25 Cool Stoner Gifts for Him Who Loves Smoking Weed

Having a stoner man in your life is incredibly special and full of compromise. He usually has a unique lifestyle, and tends to not care about how people look at him or people’s prejudice.  Since he is typically associated with weed smoking and cannabis culture, he values personal time by smoking weed to feel calm and relax. Whenever he feels down or sad, he always finds his own fun with those weeds to clear his mind. Therefore, stoner gifts for him are a great choice, especially if you want to cheer him up after a bad day.

Suppose this is your first time choosing stoner gifts for him, you may find it challenging to get the best one. Let’s take a look at the article below because we have picked top gift ideas you can give to your dearest smoker. From a personalized stoner sign to the incredible DIY stoner gift box for stoner anniversary ideas, we have everything that meets the requirements of cool stoner gifts for him.

Let’s check them out!

BEST Stoner Gifts for Your Dearest Smoker

1. Gorilla Smoker Shirt

Gorilla Smoker Shirt

Add this cool shirt to your man fashion item to show his pride as a stoner. The gorilla holding cannabis leaf design of this shirt describes everything he likes about being a stoner. It has high quality solid color, making it one of the coolest stoner gifts for him, which can be paired with jeans for a simple but attractive casual look.

2. Double Joint Holder

Double Joint Holder

Get your weed smoker this simple joint holder as an essential kit on the go. This item comes as a cool stoner gift for him as it features a double joint holder with compact design, made of HDPE plastic.

This cool item allows him to store his lighter in the special compartment inside. This is one of the best and coolest stoner gifts for him, which can be a great company during outdoor activities.

3. Blunts Smoker Pack

Blunts Smoker Pack

In case you are not sure of the best present for a stoner man, a gift box will always be a perfect solution.

This blunts smoker pack contains various flavored blunts, so your stoner man can try new tastes everyday. It also comes with a classic raw tip and pre-rolls container, which will make your stoner man enjoys an amazing smoking experience.

4. Tupac Rolling Tray

Tupac Rolling Tray

Surprise your stoner man with his favorite rapper printed on this gift. The rolling tray comes with a cool Tupac image on it. Made of epoxy resin and spray paint, it creates a shiny and luxurious finish to this item. It will be one of the most precious stoner gifts for him that remind him of Tupac’s great gangsta rap and music.

5. Large Stash Box with Lock

Large Stash Box with Lock

Let him keep his marijuana in style with this cool stash box. Your stoner boyfriend or dad will surely be happy to have this gift. Made of bamboo with the combination lock, it will be the safest place to store strong marijuana, plus one of the coolest stoner gifts for him.

In addition, there are also some glass jars and a rolling tray in this box, making it one of the most ideal stoner gifts for him to keep his marijuana stock well.

6. Funny Stoner Sign

Funny Stoner Sign

Get your stoner boyfriend a charm that reminds him of his favorite hobby, which is smoking weed. It portrays the funny mood of your boyfriend while smoking, with a big cigarette in his mouth.

You can also add a personalized name engraved on this funny stoner sign. Whenever he feels down, this funny charm will bring back his smile, such wonderful and cool stoner gifts for him!

7. Ganja Stoner Box

Ganja Stoner Box

Let your stoner man be the master in making weed cigarettes with this ganja stoner box. In this box, he will get various sizes of cones, raw papers, flavored papers, and also Mylar bags to make fantastic DIY cigarettes.

The funny rolling tray is also added in this gift box, portraying a genius scientist with his ganja dank. This gift will surely inspire your stoner man to be a ganja genius.

8. Bull Glass Pipe

Bull Glass Pipe

Give your boyfriend this adorable smoking pipe to smoke hard like a bull in a cute way.

It comes in 2 adorable colors, so you can wear them together as a couple, which will be great stoner anniversary ideas. Made of borosilicate glass with smooth designs, it cools the smoke well as you can also guarantee its quality and durability.  

