18 Cool Surfboard Coffee Tables That Are Totally Rad

Coffee tables are important living room centerpieces. After all, they usually take center stage in this space. Many times, we forget about their decorative aspect. We instead make them a catchall for remote controls and magazines. For this reason, we’d like to offer you surfboard coffee tables that will instantly become a centerpiece in your home.

The creative designs of surfboard coffee tables are an easy way to make an impression. They make a big difference in the room’s look and feel. And as the weather turns South, that cup of coffee or tea needs support.

Still have no clue where to begin? Check out our awesome collection of these cool surfboard coffee tables and choose your favorite.

What Is A Surfboard Coffee Table?

A surfboard coffee table is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture shaped like a surfboard and used as a coffee table. It is typically made of wood, fiberglass, or resin and is frequently decorated with surf-inspired designs. It is popular among surfers and beach-themed home decor lovers because it can be used as both a decorative piece and a functional coffee table.

Best Surfboard Coffee Table Design Ideas

Try to come out of your comfort zone by taking a peek at these surfboard coffee tables. They have attractive designs that will lure instant curiosity from anyone who notices this. Besides, these surfboards have proper spaces to accommodate the coffee and snacks you want to enjoy while having a talk with your buddies.

Let us walk through every detail of each piece before you decide to buy one. Shall we?

#1 Monoculo Surfboard Coffee Table

Monoculo Surfboard Coffee Table

Wood is a popular favorite for household furniture for a good reason. It highlights natural patterns that no materials can offer. Cedar is particularly appropriate, as seen in this piece. Additionally, it has a certain sophisticated appeal that is hard to beat.

Monoculo Surfboard Coffee Table

The combination of black and light wooden tones will be sure to enhance your room, making it seem warm and cheerful at the same time. Moreover, the material is light yet durable, so you won’t need to buy another one for years. Its varnish finish enhances its beauty and protects it from damage.

Monoculo Surfboard Coffee Table

In a classic interior, such a table would add a casual note. This makes the room seem more relaxing and inviting. It could stand right in the middle or get a coveted corner position. Whatever the placement, this table adds aesthetic value and character to your space.

#2 Markersix 54” Surround Coffee Table 

Natural Wood Modern Surfboard Coffee Table

The minimalist legs on this table have got to be the most captivating feature. They direct all attention where it belongs. The surface matches the actual surfboard dimensions, where you can easily put coffee mugs with no worries. As far as looks go, few surfboard coffee tables can match.

Natural Wood Modern Surfboard Coffee Table

The sanding process pays great attention to detail. Meanwhile, the result is a mirror-like glossy finish bound to generate great visual interest. Plywood is the material chosen for this amazing piece. The four Varathane layers coating ensures durability.

Natural Wood Modern Surfboard Coffee Table

The color choice is cool, lending the table a relaxing effect. Any modern interior space would get a facelift from this design choice. We recommend setting one in your living room to enliven the area as well as impress your guess. Besides, you have the opportunity to pick your custom colors, though. This will come in handy if it’s an addition to an existing color scheme.

#3 Natural Wood and Navy Blue Surfboard Coffee Table 

Navi Surfboard Coffee Table

The navy and brown combination on this table will add a warm appeal to your living room. They are both neutral colors that could blend with almost any theme. But, we highly recommend setting one in a room with a warm tone to light up the space.

Navi Surfboard Coffee Table

The dimensions match a real-life surfboard. This makes it a perfect gift for a surfing enthusiast. For the few cold months when you have to stay away from the water, it will keep the flame alive. It will help you through the difficult days and ensure you live to see another summer.

Navi Surfboard Coffee Table

Picture yourself, coffee cup in hand, listening to cool music. With this masterpiece in place, you might actually dose up on too much caffeine. So take care and know when to stop.

Navi Surfboard Coffee Table

Every day will be an outdoor adventure recreation right in your living room. So stop what you are doing and get one of these surfboard coffee tables. Match it up with a long bench made of wooden materials, and you are all set!

#4 Retro Fish Surfboard Coffee Table 

Retro Fish Surfboard Coffee Table

Would you like to bring some marine life into your living room? Well, this retro coffee table promises to become an all-time favorite. It blends a fish and surfboard design to make the ultimate addition to your space.

