25 Cool Fingerboards with Perfect Design

Fingerboarding, a game using a miniature skateboard that is moved by the fingers, achieved popularity in the late 1990s. First introduced by professional skateboarder Lance Mountain, the fingerboard has transformed into a fun competitive game. Fingerboarding has been widely known and loved by various age groups, from children, teenagers, to adults.

Do you want to start learning to play fingerboard? Or are you looking for the most suitable fingerboards for your professional needs? You can create a variety of captivating maneuvers with these cool fingerboards. In any case, the following cool fingerboards will become unique additions to your collection!

What Is Finger Skateboarding?

Finger skateboarding is a fingering game performed on a 1:8 scale replica of a skateboard. Like the feet, our two fingers climb the skateboard and then move it according to the desired style or maneuver. In general, the fingerboard has dimensions of 3.9 x 2.2 inches. This item has boards, wheels, bearings, and a design like a real skateboard.

Is Finger Boarding Dead?

Since their introduction in the late 1990s, fingerboards have experienced many fluctuations in popularity. Had success in 2006, the fingerboard has decreased a few years later. However, fingerboard competitions are still active in America, Europe, and Asia. Fingerboard contests are still held every year.

Cool Fingerboards for Extra Fun

Invite your best friends to play fingerboard together and experience unparalleled fun with these cool fingerboards that offer cute and funky designs!

1. The Elite Series Graphic Fingerboard

The 90_s Kids Blues Elite Series Graphic Fingerboard

The retro 90s graffiti style is the focal point of this cool fingerboard. The item is made of five layers of maple wood with dimensions of 98 x 32 mm. The board is covered with pictures of 90s children’s games and gadgets such as the Rubik’s Cube and old school cell phones. Furthermore, each fingerboard has dynamic grooves that allow low to moderate finger movement.

2. Custom Popsicle PS Finger Skateboard

Fingerboard CUSTOM 36mm Popsicle PS

If you are a console player, you will love this top-notch fingerboard. The PS Popsicle 36mm CUSTOM fingerboard boasts an iconic console button design. Furthermore, thanks to its dazzling white and light blue accents, this item is a delight to own. Measuring 36 x 94 mm, you can efficiently operate this wooden fingerboard with your little finger. Furthermore, it is a beautiful handmade product from Odessa!

3. P-REP Solid Performance Mini Board

P-REP Solid Performance

Accommodate your fingerboard needs with the stylish P-REP Solid Performance model. This cool item features an adorable finger-shaped mascot on its wooden board. Each component has adequate spare parts. You will also get an easy-to-understand manual for assembling and tuning this excellent fingerboard.

4. P-REP Turn Up Storm Solid

P-REP Turn Up Storm Solid

This fingerboard pays extra attention to little details. The mini board comes with precision CNC lathe wheels. The single shaft and lock nut allow this board to roll smoothly. Additionally, it offers a 34 x 97 mm dimension, the perfect size for your dainty fingers. The high-quality 5 plywood will ensure this piece lasts for years. The cute character design makes this product a great addition to your collection.

5. Sweet Candy Fingerboard with LED Lights

Sweet Candy 2pcs LED Mini Alloy Fingerboard

Experience a new fun fingerboard with the Sweet Candy! This model comes with bright colored LED lights, so it really stands out from the others. Constructed using premium aluminum alloy and plastic, you don’t have to worry about rust or water damage! The package includes 2 light blue Graffiti Skateboards, 4 pulleys, 2 screws, and 1 screwdriver. 

6. Wooden Black Life Finger Skateboard

Wooden Black Life Fingerboard

The Wooden Black Life Fingerboard is an ideal starter item for beginners. It uses 5-ply maple wood with a soft texture, which will be comfortable on the fingers. Consequently, you can perform simple to complex movements and maneuvers with this board. The dip in the center of the board allows you to make incredible high double kicks!

7. WIN DECK Finger Surfboard

WIN DECK Finger Surfboard - Rad Looking Fingerboard

Are you a professional surfer looking to have a new experience? The WIN DECK Finger Surfboard can serve that purpose very well. This excellent fingerboard is made as closely as possible to an actual surfboard. In addition, the original grip bands and straps allow your finger to stay on board tightly. This nifty product can significantly improve the motor skills of your fingers.

