25 Good Luck Bell for Motorcycle While Traveling Alone

Good luck bell is a popular good luck charm for motorcycles. Good luck bell for motorcycles is the best accessory if you want to not just make your motorcycle more beautiful but also bring you good fortune. Bikers love to add this ornament on their motorcycle because it brings good fortune for motorcycle riders’ safety. Since there is a legend that the rescued biker cut two pieces of leather from his saddlebags and attached a bell to each one to present to his buddies, this practice has gained popularity among bikers. 

The clear and distinct sound of a guardian for motorcycles bell can easily be heard from afar, and it attracts attention from other drivers on the road. The guardian bell for motorcycles also alerts nearby vehicles that there is a motorcycle nearby to prevent accidents from occurring. In addition, you can put this good luck charm to any type of motorcycle as well.

In case you are going to buy the best guardian bell for motorcycles, but you are confused in choosing the best one, don’t worry! We have compiled the best good luck bell for motorcycle riders across the internet in various symbols that you may fall in love with. From personalized guardian bells for motorcycle riders to unique motorcycle bells with great meanings, we are sure you will find the best one right here.

1. Cross Wing Biker Bell

Cross Wing Biker Bell

For religious people a cross symbol with angel wings will make an amazing guardian bell. According to popular belief, angels are kind celestial creatures or guardian spirits who serve as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. The cross represents God’s righteousness, honor, sincerity, and protection. You will receive blessings and courage from this good luck bell with protective angel wings.

2. Harley-Davidson Good Luck Bell with Biker Angel

Harley-Davidson Good Luck Bell with Biker Angel

When it comes to the Harley-Davidson good luck bell, this will be one of the most unique motorcycle bells you should have. This awesome motorcycle image stands for the American dream, freedom and strength, which will protect you while traveling. Beside, the motorcycle rider on the Harley-Davidson good luck bell comes with a pair of wings that symbolize guard and blessings.

3. Guardian Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel

Guardian Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel

An amazing personalized guardian bell that will be a perfect reminder, you should give this to bikers with high mobility. It has a beautiful reminder engraved on this guardian bell for motorcycles, making a strong statement that you still have to be careful on the road although you already hang the good luck bell. With classic bikers engraved on the bell, it makes a wonderful charm.

4. St Christopher Guardian Bell

St Christopher Guardian Bell

A long ride will not be complete without this amazing good luck bell. It features the famous Saint Christopher as the patron saint of travelers and motorists. He is a symbol of safe travel and protection. Hanging this guardian bell will give you blessings and protection on the road. It has a classic and vintage casting, which will make it one of the most unique motorcycle bells you should buy.

5. US Eagle Bravo Bell

US Eagle Bravo Bell

In case you are a patriotic person who enjoys riding a motorcycle, this amazing good luck bell is suitable for you. The combination of the bald eagle with the American flag indeed resembles a lot of blessings. This magnificent bird, with its fierce beauty and bold independence, is a fitting metaphor for the power and freedom of America. This guardian bell will make biking seem safer and more liberating.

6. Frog Guardian Bell

Frog Guardian Bell

Suppose you are looking for adorable and unique motorcycle bells, try to consider this cute frog bike accessory. In many cultures, frogs also stand for prosperity, abundance, wisdom from the past, rebirth, and good fortune. It makes a perfect guardian bell for motorcycle riders who ride their bike for work everyday. It may bring positive energy to attract wealth at work.

7. Viking Skull Ride Bell

Viking Skull Ride Bell

This scary lucky bell is definitely the best accessory for motorcycle riders. Viking has been a great symbol of power, strength, and victory. So, the Viking skull resembles those good fortune that you may bring until the end of the day. Especially if you often participate in motorcycle racing competitions, this awesome good luck bell will be a good charm for the victory.

8. Betty V Twin Gremlin Bell

Inspired by Harley-Davidson v-twin engine, this artistic guardian bell is believed to bring a powerful performance for the motorcycle. It features charming Betty v-twin design which will bring victory to every competition. Moreover, the sexy charm will be bikers’ guardian on the road. The cool gremlin bell is made from solid pewter which is strong and durable for a long time, perfect for high usage motorcycles.

9. Angel Bravo Bell

When in doubt, just ask your angel. Get your angel to stay with you all the time on the road with this awesome bravo bell. An angel in this bell will be a representative of God who takes on a human form and is endowed with wings and a halo. The angel will protect you from bad luck, providing consolation and assistance to you when you are in need. With an angel with you, you may feel safe and secure while riding.

10. Skull Dragon Bravo Bell

The skull and dragon represent a great life balance, making an amazing lucky bell for motorcycle riders. In fact, dragons are a symbol of creation and skulls are a symbol of mortality and death. The image of the dragon fighting with the skull on the bell symbolizes the protection from bad fortune, preventing bad things from happening while riding on the road.

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11. Celtic Band Diamond Bravo Bell

Perhaps you are an Irish person who believes in a celtic knot that may bring good fortune, then you can apply it on the good luck bell. Celtic knot makes a great symbol of faith. It also comes with a beautiful green rhinestone at the center, making this guardian bell more appealing and attractive. To ward off road gremlins, hang it from your bike’s lowest point.

12. Dad Guardian Bell

This thoughtful personalized guardian bell is indeed cool and amazing. In case a great and popular symbol is too common for luck bells, then let your engraved dad text be your guardian bell on the road. Using this bell will capture evil road spirits inside the bell, where the ringing will drive them wild and cause them to lose control until they collapse to the earth.

13. I Love You Guardian Bell

Reminding bikers that they are loved is one of the finest ways to encourage them to ride responsibly. Let your significant others know how much you love them with this guardian bell. It comes with a romantic “I Love You” text and heart picture to remind them that their partner is waiting for them to come home safely. It will be a cool luck charm they will cherish forever.

