25 Unique Oil Burner Pipes for Flashy Smoker

Pizzo, or oil burner pipe, is a glass with a tube that has a spherical bulb at the end. This pipe is commonly used for smoking essential oils and also concentrates. In general, pipe glass is made of pyrex material, so it is heat resistant and safe when exposed to direct fire sources. The oil burner pipe is chosen by smokers who prefer to smoke with the legal vaporizer type. In addition, smoking essential oil is considered healthier compared to smoking the usual cigarettes, because it does not contain nicotine. To obtain a healthier lifestyle, many people have started to switch to using unique oil burner pipes to replace cigarettes.

In this list, we have a complete recommendation of unique oil burner pipes for your smoking alternative. If you’re not a smoker, you can also have it as a gift for a special person in your life who happens to be a smoker.

Furthermore, it can be a gift to encourage them to switch to essential oils. So, without further ado, let’s check out the following list and be prepared to be inspired.

What Is An Oil Pipe for Smoking?

An oil pipe for smoking is a glass pipe that is used for smoking essential oil or concentrate in the form of a tube connected to a sphere bulb at the end. In this list, we provide several unique oil burners that you can have, such as gemstone oil burner, devil horn, and authentic Dycro swirl glass.

How Does An Oil Burner Work?

To use it, you can put incense oil into the bulb at the end of your pipe. The thing to note is not to burn your oil or oil burner with a direct fire source. Make sure to give a space between 2-3 inches so as not to damage the taste or your equipment.

BEST Oil Burner Pipes

1. Multi-functional Burner Pipe

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The first unique oil burner pipe that we recommend is this multifunctional oil burner. The shape is actually old-fashioned, with a tiny pipe and the burner bearing a vintage design. But that’s what makes this piece unique. It has a shiny black burner with unique carvings that accentuate the bold appeal of this piece.

In case you want to have this awesome pipe burner with a bit of chic touch, choose the golden variety. Moreover, it will also be the perfect gift for those who want to switch to essential oil smoking, as an option to reduce their nicotine consumption.

2. Vintage Gold Pipe 

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Being a vintage lover, you might be looking for a vintage oil burner for your smoking enjoyment. For that reason, we recommend this unique oil burner pipe for vintage lovers out there.

Aside from being able to be used to smoke some concentrate, this vintage gold pipe also has a unique design that gives a distinct impression when you use it. You can even display it on your office desk whenever you don’t smoke out of this pipe. Plus, it’s also easy to clean, making it a perfect gift for those who want to try smoking in a new way.

3. 70’s Jerry Glass Pipe

unique oil burner pipes

Moving on to the next item on our list, you can get an oil burner pipe that has a different appearance through this 70’s Jerry glass pipe. This one is a unique oil burner pipe with a distinctive design that will perfectly fit in your pocket.

In addition, the attractive color selection chosen by the maker makes the combination of red, silver, and gold blend beautifully. Therefore, this beautiful item will be a great gift for a special person. Especially, those who fancy striking appeal that makes them look stand out.

4. Simple Red Pipe

unique oil burner pipes

Pyrex is the most recommended material to make an oil pipe burner, just like this simple red pipe that you can have as your smoking friend. This item is definitely a unique oil burner pipe with a simple yet elegant design, which describes perfection.

You can make it a special gift for those who smoke essential oils. And if you wish, you can include their favorite oils to make a gift set. Moreover, this oil pipe burner is also suitable for those who like a simple and beautiful design.

5. Dead Set Glass Pipe

unique oil burner pipes

This one is a different style of oil burner. It has a smaller size, which is only 3.5 inches, making it more similar to the size of an ordinary cigarette. If you prefer to use a small oil pipe burner, then this small yet unique oil pipe burner would be an excellent choice.

The dead-set glass has a unique motif with yellow and brown colors that can change color when used. You can also make it as a gift for those who smoke essential oils using an oil burner pipe.

6. Dichroic Two-Color Style Pipe

unique oil burner pipes

You can also get your own custom oil burner pipe by ordering this next item. The dichroic two-color style comes as a unique oil burner pipe we are highly recommending to you. What makes it even more unique is this oil burner pipe has a color that can change if you see it from different angles. Moreover, it is also available in several attractive color combinations to choose from.

Furthermore, you can also make it personalized by choosing your own color combination. Without a doubt, it will be the best gift for a special person in your life who smokes essential oils.

7. Pink and Black Glass Pipe

unique oil burner pipes

If you are looking for a rare type of oil pipe burner, then this pink and black burner pipe might be the one that you’ve been looking for. This item is a unique burner pipe that comes in a beautifully unique pattern. The combination of pink and black looks like they’re dripping from the bulb.

Therefore, we are happy to recommend this for collectors, because this rare item will be a nice addition to their pipe burner collection. Made of durable pyrex material, this beautiful piece is also suitable as a gift for those who smoke using an oil burner pipe.

