25 Vintage Rustic Coffee Table Ideas for Your Home 

There are many coffee table designs and styles that are available on the market these days. In this article, we are going to focus on the vintage rustic coffee table. Vintage rustic design and style has been on trend lately. On top of that, having something vintage always comes with that sentimental value and also stronger connection with the object. However, some vintage stuff might be too overwhelming, which is why something rustic or simple will suit the minimalist style of today. You can say it is the best of both worlds in one item.

For this list of vintage rustic coffee table, we have collected 25 coffee table options that have these two qualities. We would further categorize the list into different categories that include Unusual, Small, and Modern. By doing so, you can find the right coffee table that suits your style and needs more easily. So let’s check out the list below!

Unusual Coffee Table

The first category on this list of vintage rustic coffee tables is the Unusual one. We have put together several different coffee table options that offer a unique and out-of-the ordinary design. It will suit those of you who want to get a little creative with your coffee table

1. Old Travel Trunk Coffee Table

Old Travel Trunk Coffee Table

The first item on this list of vintage rustic coffee tables is the Old Travel Trunk Coffee Table. This is a true vintage coffee table, which was made in the 1970s, that comes in the shape of an antique chest. Just look at how adorable this coffee table looks! It is super unique, and you use the compartment to store magazines, books, etc, making it a super nice decorative storage space. 

2. Kira Coffee Table

Kira Coffee Table

The next item on this category is a uniquely designed coffee table made of two different materials, which is called the Kira Coffee Table. This tabletop is made of a white classy travertine top, combined beautifully with its oak legs. It has a round shape with uniquely attached legs, making this coffee table an elegant statement piece of decoration to add to your home. 

3. Solid Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table

Solid Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table

Comes in an unusual bowl shape, this coffee table is an item that we just have to put in this list of vintage rustic coffee tables. The table countertop is made of reclaimed wood, and the base is made out of steel with a white final color. Reclaimed wood makes every piece of this Wood Round Coffee Table unique, and you will never find the exact same coffee table with this one, anywhere in the world.

4. Truro Coffee Table

Truro Coffee Table

The Truro Coffee Table comes with a design that resembles a huge, hundred years old log that is made into an adorable coffee table. It was made of resin and comes in a clean white color with a clam shaped finish on its table top. The texture on its side makes it feel more like a wood log with white paint. 

5. Olivia Cocktail Table

Olivia Cocktail Table

This item is a French inspired coffee table that feels like it is taken out of a palace. The Olivia Cocktail Table is made with a glass table top and iron legs. Its antique glass and leg design make this table a simple yet vintage coffee table. Without a doubt, this one is one of the most vintage coffee table options in this list of vintage rustic coffee tables, which you can consider having if you are a true vintage and simple design lover. 

6. Industrial Design Coffee Table

Industrial Design Coffee Table

The Industrial Design Coffee Table comes in a light wooden color in a round shape. The legs design resembles an old column that you can find in ancient Roman buildings. In addition, it comes with a storage space and it is very easy to clean due to its dusty wax finish. 

7. Natural Walnut Coffee Table 

Natural Walnut Coffee Table

This Natural Walnut Coffee Table is probably one of the most unique coffee table options in this list. It comes in an irregular shape and has a little glass part on its table top. Made of beech wood, it still feels very vintage despite having a rather asymmetrical, futuristic design.  

8. Modern Oak Glass Coffee Table 

Modern Oak Glass Coffee Table

If you’re looking for another out-of-the box coffee table in this list, then this vintage rustic coffee table can be an option. The Modern Oak Glass Coffee Table comes with a solid oak tabletop, glass legs on one side. On the other side, it features a unique look of wooden blocks falling apart. In short, this is a coffee table and also an art piece in one item. 

9. Dual Tier Coffee Table

Dual Tier Coffee Table

The Dual Tier Coffee Table comes in a unique and unusual design where it looks like two tables stack together. The lower table is smaller in size compared to the top one. Its wooden material gives it a vintage feel to it and the size of it is quite spacious. So, you must definitely consider having this item as your new coffee table at home.

Small Vintage Rustic Coffee Table

The second category on this list of vintage rustic coffee table is created to accommodate those of you who have a limited space for a coffee table. These small coffee table options are great pieces that you can consider for its small size, design, and also functionality. It will fit perfectly in a small, limited space without making the place look cramped. 

10. Solid Wood Coffee Table

Wood Solid Coffee Table

The Solid Wood Coffee Table is made of mango wood, which turned into a unique cylindrical shape. Purposefully made with a natural wood finish, this coffee table has a one-of-a-kind look. Undoubtedly, this one is a perfect coffee table for both indoors and outdoors with no extra care needed. 

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11. Rustic Industrial Salvage Low Pine Cart Coffee Table

Rustic Industrial Salvage Low Pine Cart Coffee Table

If you are looking for something that looks more rustic and vintage, you can opt for this Rustic Industrial Salvage Low Pine Cart Coffee Table. It was made of two vintage blond-brown pine woods with galvanized steel on the corners to give that unique industrial-look. Moreover, you can easily move this table coffee around since it comes with wheels. 

12. Sunako Coffee Table 

Sunako Coffee Table

A very lovely and simple coffee table. The Sunako Coffee Table is in square shape, which is perfect for small spaces. Entirely made of wood, both its table top and legs, it gives you the vintage style that you love. The special thing about this coffee table is that it doesn’t have that typical wood brown color, because it is more on the lighter and whiter spectrum. So, it is perfect item for you who doesn’t really fancy the wood brown color. 

