25 Highly Useful and Comforting Gifts for Bedridden Patients

No matter the reason, no one wants to be confined to bed and become a bedridden patient. People, at some point, might have to deal with sickness or old age, which prevent them from getting up. It is truly miserable. So, if you know someone who is a bedridden patient, you should consider getting them some comforting gifts to cheer them up.

Unfortunately, having limited movement and lying in bed all day long might cause complications such as aches, soreness, and pain. Hence, a gift that can ease a bedridden patient’s suffering would be an appropriate choice.

Looking for handy gifts for bedridden patients might not be an easy task to do. It’s even worse if we have zero experience of nursing somebody. Fortunately, we are here to help you choose the best gift. Here we have created a list of 25 highly useful and comforting gifts for bedridden patients. Whether they are a child, teenager, adult, or elderly patient, you’ll find the perfect one for all of them.

1. No Shower Bathing Wipes

No Shower Bathing Wipes

Naturally, bedridden patients will have difficulty with showering. So, an item for the bedridden that can help them with the bathing process would be a thoughtful gift. We recommend the no-shower bathing wipes.

These adult bathing wipes deliver a hassle-free, full-body bathing experience with absolutely no water, shower, or rinse required. It is suitable for patients who can’t move their body parts, such as stroke patients.

2. Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

An inflatable washing basin would be another lovely gift for a bedridden patient. After all, this item will help the nurse with shampooing the patient’s hair.

It provides a portable sink with a wide neck opening and built-in pillow for supreme comfort and great head/ neck support. No more messy sponge down or no-rinse shampoo, you can give a really clean hair wash for the bedridden patient.

3. Heel Cushion

Heel Cushion

Lying down all day long could lead to a lower limb and heel soreness which contributes to sleep discomfort. Help bedridden patients by providing a better night’s rest with this heel cushion!

The cushion acts as a protector that helps absorb impact and force with durable but comfortable support. It also allows the foot to breathe freely. Features adjustable Velcro straps for a comfortable and secure fit.

4. Foldable Tray Table

Foldable Tray Table

Someone on bed rest after surgery must need extra support for doing daily activities. So, a gift such as this foldable tray table would help in many ways, i.e., to serve food, as a comfortable book, laptop table, and other functionalities! For optimal flexibility, the table has 6 different height adjustments and 3 convenient tilt angles. It’s easy to store due to the foldable ability, can be stored next to the sofa or slid under it.  

5. Grabber Pick Up Tool

 Grabber Pick Up Tool

A grabber pick-up tool would be a highly useful gift for a bedridden patient because it can help them reach things without moving from the bed. This 32” pick-up tool features a soft sucker for easier picking up of many things. It is definitely a perfect helper tool for patients who stay in the bed all day long. It has a collapsible body hole on the handle, it’s easy for storage and transport.

6. Foldable Massage Mat – Full Body

Foldable Massage Mat - Full Body

Patients who are forced to stay in the bed might feel more aches and pain due to the inability to move around. Help them to ease the pain with this full-body massage mat. It features 10 massage motors with 5 modes to target the neck, back, thigh, and foot. A perfect for the bedridden to relieve muscle soreness and promote blood circulation!

7. Bamboo Tray Bedside Table

Bamboo Tray Bedside Table

A tray bedside table is also a useful gift for a bedbound patient because it provides convinience. The compact size doesn’t take up too much space, perfect to keep essentials such as a smartphone and glasses easy to reach. The tray table is made of bamboo wood with a cup, pen and phone holder, and a USB cable slot for phone charging.  

8. Calf Massager

Calf Massager

Muscle soreness is inevitable for bedridden patients because of their lack of movement. Help them to relieve muscle fatigue with this calf massager. This would be a great gift for a bedridden patient that you know as it allows them to massage the feet, legs, waist, or arms.

It works by pressing the muscle from lower to upper with 9 modes of intensities. Great gift ideas for bedridden patients or elderly people to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special days!

9. Electric Blanket Heated

Electric Blanket Heated

If you have a family, friend, or colleague who just went through surgery and has to rest during the winter, buying them something warm such as an electric heated blanket would be very considerate. This blanket helps them stay cozy around the cold weather with rapid heating through 6 heat modes. With silky flannel and sherpa shu velveteen materials, it brings the maximum sense of comfort.

10. Bedside Pocket Caddy 

Bedside Pocket Caddy

Help the bedridden patient to keep everything handy with this bedside pocket caddy. The hanging pocket is designed to save space and is easy to use, simply insert it between the mattress and bedframe. With a lightweight and compact design, it’s the perfect bedroom accessory to store a smartphone, tablet, remote, magazine, books, and many other things.

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11. AllSetHealth Wedge Pillow

AllSetHealth Wedge Pillow

Bedridden patients often expect more comforting gifts because their inability to move around leads to fatigue and muscle soreness. So, this comfy wedge pillow would meet their expection.

The pillow features two unique-sized cushions which support usage for the head, and back. It can also serve as the perfect leg elevation pillow. It can be assembled in many ways for ultimate comfort.

12. No-Water Shampoo Cap

No-Water Shampoo Cap

For bedridden patients who find it almost impossible to move their bodies, a no-water shampoo cap would be a helpful gift for a bedridden patient. It can provide a no-hassle fresh hair wash feeling.

The cap itself contains a shampoo and a light conditioner which makes hair feel refreshed and clean without the need for water. It can be used cold or warm by putting it into the microwave before the application.

