23 Quirky & Cute Housewarming Gifts For Couples Who Have Everything

While moving house is exciting, it can also tend to become rather stressful. Housewarming gifts for couples have what it takes to make the transition bearable, even pleasurable.  Whether you are looking for thoughtful gifts to make the house a home or funny housewarming gifts just for laughs, we have you covered.

Take a look at these unique housewarming gift ideas and find the perfect present for your favorite duo.

Cute Housewarming Gift Ideas For Couples

#1 Home Sweet Home Personalized Key Holder 

Home Sweet Home Personalized Key Holder

Nothing says congratulations on your new home quite as well as this keyholders.  Providing the perfect blend of function and style, it is sure to become a statement piece for their décor. To make sure it does, select one of eighteen colors that match the space. 

Though it has a spot for collective ownership, it has room for his and hers, separately. Oh, and it even takes into account the four-legged family member. How cool! Find it Here. 


#2 Funny Couples Matching T-Shirts 

Funny Couples Matching T-Shirts

How about showcasing the special bond the couple shares while also giving them a reason to laugh out loud?  After all, happy memories are what will turn that house into a home. 

These funny and cute matching tees will never go out of style for that happy couple. (For as long as he keeps spoiling her and going broke in the process). The best part about them is that they will always look great, indoors and outdoors. Find it Here


#3 Funny Doormat 

Funny Doormat

Who said housewarming gift ideas for couples have to be serious to be great? What makes this an awesome doormat is that it holds limitless potential for keeping the duo happy. No matter what kind of day he or she had, stepping on it will turn the frown upside down.

And whenever guests come over, they will start the visit with a smile, spreading lots of good cheer. It does not hurt one bit that the mat is made of coir, a naturally antibacterial material with matchless durability. Find it Here.


#4 Industrial Edison Steampunk Table Lamp 

Industrial Edison Steampunk Table Lamp

Light up their faces and their new home with this elegant, eye-catching industrial lamp. It sports an intriguing steampunk design consisting of a wooden base and metal pipes. The bulbs point in different directions for optimal lighting and tons of visual appeal.

No matter their preferences in interior décor, this unique table lamp will fit right in.

It could blend easily with other similar pieces or provide a striking contrast against a glaringly different background. Find it Here. 


#5 Intersection of Love – Photo Print 

Intersection of Love - Photo Print

What cooler way to add to that special couple’s décor than with this ingenious work of art. The masterpiece of creativity celebrates special milestones in their lives. It could be that moment in time when their paths first crossed.

Or it could commemorate their anniversary. This is a great way to ensure that the two keep walking down the same path. And for as long as it remains on their wall of fame, you can be sure to always get an invite to their house parties. Find it Here. 


#6 Custom Portrait Drawing 

Custom Portrait Drawing - cute housewarming gifts for couples

Looking for cute housewarming gift ideas for couples who have everything? How about the one thing they do not have – a custom portrait drawing of the two in cartoon format.

Not only is it endlessly charming, but it also makes a unique focal point for any space. It will add tons of visual appeal to their décor. And thanks to its aesthetic and sentimental value, you can be sure it will always have a special spot on their hearts. Find it Here. 


#7 Funny Candle Scents 

Funny Candle Scents - housewarming gifts for couples

Humorous housewarming gifts like these funny scented candles are a great way to cheer your favorite couple up. The last thing either of them would want, after all, is to have a disgruntled mate burn the house down.

What a timely reminder to always keep their partner at the top of their minds or risk losing the new home! And while they work hard to make things work, these hilarious candles will be working over time too! Made from soy wax, they last twice as long as regular candles. Talk about a gift that keeps giving! Find it Here. 


#8 Custom Handstamped Couples Keychains 

Custom Handstamped Couples Keychains - housewarming gifts for couples

The only thing better than a pair of keychains to keep their keys safe is a personalized pair that keeps their love alive. Well, with one of these cute housewarming gifts for couples, you get equal doses of sentimental, visual and functional value.

They have space for their initials, a special date and little hearts. Together, the two keychains complete each other, just like your favorite duo. Place them side by side and they form a heart. Cool, right?

Find it Here. 


#9 His and Hers Bath Robes 

His and Hers Bath Robes - housewarming gifts for couples

You can never have too many bathrobes, or can you? Well, the jury is still out on that one. But in the meantime, how about surprising that special couple with this matching pair? 

Nothing spells love better than these ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ robes! The best thing about these robes is that they have what it takes to keep the two glued to each other. After all, a king and queen are meant to be! Find it Here. 


#10 The Neighborwoods Map Coasters 

Neighborwoods Map Coasters

With this thoughtful couples housewarming gift, you can help your favorite couple keep their homesickness at bay. These coasters feature various cities engraved on cedar. The attention to detail is fascinating and the elegance of the pieces is simply matchless.

Their beauty will make them an instant hit in the new house and ensure no one ever stains the table again. And they will make great conversation pieces when they have guests over. Find it Here. 


#11 Personalized Metal Infinity Sign 

Personalized Metal Infinity Sign

You can never go wrong with a personalized infinity sign for a couple you know and love. Its symbolic value is simply matchless, showing you want their union to last.

In addition to being meaningful, this piece is elegant too. The couples’ names are intricately included in the design. And the cute heart ties everything together. Choose from three color options to find the ideal fit for your recipients. Find it Here. 


#12 Rustic Name Sign 

Rustic Name Sign - housewarming gifts for couples

Turn their new house into a home sweet home with one of these housewarming gifts for couples. The rustic name sign has a whimsical aspect to it that is sure to make them smile. It makes a great décor piece for both indoors or outdoors.

