25 Unique Origami Gifts for That Will Impress Origami Lovers

Origami is the art of paper folding, which has been practiced in Japan for centuries. Due to the expensive cost of paper, the early Japanese origami was solely utilized for religious ceremonies. Origami was practiced by the aristocracy as entertainment and art as well all served as a mode of education in mathematics and literature. Moreover, hands-on learning in origami can help to develop spatial visualization skills. By the 1970s, paper folding became popular as a hobby throughout the world in a wide range of ages until now. Suppose you have origami lovers in your life, then nothing will excite them than origami gifts. 

Whether you’re looking for practical origami gifts for friends or just need more gift ideas for origami lovers, then you come to the right place. In this article, will will help you to find unique origami gifts that will impress your origami lovers. From a wonderful flower origami kit for mom and romantic origami gifts for dad and mom’s anniversary, we selected the best items just for you. Let’s check this out! 

1. Colorful Origami Kit

Colorful Origami Kit

True origami lovers will surely be happy to receive a gift box full of colorful origami paper. With this good gift, they can practice their favorite hobby easily. It comes with 108 double sided origami papers and 54 different beautiful patterns with vivid colors that will make them smile ear to ear. Accompanied by the instruction book, it will be one of the best origami gifts for beginners as well.

2. Origami Puzzle Game

Origami Puzzle Game

Give your friends’ busy hands this unique origami puzzle game to kill boredom. The challenge is to fold the origami paper into the right shape to complete the puzzle pieces that are printed on this paper. It comes with various difficulty levels, so it gives plenty of time to entertain them. This is one of the ideal origami gifts for friends to hone their imagination and creativity in a fun way.

3. Flower Origami Kit

Flower Origami Kit

In case Mother’s Day is coming, and you are looking for origami gifts for mom, then try this good gift. This gift box comes with 30 flower projects to create a beautiful bouquet for her. You can assemble them all into a charming flower bouquet first or just do it together with your mom to strengthen your relationship. It will be a wonderful activity for origami lovers who also love colorful flowers.

4. Karakuri Mechanical Paper Model Book

Karakuri Mechanical Paper Model Book

Bring the origami art to the next level with this amazing book. Support your friends who have folded origami for years to understand the mechanical aspect to make their artwork move. This book features detailed instructions, 14 full-size models, and the science behind the craft. The Karakuri book is a unique introduction to origami art and a fantastic present for creative and inventive minds. 

5. Gold Origami Paper Crane

Gold Origami Paper Crane

As folding 100 paper cranes for decoration is too tiring, then you can surprise your origami lovers with gold origami paper cranes. Especially if they are planning to decorate their house for a party, this great gift will be a lifesaver. All of the origami cranes are folded by hand with a rose motif to give extra charms. It will be one of the most useful origami gifts for those who need party decoration.

6. Moon Fairy Nostalgic Kids Origami Game

Moon Fairy Nostalgic Kids Origami Game

This gift box will definitely bring back childhood memories, especially for origami lovers. It also comes with a moon and fairy necklace which gives magical vibes, perfect origami gifts for birthdays. You can fill the moon fairy origami game with positive words and wishes on their birthday. When they play the nostalgic origami game, they will read the sincere wishes from you inside them.

7. Origami Letters Blackout Curtain

Origami Letters Blackout Curtain

In case you are looking for vintage and rustic origami gifts for dad who loves home decoration, then you should consider this curtain. The elegant 3D image photo curtain with neutral colors is ideal for window decorating and home decoration. It features classic origami letters with flowers and greenery to its appeal with high-precision blockout fabrics, making an ideal gift for him.

8. Gold Origami Elephant Charm

Gold Origami Elephant Charm

Surprise your girl who loves origami with this beautiful charm on her birthday. This gold bracelet comes with elegant origami elephant charms at the center. This animal symbolizes good luck, prosperity and triumph, which will protect your girl on the go. You can adjust the bracelet size easily as it offers various loops for the closure, making it one of the most wonderful origami gifts for her.

