25 Quirky and Unique Indie Gifts For Independent People 

When you hear the word indie, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most of you will think of indie as a genre of music. This is true because indie is basically musicians and music that are not associated with big label companies. It is characterized by the unique and free sound in music because the musicians are free to make any music they want. They can show their most authentic style through their music. Nowadays, indie has spread out not only about music, but also about arts and fashion style. It will be fun to try finding the right item to give your indie friends.

There are tons of indie items in the market. We have put together a list of 25 quirky indie gifts for you. It covers items that will be perfect for the indie music lovers, girls and guys who love dressing up with indie outfits, and also those who appreciate indie arts. 

1. Smiley Face Yellow Wall Art

Smiley Face Yellow Wall Art

Starting this list of indie gifts with the smiley face yellow wall art. This wall art comes in a set of two different designs. The iconic smiley face in two different designs: a plain smiley face and a flower smiley face. It is a simple design that comes with bright colors that will be appealing to any indie girl out there. The subtle indie design makes it very easy and fun to use. 

2. Indie Boho Daisy Bracelet

Indie Boho Daisy Bracelet

The Indie jewelry pieces that are very popular and well loved by indie girls. The indie boho daisy bracelet comes with cute daisies made from beads held together by a gold-plated chain. This floral charm will be the best fight to your girlfriend or girl friends who are into indie accessories. It is a simple flower charm that is suitable to be worn daily.

3. Melting Smiley Face Neon Lights

Melting Smiley Face Neon Lights

A great Indie room decoration piece for the guys: the melting smiley face neon lights. You can have it in any color that you want and come in different sizes to fit your room. If you want something fun to have in your room, you can consider getting this one for your indie friends. 

4. Smiley Mirror

Smiley Mirror

Another unique smiley face to consider as an indie gift for girls. This smiley mirror really shows the quirky side of the indie style. The usual round mirror with a vinyl made smile. The smiley face comes in so many colors so you can choose the color that you actually like. Your indie girlfriend will definitely like this piece. 

5. Vinyl Record Shelf

Vinyl Record Shelf

Most of your indie friends would also love listening to some indie music. If you know an indie music lover, this vinyl record shelf would be a great gift for them. To keep their vinyl collection organized, this record shelf will be super useful for them. You can get them in either the black or white color. This gift will be great for any indie friends: both for indie girls and guys. The item that will definitely appear in their birthday wishlist. 

6. Indie Poster Set

Indie Poster Set

This indie poster set would allow your indie friends to get creative in decorating their personal space. The set consisted of 60 pieces of different rectangular posters, vinyl shaped prints, and many more. You can put it all together at one place or at several different places. The variety of designs in such unique and quirky colors will make a great indie gift. 

7. Cactus Shaped Neon Night Light

Cactus Shaped Neon Night Light

If you are looking for a useful indie gift for your friends, you can consider getting this cactus shaped neon night light. It comes in a cute cactus shaped in a bright green color. The best quirky night light to have. It has dual power options: battery and USB plug. Your friends will surely make good use of this. 

8. Indie Hipster Apron

Indie Hipster Apron

For all your indie friends who love cooking, you can get this indie hipster apron. This apron has some fun and quirky design to it which they will surely love. It is made from 100% polyester fabric that comes with an adjustable neck. A comfortable apron that fits both men and women. This apron is also very durable and the colors on it won’t fade easily. 

9. 5 Piece Daisy Flower Bead Rings

5 Piece Daisy Flower Bead Rings

Another jewelry item on this list of indie gifts that you can consider getting your girlfriend. The daisy flower bead rings come in a set of five pieces of rings. It comes in five different unique color combinations. A quirky set that you can mix and match to different outfits. 

10. Hanging Indie Boho Tapestry Macrame

Hanging Indie Boho Tapestry Macrame

Another room decoration piece you can consider getting for your girlfriend or any other girl friends that likes indie boho style. This hanging indie boho tapestry macrame is a more dramatic room decoration piece. The intricate details of this piece are effortlessly pretty. Simply hang it on one side of the room and it will add a unique touch to your overall room. 

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11. Custom Vinyl Mixtape

Custom Vinyl Mixtape

If you are looking for an indie gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can consider getting this custom vinyl mixtape. You can get all your favorite love songs inside this vinyl. It will be a personal gift that you can get for them. It will definitely top off their birthday wishlist, christmas list, and any other gift list. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is a music lover, this gift will be the best gift you can give them on any special occasions. You not only could customize the songs, but also the cover of this vinyl. It will definitely be a sentimental and personal gift. 

