25 Guardians of The Galaxy Toys to Collect

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most popular superhero action movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among other MCU movies, Guardians of the Galaxy holds a special place in the fans’ heart because it has so many unique and funny characters such as Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, and Mantis to name a few.

Due to its popularity, many people are eager to collect Guardians of the Galaxy toys. If you are one of those people looking for Guardian of the Galaxy toys to collect or want to get them as a gift, the following list will help you to find the most unique and authentic Guardians of the Galaxy toys to get. 

Guardians of The Galaxy Funko Pop

Funko Pop is a collectible action figure with a distinct and unique design. Each character comes in a funny and cute funko pop figure but still captures the real character at the same time. Below are the best Guardians of the Galaxy funko pop to get. 

1. Star Lord Funko Pop

Star Lord Funko Pop

The only right way to start a Guardian of the Galaxy toys list is obviously by listing the main character first. This is the Star Lord funko pop in his gun akimbo action, completed with his iconic mask. Definitely a must have item if you are a fan of Peter Quill and ready to rock the awesome mix vol. 1 and 2. 

2. Rocket Racoon Funko Pop

Rocket Racoon Funko Pop

Rocket Racoon is one of the coolest Guardians of the Galaxy characters. He is smart, capable, and can get things done. The team is lucky to have him because he is the type that all of his friends can rely on. Even though he acts as if he doesn’t care, he actually cares a lot about his friends and always gives them the best. Being a great character, this funko pop is a must have if you live the same principle as Rocket. 

3. Ego Funko Pop

Ego Funko Pop

Turns out to be the main villain in the second movie, Ego is still one of the most powerful characters in Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter Quill’s dad only appeared in one movie of the series but made such a big impact on the team, killing Yondu in the process. If you are more interested in collecting the villain funko pop, then Ego is definitely the one to get. 

4. Yondu Funko Pop

Yondu Funko Pop

After we talked about Peter Quill’s biological father, now it’s time to talk about his stepfather, or someone who secretly takes the role as his father even though Peter doesn’t even realize at first. Yondu is a typical bad guy, but not the villain in the movie. His acts of sacrificing his life for Peter breaks millions hearts. This Yondu funko pop will make a sentimental collection. 

5. Baby Groot Funko Pop

Baby Groot Funko Pop

As a baby, teenager, or an adult, Groot is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. He sacrifices himself to protect his friends in the first movie, then grows into a cute baby Groot that is so adorable and melts every heart. So, this one is a must have item whether you speak Groot or not. 

6. Mantis Funko Pop

Mantis Funko Pop

Late to join the crew, Mantis ends up helping a lot with her power. She is such a cute and adorable character even if Drax says the opposite. She also has a cool character design making this funko pop a must have that will be a nice addition to your collection. 

Guardians of The Galaxy Action Figures

Moving on from the cute funkos, now we have a list of a more realistic action figure. These action figures below is a cool collectible item for true Guardians of the Galaxy fans. 

7. Star Lord and Yondu Action Figure

Star Lord and Yondu Action Figure

If only we knew that Yondu has such a good intention towards Quill from the start, we would agree that they will make a great team together. Being pushy and unforgiving, we see Yondu as the bad guy for the first movie. In the end, we know that he is a good step dad and we wish that he gets a second chance to team up with Peter, but now it’s too late. Aside from their cool pose, this set will make a good reminder for us to take care of each other and show the people we love about our true feelings. 

8. Groot Evolution Action Figures Set

Groot Evolution Action Figures Set

Grown up Groot, teenage Groot, and baby Groot all in one set. Yes, you can get three Groots in this action figures set. This action figure perfectly captures the Groot evolution from when he’s just a twig in a pot. Get this set and instantly add three members to your Guardians of the Galaxy toys collection family. 

9. Drax Action Figure

Drax Action Figure

How do we not list Drax already? Oh, maybe it’s because he stands really still so we can’t see him. This action figure captures Drax’s character perfectly with his iconic tattoo. When buying this action figure, you also get another teenage Groot action figure. So yeah, more Groot on the collection!

10. Ronan Action Figure

Ronan Action Figure

Speaking of villains, we cannot miss Ronan the Accuser, the main villain in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. He used to be Tanos’ right hand and is trusted to collect one of the infinity stones. Such a cool villain character worth collecting. 

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11. Gamora Action Figure

Gamora Action Figure

Of course, we cannot forget one of the main characters in the movie, the daughter of Thanos herself. Gamora steals people’s attention due to her unique character design with her beautiful green skin. She plays a very important role in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and the Avengers in general. 

Unique Guardians of The Galaxy Toys

Now we move on to some unique Guardians of the Galaxy toys that will make any Guardians of the Galaxy fans happy. Below is a list of unique Guardians of the Galaxy toys if you don’t know what to get as a gift. 

12. Drax Diorama

Drax Diorama

Look at this cool Drax diorama! Other regular toys may look cool, but this one is not only cool but also dramatic considering it comes with a cool, dramatic base. It is 3D printed with great details. It will make a great shelf decoration or paperweight. 

