25 Cool Bells You Can Buy for Home Decor

Bells are an item that has historical and functional value. This idiophone percussion instrument was originally made to call a community to perform worship and religious services. A hollow cup is a common form of a bell because it has the most effective resonator effect. Nowadays, bells have undergone many modifications and customizations in terms of shape, color, and ornamentation. Therefore, you may often see those bells are used for various purposes. For example, Christmas celebration, door bells, hotel ornaments, and many more.

If you are looking for bells for Christmas gifts or other events, you have found the best possible place to find them. Here, we’ve compiled some bells into a list of cool bells you can buy. From vintage designs to modern ones, you can surely pick the most amazing bell to fit your needs. Check them out!

What Does It Mean To Hear The Bells?

When you listen to the sound of the bell, there are several different interpretations. Bells in hotels and homes signal that guests are present. Meanwhile, if you hear the sound of a bell in a vehicle such as a ship, it is an indication of danger. However, when you hear the bell ringing in the church then it is a call to worship together.

Ornamental Cool Bells

Ornament is the most developed and polished aspect of the bell. Here comes a cool bell that has an amazing ornament.

1. Celtic Cross Diamond Bravo Bells

Celtic Cross Diamond Bravo Bells

Stylish and elegant stellar ornaments radiate perfectly from this bell. The Celtic Cross Diamond Ride Bell is crafted from premium quality 100% tin. This cool bell also features a 24 mm split ring and black velvet accents. You can install this amazing item in your vehicles, such as cars and motorbikes to add splendor to your trip.

2. Odin Viking God Bravo Bells

Are you a Harley Davidson motorcycle rider? If yes, then this cool bell is perfect for you. Odin Viking God Bravo Bells will certainly surprise everyone on the road with your driving performance. This item has excellent resistance to tough road conditions because it is made of 100% lead. What a masculine and dashing bell!

3. DEMDACO Inspired Bell

DEMDACO Inspired Bell

A stunning and simple design is offered by this three-tiered striped bell in navy blue and white. The choice of ceramic stoneware material was a brilliant idea, making this cool bell a pefect display on your patio. This cool chime measures 9 x 3 inches and produces a quiet, soft sound. Get beauty and relaxation at the same time by ordering this amazing item!

4. Men’s 316L Stainless Steel Cool Ride To Live

Men’s 316L Stainless Steel Cool Ride To Live

What an awesome visual effect! You will see the shiny purple color of this skull bell. This visual effect can be seen when there is light hitting this cool bell. In addition, this crafter used stainless steel material that ensures its lifetime durability.

5. 100Th Anniversary Guardian Bell

100Th Anniversary Guardian Bell

Do you want to buy a birthday gift for your boyfriend who is a Harley Davidson rider? If so, this complete bell set that comes with a bell, keyring, legend card, and gift bag will be a perfect present. The Guardian Bell is a symbol of good luck offered to motorcycles and their riders. Thanks for the this special quality, this cool bell is ready to be your tough travel guide!

Fun Cool Bells

Bells can also be a fun item. The various shapes and colors have been perfectly produced to make the bells a great item to have.

6. Shopkeepers Bell

Shopkeepers Bell

Are you a shop owner? Secure each of your merchandise by installing a small metal bell at the entrance. Captive screws are also included in the sales package. Iconic bells as customers come and go indeed give your store a retro feel.

7. North American Bird Call Set

North American Bird Call Set

This unique bell offers an unconventional function and design. Intended as a musical instrument and educational toy for children, this item is surely make an awesome piece. And since it is made from natural wood, these cool bells give an authentic way to connect with nature. What a cool piece!

8. Patio Hanging Bell

Patio Hanging Bell

Charming vintage and vintage designs are now on your page! Patio Hanging Bell will surely fit to all home styles. You can feel the homey atmosphere of the tinkling sound of these cool bells. Moreover, each of these unique bells is handcrafted from stainless steel by skilled craftsmen. In addition, you can mix and match each color and motif of this item to beautify your home decor.

