25 Best Maple Dining Tables That Will Pop Your Dining Room

The dining table is the center of many activities. It might be a space where family members gather to play games or celebrate birthdays and holiday feasts. Therefore, many people want to get a durable one that is made from maple wood. Since there is a lot that happens around a dining table, which is why getting the best maple dining table is so crucial. 

Especially if they look for a style that is both modern and classic, maple dining tables would be an excellent option. The smooth, golden grain of maple wood lends itself perfectly to a modern and durable design, so you won’t have to be concerned about a maple dining table becoming dented. If you want to buy maple dining tables you are confused to get the best one, don’t worry! We have prepared selected maple dining tables to get you more inspired.

Modern Maple Dining Tables

As maple dining tables have durable and robust structure, people may perceive them as old fashioned furniture. However, today, modern maple dining tables come with various elegant modern designs that will light up any dining room.

Let’s check our compilation of modern maple dining tables below that surely will change those perceptions.

1. Mid Century Modern Table

Mid Century Modern Table

A versatile table is indeed what you need if you are looking for modern maple tables. This awesome table can be used for a variety of dining and storage applications. Not to mention, this fantastic piece of woodwork with really stunning wood grain and outstanding workmanship can make your dining room stand out.

2. Epoxy Maple Dining Table

Epoxy Maple Dining Table

If you want to get a handmade maple dining table that lasts for a long time, then this cool furniture can be one of the options. What makes it more interesting, it used epoxy to fill the ant holes and was equipped with beautiful metal legs. Furthermore, this table is finished with a poly oil to make it both stunning and durable.

3. Farmhouse Dining Table

Farmhouse Dining Table

With this solid maple wood dining table, you can add a farmhouse style in your dining room. It features the modern sleek tapered legs of the white painted base that are simple to install and remove. Not to mention, this wonderful maple dining table has a long-lasting satin topcoat completes the look.

4. Light Modern Dining Table

Light Modern Dining Table

Make your dream dining room look clean and elegant with this modern maple dining table. It has clean lines and a simple design that suits any dining room. In addition, you can personalize the size depending on your dining room. It would be a sheer joy to get this modern dining table. 

5. Burly Maple Live Edge

Burly Maple Live Edge

This modern maple dining table is great for bringing the grandeur effect into your house. It features magnificent waves flowing through the center of the table top made with resin inserts and are eye delight. Not to mention, the combination of aesthetics and utility work will give your dining room a sense of elegance and modernity.

6. Casual Dining Table

6. Casual Dining Table

If you live in an apartment or small house but still want to get a modern maple dining table, then this casual table is destined for you. This table definitely will be a nice spot to drink your morning coffee or intimate dinner as it features the counter-height table. By design, it evokes an unobtrusive balance that will blend to any dining room. 

7. Maple Rectangular Dining Table

Maple Rectangular Dining Table

For those who live as four family members, this modern maple dining table will surely add delight to the dining room. The dining table has smooth, curved corners and is made of strong and engineered wood. Best of all, it can be extended, making it simple to seat dinner guests.

8. Fiddleback Maple Dining Table

Fiddleback Maple Dining Table

Bring modernity and uniqueness in your dining room with this modern maple dining table. This is a monumental fiddleback maple dining table with polished stainless steel 3-drum base and 3 massive extensions. The table is great furniture that combines functionality and art to your dining room.

9. River Live Edge Table

River Live Edge Table

This modern maple table will make a gorgeous illusion of the river on the top of the table. It features a live edge with beautiful epoxy resin finish and industrial steel welded in various color options. Not to mention, the modern design will bring a comfortable and magnificent atmosphere to your dining room.

Vintage Maple Dining Tables

There is no denying the allure of vintage maple dining tables. Despite the endless charm of new designs and patterns, vintage maple dining tables continue to be popular around the world.

If you are an antique enthusiast who’s looking for vintage maple dining tables, we will provide some interesting choices you may fall in love with.

10. Vintage Rock Maple Dining Table

Vintage Rock Maple Dining Table

Add vintage style in your dining room with this awesome maple dining table. Made of rock maple, it features an elegant table with a rectangle top that is supported with turned legs. Not to mention, it is also included with reed chairs that will make your dining room look aesthetic.

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11. Vintage 1960s Maple Dining Table

Vintage 1960s Maple Dining Table

In case you are an antique enthusiast, this vintage maple dining table will be one of the vintage items you should buy. Made from 1960s maple wood, the design will make you feel as if you had dinner in that era. Moreover, this table can accommodate up to 8 people, perfect for having a great dinner feast.

12. Vintage Nichols & Stone Windsor Solid Maple Table

Vintage Nichols _ Stone Windsor Solid Maple Table

This vintage maple dining table is definitely one of rarest items to find! It features a 1970s stunning table with leaf extensions made by the legendary furniture manufacturer and 7 vintage maple chairs with high quality that will make your dining room look antique and elegant.

13. Crafted Maple Dining Table

Crafted Maple Dining Table

A hand crafted dining table will always be a precious and timeless piece of furniture in your home. This vintage maple dining table is definitely one of a kind exquisite craftsmanship you have ever seen. Its eye-catching maple veneer finish which is made from the 1950s will match any dining room.