9. Dope Dad Roast and Toast Mug

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Get your stoner dad this cool mug so he can smoke like royalty on Father’s day. The simple design gives a full description of him as the dopest dad ever.

Made of ceramic in cool black matte color, your stoner father will definitely love this present. This mug has everything he will need to get the day started, making it one of the best options of cool stoner gifts for him.

10. Vintage Exit 420 Sign

Vintage Exit 420 Sign

In case your stoner man wants to have his own private room to chill and have fun, you can help him with the decoration. The cool vintage Exit 420 sign will be a great addition in his room, making it the perfect stoner gifts for him with old soul.

It was designed in a bygone style, giving it a rustic appearance, a three-dimensional effect, and a very colorful and luminous appearance.

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11. Funny Stoner Quote Socks

Funny Stoner Quote Socks

Help your stoner man to keep his anxiety away with the funny but wise quote on these socks. Just like what he does while smoking, inhaling the good shit and exhaling the bullshit, these socks will encourage him to do the same thing for his worries and problems.

Made of high quality cotton, these socks are warm and breathable. Such a cool stoner gift to bring his spirit back

12. Classic King Size Cones

Classic King Size Cones

Get your stoner man a lot of cones stock in king size to smoke like a monarch.

It comes with high quality unbleached fibers, making it one of the best stoner gifts for him as he can save more time in rolling paper. The RAW’s distinctive crisscross imprint is also watermarked on the cone, which will assist to prevent runs and preserve the smoothest burn.

13. Weed Pack Edition Playing Cards

Weed Pack Edition Playing Cards

A playing card is a perfect company while starting to get high. It features 30 cards, which are written while getting high, perfect stoner gifts for him to play with some friends. He can shuffle these cards, pick one card, and also complete the blank sentence.

This game may sound easy to finish, but it will be a different experience while smoking weed! 

14. Smoke Till You Choke Coffee Mug

Smoke Till You Choke Coffee Mug

A sarcasm but funny gift for a stoner man, this lovely coffee mug is one of the most hilarious stoner gifts for him. In case your man is too addicted to marijuana stuff, you can surprise him with this mug.

The funny marijuana leaf cartoon design is super entertaining, while the lettering above can be a sarcastic reminder that will offend him. Instead, it will be a great reminder during his morning coffee.

15. Weed Culture Cushion Cover

Weed Culture Cushion Cover

Make your stoner man get his high quality sleep with this cool cushion cover. It features a cool cannabis leaf logo, which looks like a university symbol. Made of cotton with clear logo printed, it feels soft and comfortable to the skin.

Your stoner man can sleep in a great mood while seeing this creative design, making it one of the greatest and cool stoner gifts for him during bedtime.

16. Stay At Home Bum Jumper

Stay At Home Bum Jumper

Make a gag to your stoner friend who loves to stay at home rather than socialize with others with this funny jumper. Because it is composed of pure cotton, it is one of the ideal stoner gifts for him that applies for all seasons.

It comes with elegant lettering, which is funny and sarcastic at the same time. Your stoner man will laugh at the design, while also being encouraged to get out from his cave and balance his social activities. 

17. Cannabis Snapback Cap

Cool Stoner Gifts for Him

This cool snapback cap is all stoner men’s dream apparel to style. It comes with an embroidered marihuana leaf logo and lettering, which is durable for a long time.

Your stoner man can wear it for a casual style look, which appears stylish and edgy with contemporary clothing. Without a doubt, this is one of the options of fashionable and cool stoner gifts for him!

18. Stoner Coloring Book

Cool Stoner Gifts for Him

Enjoy coloring with this ultimate marijuana lover’s friend. Feel the good vibes while getting high with this stoner coloring book. It is one of the best stoner gifts for him to enhance his imagination while getting high.

This adult coloring book is a must-have for your stoner man, with over 60 original pictures from the brains of nine artists in high quality matte finish.

