27 Artistic Table Lamps for Your Bedroom Upgrade

If you like to finish up some work during nighttime, or even reading a cool book before you fall asleep, then you probably are going to look for table lamps in the room. You can put it near your bed so that you can just turn it off immediately after you feel sleepy. Though not as bright as a normal lamp, table lamps are useful to shine certain parts of the room.

Yes, table lamps are useful items for your room. However, you can always find unique and artistic table lamps that can also act as house decoration. All of these artistic table lamps look so different and unique to each other. All you need is finding the right one that matches your style. Below, you will find lots of different artistic table lamps, starting from the traditional-looking one to modern and advanced table lamps. Let’s begin!

Traditional-looking Table Lamps

Let’s start off the list with simple table lamps. Although most of the lamps on this list may look simplistic, they are still elegant and artistic. Just take a look for yourselves if you don’t believe in us! You’ll be surprised at how cool these artistic table lamps are. 

1. Vintage Milk Glass Table Lamp

Vintage Milk Glass Table Lamp

Although this awesome table lamp has the shape of a milk glass, you shouldn’t store any milk inside! It really looks vintage and awesome in any room. Although the table lamp is a pre-owned item, you’re sure to receive a near mint item!

2. Rivet Glass Ball

Rivet Glass Ball

Artistic table lamps always have a unique design. That’s the reason why we’re including this modern rivet glass ball. This eye-catching lamp will stand out on a nightstand or end table. It will definitely shine as bright as you need it to be. 

3. Deer Horn Table Lamp

Deer Horn Table Lamp

All artistic table lamps will have a unique resemblance that becomes part of their identity. The same thing also applies for this awesome deer horn table lamp. Just make sure that you won’t get yourself hurt by crashing to the beautiful horns. 

4. The Muse Rechargeable Table Lamp

The Muse Rechargeable Table Lamp

A stylish room also needs a stylish lamp to complement their beauty. That’s where this magnificent table lamp comes to play. What’s more, you can also put this outdoors in your garden and it still looks perfect! The Muse rechargeable table lamp is made using recyclable material. 

5. Apple Kushi LED Table Lamp

Apple Kushi LED Table Lamp

You might not own an iPad or iPhone. But you can still have an artistic apple in your house through this cool table lamp. The lamp is able to shine brightly for up to six hours within one charge. This LED table lamp is also made using highly durable material. 

6. Turkish Table Lamp

Turkish Table Lamp

Finding items and decorations with traditionally-inspired themes will be a great idea. And if you’re interested in finding Turkish or Moroccan themed items, you might as well purchase this immediately! Although the Turkish table lamp is handmade in Turkey, they still use high quality material to satisfy your needs. 

7. Customized Engraved Table Lamp

Customized Engraved Table Lamp

If you’re looking to buy artistic table lamps as a gift to someone special, perhaps this customized table lamp will be the perfect choice for you. You will be able to choose some of the sweetest messages, and it will be visible on the lamp for your loved one to see. 

8. Vintage Brass Table Lamp

Vintage Brass Table Lamp

Just take a look at this awesome table lamp and tell us what part of the item doesn’t look artistic to you? It perfectly captures an elegant aura with the dolphin fish and winged cherub figure down below on the base. You should get this rare item now before you regret it. 

9. Mid-century Pleated Lamp

Mid-century Pleated Lamp

Here’s a unique idea for a table lamp: a table lamp that resembles a traditional farmer’s hat. The awesome table lamp is inspired by a mid-century Danish pleated lamp in the 70s. We thought that it’s cool, and you should definitely consider it. 

10. Rice Table Lamp

Rice Table Lamp

The name of the item doesn’t lie, because it’s really made using rice paper. Even though rice paper will make it look weak and frail, there’s also an upside to it. It will become lightweight and softer! You should try it out and use it during the nighttime.  

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11. Scallop/Sea Shell Table Lamp

Scallop/Sea Shell Table Lamp

This is a really artistic table lamp. If you really take a good look at it, then you’ll notice that it fits better as a decoration than a table lamp. However, you don’t need to worry because it will really shine brightly at night!

12. Ceramic Table Lamp Set of 2

Ceramic Table Lamp Set of 2

Get two table lamps at once with this glorious item. We guarantee that these lamps will be a great addition to any room. You can put one in your bedroom and the other on your work desk. The lemon yellow color also makes it very interesting. 

13. Insulator Light Table Lamp

Insulator Light Table Lamp

If you like vintage items, then you’ll definitely love this item. The brain behind this unique table lamp is Tim Leefeldt. He turned telegraph insulators that contained various messages from the 20s to the 50s to make these brilliant table lamps. So cool, right?

Futuristic Table Lamps

Before you proceed any further, please bear in mind that the high-tech table lamps that we’re going to be discussing do not come from the future! However, they really have futuristic designs. So, let’s take a look at some of the most advanced artistic table lamps below. 