Retro Fish Surfboard Coffee Table

The black hairpin legs work well with the cream and brown surface for a tranquil feel. The fishy indentation adds significant visual interest to keep guests excited. No matter how gloomy your days are, this coffee table will cheer your up.

Retro Fish Surfboard Coffee Table

You might have noticed the colors chosen to compliment this interior space. So for the best effect, think of your space as a whole. Work towards attaining a harmonious look. This is the best way to make your living room elegant without having to struggle.

Retro Fish Surfboard Coffee Table

What color scheme best defines your personality? Think about it and get your custom coffee table today. If your living room is dominated by wooden materials with dark brown colors, we think that it will be best to choose a lighter tone for this coffee table. That way, you will have stunning color contrast.

#5 Modway Surfboard Coffee Table 

This design speaks for the “bigger is better” concept. And it does a damn good job of it. Everything about it enhances a spacious illusion. The white color is the first step in the right direction. Then take a look at the ornate leg design! It is minimalistic yet captivating.

Modway Surfboard Coffee Table

The table is almost as long as a standard sofa. It would take quite some effort to clutter it up, wouldn’t it? Its elliptical shape ensures that it does not eat too much space.

Modway Surfboard Coffee Table

This table would look perfect in any setting. It blends well with both formal and informal spaces. This is due to the neutral color scheme. Its low orientation makes it an ideal match for other low furniture.

In addition, we recommend having darker shades for other furniture around—for instance, the chairs or sofa. This combination will offer a blend of color that accentuate a modern interior.

It is simple yet charming. It speaks volumes about sophistication without trying too hard.

#6 Faux Pallet Rustic Weathered Surfboard Coffee Table 

Faux Pallet Rustic Weathered Surfboard Coffee Table - Surfboard Coffee Tables

A vintage surfboard coffee table is an impressive way to spice things up. It is particularly nice when contrasted with a modern space. This rustic table spells fun in more ways than one. The weathering process lends credibility to the concept.

Faux Pallet Rustic Weathered Surfboard Coffee Table

The unique surface pattern makes this an outstanding choice. The faux patchwork creates significant visual interest. It seems like a page right out of history. It begs one to feel its surface, making it quite successful as a centerpiece.

Faux Pallet Rustic Weathered Surfboard Coffee Table

This creative design is bound to add some authenticity to your living room. But unlike most others, clutter does not flatter its look. So find another surface for your bits and ends. Let this table speak to the room’s occupants uninhibited.

As for the sofa, you can take one color you love from the surfboard. If you prefer a minimalist tone, black or grey will be your ultimate pick. You might place a transparent flower vase if you must.

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#7 NJdesignco Retro Surfboard Coffee Table 

Surfboard shaped coffee table in nautical vintage design

The best part about the surfboard coffee table design is the endless options. It is not only about the ocean adventure. It is also about how you like it executed. The shabby chic design that inspires this table is extraordinary.

Surfboard shaped coffee table in nautical vintage design

If the ocean is your home away from home, you would want your interior to reflect this ideal. Placing this table smack in the middle of your living room is one way to do it. It is not too big and would fit almost any space. It bears a neutral color to blend with any scheme.

Surfboard shaped coffee table in nautical vintage design

If you have a thing for actual wood, then this is the one. The material is pure white pine offering quality and appeal. The unique hairpin stand is three-legged, adding to its uniqueness.

You can set it up as your patio table. That way, you can have a convo with your partner while sipping a cup of tea at late noon. But if you wish to feature one in your living room, we recommend having a fluffy rug underneath to spice it up.

#8 Hardwood Purpleheart Cherry and Maple Surfboard Coffee Table 

Hardwood Purpleheart Cherry and Maple Surfboard Coffee Table - Surfboard Coffee Tables

This has got to be one of the most elegant surfboard coffee tables you can buy. Its colored surface is the main stronghold. It is executed naturally, not using a staining or dying product. It features a blend of maple, cherry, and purpleheart.

Hardwood Purpleheart Cherry and Maple Surfboard Coffee Table

These materials make a warm combination to add character to your room. They also make the table a viable centerpiece for any space. But if you want our suggestion, you better display one as a living room table along with the black or brown sofa.