13. The Emily Hospital Gown

The Emily Hospital Gown

Cheer your bedridden family by giving her this colorful hospital gown from The Emily. Perfectly designed as the hospital gown substitute, it’s not only cute but functional with patient-approved pockets and doctor or nurse-approved accessibility. This gown would make a perfect gift for her.

14. Custom Body Pillow

Custom Body Pillow

More comforting gifts such as this body pillow will help deliver more comfort to the bedridden patient. More than just a pillow, this customized body pillow is the elevated version that provides extra comfort. It is also a highly personalized gift because you can customize it with personal text and photos. Such a heart-warming gift that provides extra support for them.

15. Foot Care Gift Set

Foot Care Gift Set

Makes the bedridden patient feel more special with a special foot care gift set. Perfect for bedridden patients who want simple foot care. The set is full of handmade products including soap bars, foot soaks, foot scrubs, and foot balm in a reusable gift box. You can add a personalized gift note with encouraging words to cheer them up.

16. Chakra Healing Necklace

Chakra Healing Necklace

Some people believe that some natural stones could attract specific energy from nature. For those who believe in the energy of a stone, a chakra healing necklace would make the perfect gift for bedridden patients. It has specific crystals that connect directly with each chakra to balance, cleanse, power, and get rid of any blockages, and promotes healing from the inside.

17. Energy Healing Bracelet

Energy Healing Bracelet

Just like the necklace, this energy healing bracelet is powered by natural stone. It features the purple jasper gemstones which are believed to increase physical energy and improve blood circulation.

This would make great gifts for bedridden patients to heal and encourage positive energy from the inside. You can encourage them to wear this bracelet to attract happiness and positive thought which helps the healing process. 

18. Wooden Hand & Palm Roller

Wooden Hand _ Palm Roller

If they prefer a natural-source tool to relieve muscle soreness, a wooden hand and palm roller would be the perfect gifts for the bedridden. The small griddle on the surface applies just the right amount of pressure thought to promote concentration and positive energy. Roll this massager to roll away the soreness and tension on the muscle, two things that are commonly found in patients who are forced to bed rest.

19. Muscle Rub

Muscle Rub

Muscle soreness and pain are inevitable for bedridden patients who are lying down on the bed all day long. A natural muscle rub might be a little help to ease the soreness. This muscle rub takes the hot-and-cold sensation of menthol and gives it a boost by infusing it with an array of natural oil. It provides a calming sensation for the muscles.

20. Self-Care Gift Set

Self-Care Gift Set

Being a bedridden patient doesn’t mean they should give up on pampering themselves. So, giving self-care gifts to bedridden patients would be a good idea to consider. This self-care gift set includes a shower steamer, hand soap, therapy dough, and the most important piece – an affirmation card deck for a daily personal cheering squad. Let them have more me-time and reinforce the positive thoughts at the same time.

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21. Forward Thinking – A Happiness Journal

Forward Thinking – A Happiness Journal

We all know that being a bedridden patient has limited movement and is not allowed to go outside. This could raise negative thoughts in their mind which are having a negative impact on their recovery.

This happiness journal is designed by a psychologist to help the reader understand that happiness isn’t about what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens. Suitable gifts for bedridden patients who should be in a positive mood to speed their recovery.  

22. Weighted Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Weighted Neck _ Shoulder Wrap

This weighted neck and shoulder wrap helps soothe aches and pains around the neck and shoulder, which a bedridden patient commonly experiences. The lavender-scented flaxseed insert offers a satisfying weight and gentle pressure with aromatherapy relaxation. Suitable gifts for bedridden patients who are looking for a little extra comfort while sitting on the bed.

23. Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphones

We all know that wearing headphones on the bed isn’t a good idea, right? These sleep headphones will be a highly useful gift for bedridden patients who love listening to music while lying on the bed. It’s using Bluetooth connectivity with soft and light fabric. Perfect gifts for bedridden patients to bring more entertainment while they have an extra limited movement. 

24. Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book

Being a bedridden patient could make them like being someone stuck at home. But it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. For an adult patient, bring her or him an enjoyable activity with this adult coloring book. The coloring book features 31 relaxing images to color, including birds, flowers, mandalas, crystals, and more. It’s made for grownups, but everyone of all ages can enjoy it.

25. Facial Sheet Mask Set

 Facial Sheet Mask Set

For a teenager and adult who never skips the skincare routine even when being in a hospital, getting this facial sheet mask set would be the perfect gift for such a bedridden patient. This I Dew Care facial sheet mask set contains 14 sheet masks made of eucalyptus fiber to target various skin problems. It works on all skin types, suitable for her and for him.

latest post:

What do you give someone who is bedridden?

Since bedridden patients stay in bed so much, giving comforting gifts such as wedge pillows and electric heated blankets would provide more support and comfort for them. The other helpful gifts such as a grabber pick-up tool or foldable tray table can help them to reach and keep things handy.

How do you cheer someone up on bed rest?

Being a bedrest patient might be the worst experience someone could have. Help them to bring a smile back to their face with some positive and encouraging words. Your presence and help besides them also have a positive impact as they know that they are not lonely in facing this situation.

Does bed rest mean you have to stay in bed?

Bed rest can be literally staying on the bed such as for stroke patients who are unable to move some or all of their body parts. It can take place at home or in the hospital. If you’re prescribed bed rest during pregnancy, that means you have to limit your physical activities during the pregnancy. 

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