1. LED Ring Desk Lamp

LED Ring Desk Lamp

Artistic table lamps don’t need to follow the general rule of shape that normal table lamps have. Instead, you can choose to buy this desk lamp if you really like it. It emanates a cool light, and it will be a perfect lamp for all you social media influencers who are looking to have a good live streaming. 

2. Shiny Table Lamp

Shiny Table Lamp

Small desk lamps can also do the job and light your room up. It’s really evident with this awesome table lamp. When you turn it on, it really looks futuristic and amazing. We highly recommend you to buy this cool and shiny table lamp

3. Solar Tealights

Solar Tealights

Hold on, this is not a tea container. However, the idea behind this beautiful lamp is that you can capture sunlight and emanate it with the lamp. When your room gets dark, the sensor in the lid will automatically turn on this lamp. 

4. USB Crystal Lamp

USB Crystal Lamp

Some table lamps will have other functions that you can benefit from. Take this crystal lamp as an example. Besides lighting up your room, you can also charge your smartphones with the USB port installed on the bottom of the lamp.

5. Football Lamp

Football Lamp

We know that there’s some of you who are a hardcore football fans. If you love watching late night Champions League matches, then you probably need to buy this cool football table lamp as a means of company.   

6. Floating Moon Table Lamp

Floating Moon Table Lamp

When you take a look at this moon table lamp, you’re probably wondering and asking yourself, “how is that possible?”. With a series of magnets, a small moon such as this table lamp can float for a long time. It will also light your room whenever you need it to. 

Unique Table Lamps

Artistic table lamps can sometimes look a little weird. That’s the reason why we save these items for the unique table lamps category. We really hope that you stumble across one table lamp that suits your style!

1. Mr. Wattson Table Lamp

Mr. Wattson Table Lamp

Mr. Wattson is a funny and shy wooden character who will always be there to assist you. When you’re in need of some kind of lighting, he’ll definitely show up. Although he looks like he always sits in an awkward position, you can adjust his pose to your liking. 

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2. Orange Mushroom Table Lamp

Orange Mushroom Table Lamp

Who would have thought that a juicy mushroom can also be a cool table lamp idea? We certainly did not, and we’re proven wrong with this awesome lamp. The cool mushroom table lamp is made using polycarbonate and it will be a perfect addition for your interior decoration. 

3. Terror Table Lamp

Terror Table Lamp

If you grew up as a fan of movies like “IT”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, you would really love this spooky table lamp. Turn every night into a thrilling one with this cool table lamp! 

4. Floating Saturn Table Lamp

Floating Saturn Table Lamp

Previously, we have brought up a floating moon table lamp. But now, we’re going to show the biggest planet in the form of a table lamp! It shines so bright and it will be perfect in your room. Although it floats all the time, it won’t produce any noisy sound. 

5. Birdcage Table Lamp

Birdcage Table Lamp

If you don’t own a bird, then a birdcage won’t be useful right? You can’t be more wrong about that. Just take a look at this table lamp as an example. It looks so beautiful and artistic. If you want to have a fancy decoration in your room, this is the perfect option!

6. Pervert Table Lamp

Pervert Table Lamp

These table lamps really look hilarious. The lamp is attached to their genital parts, hence the name “pervert” on our list. However, a funny decoration is a good idea for a home interior design, which is why you should really consider this cool lamp. 

7. “Her Bubblegum” Table Lamp

“Her Bubblegum” Table Lamp

We don’t really know whether to categorize this masterpiece as a sculpture or table lamp. But let’s just take the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s a bit of both. This collection is made by the brilliant Alessandro Kapur, and it comes with three different light settings. 

8. Artistic Jungle Monkey

Artistic Jungle Monkey

You must have heard about the tale of Caesar the great ape from the movie “Planet of the Apes”. If you really like the movie, we bet that you’ll enjoy having this number in your house too. With this cool table lamp, you won’t have to worry about consuming lots of electricity too. 

What are the Best Artistic Table Lamps?

The most unique thing is that artistic table lamps are so different from each other. It’s really hard to judge and rank them all. However, we would like to recommend some of the most artistic table lamps. The “Her Bubblegum” and Mr. Wattson table lamps are cool enough for your taste. As a bonus, we also would like to add this cool crystal table lamp!

Are Table Lamps Harmful?

Some people have come out and say that dim lights generated by table lamps can damage our eyes. However, this claim has been proven as false. Lamps are generally safe as long as you do not maintain direct contact with them for a long time. However, using dim light for a long time can also cause eye strain, so beware!

Which Table Lamps is Best for Studying?

Surprisingly, all of the table lamps that we have mentioned are compatible for desk use. However, if you want to focus on your studies, you might want to find something that’s not too catchy. We’re going to use this floating moon table lamp as an example. It is really artistic, but it won’t distract you from your chores. 

Do Table Lamps Affect Eyes?

As mentioned previously, table lamps do not damage your eyes directly. As long as you’re not foolish enough to stare at the lights directly, then you’re all good. However, it is not recommended to use them for a long period of time, as it can cause fatigue to your eyes. 

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