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27 Cool Succulents You Can Buy – Most Beautiful Succulents

Succulents are one of the fastest-growing trends in gardening and for good reason. Not only are they extremely low maintenance. But they also come in an alluring array of shapes, sizes, patterns and hues.

Whether you want to start an enchanting display of cool succulents or to add to your existing collection, you’re in the right place. We have curated a collection of some of the most beautiful succulents ever!

These represent a wide range of styles from surprisingly colorful ones to fuzzy rabbit-eared ones and much more. Read on to find some of the best succulent plants you can buy.

The Coolest Succulents – Most Beautiful Succulents

 #1 Monilaria Moniliforme Bunny Succulents 

Monilaria Moniliforme Bunny Succulents - Cool Succulents

If you thought you’d seen it all, these might come as a bit of a surprise. They are among the most unusual succulents yet, with the cutest bunny ears. Have you always wished you had a pet bunny but don’t have what it takes to keep one? Here’s the perfect compromise. Find Them Here. 


#2 Rare Succulent Lithop Seeds – Most Beautiful Succulents

Rare Succulent Lithop Seeds - Cool Succulents - most beautiful succulents

Having a plant in any color but green often comes as a fun, pleasant surprise. That’s what makes this variety extra special. Looking for the missing piece to complete your little collection? Well, you just found it! Find Them Here. 

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#3 Rose Succulents – Greenovia Dodrentalis

Rose Succulents - Greenovia Dodrentalis - Cool Succulents

One of the best things about these plants has to be the sheer diversity. And these unusual succulents that resemble rose flowers have got to be among the most unique of them. Their petals are just as curvy. But what makes them super awesome is that they’re always in bloom! More Info Here. 


#4 Sinocrassula Yunnanensis Rare Succulent Seeds 

Sinocrassula Yunnanensis Rare Succulent Seeds - Cool Succulents

Add a ton of contrast and pizzazz to your garden with this jet black variety. The striking color makes it a great centerpiece for any collection, sure to create lots of visual interest. And when it’s time to decorate for Halloween, these will really come in handy. Find Them Here. 


#5 Pleiospilos Nelii – Royal Flush ( Split Rock ) 

Pleiospilos Nelii - Royal Flush ( Split Rock ) - Cool Succulents

This cool succulent plant is one of the weirdest looking of them all. With leaves that resemble stones, its design is all about blending in with rocks to avoid attention. But what this will do in your garden is draw plenty of attention. Find it Here. 


#6 Frithia Pulchra – Fairy Elephants Feet 

Frithia Pulchra - Fairy Elephants Feet

It’s easy to see why these are known as fairy elephants’ feet. They look nothing like plants thanks to their flat, transparent tops. That makes them a great choice if you want to add some diversity to your current troupe of plants. What a cool addition to any houseplant collection. Find it Here. 


#7 Conophytum Friedrichiae – Living Stone 

Conophytum Friedrichiae - Living Stone - Cool Succulents

With this master of camouflage, you will have everyone fooled. It is a fascinating plant that resembles a pebble. Before it flowers, anyone would be forgiven for mistaking it for a stone. Picture the look of surprise on their faces when it starts to bloom and blossom. Priceless! Find it Here. 


#8 Cactaceae Echinocereus Rigidissimus Rubispinus – Rare Succulent Live Plant – 

Cactaceae Echinocereus Rigidissimus Rubispinus - Cool Succulents

Also known as the Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus, this is one species that has a few tricks up its spines. It sports bright pink spines and produces pink flowers that resemble funnels. The color changes in different temperatures and as it ages, the spines turn yellow. Find it Here. 


#9 Albuca Spiralis Seeds 

Albuca Spiralis Seeds - Cool Succulents

For the avid enthusiast, you probably already have the typical small varieties. How about spicing up your collection with one of these cool succulents? After growing in a spring shape, it coils up to create a feast for the eyes. Find Them Here. 


#10 String of Dolphins Succulent – Senecio Peregrinus 

String of Dolphins Succulent - Senecio Peregrinus - Cool Succulents

Don’t you just love the sight of dolphins leaping out of the water? Did you know you could have it replicated right in your garden? These intriguing plants are a cross between the hot dog cactus and the string of pearls. Find it Here. 


#11 Sedeveria – Harry Butterfield / Super Donkey Tail 

Sedeveria - Harry Butterfield / Super Donkey Tail

Anyone who loves trailing plants will adore this cool succulent plant. It sports large, teardrop shaped rosettes that terminate in tubular pink flowers. The cascading stems have what it takes to create your version of hanging gardens. Find it Here. 


#12 Sedeveria Silver Frost Crassulaceae – Rare Succulent Live Plant 

Sedeveria Silver Frost Crassulaceae - Rare Succulent Live Plant

Your search for an adorable, and colorful addition to your collection ends here. The beautiful peach color and ornately shaped leaves makes it seems almost too good to be real. All you need now is the perfect planter to display its exquisite beauty. Find it Here. 