13. Frannie Coffee Table

Frannie Coffee Table

The Frannie Coffee Table is a simple, minimalist, and modern. Made of natural ratan, this coffee table has an arch design with a decent storage space in the bottom. In addition, the simple silhouette makes it look extra sleek, making it perfect for smaller spaces. 

14. Paper Coffee Table

Paper Coffee Table

Another small and simple coffee table option on this list of vintage rustic coffee table is the Paper Coffee Table. It is a wooden table with a very simple three leg design, which makes it look a little taller than the usual or normal coffee table. Moreover, this coffee table can also act as a side table due to its simple and sleek design. What a nice item to own, isn’t it?

15. Reclaimed Barn Beam Coffee Table 

Reclaimed Barn Beam Coffee Table

As you can tell from the name, the Reclaimed Barn Beam Coffee Table is made of reclaimed barn beams from local Minnesota farms. It comes with metal legs, which gives it a sturdy and solid support. Each barn beam is unique on its own, making this coffee tables a one-of-a-kind item. With a safe wax finishing, you don’t have to worry if you have kids around. 

16. Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table

Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table

Made out of engineered wood with a mystic oak finish, this Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table is small yet bulky (in a good way). The reason it is bulky is because two sides of the coffee table have drawers, which provides enough storage space for you to keep your things. It’s simple square design along with its wooden appearance gives this piece a more vintage vibe to any room at home.

Modern Vintage Rustic Coffee Table

The last category on this list of vintage rustic coffee tables is the combination of a modern yet vintage and rustic table. It is a perfect set of options for those of you who can’t choose whether you want something vintage or modern. Good news, you can get both styles together!

17. Mid Century Rustic Twig and Glass Coffee Table

Mid Century Rustic Twig and Glass Coffee Table

If you are looking for a modern looking yet vintage coffee table, then you can go with this Mid Century Rustic Twig and Glass Coffee Table. It comes with a glass countertop, which makes it look super modern. The unique wooden base made resembling twigs from trees, on the other hand, adds a vintage vibe to the coffee table altogether. What a true blend of modern and vintage in one item!

18. Clouded Coffee Table

Clouded Coffee Table

The Clouded Coffee Table will make you feel like you have a floating cloud in the middle of your room. If you look more closely, you can even see that it looks like an old stone table with its rounded legs. Plus, the white color makes it look modern and dreamy, just like a cloud. 

19. Arc Swivel Coffee Table

Arc Swivel Coffee Table

If you like something that is functional yet modern with a vintage vibe, you can opt for the Arc Swivel Coffee Table. It is a wooden, round, three-legged coffee table with a functional built-in storage. The small legs give a sense as if you make it your own, radiating that nostalgic feeling to the time when people used wood to make their own furniture by hand. 

20. Wood Slice Coffee Table

Wood Slice Coffee Table

The perfect modern and vintage design put together in one coffee table. This Wood Slice Coffee Table is made of a real slice of teak root, which every slice is unique in its own way. In addition, the metal legs also add some modern look to the whole appearance of this adorable coffee table

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21. Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table

Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table

This Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table is made of wood with great functional features, which makes it a modern coffee table. Not only you get a built-in storage, but also the pop up tabletop enables you to utilize the extra height to do some work on an elevated table top. Pretty cool, right?

22. Balboa Coffee Table

Balboa Coffee Table

Made of handwoven ratan, the Balboa Coffee Table has a pretty wooden color in a two tier design. You can use the bottom layer as storage so you can have your countertop free from unnecessary things.  

23. DOTSOG Farmhouse Coffee Table

DOTSOG Farmhouse Coffee Table

The DOTSOG Farmhouse Coffee Table would make a great both indoor and outdoor coffee table. It has a classic wooden table top with white legs that looks like wooden egg crates. In addition, there is a storage place in the bottom part where you can put all your things.

24. Omni House 2-Layer Vintage Coffee Table

Omni House 2-Layer Vintage Coffee Table

Combining glass and wood together, this Omni House 2-Layer Vintage Coffee Table looks very vintage yet modern. It comes in a round shape with a storage space and metal legs. 

25. Elephance Round Coffee Table

Elephance Round Coffee Table

The last coffee table on this list of vintage rustic coffee table is the Elephance Round Coffee Table. It is made with wooden table top and wooden bottom storage connected with a metal frame with a X-shape metal base. Without a doubt, a combination of wood and metal makes this coffee table a vintage yet modern piece. 

Latest Post:

What is a vintage rustic coffee table?

Vintage means something that has been around for a long time, or something that is inspired by past designs and workmanships. Rustic, on the other hand, means something that is made in a simple almost plain fashion. On this list, we put together options that have these two qualities together. 

What size coffee table should I get for my couch?

The size of the coffee table always depends on the size of your couch. It is recommended to get a table that has the size of two thirds of your couch. If you have a one seater couch, you can get a small round shaped coffee table like the Paper Coffee Table or the Whiskey Barrel Side Table from this list of vintage rustic coffee tables. These two options will be great because you can also put it on the side of your couch so it will double up as a side table as well. If you have a long and huge couch, the rectangular shape one will be better. 

How long should my coffee table be?

You always need to remember that the coffee table should not be longer than your couch so it can act as a centerpiece to your living room. If you have big couches you can go with something like the Olivia Cocktail Table or the DOTSOG Farmhouse Coffee Table. Whether you like a round shape one or a rectangular shape, these two options will suit your preference, one or another. 

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