9. Origami Design Flower Vase

Origami Design Flower Vase

Add the beauty of origami art to the home decoration with this fantastic flower vase. Inspired by the origami folded style, this beautiful flower vase radiates its charm and elegance. Made from ceramic with pastel pink colors, it will blend perfectly with any flower. This is one of the best origami gifts for mom or girlfriend who loves to put flowers indoors.

10. Origami Menagerie Necklace

Origami Menagerie Necklace

Suppose you are looking for origami gifts for friends who are also animal lovers, then they must be impressed with this origami menagerie necklace. It features 5 types of origami animals, so you can match it with your friends’ personality. Made from sterling silver with a playful appearance, it can pair necklaces with your friends in the gang.

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11. Origami Heart Date Night Ideas in Pot

Origami Heart Date Night Ideas in Pot

Make a romantic date night with your significant others who also love origami memorable with these gift ideas. All you need is this creative pot with all origami hearts inside. First, you should write down all the great date night ideas in the origami paper, and follow the instructions to make it into a heart shape. Later, let your partner choose one of the hearts for the surprising date night activity.

12. Origami Feathered Crane

Origami Feathered Crane

Surprise your dad with beautiful origami gifts such as this origami feathered crane. Cranes are the most well-known birds in Japanese culture, and their reputed thousand-year lifespan makes them a symbol of good fortune and longevity. With its colorful feathers, it will make a great horse ornament for him. In addition, your dad can hang it near the door or window to bring good luck and happiness.

13. Tiny Origami Crane in Bottle

Tiny Origami Crane in Bottle

Give your origami lovers a little keepsake to treasure with this tiny origami crane in a bottle. The mini origami crane inside was crafted with care from high-quality Japanese origami paper and tied with rustic rope. In Japanese culture, the crane has traditionally been a powerful emblem of wealth and good fortune.  With this charm, it is said that the receiver’s wish will come true. 

14. Map Origami Heart Anniversary Gift

Map Origami Heart Anniversary Gift

Celebrate your long distance anniversary with this charming map origami heart. It features a map with specific coordinates of you and your partner’s location in a beautiful origami heart. You can add up to 3 maps in one frame, to express that your heart will belong to each other wherever you go. It will be one of the most romantic origami gifts for long distance couples.

15. Origami Bride and Groom Gift

Origami Bride and Groom Gift

Give this wonderful origami bride and groom gift to your Japanese mom and dad to celebrate their anniversary. Especially if they married in Japanese style, let them reminisce their wedding memories with this gift. It features a Japanese bride and groom in traditional outfits which are made of cotton buds and origami papers. This is one of the most ideal gifts for dad and mom to remind them of their wedding day.

16. Octopus Origami Lamp Gift Kit

Octopus Origami Lamp Gift Kit

Let the beauty of origami shine in your friends’ room with this octopus origami lamp kit. The design of the light shade was inspired by luminous deep-sea organisms that use their own light for hunting, breeding, and self-defense. Your friends can follow the cut shape to create their own mini octopus lantern. After that, they can put the small bulb inside the lantern. 

17. Personalized Text in Origami Penguin

Personalized Text in Origami Penguin

In case you want to express your feelings to your loved ones but are too shy to say it, why don’t you write it in a paper? Let your message be printed on Unryushi paper. It is made from mulberry bark using ancient procedures, which result in light colored threads and texture running through the paper, giving it a distinct look and feel. Make it double romantic by folding it into a penguin origami and keeping it inside the glass. 

18. Origami Geisha Bookmark

Origami Geisha Bookmark

Get your origami lovers a little company while reading their favorite books with this geisha bookmark. Geishas have long piqued the interest of people all around the world, particularly those who are interested in Japanese culture and history. Made from chiyogami papers with gold foiled details, you can customize the kimono color with their favorite color, making it a thoughtful gift for friends. 

19. Love Bird Origami Box

Love Bird Origami Box

Surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s day with this love brit origami box. Personalize the love bird origami with your own messages, words, or even poems to impress your partner. It comes in a deep box frame with a white or rustic wood finish, appropriate for wall installation or freestanding. This is an ideal origami gift to show your romantic side and impress your origami lover in your life.