12. Neon Rainbow Confetti Nail Polish

Neon Rainbow Confetti Nail Polish

The neon rainbow confetti nail polish is a great indie gift for indie girls, you know. The fun and unique design of this nail polish really accentuates the indie vibe to it. It comes in a milk white color with the colorful and confetti details in a smooth polish finish. The best part is the confetti details are in neon colors which will light up under UV blacklight. So, her nail polish will glow in the dark when she is hanging out in the bowling alley.  

13. 80s And 90s Hum The Song Game 

80s And 90s Hum The Song Game 

If you are looking for a fun gift for the indie music lovers, you can get them this 80s and 90s Hum the song game. You can test their music knowledge with this game. In this game, you need to hum the song and let your team members make a guess. A great game to play together with friends and family. This will be a great gift to add to your christmas list of gifts for your indie friends. 

14. Start Spinner Tarot Cards

Start Spinner Tarot Cards

A must-have item on this list of indie gifts: The start spinner tarot cards. Just like the traditional tarot cards, this set of cards works in the same way. However, it comes with a better illustration which makes the card easier to understand and more approachable. 

15. Poppy Woodblock Print Wrap

Poppy Woodblock Print Wrap

The poppy woodblock print wrap is one those indie-bohemian inspired pieces that could elevate any of your outfits. It comes with a unique pattern and design. The perfect piece for those days when you want to just throw something on and still look fun and chic. This wrap is the best piece to take during vacation, perfect for a trip to the beach and also going to dinner. 

16. Repurposed Sari Tote Bag

Repurposed Sari Tote Bag

Another item for indie girls you know. The repurposed sari tote bag comes in a unique repurposed sari fabric. It comes in a bright and full of colors. The tote bag is spacious and multi-purpose. She can wear it for grocery shopping or going to work or school. This tote bag could accommodate basically any activity. 

17. Sliced Raw Diamond Drop Earring

Sliced Raw Diamond Drop Earring

A more luxurious and classy jewelry piece on this list of indie gifts that girls will definitely love. The sliced raw diamond drop earring comes in a gold frame design with sparkly raw cut diamonds. This piece of jewelry will be great to complement their outfits for formal occasions. The item that will be on indie girls’ birthday wishlist. 

18. Upcycled Record Notepad

Upcycled Record Notepad

The upcycled record notepad is a useful gift choice on this list of indie gifts. The cover has a cut from the real LP record and the notepad comes in a vintage style design. The music lovers can use this notepad to write down song titles or song lyrics. Other indie friends could use this notepad for work or as a journal too. 

19. Turntable Cheese Board

Turntable Cheese Board

This turntable cheese board will be on your indie friends christmas list. A cheese board that comes in a unique design of a turntable. It will be the perfect piece to host friends and family during Christmas or any other holidays. They can also use it while they enjoy their night after a long day of work with some nice cheeses and a glass of wine. 

20. Vinyl Record Necktie

Vinyl Record Necktie

The best and practical gift for the guys. You can consider getting this vinyl record necktie for your indie boyfriend. Comes in a deep red base color with vinyl records pattern, this necktie is both unique and quirky. It will add a unique touch to their formal outfits. 

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21. Upcycled Record Coaster

Upcycled Record Coaster

A little touch of indie style in your kitchen. These upcycled record coasters are cut from the middle part of actual vinyl records. Each disc is well sealed so that moisture won’t seep through it. It comes in a set of six coasters, perfect for the indie music lovers. 

22. Cat Eyeglasses Holder

Cat Eyeglasses Holder

One of the most unique pieces on this list of indie gifts. The cat eyeglasses holder is made from 100% sustainably harvested Indian rosewood in a unique cat design. You can place it on your table and use it to hold your reading glasses or any other glasses. With this, you won’t need to worry about misplacing your specs ever again. 

23. Chakra Bath Salts Set 

Chakra Bath Salts Set

This chakra bath salts set comes in a set of seven different aromatics. Each type comes in fun and bright colors. They are made from shea butters with different aromatic ingredients. This bath salt is made to balance out their chakra so it will bring them a sense of calm. It promotes a positive grounding energy in order for you to find balance and inner peace. Sounds exactly like what an indie friend would use. 

24. Indie Phone Case

Indie Phone Case

The simplest and most practical item on this list of indie gifts: indie phone case. It comes in various kinds of indie design. You can choose from smiley faces design, daisy, or even indie retro designs too. The designs would suit girls better than guys. 

25. Repurposed Sari Rainbow Chime

Repurposed Sari Rainbow Chime

The last item on this list of indie gifts would be the repurposed sari rainbow chime. A unique outdoor decoration made from repurposed sari fabric. It comes in a unique rainbow color and a small bell. The perfect outdoor chime that produces the calming and grounding sound of bells. 

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