27 Coolest Lamp Shades You Can Buy

Whether you are looking to introduce atmospheric lighting to your space, alter the lighting tone or make a décor statement, a lamp shade is one of the best solutions. When you find the right one to suit your personal style and décor theme, it makes an instant difference without breaking the bank.

Cool lamp shades offer so much more than perfect lighting for your space. They have become interesting art forms that add tons of visual interest to boring spaces.

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Remarkably, they are also a great way to express your creativity and make your space an extension of your personality.

In addition to its decorative aspect, a cool lampshade will also allow you to guide and focus your light to suit personal preferences.

#1 Frida Cream Lampshade

Frida Cream Lampshade

Why stop at ambient lighting when you can make a powerful statement? For all the nature lovers in the house, this lamp shade captures the raw beauty of the outdoors at its best. The lovely print captures Frida in an elegant Mexican dress.

Her surroundings are paradisiac, sure to put you in a tranquil mind frame with every glance. The colorful and vibrant artwork turns this into the ultimate focal point for a minimalistic living room. Watch it all come to life every time you switch on the lights.

#2 Mid Century Style 3 Tier Fiberglass Lamp Shade

Mid Century Style 3 Tier Fiberglass Lamp Shade -Cool Lamp Shades

Do you feel like you can never get enough of the retro-modern style in your interior space? Well, it’s time to usher in the dream centerpiece to your collection. A three-tier design makes this mid-century fiber glass lamp shade a beauty to behold.

More importantly, it creates a relaxing atmosphere by virtue of its cool lighting effect. The best part is that it can blend in with virtually any décor, without getting lost in its surroundings. What an awesome accent piece to take your décor to the next level!

#3 Bear Scene Lamp Shade


Looking for a way to bring a little of the outdoors in? Look no further than this rustic piece. If you have a soft spot for country décor, this piece fits right in. It makes use of faux leather oiled kraft paper to create an artistic masterpiece.

The edges have lacing to complete the effect. When you light it up, the images look like real-life shadows of mama bear and baby bear walking outside a tent. It’s literally all you need to perfect your log cabin décor theme.

#4 Yellow Geometric Lampshade

Yellow Geometric Lampshade

If you love to keep it simple and at the same time make a statement, this unique lampshade is right up your alley. Featuring a geometric design in white on a mustard yellow background, it holds a certain warm appeal.

Picture the effect of yellow lighting washing across the living room. Not only will it brighten up the space, but it also promises to make it cozy and inviting. Use it as a ceiling shade or on a table lamp and enjoy the transformation.

#5 Moose 9″ Paper Empire Lamp Shade

Moose 9" Paper Empire Lamp Shade

Cannot get enough of the wild outdoors? How about creating the perfect adventure scene right in your living room? With this lamp shade, you get an artistic depiction of a mountain scene, complete with a moose and pine trees.

It makes a great focal point for an art loving home owner during the day. But at night is when all the magic really happens. The light on the inside brings the artwork to life creating tons of visual interest around the piece. Cool!

#6 3 Tier Starburst Atomic Lamp Shade

3 Tier Starburst Atomic Lamp Shade - Cool Lamp Shades

For science lovers, no other piece could beat the atomic starburst pattern lampshade. Its delightful combination of sea foam green and tangerine orange is out of this world. The colors blend effortlessly with the starburst theme breaking the monotony.

Thanks to the three-tier design, the piece instantly draws attention creating a great centerpiece. For a homeowner with a mid-century décor, this has to be the missing piece to complete the theme in style. Set a romantic mood lighting it up at a low level.

#7 Batman Lamp Shade

Batman Lamp Shade

Is there an ardent Batman fan in your life? Whether he happens to be a kid, or simply a child at heart, this stunning lamp shade would make a great gift. It sports a simple yet captivating pattern of the batman signal on a black background.

The color contrast between black and yellow makes it impossible to miss. At night, it creates a warm ambient glow as light passes through the yellow sections. It’s a great choice for someone who does not love to sleep in total darkness.

#8 Coyote Scenic Cool Lamp Shades

Coyote Scenic Lamp Shade - Cool Lamp Shades

A rustic wildlife lamp shade offers tons of versatility for both contemporary and country theme lovers. It is just a beautiful when it’s off as it is when the light comes on. They have an inviting glow that adds warmth to any space.

The use of oiled kraft paper introduces a certain textural appeal while the faux leather lacing completes the rustic effect. With this piece, the artwork ensures that you get so much more than perfect lighting. You get a timeless conversation piece that will always be a step ahead of the hype.

#9 Gray Rose Flower Accessory Lampshade

Gray Rose Flower Accessory Lampshade

Tired of having the same old lamp shade for ages but cannot let it go? Why not give it a stunning makeover with one of these rose flower accessories? Choose from a wide array of color options to give your favorite shade a new lease of life.

