25 Unique Towel Hooks To Keep Bathroom Clean and Stylish

While it may appear insignificant, towel hooks play a crucial role in your bathroom. They provide a convenient place to hang your towel, clothes, and even hair accessories while you shower, protecting them from water splashes. Moreover, towel hooks serve as decorative accents that elevate the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. Among the array of choices available, unique towel hooks shine with their distinctive designs.

These hooks often feature vintage, retro, or ultramodern elements that instantly capture attention when affixed to the walls. They come in various materials such as metal, brass, copper, stainless steel, and wood to ensure sturdy structures. Furthermore, most towel hooks are easy to install and maintain.

If you’re in search of unique towel hooks for your bathroom, we have carefully selected 25 unique towel hooks below. Rest assured, they offer both affordability and incredible designs.

How Do You Choose A Towel Hook for Your Bathroom?

For the perfect pick, we suggest you choose a unique towel hook based on its material to consider the durability, the number of hook prongs based on your need, and the practicality for installation. While some of the unique towel hooks appear aesthetics, it doesn’t guarantee their functional practice. So, you better find one that works well and is easy to mount on the walls before considering the appeal.

And last but not least, choose those with the look or design, colors, and specific shapes that match your room decoration style. But if you are unsure, you can simply go for white, black, or wooden ones.

BEST Unique Towel Hooks – Our 3 Best Picks

Stainless Towel HookStone Towel HookWooden Towel Hook
Black Stainless Steel HookSea Stones HookModern Wooden Hooks
Check The PriceCheck The PriceCheck The Price

Unique Towel Hook for Every Bathroom Style Idea

Style up your bathroom with an antique or vintage accent and ultramodern or unique towel hooks. You can choose the best one from our curated choice of towel hooks based on your favorite room decoration style and colors.

Not only are they feature functional values, but they also look visually pleasing to adorn your bathroom. They are available in diverse sizes. So, opt for one that matches your preference. Let’s check them out!

1. Modern Wooden Hooks by Epoxy

unique towel hooks

Use this unique hook to add stylish organizing for towels, coats, scarves, bags, and hats and space-saving to your foyer, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, etc. This unique towel hook with the texture of over 100 years of olive tree wood and resin is entirely handmade.

It is covered with a protective coating after eight layers of sanding. Moreover, it can support weights up to 22 lbs with two screws and dowels, which easily attach to your brick wall. And when you want to go beyond the extra mile, arrange them into a half-blooming flower as an enchanting decoration.

2. Handmade Steel Hook

unique towel hooks

This steel farmhouse wall hook is a beautiful and functional piece of art. This towel hook offers the distinct beauty and uniqueness that adds flair to any home’s décor. Furthermore, each hook is meticulously handcrafted, resulting in slight variations that make every piece truly one of a kind.

Using 3/4″ wide steel, this unique towel hook includes square head drive wood screws for simple installation. Whether you place it in the bathroom to hang towels or use it as a stylish coat hook in the entryway, this unique handmade steel hook is sure to steal the spotlight!

3. Wall Mount Brass Hooks

unique towel hooks

These handcrafted hooks are from Marrakesh in Morocco and are made of unlacquered solid brass. Designed to withstand the test of time, these hooks have no coat, allowing them to develop a beautiful, ever-living finish with a warm patina over time.

With their unique design and high-quality construction, these towel hooks are not only functional but also a stylish addition to your space. Furthermore, this unique towel hook is simple to install. It is also easy to clean with liquid soap or solid brass cleaning products to keep them shiny. Mount it in your luxurious bathroom with a golden theme to add elegance.

4. Moroccan Design Brass Hook

unique towel hooks

With a lavish look by Moroccan design, this handmade and unique towel hook is a dazzling decoration for your bathroom or kitchen. It will transform your bathroom or kitchen into a stylish space.

It features brass which shines splendor. Moreover, it is easy to install on the brick wall and also effortless to maintain its shine by cleaning it with liquid soap. We recommend having one on your bathroom entrance to allow you hang the towels or clothes with no hassle.

