Foldable Origami Canoe

This Foldable Origami Canoe is an easily portable canoe that folds into a box for easy transport.

When you think of a traditional canoe you probably imagine something bulky that will have to be installed on top of the car with too much fuss and wasted time.

However, this brilliant piece of engineering makes it possible to take a canoe with you wherever you go.

You can store it in the back of your car or, even better, carry it on your shoulder like a bag. 

Foldable Origami Canoe

In its foldable design the casing of the bag becomes the bottom of the canoe and after as little as 10 minutes of assembly, you have a fully functional canoe at your feet.

Foldable Origami Canoe

It is spacious, comfortable and stable. When unfolded the canoe is 14 ft long and weighs only a little bit over 50 lbs.

Foldable Origami Canoe

This is a great product for someone who was considering getting a canoe but was put off by transporting issues and its bulky form.  

Foldable Origami Canoe

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