8. TIME4DEALS Mini Finger Skateboard

TIME4DEALS Mini Fingerboards Finger Skateboard

Are you looking for complete pleasure in one package? TIME4DEALS Mini Fingerboards come with 4 amazingly unique board sets. Each of these cool fingerboards has unique patterns and characters. The model utilizes high-quality plastic, so it is quite durable. Weighing 170g, you can play with this fantastic product effortlessly. It is also suitable for all ages.

9. D’OH! Fingerboard Deck Split

D_OH! Fingerboard Deck Split

This excellent fingerboard offers versatile customization like none other! You can determine the degree of concavity according to the contour of your finger. You can also choose the board dimensions, ranging from 24 x 40 mm to 41 x 60 mm. Furthermore, the unique plaster design adds to the antique value of this item.

10. P-REP Starter Fingerboard with Donuts Pattern

P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard 30mm – Donuts

Bring your favorite snacks to the fingerboard game! This model offers a variety of flavored donut designs with fun colors. The fingerboard deck is made of wood and measures 30 x 100 mm. Additionally, the Base Pad Wheel and pre-cut foam grip band will allow you to maneuver freely. Order this fun item now!

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Cool Fingerboards for Professionals

These items are perfect for professional fingerboard players. Accurate and precise wood plank construction allows these cool fingerboards to have excellent maneuverability!

11. Teak Tuning Prolific Fingerboard 

Teak Tuning Prolific Complete Fingerboard 

Are you looking for the best fingerboard with a balanced aspect? Teak Tuning Prolific Complete Fingerboard can support your style perfectly. It uses premium teak wood, so the board will last for years. Furthermore, the fingerboard comes with clear polyurethane bearing wheels, 4 stainless steel lock nuts, and 1 set of handmade bubble bushings. Those features will allow you to perform various tricks with elegance!

12. Woodenblack Leo Pro Fingerboard

cool fingerboards

Woodblock Leo Pro Fingerboard uses an aerodynamic design to provide you with optimum performance. It uses 5 layers of high-quality maple. So, it is very durable and can withstand extreme maneuvers. Therefore, this item is suitable for professional players. The elegant lion graphic adds extra artistic value to this masterpiece!

13. Japan Pro Professional Fingerboard

Japan 34mm Pro Complete Professional Wooden

This 5 plywood fingerboard uses the heat transfer method to create the perfect shape. The precision manufacturing process provides you with a design that mimics real skateboards accurately. In addition, the axle integrates CNC wheels with durable bearings. So, it allows agile maneuver and complex tricks. 

14. SOLDIER BAR Dragon 9.0 Fingerboard

SOLDIER BAR Dragon 9.0 Fingerboard

This fingerboard comes with a stunning dragon motif. You can now win a fingerboard competition in style with the SOLDIER BAR Dragon 9.0 model! It uses 5-Layer Color Maple to provide you with the ultimate weight-to-durability ratio. The board also features a shallow concave pro to provide you with smooth movements.

15. LIQUID Wooden Fingerboard

cool fingerboards

Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of this fingerboard! This model is specifically made for a professional player. It uses high-quality wood and metal bearings to sustain your style. Furthermore, the fingerboard is equipped with nickel alloy stents, making the surface bright and durable. The center of the board is also fitted with rubber elastic dumping, which increases incredible fluid movement!

16. NOAH WOOD X PRO Fingerboards

NOAH WOOD X PRO Fingerboards

Exceptional durability is the main feature of this cool fingerboard. The NOAH WOOD X PRO fingerboard is built through continuous testing and improvement. Furthermore, it uses 6 layers of Maple bamboo and is polished by hand. On top of that, fully enclosed stainless steel ball bearings provide smooth movement. And so, this fingerboard is suitable for professional competition use.

17. Tech Deck Peace Victory Vintage Fingerboard

cool fingerboards

Rare items are always worth having. This cool fingerboard is made on a limited basis by TECH DECK. It carries a charming simple design plus British accents. Four wheels that move dynamically are the main advantages of this extraordinary item. In any case, this cool fingerboard is much sought after by professional players!

