26 Best Collectible Pokemon Action Figures for Poké Fans

Pokemon is one of the most lovable franchises in the world. It has inspired dozens of games, goodies, toys, anime series, and movies. Many of which have received critical acclaim. As a result, diehard fans and collectors always compete to get the latest Pokemon memorabilia. The iconic monsters have indeed captured the hearts of many. Both young and old fans. 

Therefore, Pokemon action figures will be a special gift for your friends who enjoy anime. Collectible Pokemon figurines will also suit casual people who love the adorable mascot-like characters. And so, the team from Awesome Stuff 365 has produced a recommendation list that will help you shop for the best Pokemon action figures for your special friends!

What Are The Pokemon Figures Called?

Pokemon figures are often referred to as figurines. Basically, they are sculptures of the Pokemon characters performing in a specific pose. Some action figures feature move-able joints that allow its collector to set the posture. Pokemon figures are highly collectible because there are at least 850 of them! Hardcore fans would always want to have a complete set. For casual followers, Pokemon figures with cute designs are trendy!

Action figures are still widely popular! There will always be new characters in the Pokemon franchise, keeping the series fresh. Hardcore followers will always try to collect all of the Pokemon action figures. Furthermore, Pokemon figurines are adorable, making them excellent for desk decoration. Casual fans or even non-weeaboo people will appreciate Pokemon Action figures!

Best Pokemon Action Figures – Our 3 Best Picks

Rare Pokemon Action FigureCosplay Pokemon Action FigurePokemon with It’s Owner
The Mighty EternatusPikachu Figures CosplayingSnivy and Rosa Action Figure
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Pokemon Action Figures for Legendary Monster

Legendary Pokemon are elusive and rare. Hence, in the anime, they only appear in limited scenes. Meanwhile, for gamers, the legendary ones are always harder to catch and present challenging fights. Therefore, the action figures of these special Pokemons are the most-prized collectible items for the fans of the series.

1. The God of Pokemon Arceus

The God of Pokemon Arceus

The almighty Arceus action figure will excite anyone well-versed in the Pokemon lore. According to the story, this mythical monster is the one who created the Pokemon Universe. It is the God of Pokemon that can create legendary monsters and the world in general. And for that reason, get your friend this quadrupedal divine monster as a special gift for a feisty occasion!

2. The Flying Phoenix Ho-oh

The Flying Phoenix Ho-oh

The majestic Ho-oh is the first legendary Pokemon that appears in the anime. The main character Ash encountered this firebird briefly during one of his adventures. If you want to make your anime-loving friends happy, you can bring the Ho-oh action figures into their collection! This figurine is very well crafted, and the flying pose looks majestic. There are also a lot of details on feathers. What an excellent gift for fans!

3. The Guardian of the Sea Lugia

The Guardian of the Sea Lugia

Lugia prefers to stay around the water, the polar opposite of fire Ho-oh. Ash was saved by this Legendary creature when he was about to get sucked into a whirlpool. This Pokemon resembles a flying dragon with giant wings and tails. Hence, your friends will appreciate Lugia action figures as a special gift for a special day! 

4. Powerful Psychic Mewtwo

Powerful Psychic Mewtwo

Mewtwo has to be one of the most well-designed antagonistic characters. This bipedal humanoid legendary Pokemon was actually artificially created by evil scientists! Mewtwo was also extremely powerful. As a result, Ash and Goh, the main characters, were utterly defeated by Mewtwo in one of the episodes. And so, the Mewtwo action figure will be an excellent present for hardcore fans of Pokemon anime!

5. The Mighty Eternatus

The Mighty Eternatus

Eternatus is perhaps one of the scariest Pokemon. It looks like a gigantic dragon skeleton that towers over its opponents. This Pokemon can shoot beams that will defeat anything caught in its path. Therefore, the alien-looking Eternatus Eternamax action figure will be excellent for your friends who love the latest Pokemon game, Sword and Shield!

6. The Legendary Bird Zapdos

The Legendary Bird Zapdos

Fans of Sword and Shield Expansion Pass will be familiar with the legendary bird Zapdos. This character stands out from the rest because of its spiky yellow design. For that reason, get your friends this legendary Zapdos action figure to complete their set!

Pokemon Action Figures with Quirky Twist 

Action figures are generally just static mini sculptures of a character doing a particular pose. However, the following Pokemon figurines have been creatively modified or combined with other accessories! This way, the action figures look more elegant, making them great decorative presents!