20. Origami Dragees Boxes Ornaments

Origami Dragees Boxes Ornaments

Make simple gifts feel special with these origami dragees boxes. Made from nepalese lokta paper, natural linen rope, and origami paper, it produced beautiful packaging for chocolates, nuts or dried fruits. Especially if your friends are going to celebrate birthdays or parties, the origami shape and pattern make it an ideal box to level up food gifts inside.

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21. Origami Koi Fish Paper Art

Origami Koi Fish Paper Art

Give this beautiful gift to your artistic friends who also admire origami art. Combining origami art, acrylic painting, and clay art, it creates a masterpiece of realistic koi fish. It is a perfect decoration to enhance good vibes around the house. In Japanese, koi fish are symbols of love and friendship. Therefore, this makes one of the most meaningful origami gifts for friends.

22. Silver Origami Earrings

Silver Origami Earrings

Add a little fashion touch to your origami lovers with these beautiful earrings. Because it is composed of Japanese Washi paper and shimmering metallic papers, it makes a wonderful origami flower pendant. Wearing these earrings will make your origami lovers appear elegant and charming. They can match these earrings with both casual and formal outfits.

23. Origami Wall Clock

Origami Star Garland Kit

Help your friends to be more punctual by giving them this origami wall clock. The amazing origami design will surely impress them, so they will never forget to check the clock. Made from high-quality FSC-certified paper, it is safe to hang in any room, even in the bathroom. It will definitely look fantastic in any decor and help your friends keep track of time. 

24. Origami Star Garland Kit

Origami Star Garland Kit

Show your support to your friends who are going to celebrate an origami theme party with this gift. This kit features 36 different sheets of Cambridge imprint patterned papers to make their own start garland for their party. It also comes with a book instruction, making the decoration process easier. After that, they can simply connect all the stars with a string to make a beautiful star garland.

25. Origami Flying Bird Metal Wall Art

Origami Flying Bird Metal Wall Art

Bring good vibes in your origami lovers’ house with this amazing flying bird metal wall art. It features 4 beautiful metal birds with different flying poses. Composed of high-quality, heat-treated materials, each bird is painted with a static texture. Your origami lovers’ can arrange them on the wall to create a fantastic flying scene in the room.

Latest Post:

Can you give Origami as a Gift?

Yes, you can. Origami can be a decorative and educational gift at the same time. It can hone your creativity skill in the making process. In addition, the finished product will be a fantastic home decoration. Moreover, origami gifts are also ideal for a wide range of ages, as everyone can learn the art easily. 

What does it mean when someone gives you an origami crane?

Origami cranes are said to be symbols of honor, good fortune, loyalty, and longevity. It was formerly thought that if you folded 1,000 origami cranes, your desire would come true. During difficult times, it has also become a symbol of hope and healing. Therefore, giving someone origami cranes means you wish him good luck and his dreams come true.

How does origami help mental health?

As folding origami needs techniques and focus, this activity will help people to stimulate their brain. In fact, origami art stimulates the brain by requiring hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills development, and mental concentration. Both the motor and visual parts of the brain are active when people follow directions through the paper-folding difficulties. Those unpleasant, emotion-based ideas that ran through their heads were replaced with concentrated concentration as a result.

What is the use of origami in real life?

While we think of origami as a form of art, it is increasingly being employed by firms and researchers in fields such as space, health, robotics, architecture, public safety, and the military to tackle design difficulties, especially when it comes to fitting large objects into small areas. Moreover, large structures that fold up for transportation or squeeze into small areas can be made with origami. Furthermore, the elaborate folding patterns can be exploited to create complex mechanical systems with single-motor control.

How does origami affect your brain?

Origami enhances fine motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, and mental focus, all of which excite the brain. Therefore, origami is an ideal activity for children to stimulate their brain. Both the motor and visual parts of children’s brains are stimulated when they follow directions while completing paper-folding problems. Moreover, focus and concentration have both been found to increase with origami, in addition to 3D perception and logical reasoning. According to research, math students who utilize origami perform better.

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