#13 Blue Flower Succulent Seeds ( Rare ) 

Blue Flower Succulent Seeds ( Rare ) - Cool Succulents

Create a visual feast in your garden with one of these delightful plants. It looks more like candy than a flower. But don’t let its delicate looks fool you. It can survive and thrive virtually anywhere, and look great doing it. Find Them Here. 


#14 Alien Eggs Succulent – Haworthia Cooperi 

Alien Eggs Succulent - Haworthia Cooperi - Cool Succulents

If aliens lay eggs, they are probably not this cute. But they are likely as intriguing. Knock the socks off your friends as they try to figure out what these are. This unique variety begs for a closer look and will be sure to make a statement wherever you place it. Find it Here. 


#15 Colorful Succulent Seeds Variety 

Colorful Succulent Seeds Variety - Cool Succulents

Ever found yourself wishing, ‘If only these hardy plants were a little more colorful?’ Well, turns out they can be; and not only when they’re under stress. Feast your eyes on this amazing lot. Isn’t it what your garden needs to make it pop? Find Them Here. 


#16 Echeveria Longissima 

Echeveria Longissima - Cool Succulents

Just when you thought they could not get any prettier, here comes one of the most beautiful succulents yet. It has elegantly curved rosettes in green with remarkable red margins. The markings on the leaves add to the uniqueness and beauty. Find it Here. 


#17 Sedum Spurium – Dragons Blood Full Sun 

Sedum Spurium - Dragons Blood Full Sun

Looking for cool succulents that can provide the ultimate ground cover? Seems like you just found them! These beautifully serrated green leaves take on a gorgeous red hue when the weather turns cold. As if that is not enough, it also attracts butterflies for double the visual feast. Find it Here. 


#18 Sedum Ochroleucum – Red Wiggle 

Sedum Ochroleucum - Red Wiggle

Another unique variety, this cool succulent plant stands out in more ways than one. For starters, the leaves look like needles. Then the foliage is red with green tips. And in fall, they turn a brilliant red from end to end. Find it Here. 


#19 Sinocrassula Yunnanensis – Very Rare Black Succulent 

Sinocrassula Yunnanensis - Very Rare Black Succulent

As one of the rarest of cool succulent plants, this variety looks like an all-black hedgehog. Its small rosettes gradually grow into dense clumps. It makes a perfect choice for a rockery or gravel garden and will look great with any other varieties. Find it Here. 


#20 Rainbow Echeveria Succulent Seeds 

Rainbow Echeveria Succulent Seeds - Cool Succulents

Aptly named after their brilliant foliage, these varicolored plants are a great way to brighten things up. What makes them particularly outstanding is that they come in as many styles as colors. And they perform as well outdoors as they do indoors. Find Them Here. 


#21 Gold Nugget Chick Charm Live Succulent Plant 

Gold Nugget Chick Charm Live Succulent Plant

A collectors’ favorite, the gold nugget Chick Charm is clearly a stunner. Sporting golden leaves with bright orange tips, it is a low-growing variety that grows almost anywhere. The color intensity changes according to the lighting and temperature. That gives your garden a fresh look for every season. Find it Here. 


#22 Tornado Cactus Succulent 

Tornado Cactus Succulent

If you thought nothing good could come out of a tornado, you might be in for a surprise. The Tundra Tornado is a quirky looking species that belongs in a collector’s garden. Yes, it’s a real plant. Fascinating, right? Find it Here.


#23 Rare Peperomia String of Turtles ROOTED Cutting 

Rare Peperomia String of Turtles ROOTED Cutting - Cool Succulents

Want to create a stunning terrarium or hanging garden? This is one of the most popular varieties used for this purpose. The name says it all and you can be sure it will make a unique focal point. It looks best in settings where it can trail. Find it Here. 


#24 15 Super Cute Baby Small Succulent Cuttings 

15 Super Cute Baby Small Succulent Cuttings

Wouldn’t this make the ultimate gift choice for a green thumb? The set comes with a total of 15 cuttings of different varieties of cool succulents. Featuring red, purple, pink and green species, it makes a great starting point too for a new collector. Find Them Here. 


#25 Argyroderma Delaetii, Living Stone – Rare Succulent 

Argyroderma Delaetii, Living Stone - Rare Succulent

What if rocks could sprout flowers? With one of these unusual succulents, you get an idea of how cool that would look. The only thing that gives it away is the perfectly smooth exterior. Doubtless, the color contrast between the foliage and flower adds to the remarkableness. Find it Here. 


#26 Mixed Succulent Seeds 

Mixed Succulent Seeds

Having trouble mastering the art of gardening? How about starting small with the most stunning variety of cool succulent plants? With this collection of seeds, you get a delightful blend of colors and styles. And the best part is that they’re all low maintenance. Find Them Here. 


#27 Succulent Gift Box with live Succulents included 

Succulent Gift Box with live Succulents included

Wondering what to get the green thumb in your life for a special occasion? This gift box will likely surprise them to wit’s end. It is a simple four-inch box with a variety of live species. To keep things fun and vibrant, they come in different hues and designs. Find it Here.

As it turns out, there is a whole world of unexplored possibilities in this plant category. And the diversity is simply matchless. Give your houseplant or mini garden a new lease on life with this collection of cool succulents.

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