7. Dazzling Crystal Pikachu Figurine

Dazzling Crystal Pikachu Figurine

Pikachu is the most iconic mascot of Pokemon. The adorable yellow monster now comes in the shape of an elegant crystal figurine! This limited-edition action figure is absolutely stylish and permeates class. It will, undoubtedly, be an excellent luxurious gift for someone special. A crystal Pokeball is also sold separately to complement the incredible Crystal Pikachu.

8. Pokemon Protect USB Cable

Pokemon Action Figure That Can Protect USB Cable

Your phone’s USB cable charger is quite fragile. It can break easily if you accidentally step on it. Fortunately, you can reduce the likelihood of that happening with the help of Cable Bite Pokemon action figures. You can attach the adorable sleeping Pikachu, Eevee, or Umbreon to your USB cable to protect it from impact and entanglement. What a cute and handy piece!

9. Super Adorable Pikachu in Camo Hoodie

Super Adorable Pikachu in Camo Hoodie

There is no denying that Pikachu is the epitome of cuteness. As the main mascot of the series, Pikachu has captured the hearts of millions! This action figure shows Pikachu wearing a camo hoodie and posing adorably for the camera! The winking and the slight head tilt surely enhance the loveliness of this figurine. Grab this item as a present to celebrate your friendship with Pokemon’s fans!

10. Poke Rock’s Silly Face

Pokemon Action Figure With The Rock’s Silly Face

This is what happens when you swap the adorable pokemon faces with The Rock’s goofy expression. You get a collection of incredibly surreal yet funny action figures. Meet EeveeRock, Rockmander, and Rockkachu! Diehard Pokemon will find these figurines absolutely hilarious. These items can also become an excellent gift for people who love quirky stuff.

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11. Beautiful Umbreon Terrarium

Beautiful Umbreon Terrarium

Umbreon is among the most popular dark-type Pokemon that gives off mysterious vibes. This character has an elegant all-black body with iconic yellow stripes. You can now buy the stunning Umbreon Terrarium lamp as a present for your special friend. An Umbreon figurine that is placed in the middle of the transparent Pokeball with crystal-shaped LEDs around it making the best possible sight you have ever seen!

12. Pikachu Figures Cosplaying

pokemon action figures

These two adorable figurines are a crossover between Pokemon and Marvel Universe. You get Pikachu action figures dressing up as Iron Man and Spiderman! Hence, get these items as a present now to brighten up your nerdy friends who love Japanese anime and western comics! 

13. Crystal Pokeball with Translucent Pokemon

pokemon action figures

Are you looking for a tasteful present for a weeaboo companion? Try this gorgeous Crystal Pokeball! It comes with an etching of your friend’s favorite Pokemon. The items also feature a stand that will hold the crystal ball in place. The integrated LEDs will light up the 3D etching inside the crystal that surely create a magnificent view of the cute Pocket Monster’s figure!

14. Pokemon Sleeping in Tiny Baskets

pokemon action figures

Your friends will be overloaded with cuteness when they see these sleeping Pokemon action figures! Casual fans or diehard followers will absolutely love them. The figurines feature Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Eevee, and other Pokemons, all in slumber inside their own unique baskets. No wonder these items can become charming decorations for your best friend’s desk!

15. Realistic Life-sized Poke Ball

pokemon action figures

The Wand Company’s Poke Ball is an officially-licensed replica for Pokemon lovers. It is made out of metal and is accurately crafted. The ball integrates sensors to create intelligent LEDs. Therefore, when you push the button, the Pokemon-catching illumination sequence will be activated! There is no doubt that this replica is among the best collectible items for people who want to cosplay as a Pokemon Trainer!

16. Pokemon Action Figures Bundle

pokemon action figures

As of 2022, there are over 850 Pokemons in the franchise! The number is likely to keep increasing as the Pokemon Universe keeps expanding with the new generation. If your friends are new to the Pokemon hobby, you should give them these 192 Pokemons figurines as a starter pack! You will surely add tons of amazing pieces to your friend’s collection.

Pokemon Action Figure with Unique Design

Hardcore fans of Pokemon would actually prefer to collect action figures with an accurate design. The following list of figurines has been selected based on how adorable they are. Grab them now as a gift for your Pokemon lover’s friends!