Perfect Cool Bells for Christmas

Bring back the essence of a bell to the great Christmas celebration. Here are cool bells perfect for decorating your special Christmas day with your family and loved ones!

9. TRANSPAC Resin Red Christmas Cardinal and Bell Figurine

TRANSPAC Resin Red Christmas Cardinal and Bell Figurine

The charming Christmas classic design is perfect for this bell decoration and ornament. TRANSPAC Resin Red Christmas Cardinal and Bell brings peace and love to your Christmas celebration. Furthermore, its copper accents on the bottom and a red bird figurine on the top make the bell as a center point in your Christmas tree. Order this cool item right away before it runs out!

10. Silver Blue Wind Bell

Silver Blue Wind Bell

These charming silver and bluebells represent good wishes and wishes on Christmas Day. This item can produce a nice and loud sound when blown by the wind. Furthermore, this cool bell is equipped with cool blue floral accents. You can easily attach this item to your favorite Christmas tree. What an enchanting and charming Christmas decoration!

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11. Stainless Steel Angel Wing Charm Bell

cool bells

This cool bell has a beautiful ring! Inspired by carved angel wings, they bring a lovely touch of joy to your family. The white ribbon on the sales package adds to the beauty of this Christmas decoration significantly. Hang this bell and set your hopes for next year!

12. Christmas Tree Jingle Bells Ornaments Set

cool bells

Do you want to buy a Christmas Festive Set? The Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Ornament Set is the answer! The purchase package includes all kinds of bells you can possibly think of. Since each of these cool bell ornaments measures 3 x 4 inches, they will make a great decoration for your Christmas tree.

13. Nativity Christmas Bell Olive Wood HandMade

cool bells

Feel the holiness and solemnity of Christmas with this Nativity Christmas Bell Olive Wood HandMade. This olive wood bell is handcrafted with the theme of the holy land of Bethlehem. Moreover, this product is professionally crafted and engraved on every part. What are you waiting for? Order these cool bells now and prepare yourself for a relaxing treat before it’s too late!

14. Vintage Rustic Christmas Bells

cool bells

Vintage rustic style is boldly represented by these bells. The item set consists of two silver bells with accents of pink, berry, and a charming red ribbon. Hence, these cool 5.5-inch bells are perfect for Christmas tree, door, and wreath accent. The shiny silver color also adds elegance to your snow-covered Christmas tree.

15. TRANSPAC Metal 26 in. Gold Christmas Reindeer

cool bells

The shape of the reindeer that was once iconic with Christmas is now present in the shape of a bell. Highlighting a charming reender as the ornament, this cool chime will surely steal anyone’s attention in any space. This is a great piece from TRANSPAC that will inspire happiness! Pair this chime with other Christmas-themed bells for an immersive togetherness!

16. Vintage Gold Tone Christmas Holiday Bow Bells

cool bells

You will feel the classic gold, green and red Christmas color combination of this cool bell. Vintage Gold Tone Christmas Holiday Bow Bells offers the majesty and holiness of a stunning Christmas design. It’s a very compact size which is 1 x 1.5 inches makes this item very suitable to decorate your living room when celebrating Christmas and New Year.

17. TRANSPAC Dolomite 8 in. Red Christmas Santa Bell

cool bells

Present a kind and adorable Santa Claus in your room decorations when celebrating Christmas. Make the breeze even more enjoyable by hearing the sound of these cool chirping bells. You can also ring this unique bell during happy and fun times with your best friends!

Cool Bells for Bicycle

The bell mounted on the bicycle has a function as a safety and warning device. Bell can also improve your cycling appearance to be much cooler. To achieve this goal, you can choose one of the following cool bells for bikes.

18. FITCHCE Kids Bike Bell

FITCHCE Kids Bike Bell

Give a fun accent to your child’s bike. This yellow duck-shaped bicycle bell has a cute combat pose. Since it is made of 90% high-quality rubber and 10% PVC plastic, this item is safe for kids. Moreover, the LED lights add to the excitement of this cool bell. This unique bell is capable of producing a loud and clear sound of around 45 decibels.