It will add a touch of style and texture to the piece and offer the ideal finishing touch to your décor. If you love vibrant colors, turn your lamp into a statement piece with the least amount of effort.

#10 Multi Stem Large Drum Lamp Shade

Multi Stem Large Drum Lamp Shade

Cool lamp shades don’t come any better than this! Though it sports a simple design, it is undoubtedly striking thanks to the pattern and combination of colors. Drawing inspiration from nature, its design features multiple stems, each one with vibrant leaves in contrasting colors.

Whether you with to make a statement or simply want a conversation piece, this is the real deal. Brighten up your existence by adding a pop of color and style to your indoors space.

#11 Magpie Green Pastel Tones Lamp Shade

Magpie Green Pastel Tones Lamp Shade

Art lamp shades are an outstanding way to enjoy the best of both worlds. Thanks to its cool and artistic lamp shade patterns, this piece has equal measures of style and function. It serves as a work of art in its own right, both night and day.

In its functional role, it ensures that you get just the right nature-inspired ambience when night comes. Everyone can attest to the calming effect of nature after a long day at work. You will always look forward to coming home to this lamp shade.

#12 Teal Geometric Lampshade

Teal Geometric Lampshade

Keep things simple yet stylish with one of these stunning pieces. It is unique in every sense of the world thanks to the fabric color choice and patterns. However, it holds particular appeal to the minimalist home owner, as it does not have too much going on.

But even in its simplicity, it holds tons of visual appeal to upgrade your space. For times when you want to kick back and relax, its ambient glow will set the perfect mood. Moreover, it can serve as a great accent piece for your space.

#13 Deer Scenic Lamp Shade

Deer Scenic Lamp Shade

Showcase your love for all things outdoorsy with this cool lamp shade. Much as you might wish to spend your life camping, it might not always be practical.

With this piece, you get to enjoy the full glory of the wild outdoors in the comfort of your living room.

Whether this keeps your love for adventure in check or causes a deeper yearning is another matter. But at the end of the day, you get to enjoy a taste of your favorite mountain scene every day of your life.

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#14 Mid Century Style 3 Tier Retro Lamp Shade

Mid Century Style 3 Tier Retro Lamp Shade - Cool Lamp Shades

Take a trip to the retro side of life, mid-century style. A three-tier lampshade like this one carries tons of benefits. First, it offers matchless visual appeal by virtue of its creative design and color contrast.

Second, you get to enjoy a unique lighting quality due to the multiple shade layers. Third, it looks amazing even when the light is off, making a great focal point all times of day.

The use of fiberglass as its primary material ensures that you will get to enjoy all these benefits and more for a long time.

#15 7″ Glass Empire Lamp Shade

7" Glass Empire Lamp Shade

Enhance the appearance of your indoor space and set the perfect mood for relaxation. What makes this lamp shade a cool choice is its potential to diffuse harsh light. Its deep blue shade creates the ideal ambience for relaxation at the end of a long day.

At the same time, it ensures that the piece does not escape notice. The generous length of its shade means you get just the right amount of illumination for an evening of unwinding. A minimalist look ensures that it causes no unnecessary distractions.

#16 African Wax Print Fabric Lampshade

African wax print drum lampshade

Take your décor to the next level with the African print fabric lamp shade. Bold and captivating, the piece is impossible to miss. In fact, it might be the first thing you notice anytime you walk in, night or day.

If your interior décor draws inspiration from African designs, add this to complete the look. Apart from giving it a unique look, the print of the fabric also filters out light, giving you only what you need. Transform your space in the simplest way possible with this funky lamp shade.

#17 Vintage Style 2 Tier Fiberglass Lamp Shade

Vintage Style 2 Tier Fiberglass Lamp Shade

This is one lampshade that will always have you looking forward to nightfall, just to get a glimpse of its full potential. One of its most outstanding aspects is its simplicity. It sports an understated design but thanks to the choice of colors, makes a bold statement.

You can never get enough of its cool looks and aesthetic effect. If you are looking for a piece to compliment your vibrant décor, this is it! Enjoy basking in the warm, ambient glow it casts on your space at the end of every day.

#18 Modern Hanging Lamp

Modern Hanging Lamp

If you are looking for a contemporary design that will never go out of style, you just found it! A slanted petal arrangement makes it appear like more of an accent piece than a functional one. Wait until you see how great it looks as light passes through the petals.

It is simply breathtaking. The sculpture-like appearance creates tons of visual interest around the piece, making a bold statement. And it does not hurt at all that it throws phenomenal light patterns.

#19 Cowboy Scenic Lamp Shade

Cowboy Scenic Lamp Shade

Surprise a cowboy fan with one of these cool lamp shades and watch their heart melt. If they already have a ranch inspired décor, this one piece will bring it all together. Sporting a cowboy on horseback during a cattle round up, it instantly transports you to the Wild West.

