25 Among Us Craft Ideas You Can Try To Make Your Own Impostor

During the COVID-19 pandemic, streamers began playing Among Us, bringing this game to the attention of millions of new gamers. It’s an online game that can also be played with family and friends, and it’s a fantastic and simple game to play. Among Us is essentially a survival game in which you must either vote off all of the imposters and accomplish all of the tasks, or the imposter must kill all of the crewmates or prevent them from performing the given tasks in order to win. Your mission as a crewmate is to track out the imposter. This quick surge in popularity prompted the creation of endless Among Us craft ideas by Among Us enthusiasts. If you are one of the reliable “impostors”, then having a little Among Us buddy will be amazing. You don’t have to be a professional to make your own Among Us craft these days. Just put your creativity on it because there are many unique Among Us craft ideas that you can create for fun!

Today, DIY Among Us craft ideas are getting more famous. Especially for Among Us fans who love handcrafting. From knitting and sewing to keepsake decoration making, you’ll find the help you need to create something unique and special in this article. Here are our top lists of Among Us craft ideas you should try at home!

1. Crochet Among Us Crew Doll

Among Us Craft Ideas

The crochet Among Us doll is a unique way to create a family that looks just like in the game. Try to use a DIY crochet kit to create colorful Among Us craft ideas that represent each person in your family. Beautiful, soft and full of personality, this crew mate doll will be a great addition to Among Us fan’s collection.

2. Among Us Plush Socks

Among Us Craft Ideas

Do you want to have a little Among Us buddy that is fluffy and warm? Then why don’t you try to create on your own from your socks? Colorful winter plush socks and the dacron filling are all you need to make a DIY Among plush. It will be one one the most unique and creative Among Us craft ideas that is perfect for keychain on your travel bags.

3. Among Us Cake Topper

Among Us Craft Ideas
Source Instagram (@doctorkraftus)

Celebrate the most important day of your life with a unique Among Us cake topper. Use glitter card stocks to print your favorite crewmates because it is thick and sturdy enough as a cake topper. The combination of unique design and high quality materials create a modern look that you can be proud to display on your cake!

4. Among Us Lego Build

Among Us Craft Ideas
Source Pinterest (@frugalfun4boys)

Create the Among Us with lego that represents each of your favorite characters! Especially if you are a Lego enthusiast, you can add other props to create the real scene in the game. These crew with the space properties will be the best Among Us craft ideas who enjoy Lego collections. Don’t forget to place this Lego near your Among Us figurines collection!

5. Origami Art Folding Among Us

Among Us Craft Ideas

Learn how to create one of your favorite Among Us crew in origami designs with rainbow origami paper sheets. Any crafter’s desired aesthetic effect will be influenced by the color, thickness, and porosity of the paper chosen. All you need is a sheet of origami paper and your imagination.

6. Among Us Clay Art

Among Us Clay Art
Source Instagram (@catmagic_creates)

Clay is one of the most unique mediums for Among Us craft ideas that promotes creativity.  By using polymer clay art, it also can be an activity that your family enjoys while creating funny Among Us characters. This collection of one-of-a-kind sculptures can be displayed anywhere in your home or office. 

7. Dead Body Among Us Paper Art

Source Instagram (@manualidadesgeek)

With creative paper arts, you can make a disintegrated Dead Body Among Us crew. You only need sturdy and colorful paper to create the head and body part, then combine it with a hinge at the back. This creative craft will impress any Among Us fan, giving a little bit of surprise once you killed this crew mate.

8. Among Us Fondant Cake Decoration

Source Instagram (@.cake..bake_)

Nothing can be as sweet as Among Us craft ideas you can eat. Among Us fondant cake decoration is an easy and fun way to add a personal touch to your cake. Just simply make the crew with colorful fondant, sitting and relaxing on the couch. The edible base adds additional support, so there is no need for icing underneath.

9. Among Us Craft Pumpkin

Among Us Craft Pumpkin
Source Pinterest (@sweetshoppemom)

If knitting takes a long time to create one Among Us doll, then maybe you should try painting your own Among Us in the pumpkin. Find the square to the rounded pumpkin, you only need the acrylic paint set to make the Among Us crew in your life. Then put the iconic hat over the pumpkin craft to make your personalized crew. This makes one of the most amazing Among Us craft ideas for a Halloween party!

11. Among Us Pen Tray

Among Us Pen Tray
Source Instagram (@berly_crafts)

Use your imagination to create your Among Us desk accessory with perler beads! Perler beads are small, heat-activated beads that can be arranged in intriguing patterns, perfect for Among Us craft ideas. The beads will then fuse together after you apply heat, transforming your design into a single work of art!

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11. Cosmonaut Among Us Spaceship Papercraft

Source Instagram (@art_bymary)

This cosmonaut Among Us papercraft will delight both adults and children alike. The spaceship is made from solid white paper that is easy to cut out, fold, and assemble. Add the little passengers inside this spaceship as well. Just simply print out these Among Us characters and put them in this spaceship to make your day a little bit brighter.