8. Twirl Transparent Pipe

unique oil burner pipes

We think that it’s purely reasonable to say that this item is a piece of art. With a shape like the paw of a cat, this twirl transparent oil burner is a beautiful item to own. It comes as a unique oil burner pipe that has an unusual shape with twirling ornaments around it, which gives it a distinctive impression.

Available in two choices of pink or purple, this is the perfect item for women smokers to change colors when they want to smoke. In addition, it’s made of thick pyrex material, so it’s highly durable and will surely last a lifetime.

9. Authentic Dychro Swirl Pipe

unique oil burner pipes

For a wonderful soul like you, a custom oil burner pipe would be the best option. You don’t need to be afraid of the head getting dirty because you can have a cool blackhead model.

Having exceptional patterns, we recommend the authentic Dycro swirl glass for those who appreciate artsy designs. Made of thick glass material, this pipe won’t be damaged easily for sure. Moreover, it’s the perfect gift for those who smoke essential oil using an aesthetic oil burner.

10. The Ladybug Pipe

The Ladybug

This item is calling all nature lovers out there! This one is a unique oil burner pipe that has a ladybug accent that you can use for smoking essential oils and concentrates. With a cool transparent green color, this burner pipe is worthy of a collection.

Made of high-quality glass that is durable against heat, it can be a gift for those who smoke using an oil burner pipe and love to have one with an unusual design. Such a design will also effortlessly match a smoking gardener.

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11. Unusual Handmade Oil Burner

Unusual Handmade Oil Burner

The best handmade oil burner goes to this item. It features an out-of-the-box and unusual shape, which gives that perfect look to this unique oil burner pipe. Although it’s a bit pricey, we can say that this item is definitely worth buying, because it’s a masterpiece after all.

Also, you can add this as one of your oil burner collections to display in your glass cabinet. Moreover, you can pick this item as a special gift for your loved ones who love smoking essential oils and fancy unique oil burner pipes. Get fancy by smoking essential oils using this oil burner item!

12. Unique Vine Glass Oil Burner Pipe

Unique Vine Glass

We are sure that you have never seen a unique oil burner pipe with a unique shape like this one. It’s a funky spiral vine-inspired pipe that features a unique ruby horn adorned on its body, making it a beautiful masterpiece.

Truly an item is worthy of a collection for those who collect unique oil burner pipes! You can also make this a gift for a special occasion, like a birthday or Christmas. for those who smoke essential oils using a burner pipe.

13. Gemstone Pipe

Gemstone Pipe

Are you a lapidary who loves collecting crystals and gems? If you are, then this gemstone oil burner is suitable for you. Each piece comes as a unique oil burner pipe with a gemstone pattern. Uniquely, each item is also different from one another, making it even more special for a gift.

Furthermore, you can get crystal or quartz in the form of pipe products, which will be the perfect gift for your loved ones who love smoke. You can also consider one for the smoking man in your life who never tries this kind of smoking tool. That way, you give him another experience to enjoy smoking in a fancy way.

14. The Devil Horn Pipe

The Devil Horn

Smoking cigarettes is outdated. If you agree with this one, then you can smoke in a healthier way using this product. This is a unique oil burner pipe with a devil horn and black color, and it’s definitely worth buying.

With a very elegant and mysterious design, this item will be a great addition to your daily smoking tools. In addition, this item will also be a nice gift for a smoker who dreams of having a healthier lifestyle.

15. The Blue Twist Pipe

The Blue Twist

For those of you who smoke using an oil burner pipe and love elegant things, this blue twist might come as the right choice for you. This is a unique oil burner pipe that has ornaments such as a twirling blue rope on its body pipe, which makes it look amazing.

You can give this stunning product to your loved ones, especially because this is a rare handmade item that you may rarely see on the market. And with such a color and design, we recommend gifting this one for the woman in your life who escapes their stress by smoking.

16. The Rose Pipe

The Rose

Roses are red, and violets are blue, just like this unique pipe. We can say that this Rose pipe is lucky to find you because it will be a nice item to own. If you are bored with spherical bulbs, then this rose oil burner might come as something fresh for your smoking enjoyment.

So, add this rare item to your collection or use it as a gift for those who smoke using an oil burner. Or even one who never tries, giving this burner will allow them to experience a new world of smoking. In addition to its aesthetic shape, this item is also durable because it is made of heat-resistant pyrex.

17. Clear Glass with Frog Pipe

Clear Glass with Frog

Just like ordinary cigarettes, you also want to smoke using a handy oil burner that can be carried anywhere. Therefore, we recommend this clear glass with a cute frog ornament oil burner for you. What a unique oil burner pipe to collect!

It will also give you a fun kind of feel to your smoking experience. And whenever you are not smoking, you can display this burner in your glass cabinet and make it as an additional decoration for your room.

18. The Colorful Octopus Pipe

The Colorful Octopus

After a frog, we are now offering you an octopus. This is one of the unique oil burner pipes that come in vibrant colors and a cute octopus as an ornament. This burner pipe is made of thick pyrex material, which will last a lifetime.

