25 Unique Gifts for Vinyl Lovers Who Love the Nostalgic Era

The popularity of vinyl is still rising amidst modern music development. Even though it’s technologically obsolete, enthusiasts still love collecting records and find it nostalgic. Such old-school tech reminds them about the good times in the past. And so, if you know some vinyl lovers, you may want to surprise them with some of our unique gift ideas!

Please note that vinyl is not only popular among the 80s and older generation! In fact, recently, young people also started collecting vinyl as its popularity came back. Moreover, many critically acclaimed artists released albums that have been pressed on vinyl. Teens who collect vinyl find such old-tech fun. It gives a unique variety to how they enjoy music. 

For younger vinyl lovers, we also have prepared some attractive unique ideas. No shortage of gift ideas for every vinyl lover, no matter how old they are! Here we have 25 gifts for vinyl lovers that work for every occasion. Whether for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or other auspicious occasions, getting one or more presents from the list below will be appreciated by vinyl lovers.

1. Turntable Cheeseboard

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

A turntable cheeseboard would be the perfect gift for vinyl lovers who love to throw a dinner party. Cheeses are the perfect companion for a dinner party and serving them on a turntable cheeseboard is a cool idea. This unique board lets you serve cheese on a slate platter designed just like a turntable. It’s more interesting with a hidden cheese slicer compartment. Lift the “needle” and you’ll find it underneath.

2. Rock and Roll Record Bowl

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

Through creative hands, we can turn old vinyl records into party-rocking bowls. This rock and roll record bowl is a form of beautiful artistry and would be a great gift idea for vinyl lovers who like every artistry made of vinyl. The bowls are made of classic LPs from Rock & Roll records and come in a traditional smooth design. 

3. Vinyl Record Necktie

Vinyl Record Necktie

Let every vinyl lover enjoy a nostalgic look at the office and formal events with this vinyl record necktie. The vinyl pattern is printed all over the necktie with a solid red base color. What’s more interesting is that the necktie is made of upcycled bottles. It’s a creative gift for vinyl lovers which is also great for our environment. Such a good gift idea with a better environmental mission. 

4. Vinyl Album Cover Display

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

Ever seen a stand made of a vinyl album cover? This vinyl album cover display is specially made for vinyl lovers who enjoy the nostalgic era. It’s made by fusing a pair of reclaimed records from the rock genre, creating a stylish retro stand worthy of every beloved LP, EP, and limited-edition single. Perfect gifts for vinyl lovers who’d like to showcase precious things from the park or as a vintage book stand.

5. Vertical Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth

Vertical Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth

Its edgy design makes this a unique turntable. A traditional turntable would be placed in a horizontal direction. However, this vertical vinyl player suspends discs sideways at a nearly 90-degree angle.

When they want to stream music instead of spinning, this mid-century look vinyl player has a built-in Bluetooth to support it. It’s like there’s a modern weapon inside the vintage box, such a unique and good gift for vinyl lovers. 

6. Personalized Metallic LP Clock

Personalized Metallic LP Clock

Showcase their love for vinyl with this metallic LP clock as gifts for vinyl lovers. Perfect as a wall décor to add a retro vibe to their house. This clock is made of vinyl LP that’s finished in a dazzling metallic hue. Create your own design with the personalization option on the two-tone label that features their choice of a band name, album title, and five-song titles which can be real or based on their own invention.

7. “Keep It” Vinyl Tote Bag

"Keep It” Vinyl Tote Bag

Let them bring their love for vinyl everywhere they go with this “Keep It” vinyl tote bag. With a clean and minimalist design, the bag emphasizes the turntable design on a solid color base. People will instantly recognize the dots that formed a turntable player. The bag is made of cotton canvas for a good look and quality. 

8. I Have Too Many Records Mug

I Have Too Many Records Mug

How much is too much? Nobody could tell how many LP collections a vinyl lover has. Rather than judging how much their collection is, get them these mugs as fun gifts. The mug has fun writing on the front that says, “I have too many records… said nobody ever” with a vinyl illustration in the middle. The design is printed on both sides of this ceramic mug.

9. Real Vinyl Record Coasters

Real Vinyl Record Coasters

A coaster is the best compliment for a mug. If you’re planning on giving a mug as a gift for vinyl lovers, don’t forget to include a coaster such as this real vinyl coaster. This coaster is made with a replica label to represent the original and current artwork. You can choose the label from the list or create your own customization.

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10. Romantic Personalized Record

Romantic Personalized Record

Make your anniversary more special with one-of-a-kind and meaningful gifts. For your partner who loves vinyl records, getting this romantic personalized record would be a sweet gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend who loves vinyl. You can customize the photo, color, singer, and song name with your own design.

11. Turntable Pencil Sharpener

Turntable Pencil Sharpener

Vinyl lovers who frequently use pencils to sketch and draw would love having this compact pencil sharpener as a gift. It features a single-hole sharpener with a turntable design on the top. Besides the compact design, it has a twisting lid that conceals the hole in the blade. Simply remove it to allow shavings to be discarded.

12. Vinyl Record Dividers Set

Vinyl Record Dividers Set

Help vinyl lovers to organize their dozens of vinyl collections with these classic vinyl record dividers. The timeless look would make the perfect accessory for their vinyl stacks. Each piece is made of plywood and one set comes with 13 individual dividers showing two letters on each (A-B, C-D, etc). Such a good gift idea for vinyl lovers who need to tidy up their vinyl collection.