12. Among Us Cardboard Puzzle

Source Instagram (@sk_yayoi_yuko)

There are a lot of creative Among Us craft ideas with paper! The Among Us cardboard puzzle is the classic game you can make from some pieces of medium weight cardboard. You can assemble it yourself, and then challenge your friends to solve the puzzle. Moreover, it can also be a good display on your shelf or desk.

13. Toilet Paper Among Us Toy

Toilet Paper Among Us Toy
Source Instagram (@i.and.yu)

This Among Us toy is ready to play! From toilet paper, this cute toy will make your child smile. You can turn the core part from toilet paper as the frame of this lovely crew. After that, cover it with sturdy red paper, add little feet and a big google on it, creating an iconic Among Us outfit. 

14. Crochet Among Us Blanket

Source Instagram (@swish_and_stitch)

Keep your favorite people warm with the Among Us crochet blanket. This beautiful crochet throw can be one of the warmest Among Us craft ideas, featuring rows of Among crew in colorful outfits. It’s a great size to use during travel or outdoor activities, yet lightweight enough to be versatile and easy to carry around.

15. Among Us Paper Toy

Among Us Paper Toy
Source Instagram (@madeinpaperland)

Whether you’re a fan of this game, or just like to collect fun and inexpensive toys, the Among Us paper toy collection has something for you. The adorable designs are both fun and easy to assemble, making them perfect for kids and adults. A collection of characters for you to print, cut out and play with!

16. Among Us With Ice Cream Playdoh

Source Instagram (@mamamo_craft)

The play-doh set adds fun to the world of crafts! Use the rest of your play-doh to create a little Among Us ornaments such as this cute crew holding an ice cream. By using play-doh tools such as rolling pins or silicone cake cases, you can explore artistic Among Us styles by making anything you want on your own. 

17. Among Us DIY Snow Globe

Source Instagram (@raxa_mermaid)

Create your own Among Us snow globe at home with an easy DIY kit! The globe is made of durable acrylic, making it one of the great Among Us craft ideas that can be displayed anywhere. Put your favorite Among Us figurine inside it as the focal point. Use the included water and glitter mix to create a winter wonderland you can see all year round.

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18. America Among Us Fun Paper Craft

America Among Us Fun Paper Craft
Source Instagram (@artbox_tv)

Are you both a Captain America and Among Us fan? Well, you can use your creativity to mix two favorite characters into fun and unique Among Us craft ideas. Try utilizing recycled paper to create the Among Us character, then color it into the fantastic Captain America suit. 

19. Among Us Hama Beads

Source Instagram (@eekoohoo)

Decorate your home with the beautiful variety of colors and styles of Among Us hama beads. Whether you need a pendant for your key hook, necklace or bracelet, this set has everything you need for an array of options. Perfect for beginners and as an addition to your Among Us craft ideas.

20. Among Us Cardboard Game DIY

Among Us Craft Ideas
Source Pinterest (@antionette)

Are you an IT geek? Show your creative and brilliant brain with sophisticated Among Us craft ideas. Try to bring the mobile game version into the cardboard game using paper and some batteries. Put the rolled printed map paper inside the sturdy cardboard. As you press the direction button, the map will shift, making your character seem walking to another room as if you are playing in the real game. What a genius Among Us craft!

21. Among Us Space Kill Game Puzzle Box

Among Us Space Kill Game Puzzle Box
Source: Pinterest (@amazon.com)

If you have a friend who is a fan of Among Us, then he would be thrilled to have this puzzle game as a gift. It consists of 191 pieces of creative building sets that will be a great killing-time activity with everyone at home. You can assemble the pieces and create a form based on the provided instruction, while having a great time brainstorming to rescue the trapped crew.

22. Among Us Painting Craft

Among Us Painting Craft
Source: Pinterest (@depop.app.link)

This is an Among Us painting craft that will become a fun activity for those who love art paintings. This is one of the most recommended Among Us crafts for those of you who love to make creations by painting objects and playing with combinations of colors. So explore your creativity through Among Us painting craft.

23. Among Us Paper Craft Sculpture

Among Us Paper Craft Sculpture
Source: Pinterest (@ecogamishop.com)

Looking for a simple Among Us craft that can be downloaded immediately, this one’s for you. Simply prepare your A4 or US letterhead papers to print the pattern drawings. It’s better to print them on colored papers. But if you choose to print them on white papers, you can be more creative and paint them using spray paints or decorate them with other materials.

24. Among Us DIY Candy Boxes

Among Us DIY Candy Boxes
Source: Pinterest (@soniamaria)

This one is another option of Among Us papercraft for a true Among Us fan in your life. However, this one is more than just your usual papercraft, because once it’s ready, you can use it to store your candies and other small items like paper clips, too!

25. Among Us Building Kit

Among Us Building Kit
Source: Pinterest (@frugalfun4boys.com)

These colorful imposters that come in Orange, Lime Green and Red are truly something fun to have, especially for Among Us lovers out there. As a set of 3, it comes as building blocks that are not only fun to play with, but also nice to be used as decorations. Place them on your collection shelves or study desk, and let them be part of your cute Among Us connectibles.

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