It has many colliding colors, which actually become harmonious, providing a distinctive impression. Furthermore, this a beautiful piece of art for you smokers, which can also make an excellent gift for those who collect burner pipes.

19. Glow in the Dark Pipe

Glow in the Dark Pipe

Have you ever imagined having an oil burner pipe that can glow in the dark? Now you can make your dreams come true by having this glow-in-the-dark product with an octopus image on the tube.

Bearing this masterpiece design, it is truly one of the unique oil burner pipes that you can add to your collection. Made of strong pyrex material, this product is durable. Moreover, you can make it as a gift for those who smoke essential oil in style. They can bring it to a pub with dim light so the burner will glow in the dark.

20. Blue Thick Pipe

Blue Thick Pipe

Maybe you have never seen an oil burner pipe with a different handle tube like this. Being a unique oil burner pipe, this blue thick glass pipe is a product that you can use for smoking essential oils.

The thick pyrex material ensures the quality of this product, which will be a handy product you can use as a daily smoking tool. In addition, you can also make it a gift for people who smoke essential oils or concentrate on their daily routines and love to collect unique oil burner pipes.

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21. Pink Oval Quartz Gemstone Pipe

Pink Oval Quartz

This is another series of items for gems and crystal lovers that we recommend for you. This pink oval quartz is a unique oil burner pipe that you can add to your collection. Having a very beautiful pink color can also be a decoration item when you are not using it.

This is the perfect gift for gems lovers, which can become one of their healing tools to balance mind and body. Having a lovely pink color, you better give one to your girl bestie who loves to smoke oils.

22. Pickle Rick-Inspired Pipe

Pickle Rick

If you’ve ever watched Rick and Morty, then you must be familiar with this pipe shape. This unique oil burner pipe was inspired by Pickle Rick, the mad scientist who turned himself into a pickle in the animated series.

Moreover, the cute shape will fit on your finger, making it worth adding to your collection. You can also use it as a gift for people who smoke using an oil burner pipe and happen to love eating pickles. So, two of their favorites come into one piece!

23. Sky Blue Pipe

Sky Blue

As high as the sky and as deep as the ocean. This sky blue pipe would be perfect to add to your collection. We recommend a unique oil burner pipe with a beautiful blue color and a bent neck that offers more comfort when in use.

A size of 6.5 inches and a broad base makes it more stable than other products as well. Suitable as a Christmas or birthday gift for your co-workers or those who smoke using an oil pipe burner. They will surely love and appreciate it, especially if they are smokers and love unusual designs!

24. Mini Skull Pipe

Mini Skull

For some people, the shape of the skull is unique and it gives a distinct impression, just like this unique oil burner pipe that we recommend for you. You can have a mini skull pipe burner with a size that fits into your hand for smoking essential oils and concentrates.

In addition, you can make it as a gift for those who smoke using similar tools or add it to a collection of unique items. We recommend displaying one to celebrate Halloween where you can set red fairy lights around it to make this piece look creepy.

25. Purple Heart Pipe

Purple Heart

Crystal clear and pure as water perfectly describes this purple heart glass pipe burner. This item might be the last item on our list, but it’s definitely one of the most unique oil burner pipes that we have on this list.

The combination of the heart shape and purple color couldn’t be more perfect and never goes wrong. Made of durable pyrex material, it ensures that it is suitable for long-term use and is worthy of being used as a gift for those who smoke using similar tools. We recommend gifting one for your boyfriend as an anniversary gift. And if you are also a smoker, this gift will allow you to have a smoking session together to tighten the bond.

Final Thought

In the world of smoking cigarettes, there are some people who love to smoke out of oil burners. Not only do they look fancier, but also people think that the feeling and experience hit differently. That’s why there are unique oil burner pipes on the market to meet this need.

If you know someone who loves to smoke using the burner, you’d better give him one for a birthday present. Choose one that suits their tastes. You can also consider unusual designs if they love art or quirky items.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the different types of oil burners?

Oil burner pipes can be distinguished based on the shape and source of power used for combustion. Based on the form, some use water-based as an infusion aid such as purple heart and sky blue pipe, or without intermediaries such as colorful octopus pipe.

How do you clean an oil burner pipe?

Cleaning an oil burner pipe depends on the material it is made of. For glass and metal pipes, cleaning with soap and warm water should suffice. Ceramic and stone pipes may require special cleaning solutions to maintain their unique qualities.

Are there any safety concerns when using an oil burner pipe?

Yes, as with any open flame, there is a risk of fire. Always keep the oil burner pipe away from flammable objects and make sure to properly extinguish the tea light before leaving the room. Additionally, some essential oils should not be used with heat, so always check the label before using them in an oil burner pipe.

Does an oil boiler use electricity?

No, it usually does not. Most oil burner pipes do not use electricity as a power source and use a combustion device such as a torch. However, there are other examples, such as the rechargeable pipe which uses electricity and is rechargeable but is not a product that is in general demand.

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