19. American Star Bike Bell 

cool bells

Are you a Captain America fan? If so, bring the superhero experience to your bike by installing the American Star Bike Bell. These cool bells are made of high-quality metal that can withstand various weather conditions. A loud continuous ringing sound will indeed make this cool chime even more attravtive. What a cool addition to your bike or scooter!

20. SURMOLER Classic Aluminum Bike Bell

SURMOLER Classic Aluminum Bike Bell

Make yourself a cool superhero-like Ironman by installing the SURMOLER Classic Aluminum Bike Bell. It is made of high-quality aluminum and plastic to ensure its sturdy design and durability. These cool bells offer an eye-catching visual and structure, thanks to its unique design. Moreover, you can easily attach these bells to your bike with the size of the bells being 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

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21. Brightz Blue Bicycle Bell with Color Morphing LEDs

cool bells

Take your child’s cycling experience to the next level! This bicycle bell equipped with LED lights provides great fun! Enjoy the clear ringing and twinkling lights beautifully rendered by this cool. In addition, this item is powered by a 3 cell battery which is easy to replace.

Cool Bells for Desk

Are you tired of the generic look of your desk? Do not worry! Here we show a list of cool bells for desks that you can buy.

22. Floral Desktop Bell

Floral Desktop Bell

Have you ever thought that a hotel bell could be this beautiful? This service table bell is made of premium stainless steel that is rust-resistant. Measuring 3.35 inches, this cool bell will indeed fit perfectly on the reception desk. This item comes with a black non-slip base which is finely polished so as not to damage your table. The sound of this bell produces a very loud and clear sound, thus you won’t regret buying this amazing item.

23. Smiley Face Call Bell

Smiley Face Call Bell

The cute and fun design is the main feature of this bell. You will get 3 bells with different smile effects if you buy this piece. Having a bright yellow color makes this item stands out. Moreover, constructed of metal with superb chrome accents, this cool chime is perfect for your study desk. You only need to use a cloth to clean this bell if there are stains and fingerprints on the surface.

24. Brass Bell Antique Desk Golden

Brass Bell Antique Desk Golden

Old-fashioned vintage designs and ornaments cover every corner of this bell. The clear ringing sound makes this item suitable for hotel reception desks. Made of professionally polished brass metal, this cool bell will surely enhance the luxury and elegance of your hotel reception desk.

25. Red Classroom School Call Bells for Desk

cool bells

Are you looking for a gift for your favorite teacher at the teacher’s day celebration? If yes, then this red steel table bell is the perfect solution. These cool bells bear the quotes “Teaching Love Inspires” and “Teaching is a Work of the Heart” that will melt your teacher’s heart. This extraordinary item is made of premium quality steel which is thick and durable. Aside from being a table display, this bell also serves as a sign to let students know that class is about to start.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, nowadays we can find bells for various purposes which include Christmas celebration, door bells, hotel ornaments, or home decorations. In choosing the best bells, you might want to know exactly what you need and what you will use the bell for. For instance, if you want to use it as a door bell, then you can choose bells that can be hung on your front door.

If you want to have it as a new additional to your bells collection, then you can find the one that is rare, valuable, and one-of-a-kind or you can’t find the item anywhere else. So our advice would be to know your reason, and then undoubtedly, you will find the perfect bell for you on our list.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are bells popular at Christmas?

Bell is synonymous with Christmas celebrations. You can choose a bell that has ornaments and shapes that are thick with Christmas nuances. For example, TRANSPAC Resin Red Christmas Cardinal and Bell Figurine or Vintage Gold Tone Christmas Holiday Bow Bells. These two items will indeed bring the peace and love of Christmas to your room.

What is the most famous cool bell you can buy?

It’s effortless! If you want to buy the most popular bicycle bell then you can order the American Star Bike Bell which offers a cool superhero effect. However, if you want to buy bells for Christmas celebrations, then Vintage Rustic Christmas Bells are the most popular bells you can buy.

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