Meanwhile, the fishtail design adds a dose of appeal to Mother Nature.

Hardwood Purpleheart Cherry and Maple Surfboard Coffee Table

The colorful design goes beyond the ordinary appeal characterizing most other tables. It is appropriate for a vibrant and adventurous personality. It brings out good cheer and happy tidings no matter the season.

You might add some fresh floral arrangements to complete the effect. Small potted succulents will also look great on the tabletop.

#9 Mid Century Modern Surfboard Coffee Table 

Mid Century Modern Surfboard Coffee Table - Leslie Diamond for Conant Ball

The mid-century modern surfboard coffee table offers several points of appeal. The constituent material is high-quality walnut, ensuring durability. The finish is flawless, and its natural wooden color is appealing.

It offers an in-between for a nature-lover who wants a solid coffee table. So, while the shape is surfboard-inspired, its quality is remarkable. It has a sturdy support system underneath. The four-legged structure joins using a cross design.

Mid Century Modern Surfboard Coffee Table - Leslie Diamond for Conant Ball

Furthermore, the top features four panels finished creating contrast. The book and butt design is captivating and elegant. Even though its inspiration is mid-century, it could add a facelift to any theme. A modern theme would appreciate the welcome divergence.

The oval design attracts all personality types. It does not limit the appeal to surfboard lovers alone. It is a fitting furniture choice for all interior spaces. Nonetheless, such exquisite furniture will look amazing in your living room. Pair it with a comfy beige sofa and a rug underneath the table to spruce up the spot.

#10 Table End Surfboard Coffee Table

Surfboard Coffee Table

For a laid-back and creative ocean touch, take a look at this simple design. It is a nice way to add your personal flair to the living room. Moreover, it showcases an adventurous and artsy personality. In addition, it will blend with almost any room décor thanks to its simplicity.

Surfboard Coffee Table

If you would like a different color to showcase your tastes go right ahead. No matter the color scheme, it is certain to make the living room a friendly space. It is the kind of centerpiece that gets the conversation going. Besides, it will evoke pleasant memories and keep you longing for the next ocean adventure.

Furthermore, it makes an awesome addition to existing beach-inspired décor. Or it could be the start of your collection. Whatever the case, your interior space could definitely use one of these.

The only thing we would love to add is a navy sofa with a soft cushion to match this stunning table. Choose a set that will fit five or six people if you have a big family so that you can have a convo together in this spot.

#11 Fish Tail Table End Surfboard Coffee Table

Hardwood Fishtail Surfboard Coffee

Do you know someone who has had their fill of conventional coffee tables? Why not surprise them with one of these surfboard coffee tables? It is not so much about functionality. But, it is all about the potential for fun and adventure. It is an instant attention grabber in any room.

Hardwood Fishtail Surfboard Coffee

In a small space, it could make a valuable end table. And if you have any trophies to display, you might want to find another surface. It was not given such a fine glossy finish to expand your clutter space.

If you happen to be a sporty type, then this is an awesome way to showcase your personality. Taking some extra care to match it to your interior décor will save everyone a headache. It might also get you some points from discerning guests. What are you waiting for? Give your room some character with one of these.

To complete the set, you can pick black chairs with back rest. They will effortlessly match the modern minimalist appeal. Besides, they ensure you will have a long chat and comfy seat with no back pain after all.

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#12 Rustic Weathered Surfboard Table with Optional Matching Side Tables 

Rustic Weathered Surfboard Table with Optional Matching Side Tables

The one thing that could beat a great surfboard table is one with matching babies. Look at the amount of harmony the ensemble adds to the room! They make it so easy to turn a drab space into a cozy one in seconds. They also give you added reason to enjoy the indoors as you wait for surf season.

Rustic Weathered Surfboard Table with Optional Matching Side Tables

The coffee table is a bit taller than most others. Its greatest highlight is the weathered look that gives it a vintage feel. Its base also leans towards traditional. And most importantly, it offers so much storage space for an alluring display.

Rustic Weathered Surfboard Table with Optional Matching Side Tables

Every time you walk into such a space, you enjoy a free trip back in time. Think of how refreshing that would be to visit friends and family. With the neutral color scheme, you can easily fit these precious additions into any theme you wish.