5. Gold Leaf Wall Hooks

unique towel hooks

You can choose the towel hook from six styles of contemporary leaf design. Solid iron with shining bright golden shades becomes the top pick material to feature in the making of these unique towel hooks.

While hooks offer functional value to your bathrooms, these unique towel hooks can also add an eclectic accent to your space decoration. You can use this hook for a towel, coat, scarf, keychain, etc., in any room.

6. Unique Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Hooks

unique towel hooks

Get organized and add your home decor with these distinctive design hooks made of sturdy stainless steel material. These wall mounted hooks can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, fitting room, and any room with limited storage space.

Its package includes 1 x wall hook and some mounting fittings, ensuring you can mounth them effortlessly on the walls. With this simple yet enchanting design, you better mount them on dark-colored walls to highlight their presence.

7. Unique Retro Style Wall Hook

unique towel hooks

This retro style hook is a piece of art as an accent of your vintage decoration. This unique towel hook is also a perfect piece for displaying or organizing your items like great garments and jewelry.

It is made of metal material in coffee color. Moreover, it is easy to use and convenient for your daily life, especially to hang your clothes, scarfs, or towels. Having this unique crafting, this towel hook makes an amazing addition to your vintage-themed bathroom.

8. European Style Animal Shape Hooks

unique towel hooks

Adopting high quality resin material, this unique towel hook is sturdy and durable for long time use. Using a unique animal shape design, this hook is stylish for your space, which can give a distinct decorative effect.

This hook is a practical piece to get organized of your items such as towel. It is easy to assemble with a variety of installation methods such as nail, screw and adhesive mounting. Whether hanging your towels, clothes, or bath scrubber, the hook will help you cater your needs.

9. Unique Metal Z Shaped Hooks

unique towel hooks

Ideal for use in a pair to hold laundry bags in the bathroom or bags of vegetables in the kitchen, this multi-function hook fits over any household doors. With a simple and clean design, this Z shaped hook will not look out of place whatever your decor.

This unique towel hook is available in various colors like blue, pink, green, yellow and silver tones. However, we highly recommend silver shades if you want neutral colors that radiate elegant charm in your bathroom.

10. A Unique Pair of Wall-Mounted Hooks

unique towel hooks

This multi-purpose hook can be used for hanging clothes, towel, coat, hat, handbag, scarf, etc. This unique towel hook is great for organizing any entryway, hallways, foyer or any rooms with limited storage space such as bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and fitting room.

With two hooks and some mounting fittings, they are easy to install on the wall or door. Besides, such designs are also effortless match for any bathroom interior, especially for those that feature minimalist modern designs.

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11. Custom Map Wall Hooks

unique towel hooks

These custom wall hooks are a great gift for housewarming to celebrate the newest neighborhood in your hometown. Your chosen home base is marked by a star, surrounded by three square miles drawn from vintage and manually surveyed maps.

The customized marble tile is mounted on a cast iron frame with three hooks for hanging keys, towels, dog leashes, or anything. Personalize the legend in the corner with the name and address of your special spot.

12. Baseball Toss Game Hook

unique towel hooks

To set this up, mount the baseball-diamond plaque, affixed with the all-important hook, to a porch post or rec room wall, then suspend the ring from a string attached to the ceiling. Take a moment to notice how the pegs act as players running the bases and as scorekeepers tracking outs, runs, and innings.

When you’re ready to play, hold the ring in your hand and swing it—gingerly, but with ample force—to make it land on the hook. Getting to hear that satisfying clink takes almost as much hand-eye coordination as hitting a fastball.

13. Football Toss Game Hook

unique towel hooks

The score is tied, it’s fourth and long, and there are 10 seconds left on the clock. One Hail Mary pass will win it all and secure your spot among history’s greatest. Capture the excitement of football without experiencing any unnecessary roughness with this wall-mounted ring-toss challenge.

