25 Best Portable Toddler Tub For Shower To Create A Fun Bath Experience

Washing a toddler may seem a very simple task you can do everyday. However, sometimes it can be a boring activity for your little one. Therefore, it is understandable when sometimes a toddler feels cranky when the bath time is coming. Some of the children also hate shower time as they have to always repeat the same thing in their life. To overcome this issue, we have to distract toddlers with toys while bathing them. In addition, buying a portable toddler tub for shower will also give a different bathing session feel. A simple tub which is filled with water appears to be a more fascinating experience than just the common shower.

Nowadays, you can easily find the best portable toddler tub for shower in an appealing design across the internet. Beside the attractive design, you don’t have to worry about its safety because those portable bathtubs are also composed from high quality material. In this article, we have compiled selected items which will make your toddler’s bath time more fun. Let’s jump to the list! 

1. Rainbow Splash Pool with Canopy

Rainbow Splash Pool with Canopy

If you worry about the safety of your toddler from the sun while playing in the water outdoors, then this portable toddler tub for shower is for you. Protects sensitive toddler skin from damaging UV rays with the rainbow canopy. Moreover, your kids can use this sprinkler into a pit ball pool by adding some pit balls.

2. Sea Dinosaur Portable Bathtub

Sea Dinosaur Portable Bathtub

Suppose you are looking for a unique and educational portable toddler tub for shower, why don’t you try this Sea Dinosaur pool? This colorful tub will keep your toddler occupied for hours. The dinosaur patterns were also printed both outside and within the ball pit so that children could learn about the animal while having fun.

3. Mermaid Foldable Soaking Bathtub

Mermaid Foldable Soaking Bathtub

Let your little toddler enjoy playing in the water in their own private pool with this wonderful bathtub. The charming blue sea with corals and mermaid tail color resemble fantasy life under the ocean perfectly. Because it is made of waterproof and durable Oxford cloth, it is safe for your active toddler.

4. Cute Toddler Swimming Pool

Cute Toddler Swimming Pool

Create an enjoyable bath time with this portable toddler tub for shower. With this blow up pool, your child may have some water fun and cool off this summer. The vivid blue color is going to be the focal point, blending perfectly with the color of water. Meanwhile, the inflatable swimming pool for toddlers can also be used as a ball pit or sandbox.

5. Disney Minnie Mouse Air-Filled Cushion Bath Tub

Disney Minnie Mouse Air-Filled Cushion Bath Tub

Make the shower time fun and memorable with this awesome portable toddler tub for showers. Especially if your beloved toddler adores the Minnie Mouse character, then this bathtub will be a perfect choice. Furthermore, this soft and comfortable bathtub is equipped with large pockets and storage, ideal for putting your toddler’s soaps and shampoos.

6. Large Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool

Large Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool

Get your toddler this lovely bathing tub to make them enjoy playing in the water. This portable toddler tub for shower comes with wonderful dolphins printed on it, as if swimming along with your little toddler. Moreover, independent airbags made of high-strength hot carbon in a three-layered configuration make them robust and difficult to shatter.

7. Disney Princess Air-Filled Cushion Bath Tub

Disney Princess Air-Filled Cushion Bath Tub

This is definitely a perfect portable toddler tub for shower that will impress any Disney lover. Put your toddler inside and she may appear as the Disney princess while bathing. The backrest features the gorgeous Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella. Furthermore, it comes with large storage pockets that make soap and shampoo easy to find during bathtime.

8. Summer Swimming Pool Bathtub

Summer Swimming Pool Bathtub

Feel the summer vibes every time you wash your toddler with this lovely bathtub. This portable toddler tub for showers features a bright summer theme along with stunning rainbows, palm trees, and fish. It also has three layers of separate airbags, making it safer and easier to use.

9. Happy Day Inflatable Swimming Pool

Happy Day Inflatable Swimming Pool

Make bathtime for your little one a relaxing and enjoyable experience, as if swimming in a pool. It is inflatable and portable, with an easy to fold design. The textured pattern will prevent your toddler from slipping, ensuring their safety. Besides, the cheerful Happy Day design radiates fun and happiness around.

10. Sweet Home Portable Bathtub 

Sweet Home Portable Bathtub

Save some space in your room with this portable toddler tub for showers. With this foldable tub, your toddler can enjoy taking a bath with warm water. From inside to out, this portable bathtub fabric layer consists of waterproof, thicker cotton, and high-density flocking material. The material also contributes to its great thermal insulation.

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11. Cactus Painted Soaking Bucket

Cactus Painted Soaking Bucket

Suppose you want to bring fun and enjoyment for your toddler’s shower time as if in the cactus garden, then you should buy this bathtub. This portable toddler tub for shower is also made from PVC which is safe for your kids. Because of its appropriate height and pleasant design, your toddler may relax and extend his or her feet while bathing. 

12. Paw Patrol Inflatable Safety Bathtub

Paw Patrol Inflatable Safety Bathtub

Bring your toddler favorite’s cartoon, Paw Patrol, to the shower time with this wonderful bathtub. The incredible design of this amazing bathtub shows your toddler’s favorite characters, making the bath time double fun. In addition, the tub also has two storage spaces for bath necessities and a soap dispenser.

13. Cupcake Bathtub Shower

Cupcake Bathtub Shower

This portable toddler tub for shower is exceptionally unique and charming. The unique cupcake shape lets your toddler play the imagination game, resembling the little toddler cupcake! It’s an excellent method to get your toddler to enjoy bath time. With this cupcake bathtub, bathing is just a piece of cake!