As an outdoor art piece, it will ensure that guests have an easy time finding their way. And if they use it indoors, they will have a permanent grin on their faces. It is indeed a win-win! Find it Here. 


#13 Custom Cutting Board 

Custom Cutting Board - housewarming gifts for couples

Housewarming equals food, and any great host will value a gift that takes that into consideration. Looking beyond the party though, this board is one gift they really need. Chopping boards are said to represent peace and stability, both of which they need for a lasting union.

And the piece is both stunning and useful, and thanks to the personalization, bears their family name. You can choose from a number of wood varieties, each of which has a unique color and wood grain.

Find it Here. 


#14 Couples Key To My Heart Necklace – Cute Housewarming Gifts For Couples

Couples Key To My Heart Necklaces - cute housewarming gifts for couples

For the new homeowners, the only thing that could beat the keys to their new home, are keys to each other’s hearts. With this innovative housewarming gift for couples, you get that and then some.

It is a complementary set of necklaces for couples, one of which bears a key charm, and the other, a heart. The key fits perfectly into a cutout on the heart, signifying the ‘key to my heart’ concept. How amazing!

Find it Here. 


#15 50s Retro Style Electric Kettle 

50s Retro Style Electric Kettle

If they love all things retro, how about a touch of old-world charm with this stylish kettle? Every time they use this kettle will feel like a trip back into time. (But without the inconvenience of having to invent fire or electricity to boil their water).

It comes in a wide range of colors to meet their precise preferences. The great thing about it is that it offers an instant facelift for whatever space you place it in. Together with its functional appeal, this makes it a great choice that simply cannot go wrong. Find it Here. 


#16 Funny House Warming Gift – Metal Wall Art 

Funny House Warming Gift - Metal Wall Art - quirky housewarming gifts for couples

To help your friends really settle in, how about a funny housewarming gift that will have them in stitches? Let’s face it, no one has the time to give their friends motivational speeches every time they need one.

With this piece, you give them plenty of that and much more. It does a great job of reminding them to give their best in whatever they do. But it does so in a short, powerful phrase that they will always call to mind! Find it Here. 


#17 Couples Housewarming Gift – Wall Decal Art 

Couples Housewarming Gift - Wall Decal Art - cute housewarming gifts for couples

Make an indelible statement in their interior décor with this couples housewarming gift. The large font makes it impossible to miss in any space. And the unique concept turns it into a conversation piece to get everyone talking.

Made using PVC, it is a durable gift choice that will last through their stay in the new house. It is easy to fix and comes in great colors to suit every décor. Find it Here. 


#18 T-Rex Toilet Paper Holder – Quirky Housewarming Gifts For Couples

T-Rex Toilet Paper Holder

When thinking of a quirky housewarming gift, you probably think of every space in the house – except the bathroom. It’s likely no one else thought of it either. And it’s likely the new homeowners will work on this space last.

Get them off to the best possible start with this memorable toilet paper holder. Every guest who has to fight a T-Rex to get the tissue will come out smiling. And nothing could make the new homeowners any prouder. Find it Here. 


#19 Couples Pillow Cases – Cute Housewarming Gifts For Couples

Couples Pillow Cases

Go beyond the obvious by getting the happy couple a gift they will live to remember. These couples pillowcases will not only add personality to their bedroom space. They will also keep the spark of love burning bright, thanks to the charming personalized message.

You can also be sure that they will get tons of use out of these pillowcases. What a great choice to really help your friends settle down and enjoy a good night’s rest, indefinitely. Find it Here. 


#20 Set of 2 Personalized Etched Champagne Flutes 

Set of 2 Personalized Etched Champagne Flutes

How about a toast to your favorite duo in these classy champagne flutes? The new home is enough reason to pop the champagne after all. All they could be missing are the perfect pair of glasses for their fine bubbly.

What makes this one of the best housewarming gift ideas is the uniqueness of it all. The glasses are not only a fitting tribute to the couple’s romance. They are also a constant excuse for a celebration.

Find it Here. 


#21 Couples Personalized Succulent Planter 

Couples Personalized Succulent Planter - housewarming gifts for couples

Green thumb couples will appreciate the ingenuity of this gift choice. It brings together the best of two worlds, celebrating their love for each other and for plants.

The wooden piece has a remarkably designed exterior, unlike any planter out there. To protect the interior, it has a proper planter holding the succulent. It would look great in any part of the house and will be sure to stand the test of time. Find it Here. 


#22 Custom Cartoon Portrait Housewarming Gifts For Couples

Custom Cartoon Portraits - housewarming gifts for couples

For the perfect balance of thoughtfulness and practicality, how about an adorable cartoon portrait? The simplicity and unmistakable appeal of this piece make it one of the best housewarming gifts for new homeowners.

Inspired by The Simpsons, this artistic portrait will turn an ordinary couple’s photo into a masterpiece. You can be sure it will get a key spot on their hearts and décor. And it might be your ticket to all other parties in the new house. Find it Here. 


#23 The Ultimate housewarming gift! – This Housewarming Gift Basket 

The Ultimate housewarming gift! - This Housewarming Gift Basket

When you cannot seem to make up your mind on a gift idea, how about one that has it all? We call this the ultimate housewarming gift because it brings together a bit of everything.

Everything in it is bee-related, and it contains honey, lovely candles, lip balm, natural soap and so much more.  What a way to warm both their hearts and their homes! You can count on the fact that this gift will make a permanent impression on your favorite couple. Find it Here.

No matter how well you know your recipients and how complex they seem to be, there is something for everyone here. With these thoughtful housewarming gifts for couples, you will undoubtedly help them transition with ease into the latest chapter of their lives.


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