25 Rattan Table and Chairs Recommendation Fit for Your Home

While rattan is still closely related to the palms family, the way they grow resembles more into lianas plants due to their climbing habit. Roughly 600 species of rattan exist in the world, yet only about 20% of them are used to fulfill humans’ need for furniture. 

To have furniture, rattan is woven and shaped into the desired result. The furniture made from this process has a nice quality, comparable to those that is made from wood. Moreover, the furniture made from rattan is lighter in weight, flexible, and durable. Its lightweight also became advantageous to move, making it suitable for every room décor. 

For such reasons, many people opted for rattan tables and chairs as part of their household furniture. If you are interested in having rattan furniture for your house, we might have some recommendations on where to begin. Note that these items are not only furniture rattan dining tables, but also many types of rattan tables and chairs for many places and uses.

1. Costway 4 Pieces Patio Rattan Furniture Set

Believe it or not, a professional look is not only depending on personal appearances. It is also achieved by having a professional interior installed in your office. To achieve such a look, you might want to try this 4 piece patio rattan furniture set. These rattan tables and chairs come with such an affordable price that you won’t believe such price is for the whole set. Depending on your house design or your office, there are four colour options you can choose. 

2. ESSENTIAL LOUNGER 6 Piece Patio Dining Set

A nice addition to a backyard, or a private pool is to have a set of 6 patio dining sets. While this is called a set with one larger bench, this set comes with a sectional unit. By assembling each unit yourself, you can set it according to your need, and organize each unit into the shape you like for your own furniture rattan dining table addition. 

3. Vineego 7 Pieces Patio Outdoor Dining Set

A family gathering would not be complete without a proper rattan dining set. This 7 piece outdoor dining set provides a set of rattan tables and chairs, complete with its cushion for the chairs. It comes as a sectional unit that you need to assemble, so make sure you have the necessary tool before this furniture rattan dining table comes to your place. 

4. Devoko Outdoor Patio Loveseat

Enjoying a sunset view together with your partner would be perfect when you have a pair of comfortable seats stuck together. A one piece of furniture consisting of two seats for a couple seems like a revolutionary idea, hence the name ‘loveseat’. Not only does it have two seats, the piece is complete with a built-in table that is convenient to place your drink on the top, and save your favourite books under. 

5. Set of 4 Patio Rattan Stackable Dining Chair

If you happen to be looking for a set of chairs for various purposes, check out this rattan stackable dining chair. It serves multipurpose, from a casual rattan dining chair to a guest seat for any event, such as an outdoor garden wedding. The design seems to take inspiration from nature, with the branch becoming the main pattern, making it a great addition for rattan outdoor furniture. 

6. NNEVL 9 Piece Outdoor Dining Set

With a great family, there comes a greater dining table set. Especially if your family gathering hosts more people, it will be necessary to have a rattan outdoor dining set. For such needs, check out this 9 piece outdoor dining set. These vintage rattan tables and chairs are supported by high quality acacia wood, a type of durable tropical hardwood, making it weather resistant and durable for many years to come. 

7. NNEVL 9 Piece Outdoor Dining Set with Cushions

Another recommendation for a larger rattan dining set is this NNEVL 9 piece outdoor dining set with cushions. While it looks ‘heavier’ and might need more work in installing them, the design was actually made for a certain purpose. Two of the chairs are adjustable, and can be turned into a lying position so you can rest your back and rest your feet. Besides, it is complete with a water resistant polyester cushion, making your rattan dining chairs more comfortable. 

8. FINECASA Rattan Coffee Table

FINECASA Rattan Coffee Table

Every sofa needs a coffee table as a pair. Made from rattan, this table is a perfect choice for the centre of the living room, thanks to its unique design. The edge of the table is made in such a way that you don’t have to worry things would fall from the table. This furniture made from rattan can be put anywhere, from the living room, until your balcony where you want to enjoy a view. 

9. Luckyberry Wicker Egg Chair

Luckyberry Wicker Egg Chair

Enjoy a nice outdoor view while being able to cuddle in your own scoop chair. Framed with rattan and iron, this egg scoop chair is able to hold up to 300 pounds of weight, complete with a polyester cushion to make you comfortable. Although it comes as a sectional unit and you need to assemble it yourself, it would be a pretty easy job to do. 