14. Disney Finding Nemo Cushion Bathtub

Disney Finding Nemo Cushion Bathtub

In case your toddler is a fan of fish or other sea animals, then you can let them play in this charming bathtub. Inspired by the famous movie, Finding Nemo, this portable bathtub is incredibly attractive. The combination of orange and blue tones radiates joy and warmth during your toddler’s bathing sesion.

15. Baby Bath Tub Toddler with Thermometer 

Baby Bath Tub Toddler with Thermometer

This is definitely an attractive portable toddler tub for your life. The blue, yellow, and orange colors will be appealing for your kids. A colorful fish-shaped thermometer is included for checking water temperature. Moreover, a ribbed inflatable floor with a built-in stopper adds comfort and avoids slippage.

16. Square Toddler Travel Bathtub 

Square Toddler Travel Bathtub

Keep your baby clean and enjoy while showering anywhere with this travel bathtub.The bathtub is composed of proven and durable vinyl. In fact, it also has the air chambers containing safety valves and also the bottom ribs which can inflate for further comfort and slippage prevention. Additional comfort is provided by the soft inflated floor.

17. Summer Paddling Swimming Pool

Summer Paddling Swimming Pool

Give your little one this wonderful tub shower for an amazing bathing experience. This portable toddler tub for shower has 2 seats and 2 cup holders which allows your kid to rest comfortably in the pool. Because of the wide area, it is ideal for summer time with family and may also be used as a children’s bath tub and ball play pool.

18. Kidzlane Unicorn Pool 

Kidzlane Unicorn Pool 

Get your little adorable swimmers their own amusing baby pool! This unicorn pool is the ideal size for one youngster to splash around in. It comes with a set of four rubber unicorn toys, making terrific bathtime companions! With this portable bathtub, your toddler can have an unforgettable bathing experience as if riding this charming unicorn.

19. Travel Inflatable Safety Bathtub 

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This portable toddler tub for shower surely gives full protection for your little one. Especially if they have a weak spine, this soft and comfortable cushion will prevent undesirable accidents while washing. Not to mention, it also has a large storage amidst the wonderful stars pattern.

20. Cartoon Dinosaur Mini Pool

Cartoon Dinosaur Mini Poola

With this portable bathtub, shower time feels more fun for your toddler. The colorful dinosaur print is incredibly attractive, especially for animal lovers. This inflatable pool also has a very soft inflated surface that serves as a protective barrier for children, allowing children to have more fun while parents relax.

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21. Sea Portable Soaking Bathtub

Sea Portable Soaking Bathtub

Bring the ocean vibes to your toddler at home with this portable shower tub. The blue sea color along with the lovely fish resemble life under the sea. Made from waterproof PVC, you don’t have to worry about leaking. Therefore, your kids can have a great bath time as if they are taking a bath in the ocean.

22. Toddler Backyard Swimming Pool

Toddler Backyard Swimming Pool

This portable toddler tub for shower has an elegant and cool design.  This inflatable pool is large enough for the whole family to enjoy. It will be ideal for playing in the water in the backyard. The reinforced thermal fusion technology used in the high-strength hot carbon tough PVC layered independent air-bag makes it firm and difficult to break.

23. Watermelon Donuts Pizza Summer Fun Swimming Pool 

Watermelon Donuts Pizza Summer Fun Swimming Pool a

The bright and vibrant colors radiate the amazing Summer vibes. This swimming pool will be perfect for your cheerful toddler. It comes in 3 eye-catching, attractive, and unique patterns such as watermelon, pizza, and donuts. With this blow up pool, you can have some water fun and stay cool this summer.

24. Pretty Cat Portable Bathtub

Pretty Cat Portable Bathtub

This will be a great bathtub for a toddler who loves cats. It has a lovely cat print with an awesome sea view that will attract your kids to take a bath. To avoid scratching the children’s skin, all edges and corners have been softened. It also uses the airtight air nozzle design, which combines a soft air nozzle with a circular hard air nozzle.

25. Summer Water Party Swimming Pool

Summer Water Party Swimming Pool

With this colorful bathtub, your lovely toddler can have a great time playing in water. This inflatable pool for kids has a design that parents adore. Its soft floor is non-slip and resistant to wear. Not to mention, it has good shock absorption and provides a comfortable and safe walking surface for toddlers. 

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What are the best portable toddler tubs for shower?

To answer this question, you should consider the material, design and the price as well. If those factors can meet your preference, then it will be your own version of the best portable toddler tub for shower. For instance, people who are looking for waterproof and durable material may assume that the Sea Portable Soaking Bathtub will be one of the best one. Or, if you want the sophisticated design, then Summer Bathing Swimming Pool will be the best option. For more inspiration, you can read our article above.

What age can a child take a shower alone?

Your child can shower alone about the age of six, as long as you are close in case he needs assistance. Until then, make sure you keep an eye on him while he’s showering. Therefore, a toddler still needs supervision from parents while bathing. To make your toddler feel happy and have fun while showering, you can buy a portable toddler tub for shower. Let’s check on our lists above for more ideas.

What are the things to consider before bathing a child?

First, you should use warm water that is close to the body temperature. Then, please consider the right soap and shampoo for kids, especially if they have sensitive skin. If you are bathing an infant or toddler, you should keep an eye on them in case they are slipping in water. To add fun while bathing your child, you also can buy waterproof toys or a portable bathtub.

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