25 Cool DIY Coffee Tables to Enjoy Your Coffee Session

Enjoying your coffee session is mandatory, and a cool DIY coffee table is a nice companion for that purpose. The common coffee tables that you often see out there may look plain, but actually there are aesthetic elements behind them. Therefore, they might come with a high price. In terms of function, a coffee table was originally designed to become a convenient furniture to place beverages, remote controls, magazines, etc.

If you’re looking for a cool DIY coffee tables to complete the look of your living room, you might want to check out the list of 25 cool DIY coffee tables that we have created just for you. In this list you’ll find lots of unique items, which inspired by modern or vintage style. In the process of searching for the perfect one, make sure you don’t forget your main focus, which is to find the perfect DIY coffee table that will enhance the enjoyment of your coffee session!

Modern Cool DIY Coffee Tables 

Modern Cool DIY Coffee Tables are items with a style that was inspired by the modern era. The following coffee tables offer more durability and sturdy design, which are great for someone who prefers coffee tables with modern style over vintage.

1. Asymmetrical Natural Metal Coffee Table

Asymmetrical Natural Metal Coffee Table

When we talk about DIY, it means that we are talking about items that we can make ourselves. However, we can save our time by having this coffee table that features an asymmetrical shape without having to make it ourselves. This simple and modern coffee table has a unique DIY feel, which will be a cool table for you to enjoy your coffee session with friends and family.

2. Rustic Wood Coffee Table – Cube , Solid Wood

Rustic Wood Coffee Table - Cube , Solid Wood

The metal DIY coffee table features a natural look with solid wood and metal materials. This DIY coffee table is the perfect combination of simple, aesthetic, and stable. Made of durable and renewable natural wood material, this item will definitely be an item that you can have for many years to come. With its beauty from nature, nature lovers will definitely love this table to the fullest extent.

3. Square Coffee Table UK

Square Coffee Table UK

Despite being famous for a country that loves tea, UK still has great quality coffee tables. For instance, this cool DIY coffee tables. This item shows that used timber woods can be used to make a high-quality furniture. Handcrafted with rustic modern farmhouse style, each piece of timber wood was carefully selected to ensure this coffee table looks modern and elegant at the same time.

4. Stone & Beam Ferndale Rustic Coffee Table

Stone & Beam Ferndale Rustic Coffee Table

This item is one cool DIY coffee table that has drawers in it, so you can store your coffee jars inside the drawer to make sure they are ready to be served to your family or friends. Made of solid reclaimed pine with a modern rustic weathered finish and metal drawer pulls, this item truly a simple yet powerful coffee table.

5. IBF Rustic Coffee Table

IBF Rustic Coffee Table

The dark-colored DIY coffee table will be your great companion during your morning and night coffee session. It is hailed from industrial and modern styles that work well in various home decoration styles. Without a doubt, this item can help you enjoy a quality time at home with a peaceful mind.

6. ChooChoo Farmhouse Coffee Table

ChooChoo Farmhouse Coffee Table

This modern cool DIY coffee tables catches a cue from farmhouse style to create a cozy, swoon-worthy feel in your living room, especially for your morning coffee. The A-frame is also durable for years, which is perfect for you who want to have a coffee table that could last a life time.

7. Double Layer End Table Modern Coffee Table

Double Layer End Table Modern Coffee Table

If you need a coffee table but only have a limited space to place the table, you might want to check out this double layered coffee table for that purpose. Made of two plies of woods and and solid steel as the base, this DIY coffee table will definitely suit your requirement perfectly.

8. Table Rustic Coffee Narrow Slim Furniture Unit

Table Rustic Coffee Narrow Slim Furniture Unit

This one is another option of a small, simple, and modern DIY coffee table. You can place this item on the side of your favorite couch so you can enjoy your coffee while sitting on the couch comfortably. This table is also a perfect storage to keep your magazines or snacks handy. Moreover, the unique design of this table, plus the catchy color, will make it a nice vocal point of your living room.

9. Magnolia Metal X Coffee Table

Magnolia Metal X Coffee Table

The elegant-looking DIY coffee table is also hailing from industrial stylish design. The black painted metal accents are featured on the top corners and x-shaped sides, which contrast beautifully with the wood textured surface made of durable laminate. The table also has a mini storage to store your books, as seen in the picture above.

10. Wooden Lift Top Coffee Accent Table with Hidden Compartment

Wooden Lift Top Coffee Accent Table with Hidden Compartment

This modern style cool DIY coffee tables are more tempting than others because they have plenty of storages available. You can’t only store coffee and books inside the hidden compartment of this wooden DIY coffee table, because you can also store your gadgets like your mobile phone, tablets, laptops, or headphones. In short, this DIY-looking coffee table is definitely worth buying.

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11. Alden Design Modern Coffee Table

Alden Design Modern Coffee Table

Looking for multicolor and modern cool DIY coffee tables? Sit tight because we have the answer for your question. This DIY-looking coffee table features a tabletop that is veneered with water-resistant stickers. It also offers PVC-banded edges and panel, which ensures a long lasting usage for the user. Despite the minimalist style, this table is considered modern due to its look and design.