In case you leave room for your nautical preference, you can try to match this table with turquoise or navy chairs. Also, grab a chance to complete the set with side tables on both sides of the sofa.

#13 Ginko Surfboard Coffee Table

Gingko Surfboard Coffee Table

Here is a perfect treat for everyone who loves the idea of surfing but is too lazy to venture out. It brings the adventure right into your living room. As far as surfboard coffee tables go, this one certainly holds a great position.

Gingko Surfboard Coffee Table

It is a handcrafted masterpiece made to an actual surfboard’s dimensions. Moreover, it offers lots of space for tea or coffee as well as for your little tidbits. You can also set up a small potted cactus or a flower vase to spice up the space. Choose white flowers to offer a feminine and gentle touch around.

In addition, it is a sophisticated piece that would grace the most modern interior. It could also fit in a rustic or minimalist context as a timeless classic.

Gingko Surfboard Coffee Table

The natural walnut tint adds the perfect amount of color and so much warmth to the interior. If you love to adorn your living room with a collection of pastels, make this the neutralizing aspect. Surf the web if you must but make sure you get this as inspiration while you’re at it.

Considering its short legs, it will be better to find chairs that match the size. Otherwise, you need to bend to grab your snacks, books, or a cup of coffee.

#14 Kids Surfboard Coffee Table

Kids Surfboard Coffee Table

You could have so much fun with the surfboard trend if you brought the kids on board. It helps you tailor their aspirations to your own heart. Waking up to this sight every morning will turn them into surfers sooner than you know it. Or at least make them interested in the surfing world.

Kids Surfboard Coffee Table

It features four legs that ensure safety and sturdiness for a lifetime. So, there’s no need to buy another one in years ahead. The two-tone wooden contrast with light and darker shades creates a stunning sight.

Even though it doesn’t feature a wide surface, it gives you plenty of space to put on your book, a cup of coffee, and biscuits with no worries. It will also add quite some character to their room, a simple design that makes it more accessible.

Kids Surfboard Coffee Table

The hairpin stands are almost nonexistent. They make the design minimalist and focus attention where it belongs. And if your young ones love a different color, there is a whole rainbow of palettes available.

We highly recommend purchasing one as a table to complement your reading chair. As for the chair, it will be best to find one that matches the tone. It could be dark brown or lighter. And, of course, wood is the material we would love to suggest.

#15 Old School Surfboard Coffee Table

Old School Surfboard

There are so many fun ways to incorporate the surfboard trend into your interior space. This old-school board design is an all-time favorite. It brings back fond memories and shows how far you have come. It offers a pretty wide space where you can put a flower vase on the black spot to adorn this spot.

Old School Surfboard

The humongous dimensions add a bit of whimsy to your space. The glossy finish is the only thing that gives it away. That is how you know it is not as old as it wants you to think. Choose the right color and allow it to melt into the room’s palette.

In case you fancy minimalist designs, having a surfboard table with a blend of white and brown wooden tones is a brilliant idea. It will perfectly match your interior in any room it resides.

Old School Surfboard

Whether your style is sophisticated or demure, this board will hold its own. It will stand out and make a big splash. It is the ultimate centerpiece to bring a dreary room to life. So if there is a space in your home that needs a touch of elegance, you have found the missing piece.

Consider arranging one in your living room or family room with wooden chairs to complete the set. We also recommend having a rug underneath the table to prevent scratching on your floors whenever you pull the table.

#16 Mermaid Inspired Surfboard Coffee Table

Fish surfboard inspired wooden surf table with mermaid print

If you like the fictional mermaid character, you’ll absolutely adore this surfboard coffee table. Featuring a swimming mermaid, this table depicts a graceful and charming mermaid figure. The sparkling, turquoise light from the painting creates an artistic appeal to the table against the deep navy background.

Fish surfboard inspired wooden surf table with mermaid print

Its rectangle-like shape makes this table great for the living room. But if you wish to have one in your family room to provide space for your display, that will be fine! The size is not too big or small, so it doesn’t matter if your house has limited space.

Furthermore, this table will bring the ocean-atmosphere closer to you, making it a perfect furniture for homeowner who loves a marine and nautical design.

