27 Cool, Fun & Unique Candles You Can Buy

Looking for a brilliant way to add a decorative touch and a warm glow to your space? Look no further than this collection of fun and unique candles! Cool & fun candles are a great way to add ambience and serve up a sensory treat for your guests.

Here are 27 of the coolest candles to help you switch things up and enjoy the desired effect, not only are they creative in design but many also have some very unique scents, check them out!

Fun Candles And Unique Candle Scents

 #1 Netflix & Chill Fun Candle

Netflix & Chill Candle - fun & unique candles

Smell the romance in the air with this funny, scented piece. Aptly named, Netflix and Chill, it is perfect for curling up with a special someone as you watch a favorite movie or show.

Might also make for a cheap gift idea for a co-worker you have always fancied? The aroma is timeless and the piece makes a great gift idea to make that someone smile. Find it Here.

#2 Hand Gesture Fun Candles

Hand Gesture Candle - fun & Unique Candles

At times, all you really need is an opportunity to vent out your frustrations and pent-up emotions. No matter whether you feel like the whole world deserves the middle finger or just one unfortunate soul, here is your perfect outlet. Best of all, it comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Find it Here.

#3 Campfire Marshmallow Scented Candle

Campfire Marshmallow Scented Candle - fun candle

Campfire Marshmallow Scented Candle

Nothing quite like the scent of campfire marshmallows in summer, wouldn’t you agree? Well, now you can enjoy the glorious scent all year round thanks to this fun candle. The memorable aroma combines a smoky oak wood scent with that of sweet marshmallow for a timeless effect! Find it Here.

#4 Trump Funny Candles

Trump Candles

Trump Candles

No matter where your loyalties lie, here is an opportunity to add some political humor to your space. This funny candle sports the classic hairdo that democrats, as well as liberals, recognize all too well. What a perfect piece for making a hysterical statement or gifting the politically inclined. Find it Here.

#5 Yin Yang Tea Light Candle Holder Set

Yin Yang Tea Light Candle Holder Set

Inject some balance into your life and your décor with this unique concept. They are a set of unusual holders that will be sure to capture attention. Featuring the Yin Yang symbol in a set of two, these adorable holders perfectly nestle into each other to create a remarkable display piece.

Find it Here.

#6 Best Friendship Fun Candles

Best Friendship Candles - fun candles

Is your BFF familiar with your psycho side? Maybe it’s time you got them acquainted with one of these funny candles. It might come as a bit of a surprise if she was expecting another mushy message. But it is one line she will live to remember with tons of laughter. Find it Here.

#7 Book Nerd Candle

Book Nerd Candle - fun candles

For that dear friend who is always curled up with a book, here is the ultimate choice of gift. A simple yet fun message, “Old Books,” defines the design and makes it meaningful. Your recipient can keep the mason jar long after the contents are gone as a memento. Find it Here.

#8 Titanic


Do you harbor a soft spot for cruise ships and ocean vessel tragedy? In that case, the Titanic is the ideal addition to your collection. The unique candle consists of a sinking ship and an iceberg on blue waxy waters. To cap it up, it smells like water! What a way to keep your love for all things nautical burning, literally! Find it Here.

#9 Obama Candle

Obama Candle

Every democrat in your life deserves one of these hilarious pieces as a gift! No, it does not smell like Obama. But its unique scent is full of hope, something everyone needs in these tough times. A miniature fist adds to the humor; be sure to bump it, will you? Find it Here.

#10 Jo Malone™ Pomegranate Noir Luxury Candle

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Luxury Candle

Add a touch of luxury and class to your space with this intriguing piece. It features a sophisticated scent that will transform your guests’ olfactory experience. If you are looking to create a sensual atmosphere with just the right amount of style, this is the one! Find it Here.

#11 Let’s Get Lit Fun Candles

Let's Get Lit

Treat a special friend to the funniest and most unique gift ever. This might not be what comes to their mind when someone says “let’s get lit.” But it sure is a worthwhile choice, a great way to keep them jolly. Add a personalized message to make it all the more special. Find it Here.

#12 Freshly Signed Divorce Papers

Freshly Signed Divorce Papers

What does freedom smell like? Take a whiff of this piece and find out firsthand! Divorce might not be an easy experience to go through. But there is no harm in looking on the bright side, is there? The piece captures the mixed emotions and gives you or a recipient reason to smile. Find it Here.

#13 Fart Extinguisher

Fart Extinguisher

Does your brother, dad or boyfriend have a hard time keeping his flatulence in check? With this funny yet functional gift choice, you can help him along. And while you are at it, he might also need some assistance with the out of control chuckles that result. Find it Here.