Simple to set up and easy to love, the game puts your hand-eye coordination to the test as you connect a ring to its corresponding hook. While it has an inviting design, this towel hook may not suit luxurious bathroom yet the minimalist one.

14. 2 Pack Black Hooks

2 Pack Black Hooks

Made of solid zinc alloy material, this unique towel hook is suitable for hanging heavy and multiple garments or other heavy items, holding up to 45lbs. Smooth brushed finish can also protect your garments from scratch.

Featuring a modern and classic design, this hardware offers a neutral finishing touch, versatile enough from traditional to contemporary settings in the bathroom, bedroom, classroom, kitchen, closet, foyer, entryway and fence. Furthermore, it comes with necessary screws, screw anchors and instructions which are easy to install by mounting them on a wall or door in 10 minutes only.

15. Sea Stones Hook with Wooden Backplate

Sea Stones Hook with Wooden Backplate

Made of 100% natural sea stones which each unique stone brings an exquisite element of nature into your home. Each stone was hand selected by our artists from the beaches and rivers in New England and fit into almost any decor.

In addition, these chosen stones, which have unique structure and color to suit any home, are smoothed and then mounted to beautiful artisanal hardwoods backplate. These versatile hooks can be used to hang anything from towels to robes, coats to hats in bathrooms, pool houses, entryways or mud rooms.

16. Songbird Wall Hook

Songbird Wall Hook

This set of 4 charming songbird wall hooks are made of iron which is sturdy and cast with noteworthy detail. They are newly crafted in a rustic black finish but created to look aged. The unique details of these songbird hooks will bring vintage allure and style.

For charming organization to your home, use them on the walls around the entrance front door, on the screen porch, or in the bathroom for towels and robes. You can also consider mount one in your kitchen to hang your apron.

17. Brass Peacock Hook

Brass Peacock Hook

This handmade hook has a distinctive design with a pretty peacock bird. It is made of brass with charming colors and distinctive peacock feather pattern, which will add an antique accent to your vintage style home decoration.

Moreover, this wall-mounted hook is versatile for your stylish organizing to hang keys, clothes, towel, hat and bag in the front door, kitchen, bathroom etc. This towel hook is also great as a unique gift for those who fancy uncommon items.

18. Unique Music Note Wall Hook

Unique Music Note Wall Hook

Made of premium durable wrought iron with unique music note design, this unique towel hook will add vintage style to your home. This is a perfect wall hook for hanging clothes, bags, hats, towels and scarves on doors, closet, hallways, foyers, entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

It has a large bearing capacity and includes 1 piece hook and screw to be easily mounted in just a few minutes. Instead of buying for yourself, we recommend wrapping them as a lovely gift for musicians in your life.

19. Woman in Bath Tube Towel Hook

Woman in Bath Tube Towel Hook

This unique towel hook has a shape like a silhouette of a woman taking a bath. It will enrich your vintage style decoration while being used to hang your towel in the bathroom. Moreover, this wall-mounted hook is made of solid brass that ensures its sturdiness and longevity.

Additionally, its material is easy to clean by liquid soap, allowing the hooks to have a long-lasting shine. With such an artistic appeal, we think there’s not better place than mounting one in your fancy bathroom.

20. A Pair of Wall-Mounted Bathrobe

A Pair of Wall-Mounted Bathrobe

If you are looking for a hook which is durable and long-lasting, this unique towel hook is a perfect pick because it is made of outstanding quality metal and brass material. It gives a great modern look to your bathroom.

It can be used to hang your bathrobe or towel elegantly. Moreover, this wall-mounted hook includes 2 hooks, mounting posts and hardware which are easy to install. Those homes with minimalist bathrooms will adhere to have these unique towel hooks!

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21. Black Stainless Steel Bathroom Hook

Black Stainless Steel Bathroom hanger

With clean, minimalist and geometric design, this unique towel hook matches seamlessly with a variety of design themes. Its square shape makes it easier to hang up or take towels compared to other round hooks and the towel will stay on this square hook without falling off.