18. Tech Deck Wood 2020 Series Fingerboard

cool fingerboards

Excellent performance is the main unique selling point of this cool fingerboard. Great and captivating action is possible with the Tech Deck Wood 2020 Performance Series Fingerboard. It uses precise basic construction to support the movement of your fingers. Every obstacle can be crushed perfectly with a fluid wheel rotation!

19. NOAH WOOD Black X PRO Fingerboards

NOAH WOOD Black X PRO Fingerboards

The jet-black design is perfect for a professional player with a mysterious personality. Made from 6 layers of Canada Maple, this item is delicately crafted by the hands of an expert. It also includes German-made stainless steel ball bearings. So, the boards are ready to provide amazing movement comfort!

Perfect and Cool Fingerboards for Her

Women are also attracted to fingerboarding. So, each board must pay attention to aesthetic aspects in addition to having a high-class functional feature. Here are cool fingerboards perfect for her:

20. Hana Fingerboard Dynamic Trucks

cool fingerboards

Anime lovers will love this cool fingerboard! The professional fingerboard comes with a 34mm Hana deck, golden black dynamic truck, 105A abstract white wheels, and a cute Hanadeck band. Keep your appearance and playstyle as feminine as possible with this cool item!

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21. P-REP “Smell The Rainbow” Wooden Fingerboard

P-REP Smell the Rainbow Wooden Fingerboard

This excellent fingerboard boasts an adorable unicorn design. This cute item can help you fingerboard properly. It is also equipped with a CNC lathe wheel and foam adhesive tape. As a result, you can learn fingerboarding properly. What a perfect item for novice female players!

22. Red Spherical Wheels Fingerboards

Red Spherical Wheels Fingerboards

Do you want to give the best gift to a female fingerboard player? The Red Round Wheel Fingerboard is the most preferred solution. Constructed using 6 layers of Canada Maple, this item features a cool happy birthday wish on the board. The bright red cherry-shaped wheels also add to the immersive birthday celebration. In any case, this fingerboard will make an excellent birthday present!

23. Fingerboard 36mm LOGO PINK

cool fingerboards

This handcrafted fingerboard from Odessa has a fun rainbow feel. The fantastic color scheme stands out brightly. Additionally, the pink color dominates the board, so it is very feminine. It also comes with shiny knick-knacks, making this item extra suitable for girls. Order this item right away for your girlfriend and get a warm hug from her!

24. Tech Deck Classic Series Wooden Fingerboard

Tech Deck Classic Series Wooden Fingerboard

This fingerboard perfectly reflects the old-school funky style! The elegant purple cross ornament becomes a focal point every time you move your finger on it. The board canalso withstand extreme maneuver thanks to the export quality maple wood. In any case, this item deserves to be in your fingerboard collection.

25. The “Strawberry” Eco Series Graphic Fingerboard

cool fingerboards

This excellent fingerboard is specially made by hand for you Strawberry lovers. Graphics of your favorite fruit are printed with precision. This cool fingerboard measures 32 x 100 mm, perfect for a girl’s finger. This item is also suitable for beginners or players who want to get the best quality on a budget.

Final Thoughts

Playing with fingerboards is super fun, especially of you use a cute and adorable board. For professionals, cute and adorable are not enough because it also needs to be perfect in terms of shape and size, too! To be able to perform well in fingerboard tournaments, having the right tool is crucial, which means that you need to carefully choose your board. We hope that our list of the coolest fingerboards can help you with the struggle of choosing the best board that will lead to to victory.

Moreover, the list also includes items that can be the perfect fingerboard for beginners as well, which will help them practice to become professionals, or simply to make it as a new hobby.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are fingerboards so expensive?  

Fingerboards are precision made by hand or CNC machine. Every manufacturing process passes various quality control tests. Fingerboards are made to be as close to skateboards as possible in terms of design and functionality. Therefore, the fingerboard has a fairly expensive price compared to other toys.

Are fingerboards for kids?

Fingerboards can be played by all ages. You can play this fun game with your children, friends, and family. Due to the wide variety of designs, fingerboards can be customized based on age and gender. What a great universal game!

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