t, now is the time to consider using a container as a DIY vinyl storage idea. You may acquire a new container in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all your vinyl collections. Moreover, it is also great storage to keep your vinyl safe from damage. 

20. Vinyl Storage with Record Player Slot

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

2-in-1 storage is a terrific DIY vinyl storage idea if you prefer to have little storage to retain all your vinyl while keeping them conveniently accessible. It can hold plenty of vinyl records although it is quite small in size. It also features a space for you to place your vinyl player. 

21. Simple Wooden Vinyl Storage Box in Green

Simple Wooden Vinyl Storage Box in Green
Source: Pinterest (@thespruce.com)

This one is pretty easy and simple for you to create your own. It comes in a rectangle shape that works not only as a storage for your valuable vinyl records, but also as a desk to keep your belongings on top of it. Add wooden desk stands and paint the storage box in your favorite color such as green as seen on this picture. It can store quite a lot of vinyl records, plus it can also be one of your new unique furniture items, too.

22. Wood Wall Mounted Vinyl LP Storage with Angled Design

Wood Wall Mounted Vinyl LP Storage with Angled Design
Source: Pinterest (@mygift.com)

If you have a lot of vinyl collections but have no available space to add a new vinyl rack to the room, then this one can be a nice idea to follow. You can mount your vinyl records on the wall using wooden storage that comes with a simple and angled design. You don’t need too many materials to do this. Simply prepare several pieces of wood sticks, make several u-shape wall mounted storage items, and place them on the wall to create spaces for your valuable vinyl records.

23. Wooden Bench Vinyl Storage

Wooden Bench Vinyl Storage
Source: Pinterest (@urbanoutfitters.com)

You can remove boundaries when it comes to creating DIY storage for your valuable vinyl collection. Like this unique storage for instance, if you pay attention to the shape of the storage, you will be able to see that it’s actually a wooden bench that you usually see at public parks or shopping arcades. Who would have thought that a bench can turn into a unique vinyl storage, right? To give more functionality to the bench, you can use the top part as a place to put your record player and speakers, too.

24. Roundtable Desk Vinyl Storage

Roundtable Desk Vinyl Storage
Source: Pinterest (@Wim van Grevenbroek)

This kind of storage is perfect for you who want to make good use of your old round table. Rather than throwing it away or putting it on garage sale, you can turn it into a wonderful rotable vinyl storage instead, just like the one in the picture. To make it a portable storage, simply attach four wheels on the bottom of the table and voila! You have your own vintage round and portable vinyl storage that will wow everyone who sees it.

25. Milk Crate Vinyl Storage

Milk Crate Vinyl Storage
Source: Pinterest (@thevinylfactory.com)

Last but not least, we have a recommendation of this milk crate vinyl storage for you. This one offers the easiest DIY because you really don’t have to give too much effort on this one. You can use your used milk crate as it is and turn it into a vinyl storage instantly. However, if you want to make it look more enchanting, you can definitely explore your creativity and paint it with any color or pattern you like.

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To ensure your vinyl record is in its best condition, the best way to store your vinyl collection is by placing it in an upright position in order to prevent damaging the vinyl such as warping or breaking. It is also crucial to take note that vinyl can last better at a room temperature that is not extremely cold or extremely hot. 

Is it OK to hang vinyls on the wall?

It is 100% safer to hang your vinyls on the wall instead of stacking them in a flatted position. By hanging it on the wall, you are preventing your vinyl from any damage. However, you still need to make sure that you hang your vinyl properly in the wall rack.  

Does hanging vinyls damage?

No, you will not break your vinyl records when you hang it. If you hang your vinyl record while it is still in the plastic sleeve and maintain it in an upright position, you do not need to be concerned about damaging it in any way.

How do you store vinyl records on the wall?

You may make a grid wall organizer by attaching planks of wood to the wall in a certain arrangement, or you can build a massive wall rack that can cover the whole of your wall to store vinyl records.

How do you organize a vinyl collection?

If you want a simple way to arrange your vinyl collection, you may use a wooden divider tab. Alternatively, you could use a container with drawers and label each drawer with the music genre it belongs to or the initial of the song’s title.

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