#14 Inspirational Scent Fun & Unique Candles

Inspirational Scent -fun & Unique Candles

Your search for a unique graduation gift ends right here. After all, it days all that needs saying in wishing your recipient a fulfilling life. And it does not hurt one bit that the scent is heavenly. For the recipient who seems hard to shop for, this is a failsafe choice. Find it Here.

#15 Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

How about blending great looks and a heavenly scent? Get one of these unique decorative candles for that precise effect! The jar sports a striking iridescent blue jar with a golden top for contrast. An intoxicating aroma completes the allure and promises to transform your space. Find it Here.

#16 Valentines Day Candle

Valentines Day Candle

Set the perfect mood for a romantic evening with this ideal combination of text and scent. This awesome candle brings you the best of both worlds. The whimsical text makes it the perfect gift for husband or boyfriend. And the scent will set the mood for you. Find it Here.

#17 Racing Fuel

Racing Fuel - fun & Unique Candles

Is there a race car enthusiast in your life? How about getting him a gift he will never forget! It features the distinctive scent of racing fuel. Add to this a blend of other sweet fragrances and you have yourself a winner! Find it Here.

#18 Sasquatch Poop Scent Soy Wax Candle

Sasquatch Poop Scent Soy Wax Candle

For the Bigfoot believer in your life, nothing beats this funny candle. If you have ever wondered what Sasquatch poop smells like, now you have the answer. And it’s delightful! Who doesn’t love the scent of s’mores? Add it to a friend’s Bigfoot collection. Find it Here.

#19 Donald Trump Hot Head

Donald Trump Hot Head - fun & Unique Candles

Where do you stand on the Trump debate? No matter whether you are an ardent fan or his greatest nemesis, you will love this piece. Reflecting an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, it will make a great focal point. Find it Here.

#20 Feu de Bois/Wood Fire Grey Scented Candle

Feu de Bois/Wood Fire Grey Scented Candl

Bathe your space in fragrant splendor courtesy of the Feu de Bois. Combining a warm and sophisticated aroma with the familiar scent of rare woods. It makes the perfect signature piece for a classy home. And the exterior is equally alluring! Find it Here.

 #21 Namaste

Namaste - fun & Unique Candles

Every crazy yogi will appreciate one of these unique candles. A perfect tribute to the comedy series bearing the same name. It is a timeless choice for the show’s lovers. After all, who couldn’t use a good laugh after a long hard day at work? Find it Here.

#22 You Rock Hand Gesture funny Candle

You Rock Hand Gesture Candle

Light up someone’s life with these unusual candles which are chock full of sentimental value. There are so many ways to tell someone they rock. But one of the best ways is to give them a meticulously detailed wax sculpture that smells great and brightens up their space! Find it Here.

#23 Breaking Bad Walter White Inspired Fun & Unique Candles

Breaking Bad Walter White Inspired fun & Unique Candles

Choose a scent that most resonates with the Breaking Bad fan in your life and watch their face light up. In addition to the delightful scent, a shadow image of Heisenberg in his typical hat and glasses injects meaning to the piece. Find it Here.

#24 Diptyque Baies/Berries’ Scented Black Candle

Diptyque Baies/Berries' Scented Black Candle

Blending the floral scent of roses and naturally intriguing black currant leaves, this is one of the best unique scented candles in the collection. It burns for up to 90 hours and diffuses up to 1,000 square feet. The black glass jar gives it an air of elegance to add to the splendid aroma. Find it Here.

#25 Chill AF – Fun & Unique Candles

Chill AF fun & Unique Candles

For the super cool friend who completes you, the Chill AF piece is perfectly befitting. It makes a great whimsical gift choice that will play a functional role as well. A tantalizing scent in a superb choice of jar will make it a winning present. Find it Here.

#26 Man Up

Man Up

The world has its own stereotypes of what’s manly and what’s not. But as this hilarious piece shows, it takes a manly man to do seemingly unmanly things. Everything from the packaging to the scent makes it ideal for the manly man. Find it Here.

#27 Global Warming-Scented Candle

Global Warming-Scented Candle - fun & Unique Candles

Though this might look like a weird candle, it bears a grim message for humanity packaged in the funniest way. It sports floating buildings on seawater and a hilarious backstory. The scent combines smoke and water for a unique, educational experience.

Find it Here.

These unique candles hold so much more potential than we give them credit for. Pick one or more that resonates with you for an unforgettable decorative, functional or ambience-related transformation!

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