20 Top Air Force One Fun Facts That Show Ultimate Sophistication

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Air Force One is the presidential plane that symbolizes the United States. This plane is part of a US Air Force aircraft reserved for the president to fly. Air Force One has impressive engine performance, acceleration, and bullet resistance compared to commercial airlines.

This presidential aircraft also features stunning exterior construction combined with a luxurious and comfortable interior design. If you are an airplane enthusiast, Air Force One would be one of the most intriguing objects of curiosity.

And so, here are some unique fun facts about Air Force One that will excite you! These fun facts will increase your admiration for the sophisticated aircraft.

1. Air Force One is a Call Sign

Do you know the origin of the name Air Force One? Initially, the term was not intended to be the name of the presidential airline. The first fun fact says that Air Force One is a call sign. The call sign was first used in the 1950s by the United States Air Force (USAF). 

The call sign refers to the plane carrying the president of the United States at that time. In military circles, a call sign is a common thing. This call sign is usually used as the identity of something only known by an armed force. When the same airline carries ordinary civilians, the call sign is changed to “Executive One”.

2. Air Force One Has Twice the Speed of Sound!

It is a fact that Air Force One has to be able to move super fast. Do you know the maximum speed of the latest Air Force One? The latest Air Force One can reach a top speed of Mach 1.8 or the equivalent of twice the speed of sound. Isn’t that fun?

If converted, then this speed is equivalent to 1381 mph. Usual airlines have an average top speed of around 600-700 mph. Thus, Air Force One is twice as fast. The US president can reach the entire state very quickly with this speed. The current US president, Joe Biden, also uses this lightning-fast plane.

3. Air Force One Can Refuel Midair

Aerial Refueling (Source: www.aerospaceutah.org)

Air Force One is indeed the best airline for the US president. Its outstanding features and performance make this aircraft unbeatable. History records that several commercial airlines have run out of fuel while flying. That would never happen with Air Force One.

 This presidential plane is capable of refueling in the air to cover very long distances. US presidents can span multiple continents at once without landing at an airport. The aircraft system will recognize and refuel in the air when it runs out of fuel. This is essential to ensure safety while in the air. Such a fun fact about Air Force One!

4. Air Force One Has Outstanding Comms Equipment

Communication is an essential aspect of the presidential airline. After all, the leader has to be ready to give orders, even while boarding a plane. Did you know that Air Force One has 85 telephones for various uses? That’s such a surprising fun fact!

Even though it has crossed national borders, communication can still run smoothly without significant obstacles. All parts of the plane are integrated flawlessly. There will be no signal interference even in bad weather. A smooth communication network can also ensure safety in navigation.

5. Air Force One has Elegant Color

Since the first, Air Force One has carried simple and elegant colors and patterns. There are no excessive accents painted on this US aircraft. Light blue and white colors dominate the exterior design of Air Force One. There is also a United States flag on the tail of the plane. This iconic design has been in use for years. 

However, former US President Donald Trump has proposed changing the colors and patterns of Air Force One. The white and blue colors are still present on this presidential plane but with the addition of red. The American accent is more visible in the new Air Force One.

Furthermore, the size of the US flag is also bigger. The new color strengthens the identity and pride of the United States.

6. Air Force One Has 4,000 Square Feet of Interior Space!

It is a fact that Air Force One’s interior is massive. Air Force One has a very spacious interior reaching 4,000 Square Feet! In comparison, the interior area of a commercial airline is only about 900 square feet. So, Air Force One has 4 times the area! 

Besides being spacious, this plane also has more private rooms than standard airlines. This amount of space provides rooms for various purposes such as meeting and relaxing. Have you ever imagined getting into this luxury plane? It will be super fun!

7. Air Force One is Fully Armed!

As a presidential aircraft, Air Force One flies with complete weaponry. After all, the safety of the US president is a top priority. Hence, this great aircraft is equipped with sophisticated weaponry. It is a fact that Air Force One is a military aircraft of the US Air Force. The enemy of the states will not have a fun time attacking this vessel. It’ll be foolish!

Therefore, the defensive and attacking power of this aircraft is unquestionable. In addition, this luxury aircraft utilizes electronic countermeasures to disrupt enemy radar as a defensive feature. Air Force One also can unleash missiles to destroy enemies!

8. Evasive Maneuvers

Have you ever seen a military plane perform extraordinary maneuvers? This movement is carried out by aircraft or fighter jets to avoid enemy attacks. Air Force One can also do such action. After all, it is a military aircraft.

In fact, Air Force One once carried out the Evasive Maneuver to defend itself from Syrian MiG attacks. This incident occurred in 1974 during the Nixon Administration. The fact that Air Force One can do a dog fight (air-to-air combat) is super fun to imagine!

The Boeing VC-137C, which was used as Air Force One, was able to avoid enemy attacks during conflicts in the Middle East. At the time of the incident, the pilot of Air Force One, Colonel Ralph D. Albertazzie, decided to perform an evasive maneuver and dive sharply to avoid the attack directed at the aircraft.

9. Air Force One and Turbulence

No one can predict the weather accurately. Turbulence in the air is one of the biggest scourges for an airplane flight. You can feel some vibrations and shocks when the weather is terrible. Maybe for ordinary commercial aircraft, Turbulence is a natural thing. How about the Air Force One? Despite its extraordinary features and durability, Air Force One experienced Turbulence in 1996. 