Fish surfboard inspired wooden surf table with mermaid print

Moreover, the choice of dark blue color as the base is fantastic because it emphasizes the turquoise paint used to draw the mermaid. In terms of material, the table is made of solid wood, so you don’t have to worry about its durability.

You can pair it with wooden chairs whose colors are similar to the table’s legs. However, it will be nice if you keep it away from constant sunlight and rain to prevent any damage.

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#17 Surfboard Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

Surfboard Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

Nowadays, the media for painting are increasingly diverse. Not only on canvas, but this art activity can also be done on a flat table like this surfboard coffee table. Look how beautiful this masterpiece is! You seem to be taken to the beach with calm waves.

Surfboard Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

The peaceful blue sea is immediately reflected in the painting on this board. Not only is this painting interesting, but the material for making this artwork is also unique.

You will be surprised to know that the material is epoxy resin combined with oil wax. Impressive, isn’t it? The details of the paintings are exquisite and meticulously painted. In addition to the captivating blue sea, several stingrays on this paint will blow your mind even more.

Surfboard Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

In addition, the construction of this table is also inspired by the shape of the tail’s fish. The size of the table is also tiny, so it fits any room’s size. But if you want to set one in your living room, you can make it.

Nonetheless, it will be best to feature chairs with similar sizes to match the table. Also, it is made of oak wood which has a distinctive fiber characteristic that adds beautiful décor to the table. 

Suppose you want to experience drinking coffee with a beach atmosphere and waves crashing. In that case, this hand-crafted table belongs to you.

#18 Surfboard Black Coffee Table

Surfboard Coffee Table / Black

Any basic design lover will fall for this coffee table. Inspired by the surfboard shape, this table is perfect for any room theme. Its modern style is ideal for completing your interior décor.

The combination of black with white lines that divide the table gives this item a minimalist look, making it perfect for a home with a modern minimalist interior design.

Surfboard Black Coffee Table

It has three legs that support the weight of the surfboard-like surface table. That’s why you don’t need to worry about it! Despite its small size, this table is suitable for putting various items on it, including a cup of coffee and a jar of biscuits to accompany your coffee time. You can also feature some potted succulents or cacti to decorate the space.

Surfboard Black Coffee Table

Neutral color, simple design, and minimalist size are the main features of this table. So, for those of you who like such qualities, it will be the best option for a coffee table you may consider buying now.

In addition to its appeal, we would love to recommend having a sofa that matches this table. You can consider those with soft cushions and beige colors to feature in your living room with this amazing surfboard coffee table. Don’t forget to arrange a flower vase to spice it up a bit.

Final Thoughts

Surfboard coffee tables are a creative way to invite this timeless trend into your home. They add lots of visual interest and an adventurous aspect to any interior space. Moreover, they are a cool choice that defines all themes, contemporary and vintage.

Choose whether you will make them a practical addition or use them only for aesthetics. We recommend pairing them with chairs or sofas to complete the set. However, you better consider the size before purchasing one. Regardless of your choice, these elegant pieces will turn your home into a tranquil haven.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best and coolest surfboard coffee table you can buy in 2023?

If you want to elevate your living room space with something unique, try buying the best surfboard coffee tables. They have an unusual shape, resembling a true surfboard, with a bit wider surface. We recommend buying one that features a minimalist design and color, like brown, black, white, with some patterns that adorn this piece. That way, you can easily match it with the chairs you have.

Some of our collections that are worth buying are Mermaid Inspired Surfboard Coffee Table, Epoxy Resin Surfboard Coffee Table, and Monoculo Surfboard Coffee Table.

How do I care for my surfboard coffee table?

To keep your surfboard coffee table looking its best, use a soft cloth or duster to dust and clean the surface on a regular basis. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleansers should be avoided as they might damage the wood and finish.

If your table is made of untreated wood, a protective coat of wax or oil may be applied to help preserve the wood and keep it from drying out. If your table has been painted or stained, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance guidelines.

Can a surfboard coffee table be used outdoors?

If you plan to use your surfboard coffee table outside, you should select a table that is specifically made for outdoor usage, as most surfboard coffee tables are designed for indoor use. Opt for tables made of long-lasting, weather-resistant materials like teak or marine-grade plywood, and keep the table away from direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions. If used outdoors, regular cleaning and care can also assist to extend the life of your surfboard coffee table.

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