3D Illusion Rubik’s Cube Bookcase

If you want your home to stand out, you have to fall in love with every piece of furniture you choose to fill it with. After seeing this 3D Illusion Rubik’s Cube Bookcase, you’ll get what we mean.

Just like an ordinary Rubik’s Cube, this awesome bookcase is mind-bending.

Its advanced design plays tricks on your mind, making it seem as if a giant Rubik’s Cube has taken residence on your wall. Can’t say that about most bookcases, can you?

Apart from looking cool, the 3D illusion design gives you an opportunity to work with uniquely shaped shelves. 

3D Illusion Rubik's Cube Bookcase

The worst thing about bookcases is that they always seem to lack something. But this one would look amazing even if you would’ve left it completely empty. It’s that unique all by itself.

3D Illusion Rubik's Cube Bookcase

Still, the diamond-shaped shelves will present your books and trinkets to visitors from a whole new perspective. The odd angles will also make any clutter (and we all have some of that) seem less messy and more like an artistic statement. 

3D Illusion Rubik's Cube Bookcase

The bookcase’s height and width stand at whopping 2,10m (6.9 feet) and 2,45m (8 feet)respectively. It’s also available in a smaller version.

If you want to give your main room a burst of color and originality, this bookcase will do the trick. Are you in love with it already?

3D Illusion Rubik's Cube Bookcase

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