13. Guardians of the Galaxy Plushie Dolls

Drax Diorama

If you are looking for Guardians of the Galaxy toys for underage children, you can get these plushies. The soft and fluffy dolls are perfect and safe even for children under 3 years old. The design is cute and captures the characters pretty accurately. You can get a set of them as a collection. 

14. Star Lord Helmet

guardians of the galaxy toys

Star Lord’s helmet is very iconic; it deserves it’s own toy. This is a replica of Peter Quill’s helmet that stands on its own. It comes with a cool light that can lit up and serve as a night time lamp. Moreover, it can also be a cool decoration in a corner of your room. 

15. Guardians of the Galaxy Wooden Mix Tape

guardians of the galaxy toys

The mix tape Peter always bragged about is also very iconic and screams Guardians of the Galaxy on its own. This replica is made out of wood and will be a great decoration. If you already have a set of Guardians of Galaxy toys and action figures, this Awesome Mix replica cassette will make a great addition. 

16. Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity Orb Toy

guardians of the galaxy toys

A true Guardians of the Galaxy toys collector will not miss the opportunity to collect the orb, the thing that starts all of the chaos in the first movie. These orbs come in a stand and can be opened. You can save your own infinity stone in it if you happen to have one. 

17. Baby Groot Crochet Amigurumi Doll

guardians of the galaxy toys

Even though we have enough Groot toys already, we can definitely add one more in a crocheted style. This is an amigurumi doll that is so cute and soft to touch. It will make a cute decoration and is safe for younger children and even babies.

Guardians of the Galaxy Lego

Of course, Guardians of the Galaxy toys come in Legos as well. Below are some of Guardians of the Galaxy legos you can get. 

18. Nebula Lego

guardians of the galaxy toys

We haven’t had the chance to mention Nebula earlier, but here’s a Nebula mini figure you can add to your Lego collection. This Nebula mini figure comes in the Avenger suit so it is the future Nebula who is already side with the Avenger and about to fight her bad self from the past. Which one do you like more? Good Nebula or bad Nebula? 

19. Peter Quill Mini Figure

guardians of the galaxy toys

We have a bunch of Star Lord toys here but this one comes in the regular Peter Quill look without his helmet on. The portrayal of the character is pretty accurate considering that it is a mini figure. You can add this to your lego collection and start your space adventure. 

20. Thanos, Gamora, Nebula Lego

guardians of the galaxy toys

Back to the old times when Gamora and Nebula are still fighting to be the best in front of Thanos. This set will make a nice appearance in the lego set you build. Thanos may not look as scary here but together, they can still make a dope action and fighting scenes. 

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21. The Guardians of the Galaxy Ship Building Kit

guardians of the galaxy toys

The Guardians ship is what makes them a family and it has already become their home. This ship is certainly one of the most important parts of Guardians of the Galaxy. Having this ship lego will complete any Guardians of the Galaxy toys you already own. 

Rare Guardians of The Galaxy Toys

Some Guardians of the Galaxy toys are made in limited edition. Therefore, they are considered rare and usually increase in value along with time. 

22. Rocket Racoon Plush Toy

guardians of the galaxy toys

This is an official Marvel plush toy that is made in limited edition. It has incredible details on the character design making it a worth collecting piece. The plush toy comes in high quality and if you keep it in good condition, you may be able to resell it in the future. 

23. Rocket Racoon Funko Pop Signed by Bradley Cooper

guardians of the galaxy toys

This funko pop is considered as rare because it is signed by the actor, Bradley Cooper himself. This funko pop is still in its box and will raise its value in the long run. It also has the serial numbered hologram and matching COA for the authentication process. You can buy this funko pop as an investment and if you keep it sealed in the box in a crisp condition, you may benefit in the future. 

24. Rare Drax Knives

guardians of the galaxy toys

Whether you are a Drax fan or a knife collector, these knives are worth collecting. This set contains two Drax knives with beautiful details similar to Drax’s tattoo. You can add these knives to your collection or use it on a cosplay, but you need to be careful because they are sharp. 

25. Groot Super Rare Action Figure

guardians of the galaxy toys

If you are interested in collecting super rare guardians of the galaxy toys, you must grab this one. So many people love Groot and are looking for Groot action figures so if you keep this figurine in mint condition, you can resell it later in the future at a much higher price. 

Final Thoughts

The Guardians of the Galaxy sure has interesting and iconic characters with unique personalities. Star Lord, Mantis, Groot or Drax are just some of them, and if you are a true fan, then we believe you would want to collect any merchandise from the team, including Guardians of the Galaxy toys, right? Well, you have found the right place to make sure get some inspirations on what Guardians of the Galaxy toys to have out there. From actions figures, plush dolls, to Lego collection, our list has it all! So make sure you check out the list one by one, and be ready to be inspired!

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What are the best gifts for Guardians of the Galaxy fans?

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