10. French Vintage Rattan Writing Desk

Not only for leisure items such as rattan dining chairs, furniture made from rattan can also be used for formal use, like this rattan writing desk. Designed as a French writing desk, the sides of the table are all made from rattan. Although the rattan surface might not be ideal to write by hand, this can be overcome by simply having a pad before the papers. 

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11. Herta Maria Witzemann Bar Stools

A chair is not only placed for seating in the living room or workplace, but a breakfast counter in your home or your personal drink bar needs its own stool settlement. A set of rattan stools might be what you just need. Made from rattan, this set of rattan dining chairs is lightweight, making it possible to be placed anywhere, and its combination with steel make sure of its durability.

12. Akila Swivel Chair

Every office desk needs a swivel chair. Even if you don’t have an office desk, a swivel chair would still be a piece of furniture worth having. It comes with a soft cushion to make a comfortable sitting, and its curvy design allows you to rest your back. A great tip from the reviewer is that you can have it as your personal reading corner in your room to enjoy your favourite books. 

13. Tahanea Bench

When you want to have tropical vibes in your house, you just can’t miss this rattan bench. The woven rattan gives a more vintage tropical look. While it does not come with a cushion, the rattan seating allows you to place it anywhere under the sun, making it a great item for rattan outdoor pieces. You don’t need much effort to clean it anyway, you just need to wipe it with dry cloth and protect it from excess moisture. 

14. MR Armchair

An armchair for the office does not have to have a full big arm, does it? A minimalist design provided by this rattan armchair is simple and suitable for home office seating, whether it is for a guest client or your personal seating. While it might not look convincing in strength, the arm frames are made from steel, assuring its durability to stand bodyweight. It serves a great purpose for an additional set for your rattan table and chairs too. 

15. Sunwashed Riviera Swivel Counter Stool

Another fun idea to try to complete your indoor rattan dining table set in your breakfast counter is to have a swivel counter stool installed. Made from manau, this chair provides the highest quality type of rattan which has less blemishes often found in other types of rattan vines. And although this chair is fully made from rattan, this chair is fully functioning as 360 degree rotation to swivel. A totally great addition for your rattan dining set. 

16. Rattan Nikita Swivel Chair With Cushion

Rattan Nikita Swivel Chair With Cushion

High-quality rattan comes mainly from South-East Asia, and it is not a surprise that Indonesia is notable for providing high-quality furniture made from rattan. Made from rattan and supported by plywood, this swivel chair provides a honey-finished look with a comfortable (and removable) cushion. As Indonesian artists are known for their original material, it is no surprise too that the finished look for each piece of furniture might be slightly different, providing uniqueness for each piece. 

17. Rattan Papasan Chair Frame

Rattan Papasan Chair Frame

It must be good to lie down in your living room, reading or just watching your favourite show while resting on a papasan chair. The rattan material used provides a strong base, enough to withstand human body weight. The cushion is sold separately, however, but it does not change the fact that it is available for an affordable price that you can add a little extra to purchase the cushion as well. 

18. Handmade rattan window small table

Handmade rattan window small table

The eastern Asians style furniture setting always brings its own charm. When combined with rattan furniture, it gives a serene vibes around the house. If you are a big fan of a low sitting table to enjoy tea the Japanese way, this rattan small table is for you. A great tip comes from the reviews; do combine the rattan table set with the porcelain tea set that is available in the same seller to achieve the authentic way of enjoying tea. 

19. 5 piece patio conversation set

5 piece patio conversation set

Many innovative furniture nowadays revolves around something that is practical, easy to store, and saves as much space if needed. Those qualities surprisingly, can be found in this 5-piece patio set. Depending on your need, these sets can be used as chairs or sofas, with two extra footrest stools that can be extended or stored under the chairs. Claimed to be UV proof and weatherproof, this set is to stand any kind of weather, making it suitable for outdoor uses. 

20. Vintage Mid-Century Bamboo Rattan Nesting Tables

Vintage Mid-Century Bamboo Rattan Nesting Tables

The term ‘buy one get two’ seems to apply to this vintage rattan nesting table. This rattan table set comes as a pair with different sizes. Made by a smart combination of rattan, bamboo, and sturdy wood, the pair comes as a solid strong set of furniture as the result of clever artistry. While the different size allows them to be stored as one and saves some space in the process, it is suitable for various needs to entertain your guests or simply as part of the house decoration. 