19. Funny Weed Wall Décor

Cool Stoner Gifts for Him

In case your stoner man tends to create a mess while getting high, then he may need this funny wall décor at his door. It is a great and funny warning sign to prevent unpredictable shocks while entering his house.

Designed in retro style with durable and non rusting aluminum, it is one of the ideal stoner gifts for him, for both indoor and outdoor use.

20. Hilarious Stoner Trivia Card Game

Hilarious Stoner Trivia Card Game

People said that you will show your true self while getting high, so why don’t you let this card game prove it? Let your stoner man have a great time and express his true feelings while smoking weed with this trivia card game for stoners.

It features funny videos, insane would you rather challenges, and fun facts, making a fun conversation starters with friends. Your stoner man will definitely be happy receiving this gift. 

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21. Colonel Sanders Grinder

Cool Stoner Gifts for Him

Give your stoner man this hilarious grinder to light up his day.

The creative design portrays the famous Colonel Sanders smokes weed and the THC logo instead of KFC is incredibly genius! Because all your stoner man needs is enough of THC to satisfy his mind, this cool metal grinder will be one of the most precious stoner gifts for him.

22. Stoner Boyfriend Bundle

Cool Stoner Gifts for Him

Show how much you care to your stoner boyfriend with this unique gift set. With this gift, your boyfriend will get complete smoking necessities in one go.

It features a zinc grinder, cones, pre rolled papers in various sizes, and also a cool black lighter. The awesome black stash box with a great lettering for stoner is also added in this bundle, so your boyfriend can store his weed inside. 

23. Mushroom Stash Jar Set

Mushroom Stash Jar Set

If your stoner man is a marijuana collector, then this gift will come as one of the options for cool stoner gifts for him.

This gift set comes with charming mushroom stash jars in various colors, perfect to store many kinds of herbs. The closure is hand painted by acrylic, making these items unique and rare. Your stoner man can store these jars in a box or just display them for amazing home decorations

24. Silver Marihuana Leaf Ring

Cool Stoner Gifts for Him

Show your romantic side to your stoner boyfriend by giving him this wonderful silver ring. The marijuana leaf is beautifully etched on this 925 sterling silver ring, giving charm to its appeal.

If you are a stoner couple, you can wear it as a couple rings, which will be one of the most romantic stoner gifts for him. These rings are also fantastic stoner anniversary ideas to strengthen your relationship.

25. Funny Weed Apron

Cool Stoner Gifts for Him

Suppose your stoner man also loves cooking, then you can give him this funny apron.

The hilarious lettering will surely make anyone laugh. He can wear this apron while cooking for his friends to make stoner jokes. It will be a piece of conversation and brighten up the atmosphere. Made of polyester canvas with tie back, this apron is durable and comfortable to wear. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to get a stoner that has everything?

A stoner who has everything will value quality time instead of things. Therefore, you can give them the weed pack edition playing cards or the hilarious trivia card game to play with their friends.

Moreover, a symbolic and meaningful charm such as the silver marijuana leaf ring will be a precious thing to treasure. For more inspiration, you can read the article above.

How do you become a stoner?

If you enjoy getting high with marijuana, then you are already a stoner. As a stoner, you can smoke weed to release stress and anxiety.

A great stoner is the one who can control himself to enjoy the happiness and relaxed feel from consuming marijuana. But do bear in mind that too much marijuana may lead you to confusion or focusing difficulties.

Is it good to date a stoner?

Dating a stoner is a good choice as long as he can control his marijuana intake. You may need a lot of compromise and understanding, but it will be a healthy relationship as you learn to respect your own personal space with him.

Moreover, you can show your care and love by giving stoner gifts for him to maintain a good relationship. If you need more great gift ideas, you can read the article above. 

What do stoner dads want for Christmas?

You can give him a gift box such as the ganja stoner box to create fun Christmas activities; rolling his own cigarettes. Or, you can show your admiration to your stoner dad with the dope dad roast and toast mug on Christmas.

After all, those items that support his habit will be great stoner gifts for him on Christmas.

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