At the time, Air Force One was carrying President Clinton. Turbulence occurred when the plane was at an altitude of about 30,000 feet above Lubbock, Texas. However, due to extraordinary resilience and a reliable pilot, the US President at that time survived. Still, several cabin crew and passengers were injured.

Despite the unfortunate nature of the event, it is still such a fun fact that Air Force One, the mighty aircraft, still can’t defeat the Force of Nature.

10. It Does Not Have Elevators!

Air Force One (Source: www.grunge.com)

Despite being a luxurious aircraft, the Air Force One does not have an elevator! In fact, to prevent sabotage, this aircraft has its own stairs so the president can get up and down the plane safely. These private built-in stairs are located at the front and rear of the aircraft.

11. There is No Escape Pod or Parachutes!

Unlike fighter aircraft, Air Force One has no emergency features in the form of parachutes or escape pods. Do you know why? Air Force One is designed with the most advanced safety features in mind. Therefore, an escape pod is not necessary as there is a risk of being shot while sliding down. 

In addition to solid materials, this luxury aircraft also has impressive speed and maneuverability. You will never find a plane with fantastic security features as Air Force One! Still, it is such a surprising fun fact that Air Force One does not carry an emergency parachute, even for the president!

12. Worth $5.3 Billion: What a Massive Budget!

President Donald Trump revealed the Air Force One plane replacement project to the press. The 45th President of the United States initiated the rejuvenation of the presidential aircraft. The aim is to increase security and comfort when carrying out state duties.

Do you know how much it will cost to realize the project? $1 million? You are wrong! Although the US government has negotiated with Boeing to reduce the project’s cost, the cost is still very high.

The new Air Force One aircraft cost $5.3 billion! This cost includes purchasing a new aircraft unit and its interior and equipment and a new hangar located at Andrews Air Force Base. The previous Air Force One project was only worth $660 million. This project was initiated by President Reagan and was completed during the presidency of President Bush.

13. Unmatched Durability 

Durability is one of the main concerns for presidential aircraft. The cost is not cheap for a logical reason. Imagine how much it would cost if the presidential plane had to be replaced every year.

Therefore, Air Force One is designed to have a long lifespan. For example, Boeing 747 Air Force One has been in service for more than 30 years. This aircraft is in the transition phase. President Donald Trump initiated this project. Air Force One will be replaced by the Boeing 747-8i, which has more advanced features.

14. Circled the Globe 23 Times!

Air Force One once set a record for the most extended mileage in US government history. Do you know an astonishing fun fact about this? President Barack Obama circled the globe 23 times

The number of flights he has done is still less than President Bush and President Clinton. However, the Air Force used by President Obama has reached a distance of 570,000 miles. What an impressive performance!

15. A Thrilling Emergency Landing

Do you know the latest facts about Air Force One? In early March 2022, the Air Force One plane carrying former President Donald Trump experienced an emergency landing. The incident occurred in New Orleans, US. 

The private plane of the 45th US President suffered an engine failure over the Gulf of Mexico. However, the pilot who was on duty swiftly overcame the problem. The pilot coordinated via audio with the air traffic control tower to make an emergency landing.

This happened due to a malfunction in the engine from 2019 to 2021. Fortunately, Donald Trump and other passengers survived the incident.

16. A Bomb Shelter in the Sky

This sophisticated aircraft has nuclear defense inside. If there is a nuclear bomb, the US president is safe on this plane. The 747-200B, when flying, is designed to be secure in the event of a nuclear blast on the ground. This is possible because of the incredible design of Air Force One.

17.  It Has Two Kitchens and a Medical Operating Room

There are two food preparation galleys and an operation theater with a doctor flying on any flight. The kitchen on Air Force One is in charge of serving delicious food the US president loves. This dish is made by professional chefs to provide comfort while traveling.

In addition, the doctor’s operating room can handle emergency health conditions. The US president will be able to receive good help from the best doctors.

18. All Electronics Aboard Air Force One are Protected Against Attacks

Did you know that onboard electronic technology is essential in aircraft navigation? Air Force One has this technology with maximum protection from electromagnetic waves.

All communication equipment has the most advanced technology as a command center in case of an attack on the US. Therefore, this aircraft is claimed to be an aircraft with the most advanced electronic equipment!

19. The President and Vice President Never Fly Aboard the Same Aircraft

Did you know the interesting fact that the US president and vice president are never on the same plane? This happens because the US has Air Force One for the president and Air Force Two for the vice president. Is this the official rule?

Well, the fact is that there is no formal rule that states that the president and vice president cannot be together in Air Force One. This is caused by an old practice carried out by previous US presidents and vice presidents. This dated practice is intended for security reasons.

20. Air Force One Isn’t a Single Aircraft

Have you always thought that Air Force One only refers to one aircraft? You are wrong! Air Force One consists of several aircraft. Typically, Air Force One refers to one of the two presidential Boeing VC-25 aircraft. However, Air Force One is a call sign for every United States Air Force (USAF) plane carrying the president.

Those are the coolest and most intimate facts about Air Force One. These facts show how sophisticated and safe the US presidential plane is. Which facts do you think are the coolest and craziest? Write your best feedback below! See you for other interesting facts!

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