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21. Mid-20th Century Rattan Woven Table And Chairs

Mid-20th Century Rattan Woven Table And Chairs

If having one rattan armchair is comfortable enough, how about having two armchairs, complete with the table? The combination of rattan and metal on this rattan table and chairs set assures their strength to withstand the bodyweight, and the glass-topped chair allows a complete visual of the set. The 80 cm width of the chairs also ensures a nice amount of leverage for your body, and will still be wide enough when you top it with a suitable cushion. 

22. Caroline Rattan 3-Seater Sofa

Caroline Rattan 3-Seater Sofa

A comfy looking cushion paired with rattan structure underneath does not always sound complementary, but it is a totally different case with this Caroline Rattan sofa. Made by Indonesian artisan, this combination makes a strong, flexible, yet lightweight furniture. Although it might be best for outdoor use, it is a great addition for indoor décor. The rattan itself allows the sofa to support up to 300 lbs weight, proving that the rattan material itself is enough to withstand a great deal of human body.

23. All-Weather Woven Faux Rattan Chair Set

All-Weather Woven Faux Rattan Chair Set

A wicker or woven pattern is easy to spot in a vintage rattan table and chairs set. This Woven Faux rattan chair set, however, comes with a simpler wavy design that goes stand out compared to others. The great deal with this set comes considering that each piece requires simple assembly, yet each piece is able to withstand up to 240 lbs weight, complete with water resistant cushions. 

24. Outdoor Patio Bistro Set

Outdoor Patio Bistro Set

To have a rare occasion outdoors, you might want a set of practical and lightweight furniture. For such occasions, this outdoor patio bistro set might be the right choice. Each chair is foldable, making it easy to store and move. The steel frame assures its durability, allowing the set to be scratch resistant. 

25. Harlie & Stone Outdoor Swivel

Harlie & Stone Outdoor Swivel

A swivel chair is often available as a single chair. It is not the case with this Harlie & Stone Swivel set, though. Come as a set of rattan tables and chairs, each chair is made available to turn around easily, which would be fun if you are a big fan of swivel chairs. Moreover, it also comes with 4 inches thick eco-friendly cushion, which is better compared to polyester cushion. 

Latest Post:

Is rattan still on-trend?

Rattan has been known as a high-quality material for furniture for ages, and continues to do so. High quality rattan usually comes from South East Asian countries, and it comes with reasonable prices too. This creates an opportunity for other companies to provide rattan-like material with cheaper prices for people who would love to have rattan tables and chairs. This proves that rattan, in fact, is timeless and always on-trend. 

What is the difference between rattan & wicker?

Rattan and wicker are close terms for weaved furniture. However, each rattan and wicker does not refer to the same thing. Rattan refers to a material from a vine plant used for a furniture and other uses, while wicker refers to a method to process rattan, involving weaving technique to shape the material. Wicker also does not always apply to rattan; it can be used to process other materials too, like bamboo or synthetic material. 

How long does rattan furniture last?

Depending on how you take care of your furniture, furniture made from rattan can last up to 10 years. A few considerations in taking care of rattan is that it is fragile to crack, and molds might grow. So good care is needed, and to make it more durable, rattan is often supported by hardwood to support the body weight. 

Can you leave rattan furniture in the rain?

Rattan is not a type of hardwood. To be a piece of furniture, it has to be combined to make a stronger frame. So it is not advisable to leave rattan tables and chairs in the rain. For rattan outdoor furniture, it is best to place it somewhere within the scope of the roof, like a balcony. Or, you can always have lightweight rattan furniture so it is easier for you to store them inside when not in use.

How do you prevent mold in a rattan?

Taking care of rattan requires little to no effort. Mold usually occurs when rattan (or any other material) excess in moisture, allowing fungi to grow. To prevent this from happening to your rattan furniture, clean them regularly using a clean and slightly damp or dry cloth, and let them dry naturally. The occasional moisture from damp cloth is needed to prevent the rattan from cracking too. 

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