With so much attention to detail, you can almost hear the sounds of the ranch as the light comes on. Since it plays the roles of artistic masterpiece and ambient lighting so well, this lamp shade will never go out of style.

#20 Owls Lamps Shade

Country Lane Owl Lamp Shade

Your search for a cute lamp shade for the nursery ends right here. It has what it takes to complete the look of any room regardless of décor theme. By virtue of its inspiration from Mother Nature, it has a calming effect that your young one will appreciate.

At the same time, it’s cool combination of colors makes it a great accent piece. Notably, it still plays its functional role quite well, ensuring sufficient lighting while filtering out harsh rays. Complete its perfection with a personalization detail.

#21 Mid Century 2 Tier Lamp Shade

Mid Century 2 Tier Lamp Shade - Cool Lamp Shades

With this glowing work of art, you get to create tons of visual interest as you add some light into your life. It sports a unique double-tier concept that begs for attention. As a result of the design, light comes in two different shades adding massive aesthetic appeal.

The colors look great and the lighting is cool enough to calm you down after a rough day. During the day, it serves as an alluring centerpiece adding to your vintage style home décor.

#22 Wooden Wall Lamp Shade

Wooden Wall Lamp Shade

Break away from convention and get a load of this elegant wall sconce. Made using strips of wood, it will add a touch of style and sophistication to any décor. The strips create soft atmosphere lighting, creating a pleasant and inviting feel.

With this versatile concept, you can choose to install the sconces facing upward or downwards depending on the effect you desire. In addition to looking awesome, they do not take up any surface space. Use them to flank works of art or mirrors for a great effect.

#23 Oriental Japanese Geisha and Blossom Lamp Shade

Oriental Japanese Geisha and Blossom Lamp Shade

Show off your unique sense of style with an Oriental lamp shade. This art masterpiece has a floral concept with two Geishas as the centerpiece of the design. Deep shades of blue combine with bright white and touches of gold for an amazing visual effect.

The dark fabric looks great when night falls as it filters out almost all light, leaving a soft, subtle glow. If you love to play around with ambient lights, this piece belongs in your collection.

#24 Flower, Butterfly, and Bird Printed Lamp Shade

Flower, Butterfly, and Bird Printed Lamp Shade

A nature inspiration balanced with a blend of flowers, butterflies, and birds look harmoniously printed on this lampshade. The design demands a center point for anyone who glances at it. The choice of color lamp shade will create a warm light, alluring you to sleep tightly.

Whether you want to use it for your desk lamp or a lamp for your living room, the lampshade is perfect for adding a natural touch to your home décor. Moreover, it is not too big or small, so the size is just right for any lamp complement.

#25 Sky Stars Lamp Shade

Sky Stars Lamp Shade

Imagine sleeping under the sky while staring at thousands of stars! It might sound exaggerating, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it. Don’t worry! This lamp shade will make the impossible turn into possible for you.

With the sky stars’ lamp shade, you can feel the sensation of sleeping accompanied by a sprinkling of stars on the ceiling of your charmingly aesthetic room. Thanks to the light shining through holes in the lamp shade, they form beautiful stars. For those of you who are astrology enthusiasts, this lamp shade is a must-have item, or you’ll regret it!

#26 Mkono Macrame Boho Lamp Shade

Mkono Macrame Boho Lamp Shade

Are you a fan of bohemian design? Then you really have to add this lamp shade collection to your list of home furniture that you must have! Designed with a boho style, this lamp shade features a beautiful tassel braid design that adds a fresh touch to any room where it belongs.

Moreover, you can’t go wrong with white as the color, giving a clean and elegant impression, perfect for a minimalist-style home. Additionally, the lamp shade can be combined with any home interior because of its neutral color. Thanks to the design and color preference, it also brings a cozy and warm feeling to your room.

#27 Baroque Tiffany Style Lamp Shade

Baroque Tiffany Style Lamp Shade

You will definitely find this fascinating lamp shade, especially for those who have a particular interest in antique items with classic designs. It is a meticulously designed hand-craftmanship masterpiece from assembled glasses into one lamp shade in the shape of a vintage umbrella.

Highlighting a baroque style, this art will indeed turn ordinary light into a captivating, beautiful light. Thanks to the vibrant color of the glass as the primary material in this lampshade, it will turn your space ambiance so relaxing. Not only as a lamp shade, but it is also a perfect focal point to your living room.

What are the coolest lamp shades that are worth buying?

The best lamp shades to buy can fit in any lamp they are installed to. Because they will be much more convenient and pocket friendly as we don’t need to buy another one to match our new lamps. In addition, the coolest lamp shades must also have aesthetic value because they are often used as additional decorations in the living room. The lamp shade will automatically be the center of attention of people who visit your house.

Whether you are undertaking a redecoration process or wish to change atmospheric lighting in your indoor space, these cool lamp shades have you covered. They are creative and fun, full of transforming potential to give your space the desired upgrade.

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