17. Chubby Snorlax Action Figure

Chubby Snorlax Action Figure

Snorlax is a lovable chubby Pokemon that loves to sleep. If you have played the classic game, you will know that a snoring Snorlax would sometimes block the main character’s paths. People always want to hug this Pokemon with a bear-like design! Therefore, it is your chance to add a new collection for them. Get this Snorlax action figure now to complete your friend’s marvelous collection.

18. Raichu Performing Sparksurfer Move


Raichu is the evolved form of Pikachu. When exposed to Thunder Stone, the yellow lighting mouse can change form into a more powerful Raichu! Do not be fooled by its innocent design because Raichu can perform Sparksurfer using its tail! This action figure of Raichu posing for the Sparksurfer move will surely be a special present for your companion!

19. Mini Squirtle Action Figure

Mini Squirtle Action Figure

Squirtle is a water-type Pokemon that looks like a blue turtle! Even though Squirtle has a small body, this Pokemon is surprisingly powerful with the signature Skull Bash move. It can defeat larger unassuming opponents that underestimate this adorable yet fierce pocket monster. The mini action figure of Squirtle is so cute, a perfect gift for your significant other!

20. Charmander Action Figure with Pokeball

Charmander Action Figure With Pokeball

The tiny Charmander will someday evolve into a mighty fire dragon Charizard! Your friend who prefers fire-type Pokemon will absolutely go nuts with this adorable Charmander action figure. It also comes with an openable Pokeball to store the figurine. Thus, it makes an awesome gift for any Pokemon lover out there.

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21. Action Figures Pack of Eevee

Action Figures Pack of Eevee and Its Evolved Forms

Did you know that Eevee can evolve into various advanced forms? If you didn’t, let us tell you why! When the evolution happens at night, you will get Umbreon. Meanwhile, if it occurs during the day, Espeon will appear! Therefore, this figurine set features the three characters makes an excellent deal to complete your friend’s Pokemon collection.

22. Intricate Venusaur Action Figure

Intricate Venusaur Action Figure

Vineusaur is one of the first generation Pokemon that features a complex design. This character has leaves and a flower growing out of its back! The action figure of Vebusaur is very well-made. It is molded perfectly and faithful to the original design. And so, it makes an excellent gift for weeaboo friends!

23. Pikachu Charging Up Electricity Attack

pokemon action figures

Pikachu is, without a doubt, the most popular character in the series because of its status as the main mascot of Pokemon. Therefore, no set is complete without this iconic Pocket Monster. The action figure of Pikachu charging up an electricity attack will surely complete your friend’s collectible inventory.

24. Snivy and Rosa Action Figure 

pokemon action figures

Rosa is one of the most popular Pokemon Trainers in the series. She is an energetic girl with twin tails and pairs up. Her adorable grass-type Snivy also makes her look even more stunning! Get this unique action figure of Rosa and Snivy ready to duel for your weeaboo friends! They will certainly love it, thanks to your considerate choice!

25. Red Action Figure with Pokemon

pokemon action figures

Red is the first playable Pokemon Trainer in the franchise. This Red’s action figure will be highly prized for hardcore fans of the Gen I Pokemon! It comes with tiny Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle as his companions! If you are looking for a perfect gift for Pokemon fans, then this one is the right choice.

26. Professor Oak and Bulbasaur

pokemon action figures

Professor Oak, sometimes also referred to as Dr. Orchid, is one of the leading scientists in the Pokemon Universe. His wisdom has helped humanity and Pokemon to have a better relationship and coexist peacefully. Therefore, any Pokemon fan will adore this figure. Get this incredibly well-crafted action figure of Professor Oak and Bulbasaur posing together!

Final Thoughts

With hundreds of Pokemons in the franchise, it is not going to be easy for us to find the best Pokemon action figures to add to our collection. It also applies when we want to make it as a special gift for a special Pokemon fan in our life. Therefore, it’s best to know the figures that we love the most, or new figures that we want to know more about. If you plan on having Pokemon action figures as gifts, then you might need to do a little research to find out the ones that they haven’t owned yet. After all, an extra effort would definitely worth it when they end up loving your gifts, right?

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The Coolest Pokemon action figures are the ones that pay a lot of attention to detail. A faithful recreation of the original design usually will fetch a higher price. People always tend to collect the legendary Pokemon first because they are elusive and powerful. Furthermore, figurines of Pokemon characters performing their signature moves are also very well-received. Accurate Pokemon action figures with intricate designs are definitely among the coolest ones.

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