Made of high quality stainless steel, this hook ensures the sturdiness and longevity and its highly reflective polished chrome finish always looks brand new, rustproof, corrosion resistant. It effectively organizes your bath towel, hand towel, clothing or other frequently used stuff in the bathroom.

22. Wall-Mounted Rail with 6 Hooks

Wall-Mounted Rail with 6 hanger

The wall-mounted rail with 6 hooks by Hastings Home is a modern style addition to your home décor. You can put these convenient hooks in your front entryway, kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

With 6 double hooks, you can hang anything from keys, coats, and hats, to scarves, bags, jewelry, and towels. This unique towel hook will be a great gift for birthdays, holidays, engagements, weddings or housewarmings.

23. Double Bronze Hook

Double Bronze Hanger

For a truly unique look, this hook is made of rustic oil rubbed bronze which brings old-warm charm to your space. The stunning combination of deep, warm tones and hand-relieved bronze highlights give an inviting and sophisticated look.

Furthermore, this unique towel hook has durable and long-lasting finish to help prevent corrosion, tarnish or discolor. This wall-mounted hook is designed for bathroom convenience and organization, espsecially to hang your bathrobe, towels, and even coats.

24. Venetian Bronze Towel Hook

Venetian Bronze Hanger

This Venetian bronze hook is a unique blend of deep, warm undertones and subtle highlights that give your space a beautiful soothing effect. This towel hook is crafted from high quality zinc die cast for long term use.

It uses SpotShield Technology which resists water spots, fingerprints and stains so the bath hardware stays clean longer. In addition, this wall-mounted hook features two hanging prongs for two robes or towels. So you can conveniently mount them on your bathroom walls, particularly those with industrial interior.

25. White Nickel Hook Rack

White Nickel Rack

With a multi-functional shelf ledge and 4 hooks, this is a fantastic storage solution to hang purses, clothes or towels and a ledge for displaying pictures or holding loose items in your family room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

These eye-catching hooks keep your home organized and add an extra level of style to your decor. It features a lovely white finish and 4 sturdy satin nickel plated hooks. Not only can you hang your towels, but we also recommend feauturing some small potted tropical plants on the shelf upperneath the hooks to decorate your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Unique towel hooks offer homeowners the chance to fully decorate their bathrooms. These hooks boast striking and authentic designs that not only serve a practical purpose but also add a distinct touch to the interior. When selecting towel hooks, it’s important to choose ones that complement the theme of your bathroom. You must also take the designs into considerations.

If you have kids, avoid the ones with sharp edges and points. Additionally, consider the size of the hooks to ensure they don’t take up excessive space or fail to accommodate your clothes and towels effectively. With careful consideration, you can enhance your bathroom decor with functional and stylish towel hooks.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you install a towel hook?

Installing a towel hook is a relatively simple process. Most hooks come with all the necessary hardware and instructions. You’ll need to decide where you want to place the hook, mark the spot, drill holes, and then secure the hook with screws. If you’re installing the hook on a tiled wall, you might need a special drill bit. Always remember to use a level to ensure your hook is straight!

Can towel hooks be used for other items?

Absolutely! Towel hooks are incredibly versatile. They can be used in bedrooms for hanging robes or accessories, in entryways for coats and bags, or even in kitchens for hanging utensils or aprons. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

Where should towel hooks be placed in a bathroom?

The unique towel hook location depends on your bathroom size. If you have limited space in your bathroom, then it is better to place your towel hooks on the back of the door. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can place wall-mounted towel hooks on the brick or concrete wall at the opposite side of your shower to avoid your towel getting wet because of the splashing water.

What trends are currently popular in towel hook design?

Current trends in towel hook design include minimalist, geometric shapes, mixed materials like wood and metal, and vintage-inspired designs. However, the best trend is always choosing a design that you love and that fits your space perfectly.

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