13. Vinyl Record Bookends

Vinyl Record Bookends

Vinyl lovers would love to organize their books with these vinyl bookends. The bookends are designed just like vinyl records and make the perfect gifts for music and book lovers. Great for office or home desks to add a more retro vibe into the space. Also perfect for housing DVDs, CDs, or video games. Each package includes 1 pair of lightweight bookends.

14. Vinyl Record Display Shelf

Vinyl Record Display Shelf

Let them mount some of the best vinyl collections with this vinyl record display shelf. It would make the perfect gift for vinyl lovers who are looking for a wall décor to showcase their collection. This display shelf is 3D printed in a range of colors. You can select the shelf type in 1, 4, 6, 9, or 16 multiples.

15. Vinyl Record Flat Keychain

Vinyl Record Flat Keychain

A vinyl record flat keychain might be small. Nonetheless, it is still a heart-warming gift for vinyl lovers, especially if you’re the only one who knows their interest in vinyl records. The keychain features flat mica plastic in a vinyl record design. You can customize the song title and year into the keychain to make it more personal.

16. Framed Vinyl Record

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

If you’re looking for personalized gifts for your boyfriend who is a die-hard fan of vinyl records, get him this framed vinyl record. The frame features a personalized vinyl on the top, a photo box, and a quote box on the bottom. You can add your own song title into the center of the vinyl which makes your gift more personal

17. Vinyl Record Box Storage

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

A storage box helps vinyl lovers store their collections in an organized way. This vinyl record box storage can store up to 75 vinyl records with chrome snaps and corners for added durability. It also has a chrome handle for easy access. The box is available in several color options to choose from.

18. Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit Brush

Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit Brush

Storing the old pieces of vinyl records without regular cleaning could lead to static – when you hear more pops and clicks than expected. Help the vinyl lovers clean their collection properly by getting this cleaning kit brush as a practical gift. The kit features one sponge brush and one small brush which effectively cleans and won’t damage the record.

19. Cork Record Pad

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

For vinyl lovers whose favorite collection has too much static, getting this cork record pad will help them to reduce static, and even eliminate them. It’s a great addition to the turntable to improve sound quality and reduce noise which provides a better auditory experience. This one would make useful gifts for vinyl lovers.

20. Metal Vintage Gramophone

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

Nothing could beat a vintage gramophone as a highly special gift for vinyl lovers who love vintage pieces. This gramophone from DecMode is made of eucalyptus wood with a caramel finish all over the body and a metallic finish on the horn. It would be the perfect gift for vinyl lovers as an accent or centerpiece décor on their table. 

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21. Gramophone Modelling Speaker

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

This gramophone modeling speaker would make great gifts for vinyl lovers who love technology and vintage pieces. This portable speaker uses Bluetooth as the connectivity in an old gramophone design. It has a built-in battery with a large capacity, is also lightweight, and is compact in size. Equipped with a plug-in card and USB, the speaker has wide compatibility and support with many devices. 

22. Turntable Stylus Cleaner

Turntable Stylus Cleaner

Statistics can ruin your audio enjoyment because it affects the sound quality. Vinyl lovers know that issue and this turntable stylus cleaner helps prevent the static build-up right from their turntable needle. Clean the turntable needle with this special gel cleaner before playing vinyl for better sound quality. A simple and useful gift for vinyl lovers.

23. GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Set

GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Set

To clean the vinyl, you can opt for a special-purpose record washing such as the GrooveWasher record cleaning set. It’s a useful gift set idea for vinyl lovers because they always need a cleaner to regularly clean their collection. The gift set comes with a cleaning pad, washing fluid, and label protector mask.

24. A Cool T-Shirt

A Cool T-Shirt

This cool t-shirt would make the perfect gift for vinyl lovers on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other special celebration. On the front, it has writing that says, “I’d Rather Just Be At A Record Store” which only vinyl lovers know the fun of being in the record store for hours. The t-shirt has 2 fit types for men and women with several color options to choose from.

25. Vinyl Snob Socks

Vinyl Snob Socks

Last but not least is a fun gift idea for vinyl lovers in the form of snob socks. The socks have a fun design with colorful vinyl records arranged in a classic polka dot pattern. On the bottom, it has a funny secret message: Vinyl Snob. Classical music and vinyl lovers would definitely love this item which they can wear to show their personality and style.

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What do you get someone who loves vinyl?

For vinyl lovers who love showcasing their collection, a display such as a vinyl album cover display or vinyl record display shelf would be the perfect gift for them which are also great as wall décor. You can also give useful things such as a record cleaning set to help them clean the vinyl regularly or special box storage to safely store their collections.

What should I have in my vinyl collection?

For your vinyl collection, getting some popular songs from the 90s era such as Michael Jackson – Thriller or some of The Beatles’ songs could be the must-have item in your collection. That’s the golden era when pop songs grew huge in popularity. For vinyl lovers, it seems important to have a diverse range of vinyl record collections. 

What do you call someone who collects vinyl records?

Someone who collects vinyl records is called a collector. There are several levels of vinyl collectors, from the new buyer to avid collectors. More advanced vinyl collectors sometimes gather their collection through crate digging, a term used for a collecting method that involves searching record bins to find a recording of interest.

Is vinyl worth buying?

Vinyl are worth buying especially if you enjoy listening to music from a turntable. Some people found it more pleasing with the sound quality produced by the vinyl. Spending money on vinyl for your listening experience is not considered a waste of money, as long as it’s bought for an apparent reason.  

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