DIY Portable Turntable Kit

Have you ever wanted to actually listen to the vinyl records and not just look at them hanging on your wall? You probably did but whether you have managed to do that or not is a whole other question.

Because let’s be honest, setting up your own turntable or sound system for that is too much hassle. Pluss, it’s expensive, complicated, and you don’t even know if it will be all worth it in the long run.

But this DIY Portable Turntable Kit makes all those concerns completely obsolete.

With this DIY Portable Turntable Kit, you can actually build your own turntable without needing any special skills.  It’s a fun project you can delve into which will result in you having a cool universal turntable for you to enjoy. 

DIY Portable Turntable Kit

The kit includes a core turntable module, all the necessary circuits, speakers, and amplifiers. When done with building you can connect it to a regular outlet or to your laptop, power bank, or USB charger.

DIY Portable Turntable Kit

Then play the music, it’s that easy. Although it comes with internal speakers you can also connect the DIY turntable to headphones or your own external speakers.

DIY Portable Turntable Kit

The turntable parts reside in the cardboard box the whole kit comes in. But don’t be fooled by the looks. The box has proven to be surprisingly tough and durable. Plus, it is water repellant.

What you get out of it is the ease of transporting the turntable wherever you go. It is lightweight, easy to carry thanks to the built-in handle, and small enough (A4) to even fit into your backpack. 

DIY Portable Turntable Kit

Thanks to this DIY Portable Turntable Kit you can listen to multiple records without just aimlessly hoarding them at your place.

You can DJ on the streets, with your friends, or at home to annoy your cat. Take it with you on a trip or picnic. The point is, just take it and you won’t regret it.

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