14. Classic Maple Dining Table

Classic Maple Dining Table

Create an aesthetic elegant dining room with this vintage maple dining table. This elegant maple dining table features a 5 set dining set which is indeed looking incredibly elegant. Not to mention, this table would be wonderful for all events, from casual dinner meals to holiday celebrations. 

15. Tiger Maple Dining Table

Tiger Maple Dining Table

With this vintage maple dining table, you can create a wonderful feast with a sense of elegance. It features a porringer-shaped hand-planed tiger maple top resting on a carved apron painted black and four legs with spoon feet. Made from high quality material, this vintage table will last for a long time.

16. Antique Italian Dining Table

Antique Italian Dining Table

This vintage maple dining table will surely amaze any antique lovers. This is a painted Italian maple dining table with fine quality originally retailed by Maple & Co. Not to mention, the hand painted gold borders, flowers, and carved chamfered corners adorn the top make any dining room look magnificent.

17. Expandable Maple Dining Table

Expandable Maple Dining Table

If you want to invite more people to dinner but still want the vintage one, then this maple table is suitable for you. This is an extensible maple dining table with two extension leaves from the 1950s. This unique table features splayed tapered conical legs and is an outstanding example of mid-century design.

Round Maple Dining Tables

Consider round maple dining tables if you have a little area or prefer a cozy, private gathering. Because of their flexibility to fit in locations where a square or rectangle table cannot, round maple dining tables may transform a nook into a dining spot.

Moreover, by choosing round maple dining tables, everyone can see and converse with one other during dinner easily. 

18. Round BirdsEye Maple Dining Table

Round BirdsEye Maple Dining Table

This is definitely an incredible and stunning round maple dining table. Made in Italy, the vintage birds eye gives it almost a marigold coloring. On the top, there is a geometric marquetry inset with a similar pedestal. Any dining room would benefit from having this as a focal point.

19. Epoxy Resin Maple Dining Table

Epoxy Resin Maple Dining Table

If you want to buy a piece of furniture that will make your home stand out, this round maple table is absolutely what you need. This vintage dining table, which is made of natural maple wood and epoxy resin, has a stunning style that can elevate any interior. This round table will surely freshen up the visual of your dining room.

20. Tartys Counter Height Table

Tartys Counter Height Table

Creates an efficient and versatile dining environment that is ideal for any modest dining room with this round maple dining table. It features a round leg table with two drop leaves, a wine glass rack, and a bottom shelf. Not to mention, it is also equipped with wooden seats and footrests that will delight the room.

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21. Traditional Rounding Dining Table

Traditional Rounding Dining Table

Experience the elegance and beauty of dinner with this round maple dining table. Made from solid wood and hand crafted from the USA, it creates traditional and vintage design that will make your dining room stand out. Moreover, you can match this round maple dining table with any chairs.

22. Colonial Style Dining Table

Colonial Style Dining Table

Bring colonial style in your dining room with this round maple dining table. This table has a formica top with andover finish and an excellent condition that will delight your room. Made from high quality maple wood, this dining table is also sturdy and durable.

23. Sunflower Dining Table

Sunflower Dining Table

Light up your dining room with this beautiful round maple table. The aesthetic sun flower round shape table will make your room look bright and fresh. Not to mention, the round shape can accommodate more people, making it perfect to have amazing dinner together.

24. White Maple Dining Table

White Maple Dining Table

This white maple round table definitely will make your dining room look bright and spacious. This gorgeous round table offers an elegant design handcrafted of refined materials with polished gold leaf accents making a luxurious charm to the room.

25. Maple Sunburst Dining Table

Maple Sunburst Dining Table

This round maple dining table definitely will impress your dinner guests. It features ebonized trimmed dining table with round burl maple veneer and elegant sunburst design that will make your dining room stand out. Moreover, the 3 legs triangular platform makes this round maple dining table sturdy and robust.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is maple a good wood for table?

Yes! Maple is one of the most durable woods for furniture. It is commonly utilized for high-use items like dining tables since it can withstand a lot of abuse.

Moreover, maple woods are more affordable than other hardwoods. Today, there are a lot of high quality maple dining tables you can buy. Therefore, it will be a perfect piece of furniture due to its endurance.

What are the best maple dining tables?

Well, it is a bit tricky to choose the best maple dining tables based on your needs. Each type of maple dining table will meet the needs of different occasions.

Moreover, the best maple dining table is the one that suits your preference. For example, if you want to have maple dining tables that are space saving in your small house, then this Casual Dining Table will be perfect for you. Or, if you are an antique lover, you will perceive this Italian Antique Dining Table as the best maple dining table you have ever seen

What are the best solid maple dining tables?

The solid maple dining tables will make your dining room look elegant and stunning. Today, there are many high quality maple dining tables in various designs and shapes.

To pick the best one, you should consider your needs and preferences. For example, if you want to accommodate more people, then this Solid Maple Dining Table or Round Maple Dining Table will be the best ones.

What kind of maple is used for furniture?

In fact, hard maple has been used for furniture and other high-wear objects for years. The term “hard maple” refers to two types of maple trees: Sugar Maple and Black Maple. Therefore, hard maple is a popular choice for finished good woods such as maple dining tables.

Today, there are a lot of high quality dining tables made from hard maple. If you are looking for good quality maple dining tables, you can refer to our lists above.

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