12. MF Studio Rustic Country Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

If your living room looks somehow plain, then you can add this cool DIY coffee table. This living room coffee table features a spacious top surface to accommodate your essentials, including your coffee cups of course. Moreover, this cool DIY coffee table also features a look with wheels, which highlight its DIY element perfectly.

Antique or Vintage DIY Coffee Tables

Antique or vintage DIY coffee tables usually don’t have multiple storage and rely only on the aesthetic elements. Also, these items are usually built using reclaimed wood. In this category we are giving you a list of DIY coffee tables with antique or vintage design that will add a nice touch to your living room.

13. Lifting Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

For the first item in this category, we have this cool DIY coffee table that looks vintage with solid wood panels and minimalist metal base. Inspired by the mid-century style, this item shows a nice DIY feel with a unique drawer to store your living room essentials.

14. Mid Century Walnut Natural Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

Nothing can beat the natural look of this cool coffee table. It perfectly combines the element of DIY and raw wooden look at the same time, making it a nice addition to your living room. This table is water-resistant, but you need to make sure that it’s not expose directly to heat. Since this is a DIY item, it can also be assembled easily.

15. Traditional Rustic Reclaimed Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

Traditional and antique have many similarities, and this antique coffee table is a proof to that fact. This rectangular DIY coffee table is a nice addition to your living room or family room, or simply any room you want. As one of the coolest DIY coffee tables, each item of this table is one-of-a-kind, so you won’t find the exact item anywhere else.

16. Rustic Wooden Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

DIY coffee tables can come in various designs and styles. They can also come in a design that represents the mid century era, such as this one. This unique coffee table features a DIY look and feel, handcrafted using natural walnut tree stump, which make it more than just stylish, but also durable and comfy.

17. Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

For coffee lovers who love to have a new addition to their living room, they might want to take a look at this rustic coffee table. Made of high-quality wood materials, this item features a sweet DIY feel in a natural and rustic look.

18. Wood Edge Teak Contemporary Coffee Table

Wood Edge Teak Contemporary Coffee Table

The table looks imperfect, but it’s actually the main thing that makes it perfect for your home. This coffee table features a contemporary design with a touch of DIY, thanks to its raw and unfinished look.

19. Rustic Beech Wood Slab Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

This one is another example of an imperfect table that is perfect to become your coffee table. As one of the most natural DIY coffee tables out there, this item will fit perfectly in your foyer or porch. After all, it’s always nice to enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon while sitting in the front porch, right?

20. Coffee Table Wood Vintage Accent Table

DIY Coffee Tables

When we talk about vintage tables, this one is probably one of the most vintage-looking coffee tables in this list. The color, the design, and also the look and feel successfully created a nice DIY feel kind of coffee table for your home. Made of high-quality metal and MDF material, this table is also designed with grain wood.

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21. Bowery Hill Coffee Table in Rustic Browny

DIY Coffee Tables

We have come to item number 21 in this list, have you find the perfect DIY coffee table yet? If the answer is not yet, don’t worry because we still have 4 items that might meet your expectations. This one is simple-designed coffee table, which is best for anyone who love to add a touch of industrial and rustic to their home. With a nice DIY feel, this table looks vintage and classic at the same time.

22. Rustic Coffee Table Handmade From Solid Wood

DIY Coffee Tables

If you’re looking for a coffee table with an abstract look, then you can have this one for your home, because this DIY coffee table features an abstract look, making it a one-of-a-kind coffee table to own. So, grab your golden chance to make this coffee table your own now!

23. Rustic Sleeper Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

This one is probably one of the most solid and the heaviest DIY coffee table in this list. If you have to ensemble it yourself, make sure you’re not alone, because look at the thickness of the panels! This table is handmade and will be the perfect table for your family feasts, which include coffee, or course.

24. Transparent Clear Epoxy Table Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Tables

The table looks messy and you may think that this cool DIY coffee table is somehow broken. Actually, the broken wood is just part of this table’s decoration. The good news is this table is customizable, because you can choose the pattern that you want to have.

25. Coffee Table, Chunky Table

DIY Coffee Tables

Now that we come to the last item on this list, you might fall in love with this one, because we clearly love this item. With a solid DIY look, this table also features a minimalist and plain look, making it a perfect coffee table for your home. Made of natural woods, this table will add a touch of nature to any room at home.

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Is it hard to make a coffee table?

Actually, it is easy to make a coffee table. You can build them on weekends if you already have the plans. The plans for DIY coffee tables are being sold all over the online stores. You can choose the best plan based on your taste and preference.

How tall should a coffee table be?

Coffee tables and tea tables are different. In regards to coffee tables, to be able to get the perfect height, coffee tables should be made between 14 to 20 inches tall. If you compare it with a couch, it should be 1-2 inches taller.

What are the best and coolest DIY coffee tables?

For the modern style, MF Studio Rustic Country Coffee Table is the best and also the coolest option, because it is the only table that has wheels to support the movement of the table. For the antique one, the transparent clear epoxy table is the best, because it features a unique design that can trick you, in a good way that is. You might think the design as a prank or optical illusion.

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