14. Biker Skull Bravo Bell

Ward off evils and bad fortune with this classic skull biker. It has an artistic and detailed shape of a skull biker which is believed to bring protection for motorcycle riders. In addition, it represents a biker’s vow to ride until they pass away! This classic skull biker frequently also represents pride in one’s country, another interest, or just dedication to a riding club.

15. Caged Gremlin Bravo Bell

The Gremlin evil is a symbol of people’s fear. Having this Gremlin caged good luck bell will make you feel relaxed and enjoy riding motorcycles. It may throw your worries and negative thoughts away, making you more focused while riding. Therefore, this good luck bell can prevent unwanted bad things happened on the road,

16. Irish Claddagh Guardian Bell

Fill your life with positivity and good energy with this good luck bell for your motorcycle. Two hands clasping a heart make up its distinctive Claddagh design,  topped by a crown. The symbols are used to represent the virtues of love, friendship, and loyalty. Having this guardian bell as a motorcycle club accessory may lift up your mood and spirits, which will make you ride safely.

17. Lone Wolf Good Luck Bell

Riding in the empty road at night may be scary, but this lone wolf guardian bell will be your lucky charm. The lone wolf represents independence and the courage to defy convention and stand out from the crowd. It is a great symbol to give strength and believe in yourself, while preventing bad fortune ahead. Moreover, it makes you enjoy riding alone.

18. Police Gremlin Bell

Suppose you are a cop or having a cop family, then this cool good luck bell will be perfect for you. It comes with the charming police badge as a symbol of authority, respect, integrity, and trust. This gremlin bell will ward off bad things and negativity, similar to how police enforce justice and law for criminals. Besides, adding this cool motorbike accessory will make your vehicle stand out more.

19. Butterfly Biker Bell

Butterfly Biker Bell

Butterflies are a wonderful creature that represents hope and transformation. Add this motorbike accessory on your motorcycle to wish safety and blessings in every situation. Let the butterfly engraved in the guardian bell grant your wish and protect you on the road. Moreover, as a symbol of transformation, this charm will motivate you to do better everyday.

20. Jesus Chris Guardian Bell

Jesus Chris Guardian Bell

Nothing can be as charming as this Jesus Christ face engraved for the guardian bell. Especially if you are a religious person, it makes a wonderful good luck charm for motorcycles. He is the great symbol of unconditional love, which will still give you his blessings in any condition. With this good luck bell, you may feel more secure while riding because you believe in his blessings.

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21. Two Face Human Skull Biker Bell

A cool art of 2 face design for the guardian bell, this is a wonderful symbol of bad and good things in life. It features a half human face and a half skull face which can be a reminder that there’s always a bright side behind bad things that happen. It makes you calmer and more grateful while facing problems during long riding. You will learn how to cope with a problem wisely.

22. Mom Stylized Heart Biker Bell

Mom Stylized Heart Biker Bell

Perhaps you believe in the power of mother’s prayers, then you should buy  this personalized guard dial bell. It has the mom text in stylized heart shaped, along with flowers decor around. You will surely remember your mom once you see this beautiful guardian bell. It makes you ride safely since you know that your mother is always praying for you.

23. Boxer Dog Biker Bell

Boxer Dog Biker Bell

Just like a strong boxer dog, this lucky bell will be a great guardian for you on the road. A boxer dog is also famous for its loyalty, similar to this bell which will always stick around you on the road. This awesome guardian bell for motorcycles can be fastened to prevent accidents and mechanical breakdowns. It will be your little sidekick while riding alone.

24. Praying Hands Gremlin Riding Bell

Praying Hands Gremlin Riding Bell

Let your guardian bell always “pray” for your safety with this cool bike accessory. It features a praying hand engraved with rosary and the cross on the back, making a wonderful protection and blessings for motorcycles. This charming good luck ball will be an ideal reminder for you to always pray before riding. It makes your life full of good fortune.

25. US Navy Gremlin Bell

US Navy Gremlin Bell

When it comes to super protection, the US Navy is one of the best ones who did an excellent job. Bring their good fortune on your motorcycle with this guardian bell. It comes with the US Navy logo on it, symbolizes protection, power, and authority. Having this amazing good luck bell on your motorcycle will make you feel safe while riding. 

Latest Post:

What does a bell on a motorcycle mean?

This bell is also known as Gremlin Bell, Guardian Bell, or Spirit Bell. In the motorcycle community, it serves as a sort of lucky charm for bikers. The bell is said to guard them while they are traveling, much like a pendant or image of Saint Christopher.

Where do I hang my bell on my motorcycle?

The lowest portion of your motorcycle, close to the ground, is the best place to put your motorcycle bell. This is so that the bell would work well where road gremlins are closer to the ground. The peg where your feet rest is one suitable location. It is advised against hanging your guardian bell immediately behind the front tire because that is where the evil spirits will exit from. In order to prevent it from coming off, make sure the motorcycle bell is mounted high enough so that you can see it and in a visible location.

Can you have more than one gremlin bell on your motorcycle?

Yes, you can. No reference is made to having more than one guardian bell being unlucky. However, you should consider the size of the bell in your motorcycle for your safety. But the majority of bikers typically just have one.

How do you hang a guardian bell?

First, find a suitable location to hang your guardian bell, out of the way of any moving wheels or other components. The area of the frame where the bell will go should be held up to it. Through the bell’s hang loop, thread a cable tie or leather strap. The frame should be wrapped with a leather strap or cable tie. Double-knot the leather strap’s end and secure it. Finally, use scissors to trim off any extra cable ties or straps.

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